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Happy Thursday! I don’t know about you but I cannot believe we are in June. Where is 2011 going!! As I do on almost every Thursday post, I have included a few house updates. Things are definitely moving along, lots of finishing going on particularly upstairs, wood floors are finally totally done! Doors are hung, casing is complete around all doors and windows. Now they are working on hallway casings. They are finishing up the little odds and ends on the stone in bathrooms and they will soon be ready for their plumbing fixtures as well as vanities (due in a few weeks) So progress is being seen and though it will never feel fast enough, I have to sit tight. My camera died during the middle of my “photo session” so I included what I was able to take.  I cannot believe summer is officially here, I feel like it really crept up on us!  I just hope it lingers and doesn’t fly by and before I know it I come to face to face with a new shipment of black and white marble notebooks and chock full aisles of school supplies…ugh!

HOUSE UPDATES. So here is basically the finished foyer floor (except the rondele design in the tower) as well as the wood flooring upstairs and the breakfast room is basically done, except for a few minor little odds and ends. Now they have just completed “antiquing” the beams for the family room and that installation is underway!

 SUMMER GETAWAY. I like to often include a travel destination in these Thursday posts. Don’t know if any of you have been to the uber charming venerable Charlotte Inn in Edgartown, Marthas Vineyard but if you are in the Northeast and looking for a great vacation/weekend idea….look no more. This is a fabulous converted Relais and Chateaux property, the owners redid the two 18th and 19th century  homes so beautifully, it inspired its own coffee table book, “Behind the times on purpose”. There are 25 beautifully appointed rooms, only catch is no cell phones and no kids! The rooms are done in English country complete with antiques old oils and beautiful worn Persian rugs. As I am writing this post I am suddenly craving a trip there myself! It truly is like stepping back in time…….

And the book upon which its based…..

A PRETTY FROCK FOR SUMMER. I love beautiful summer prints in soft, light airy fabrics. I also love great little dresses and tunics that are easy and don’t require a lot of thinking. One line I discovered not too long ago that I think has very chic summer pieces is Jules Reid. Love all the fun prints in such great summer colors. She has a great way of mixing them and I think its a really sophisticated but fun summer line. Click here to see more.

MONOGRAMMED COASTERS. I think every home should have coasters….they might seem old fashioned to some, but practical yes they are! I think these are great looking and would certainly work well in anyones home. They are crystal and come with the choice of five different monograms. Because they are crystal, no worries about them clashing with your decor…great gift idea too! Click here to see more.

COLEFAX AND FOLWER. An oldie but goodie. Few can compete with the old world line of British, Colefax and Folwer. And after looking at some of their newer additions to their wallpaper line I am reminded that they are still going very strong. The English country look but updated, fresher, crisper and more “now”. Doesn’t appear old and stodgy as I think many think of this line as being. This newer line is really quite fabulous. Lots of beautiful old world feeling but very elegant papers. Love the soft washed colors. Take a look….do you have a favorite?

LADUREE. I for one, (and I know there are countless others) am thrilled that Laduree is opening up their first U.S. location in New York, right on Madison Avenue!!  If you don’t already know this famed Parisian bakery and master of the macaroon world…then you will soon! Their macaroons are as delicious as their stores are beautiful, just like little jewels. And few will argue that they make the most heavenly macaroons in more flavors than you can count. My husband and I bought several boxes while in France recently as “souvenirs”…needless to say, only a handful made it to their recipients πŸ™‚  (The new address will be 864 Madison and is slated to open in July)

GREAT OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING PIECES. For all the time we spend outdoors in the summer, it pays to invest in beautiful service pieces and place settings. This is not your mothers melamine however. I love this grouping of plates, they come in assorted colors/patterns..arent’ they great looking? I love the idea of mixing and matching with smaller solid plates and colored glasses. This great little company also has some other fun items for summer entertaining and I think the prices are good too, always a big bonus. From Vivaterra, click here to see more.
Set of four mixed patterns and colors
Beautifully colored glass bowls
Handpainted pitcher and glasses
Reclaimed wood lazy Susan
Quartz tealight holders…pretty for a beautifully set table outdoors
Whitewash root bowls, these could be fun for serving
WHITE LANTERNS. I love lanterns and candles, any low light for that matter outside especially when entertaining. I especially love how white lanterns look on a beautifully lit summer night with the the stars shining above..something about the white just pops and really sets the mood. Love these, can see these scattered all over a patio, on tables and right on the patio, by the pool or flanking a back door…possibilities are endless!

CORAL INSPIRED DINNER SERVICE. I wish this was cheaper becuause I love it and could so see a table all set, wtih the white lanterns above and this china…love the color. That’s the good news, the bad news is its about $500 a place setting…oh well its fun to look! Its by Raynaud Limoges. Pretty isn’t it?
A FRENCH SETTEE. Love this piece of furniture, looks great well just about anywhere! In a living room, bedroom, foyer and even a bathroom (if you have the room) the delicate lines and soft toned woods make this elegant piece of furniture something I definitely want to use in the new house. I also like a settee at the foot of a bed. Do you like them too?
Under Spanish Moss
Love the idea of a highbacked settee as part of the seating arrangement in a cozy breakfast room
Well that’s some of what I am loving this about you, anything special you want to share? Wishing you a wonderful and happy Thursday.

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Wow! THAT was a quite a post- I don’t think you missed much! lol From coasters to wallpaper and shorts and tops. Gotta tell you-love it all but I don’t think I would wear the striped shorts with the floral top…looks like SweetCheeks dressed her- but that is just me!;>)

I am seeing a bit of wallpaper back in the world again! Have a great weekend- Diana

So great to see the house getting finished, must be
so exciting for you to visit now. I have said it before
but will say it again, all your flooring is just amazing!
Are you using a designer to do all this?
Love Marthas Vineyard but never stayed there, since
we are always with our kids would be my guess:)
I own several white lanterns and they are special during hte summer for outside entertaining.
Macaroon are making my hungry, they look incredible!

Your floors are amazing- I adore adore the look of the basketweave and herringbone floors- the black and white is also stunning. Your home is simply spectacular.
Love the wallpaper of course and that pink floral dress is to die for pretty. Oh and I love a gorgeous settee like nobody’s business.

that is one comprehensive reading your house updates..the bit about laduree brought back memories of our trip to paris last oct…laduree is quite a legendary new yorker are indeed lucky…but personally i prefer the taste of macarons you get at pierre herme..the flavours are out of this world! thanks for sharing this wonderful post..have a lovely check out my runway to room post when you have a moment..xx meenal

Your house is coming out spectacular! I absolutely love the basket weave pattern on your wood floors, you amazing staircase and that stunning hallway!!! You are so talented, I love stopping by everyday to see the progress in your home.


Your house is looking spectacular-that staircase is so grand, I just love it! Every detail is immaculate!

I got some monogrammed coasters as a housewarming gift, and I just love them!

I am so sad I missed the opening of Laduree in NYC by a couple of mos.-I guess I will just have to go back πŸ˜‰

Your floors!! I love how you’ve bordered everything. As for the shopping, I think I actually loved it all. I’m going over to that clothing shop right now – orange and green?!! fab.

Loving what you’re loving today – especially those tunics and Laduree (although I could go for a French settee, too!) The progress on your house is amazing – such fun to see it step by step. Have a great day!

I have been to the Charlotte Inn many times, but only for dining at L’etoile, their elegant restaurant. My parents live on MV so we stay with them..but the Charlotte Inn is so beautiful! You walk through the inn (and get to look at the art gallery, the gorgeously decorated sitting rooms )to go to dinner in an beautiful conservatory type setting. Its the only place on island that gets 5 stars and requires men to wear a jacket (and carry a big checkbook). One night while we dined we saw James Taylor and his wife, and at another table, Dan Ackroyd and a group of friends. This is the only inn that Martha Stewart stays at while visiting(of course!) and it has the most incredible gardens outside, with clipped boxwoods and roses everywhere…sigh. So lovely.

Wow. Some post, Tina. Can’t wait to visit these sites.
I know that you are excited about your house. It is stunning!
Love the settees. There is just something about a settee that makes a room. These are lovely.
Have a great day.

It’s so fun to follow along as the house develops! You have reminded me about how great Viva Terra is – I’m off to their site now to do a little shopping! I loved those outdoors plates and many more…and of course now I’m craving macaroons! πŸ™‚

Wow! The house is coming along. The floors look gorgeous. This is quite the post — I’m going to have to come back a few times today to take it all in!!! Lovely.

I cannot get over all of the gorgeous floors in your new house! Well, the entire house is gorgeous! Laduree is one of my favorite shops. I ate a few too many of their macaroons in Paris, now I can just hop on a flight across country to NY for my little fix. Have you ever had them shipped to you? I may have to consider this one! Much cheaper to ship from NY than Paris. Just what my rear doesn’t need! Ha!

Wow, furniture to fashion to travel inns, where do I start. First lovin all the details coming together in your home. The foyer is stunning!. I know its hard to wait for the last details after coming so far. It seems like it will never get finished! Just think of all the fun when your start decorating. Love all the summer fashions, so cute for hot days.
I would love a getaway at the Charlotte Inn before summers end…….Great post.

The French Hutch

You home is looking absolutely beautiful. Thank-you for sharing. I like the summer dressing altho only available here in La Jolla it can be ordered on-line. Nice prints.

I love seeing pictures of your house! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished–I’m sure I’ll drool over all of the pictures! And I agree about the coasters, some people think they’re old fashioned, but I intend to have some in my house when I get older! I love those monogrammed ones!

Congratulations on all the progress at the house, the foyer is simply stunning. It must be fabulous to finally see some of the detail work getting done, I know that can seem like forever in coming. πŸ™‚

Your favorite things are delightful, you know how fond I am of Laduree, the news about the store on this side of the pond made me smile last week, to be sure. And I always enjoy surfing VivaTerra, such a great place for gifts.

May you enjoy a sunny day!

Truly stunning! I absolutely love how your home is coming together. Your taste is fabulous and your craftsmen installing the floors are truly artists…winning combination! As for Colefax and Fowler, love them!

Wow! This post it’s like a magazine, you’ve covered everything, from home upcomings, to home decor and even fashion! I love black and white flooring…I have black and white marble all over the social part of the house, I love the way your home is coming along!, just gorgeous! Lots of hugs. FABBY

I am sooo in LOVE with your foyer … the tile work is absolutely gorgeous! That was my original choice for our entrance as well, but we decided to go with hardwoods throughout instead!

I am completely a sap for candles and lanterns as well .. I almost have the identical white lanterns and planning to hang them from trees in our backyard over our hammock … sounds so magical can’t wait !!

I love the way your house is coming along! The floor, the stairs, everything! Beautiful! I will also check out the clothes…never heard of that designer before but the frocks are lovely. Thanks!


I sense a bit of calm has come over you as you are getting us hyped about summer already. I guess it’s not that far off really…lol!

I feel as though I’m walking the house halls with you as your update photos are coming every week and I love it!

Foyer/entry flooring is really so special I don’t know how you can hold back from letting out a shrieks of excitement as progress reaches peak levels, as well as, breakfast room, beams, wood flooring upstairs and the stairs.

All this Summer talk: getaways, frocks, dishes, lanterns, tea lights, edible goodies I think we can complete our lists just as you have laid out for us or better yet just save the snaps to our smart phones and consider things done!

I’m getting pretty tan and my sisters have been asking me where have I been already? Outdoors of course…gardening, plant nurseries, hiking, sourcing garden goodies for clients and really working the soil, While wearing a wide brim hat, garden gloves, and sunglasses of course!

I have my eye on a settee as well, for my master suite, and a for a client they are the perfect addition to many rooms and the fabric selections are incredible. Love all four.

Oh my gosh this is so exciting Tina I am so thrilled for you!


I was thrilled to see the beautiful floor in your entry hall! Stunning!!
What a nice and inspirational post Tina!!! I love all the cloths you showed us!! My style!!
PS I have to post anonymous again because of the problems with blogger!

Hi Tina~ I am so behind in keeping up with all my blog friends. Your foyer floor is stunning. I am so excited to see your entire home done. And your post on the summer getaway and fashions in so beautiful. Such gorgeous photos. And…I love macaroons!
Have a great weekend!

Raynaud’s premier line is always fabulous. Check out their monogram line in pretty pinks, tropical blues, and greens. I use the monogram dinner plate in pink with a Royal Crown Derby salad plate for Easter. The monogram line is reasonable, too!

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous home. I had a friend who you would have gotten along w/ beautiful. She has just your taste in homes. Story book home. A new follower, can’t wait to go thru your pics of your lovely home.

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