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Good morning…….glad I had a chance to recharge my batteries yesterday because today is an action packed day, in fact this entire week is NON STOP. I literally cringed when I looked at my calendar and saw everything going on, but I will get through it as I always do. Since I have been on a kitchen roll, we will continue today on the subject of kitchens. I never ever tire of looking at incredible kitchens…and I have  a feeling most of you don’t either. Call me a kitchen junkie, I take no offense. I never stop learning and getting inspired, and that is one of the many many things I love about blogging, the constant stimulation that I get from the endless resources and the tremendous amount of inspiration that is derived from so many incredible images that we share with one another.

I have collected another round of really gorgeous kitchen images that are worth sharing so I am happy to present more scrumptious drool worthy kitchens!  Dark wood, light, wood, painted, glazed, heavily distressed, lightly distressed, European influenced, transitional, slightly modern, heavily traditional, they run the gamut but they all have one thing in common..they are all incredibly gorgeous, and are all done in fine taste. Some you might already know, but hopefuly there are some new surprises here as well.  So without further adue, here is round 2 of more ultimate kitchens! Do you have a favorite? So hard to pick just one! 

Love this great looking creamy white kitchen by Deane
A painted brown island is a nice change from the stains that we see in such abundance Skurman Architects
Another winner by Deane, so fresh and bright, a cooks dream!
Gorgeous classic creamy kitchen with antique bronze hardware, photo by Susan Gilmore
Love the rustic but elegant nature of this fabulous kitchen, photo by Roger Davies
This kitchen looks like a lot of fun….what a great space to entertain and cook in! Photo by Elizabeth Gilbert
Beautiful elegant pine kitchen with green glazed island, very elegant by Skurman Architects
This kitchen features dark stained lower cabinets and painted upper and island cabinetry, Habersham
Like all the different elements, the dark and light woods, the cute benches and differing heights of the two islands, the fun center lighting fixture, Southern Living
Sleek and transitional…..great space by Venegas
Beautiful creamy French inspired kitchen by Beverly Ellsley
Love this parquet top on the center island..fabulous Beverly Ellsley
Its pretty opulent to have such a gorgeous fireplace right in the kitchen! Beverly Ellsley
This warm wood kitchen by Christians gets dressed up with a crystal chandelier
Classic pale yellows glazed English inspired kitchen, Venegas
The dark and light trend is tremendously popular but there is no denying its beauty! Venegas
Always have liked this European feeling kitchen by Elanor Cummings
Gorgeous wall of glass doors allow this large airy kitchen to bring in the outdoors, love the big block of white marble over the dark wood island, Traditional Home
This is a newer line, which is a cleaner more transitional feeling kitchen for Habersham
Love the mix of the distressed island table, large wide planked stripped floors and painted really works beautifully here
Love the texture that adding the element of stone brings to this kitchen,Photo by Andreas Trauttmansdorff
This gray glazed kitchen designed by Molimo Design
What do you think about a pale blue island to give a subtle punch of color? I think it looks fabulous here, Beverly Ellsley
Creamy beauty!! DeCesare Interiors
Stunning creamy colored cabinets with black island, and sumptuous white marble..Cottonwood
Love the contrast of the light and the dark….photo by Andreas Trauttmansdorff
Love this dramatic black kitchen trimmed out in oak, fabulous! Christina Murphy
To offset all the white, a color was added to the coffered ceiling here, kitchen by Deane
Dark island with white outer cabinets…classic Christopher Peacock!
This is a great European inspired kitchen, Downsview
This simple and elegant kitchen has beautiful clean lines, Muse
This is a grand kitchen but warm and cozy thanks to the rustic beams, large island that invites your guest to come in and get comfortable, Dillon Kyle
The light and dark to perfection as seen through the eyes of Christopher Peacock
A sleek and well done transitional styled kitchen by Cottonwood
Another authentic looking beauty with reclaimed and antiqued woods, Eleanor Cummings
This is a neat space, love the high ceilings, the slipcovered stools, the beams, the fireplace, its and eclectic space that is very inviting
Habersham created this very large grand European feeling kitchen
Gorgeous space, love the leaded glass,  the classic subway and dark wood floors
Very dramatic kitchen with rich wood and black accents, Alder Kitchens
Love that gorgeous slab of white marble, beautiful galley style kitchen by Muse
I think this is nicely done with the mix of dark and light wood cabinetry wood beams and lots of texture. Only thing that makes me cringe is that microwave right in the middle! Beverly Hanks
A true Tuscan inspired kitchen, photo by Jonathan Wallen
Classic Peacock kitchen in all its white splendor, Torre Construction
Love the pass through of glass faced cabinets and wall of marble subways, beautiful! Jessica Helderson
Love the distressed woods here with the slip covered stools, the beams and stone hood, fabulous! Coastal Living
A rich English feeling kitchen glazed with lots of glass, by Cottonwood
Love the mix of painted woods and light and dark here, Downsview
Don’t you just love the oversized subways here with the black range? Just such a classic look!
Big wide extra large island makes this an entertainers dream… the way the cabinetry goes all the way up to the ceiling!
Glazed taupe cabinets look antiqued here with a dark stained island
Gorgeous rich play of textures and woods, Downsview
Tria Giovan created this cozy kitchen with beadboard cabinets, interesting seeing the small stolls around the island
Dana Wolter designed this pretty kitchen using a combination of painted cabinetry and a limed oak distressed center island.
Wow that’s a whole lots of pretty!! Kind of has my head spinning! So…can you pick a favorite? If someone were to wave a magic wand and transform your kitchen into one of these beauties which would you pick? I would love to know! Hope you have an enchanted day!


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I love Beverly’s french kitchen style. Once again, the most beautiful kitchens you have gathered for us to drool over. yes my head is spinning. Of course I loved the Habersham kitchens too…makes me want to replace all the crown moldings in my kitchen with that detailed moldings so Habershammy!!

Wow! Still trying to get my head around them all! So hard to pick a favourite but if I could wake up one day and my kitchen had magically morphed into no.s 1, 3, or 4 then I would be a very happy woman! It could happen right?(Particularly love the soft blinds in no. 4)

Oh my! All of these kitchens are fabulous in their own way! I love the kitchen with the white cabinets, dark floors and the painted island. Thanks for sharing such beautiful collection of kitchens! You always have the most incredible inspirational photos!

Good Morning Tina! I love the kitchen with the distressed wood!
I think kitchens are everyone’s favorites because the room (to be successful) has to encompass so much. Function, beauty and the heart of the home…
Enjoyed it!
Happy Monday,

I saw many kitchens that I’d love to call my own. The kitchen is the comman center for the home and it’s nice to see so much attention to details that help to create for a space that isn’t just for dining! Love the inspiration, as always a great round up of images.

So hard to pick. For me, I would rule out the darker kitchens and kitchens that have sinks that face a wall. I love the colors in #4, but would like a bigger window over the sink. If I could switch in the window from the Muse kitchen, I’d be happy. (That arch around the window brings back memories of my grandmother’s kitchen.)

There are so many great kitchens in this post….if I had to pick one, it would be the Elanor Cummings designed kitchen.

Have a great Monday!

Wonderful kitchens – I’m so drawn to all of the white kitchens – such a clean, fresh and bright feel for my early morning start to the day!!

Fabulous post! I love the third kitchen that’s styled with the blue and white ginger jars, bread and cheese, hydrangeas and bowl of lemons. It’s like they are reaching out specifically to me telling me I have to have it. Also love the kitchen with the light blue island. I love a pop of blue as an accent. Some of these are going into my files! Thanks!

What a beautiful collection of kitchens. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite but, I always seem to favor white kitchens.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I always love when you stop by!


I kept picking a favorite then changing it as I scrolled down… there are just too many beautiful kitchens here. I was definitely drawn to the one’s by Muse and Venegas along with the modern Cottonwood kitchen!

So many of these hold great appeal, it is tough to know where to start! The Deane with the coffered ceiling is really attractive, as are several of those you showed by Venegas. Perhaps the most surprising kitchen for me is the yellow one, It was so pretty. And BTW, heaven love you for the microwave comment, that detracted from the decor in a big way.

Sending you wishes for a happy Monday,

Wowser….these are fabulous, so many kitchens I’ve never seen in one place, thanks so much doing this, my clear favorite is the European inspired by Downsview…but I loved Johnathan Wallans Tuscan one too…whew lots of dreaming going on in this head right now! Thanks for a fantastic post

Oh my! House porn! Sigh, sigh, sigh, all so gorgeous! Although I have a brand new kitchen that is not quite as chichi as those, but very, very adequate, I sometimes wish that our houses could be changed constantly, like outfits, to suit our “mood du jour”, don’t you think? Try this style one day, this one the next, how fun!

That is a whole lot of pretty, and they each have something beautiful about them. I love so many of them but can’t pick a favorite. Beautiful inspiration indeed.

My Oh My!! Tina I have never seen such an amazing collection of beautiful kitchens. They were all so grand!!! Full of anything and everything any homeowner would love. Thank you for all your hard work gathering all of these images and sharing them with us, Happy Monday,

Drooling as usual…I can’t pick a favorite, but that blue coffered ceiling really adds a pop–love it! Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with the kitchen in your dream home!

Lot’s of fabulous choices. I saved many for my files. Great references for all kinds of details when planning a kitchen. I like more than one style. I just need several houses. Ha!


One thing is certain and that is all these kitchen’s are different, have an extreme amount of details, and look gorgeous. I often wonder who the owners are and how they enjoy these kitchens living spaces.

All we need is a sound bite of conversations, laughter, glasses and silverware clanging and energy infusion. Maybe our future blogs will include sound effects you choose to enhance the kitchen experiences. What a wonder assortment you’ve collected I love everyone of them.


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They all look sophisticated! The ninth picture is like a breath of fresh air. It will surely enhance the mood of anyone cooking, particularly because of the spectacular green view. 🙂 And you’re right, the center lighting fixture looks fun!

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I’m showing kitchen #30 by Downsview to my husband the minute he gets home from his business trip. I will NOT rest until this is where I do all my cooking. I spend all my time in the kitchen. Why shouldn’t it be the most beautiful room in the house?! Love it! Deena

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Great post, and I love looking at the finished product of some of the kitchen remodels. I just look at these pictures, and just imagine that my kitchen can be somewhat close to these pictures. But after me and my wife finish our kitchen renovation, then we finally be able to our dream kitchen that we’ve always talked about.

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