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Good morning….so nice that its Friday. We are having a string of incredibly beautiful weather. 70’s, slightly breezy, sunny skies and NO HUMIDITY. This is key for me, I can deal wtih the heat but really have a problem wtih the oppressive humidity so I am loving this weather!?

So what are your thoughts on animal prints? Leopard, tiger,zebra, etc….I happen to like touches of animal prints in a room, not too much more than touches however. I love the look on an ottoman, a small area rug, maybe on a small chair or a grouping of pillows. Am not such a fan on very large pieces of furniture like sofas or large rugs or surfaces. The neat thing is it seems to work with almost any style decor and virtually any color. I have thought about incorporating only tiny doses into the new house and in considering it have been looking at a lot of images to digest the look and see if I think I would like it. So thought I might share some of my “findings” with you. I love a number of the smaller traditional styled ottomans, in a classic traditional room, it somehow gives a little twist and takes any “fussiness” out of the room, in my opinion. I don’t mind a smaller rug here and there, but couldn’t handle wall to wall animal print carpeting. Its an interesting design element and one that is fun to play around with……Would love to know, as always what you think!

A bold zebra rug can look fabulous even in the most formal of living rooms, Dan Carithers
Love the mix here for the crisp blue and white against the dark wood paired with a zebra rug, it really works, Decorpad
A leopard ottoman gives a sense of texture, pattern and boldness to this elegant room, House Beautiful
Zebra stripes for this elegant dark stained staircase, Alina Apteker
Love this space by Mary McDonald, bold and beautiful!
In a simple but elegant bedroom, this brown zebra rug adds some flair to the room, Lonny
Joe Nye used a bold zebra print and tiger pillows to give a fun flair to this study
Willaim Eubanks seems to like using animal prints, he did so beautifully in this very formal study, blending fine antiques and blue and white china
I like how Elizabeth Dinkel choose to bring in leopard in small doses such as the pillows and small benches, the elegance of the serenity of the room are maintained
Todd Romano went bold with this navy painted room and a geometric zebra rug
Bunny Williams chose an animal print rug for her beautiful office
A new take on an old classic…blue zebra stripes! Roger Davies photographer
Ashley Goforth used leopard as an accent in this otherwise black and white room
Elizabeth Dinkel used a small scaled bench covered in zebra for a little punch in this master
Brian Watford chose a few beautiful patterns including a dark gray zebra for the pillows in this elegant and streamlined bedroom
Candace Olsen used a leopard pillow on the brown chairs
I like this elegant marble floored foyer with the leopard runner…..Decorpad
Jamie Drake did not hold back in this yellow dramatic bedroom with?zebra bed and rug!?
David Adler’s elegant stairway complete with leopard runner
The zebra ottoman looks quite fabulous with this unique color combination…Mary McDonald
Leopard on the walls…who knew! Arch Digest
Graciela Rutowski used two pair of elegant animal prints on these simple beautiful chairs
Clare Watkins went for a zebra patterned rug to add interest to this setting
I like the of many traditional elements here paired with an exotic zebra skin rug, Mary McDonald
How about leopard on dining room chairs like in this elegant dining room, Rene Margies
A zebra ottoman paired next to a coffee table….DM magazine
Living room of Madelaine Castaing
A pair of zebra covered chairs and pillows add a little “animal instinct” to this opulent room by Rose Anne De Pampelonne
I feel like I can almost hear this sofa roar….loaded with its zebra pillows. Against the white sofa its quite beautiful and dramatic (though I would use only 2 or 3) Sarah Kaplan
Anne Coyle used a leopard area rug to add some life to this otherwise fairly monochromatic room
Perfect example of how you can mix prints like florals, checks, solids and leopard!
Barclay Butera choose a leopard area rug as an expected floor covering in this blue and white room
Another view of another room in Madelaine Castaing’s home
Mary McDonald gave tiger full court press in this room, too much for me personally but its “a look” for sure!
This elegant transitional living room gets its drama from the zebra rug, Elizabeth Dinkel
This dramatic foyer gets a zebra rug for extra drama, Hortencia Vitale
Ralph Lauren’s “leopard” carpet
Lawrence Boeder used a pair of leopard pillows for a little punch in this bright lime green space
Lawrence Boeder used a pair of small stools covered in leopard (this is something like I could see myself doing, just a small touch in a traditional room)
Markham Roberts used an elegant tiger velvet on this traditional ottoman, beautiful colors!
How about the punch of drama these little zebra stools add to this fun black and white bedroom? Decorpad
Mary McDonald used a zebra ottoman in the middle of a pair of chaises to act as ?a small table
So what do you think? Did you hear them roar? I love the look of a small touch of leopard or zebra but wouldn’t personally be able to live with large pieces or large rugs, it wouldn’t feel soft and serene enough for me. But give me a stool, an ottoman, a small chair, or a few pillows and I like it! I always love to know your thoughts and so appreciate your wonderful comments!
?Have a wonderful Friday!


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I love a touch of animal print. At this stage we only have a cow hide rug in our dining room, it’s one of my favourite pieces in the house. Hope you have an amazing weekend!!

Hello Tina,

I totally agree with you about humidity! I can’t stand it and my hair also hates it! LOL

I’m not a huge fan of animal prints for my home. I see that it can look fantastic at some places, but I just couldn’t live with it for too long. I think I’d get tired of it too quickly. So, I prefer buy other materials. 🙂

Have a wonderful Friday!


Luciane at

I agree about just having a touch of animal print. I love the ottomans and a zebra or cow hide om the floor. The rest would be to much for me. Even the cousins and on dinner chairs. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decides to do!

I am not a fan of animal prints, especially leopard, it’s too “Cougar Town” for me. I don’t mind a touch of zebra print, the black and white contrast is much more pleasant IMHO. (Being an animal lover, not real zebra skin, that’s cruel, as the Barenaked Ladies might say.)

It’s a matter of personal taste, I guess.

I’m with you Tina – a little goes a long way but in small doses I love it! I especially love leopard on a pillow or carpet and zebra on an ottoman! You have some beautiful examples here!

I like zebra the best, but only in black and white I think. I used the Safavieh zebra rug in my bedroom, and I love it. My husband hates it, so I tried to explain that it is just a black and white striped rug…what’s wrong with that? He had no answer and has stopped commenting on it!

PS — I remember seeing the Sarah Kaplan room (right in the middle of you post) for the first time. It was one of those rooms that I fell instantly in LOVE with and won’t forget. I showed it to my husband and told him how much I loved it. He looked at me like I had two heads. He can be loads of fun when it comes to decorating 🙂 To each his own I guess! BTW Tina, how involved is your husband going to be in decorating the new home? Does he share your taste? I know with my clients, it is SUCH a relief when the husband says “whatever you want honey.” When the husbands do get involved, it is so much harder. Likewise, I wouldn’t care if the husband were making all of the decisions without the wife’s input — it’s just that spouses never seem to agree on decorating in my experience!

Although I am not much of a fan, I do like an itsy-bitsy touch here and there. The example you show from Todd Romano in the navy room is elegant, and both Dinkel examples are very attractive. The Boeder green room is a look I really like, that rather surprised me!

And yes, revel in every second of the lovely days we are having, minus all that humidity and severe weather stuff, it is just gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend!

C…David Adler’s stairway is wonderful! Though I simply cannot condone using “real” animal rugs, etc. I really do love the prints. xx’s

In both clothes and home I love a small touch of leopard here and there! Love it on pillows and rugs! It’s a little more dramatic but I even love the leopard staircase as long as everything around it is kept simple.

Tina I love a touch of leopard. I use it in my wardrobe with shoes and a scarf that I have worn for years and in my home even though it is full of Spring colors, In the winter I add a leopard pillow and lampshade to warm things up. Loved perusing all of the above images. Thank you for all of your hard work gathering them all for us to enjoy, Kathysue

Like you, I prefer
animal prints in
small doses, most
especially on stools
or ottomans. The
Lawrence Boeder room
was my favorite : )
Thanks for scouring
the internet for all
of these roaringly
great inspiration pics!
xx Suzanne

Tina, I think you and I share the same taste! I just posted an entry on using black and used that same guest room photo with the zebra stools…I adore that space! I’ve never been able to buy into the animal print thing…but several of these images are making me rethink that! Gorgeous post as always!

Really gorgeous photos ! I love touches of animal prints…like leopard pillows, a leopard chair or a zebra rug !


I’m right there with you on the small touches of animal print-in small doses I love them! An all leopard room is definitely not for me, but I don’t mind admiring them from time to time!

As a vegan, I can’t say I like the idea of real leather or animal fur in a room (though I may make an exception for recycled). However, I have seen some amazing wool rugs made to look like a zebra rug. So, I do LIKE the look of animals print, as long as they are faux – if that makes sense. 🙂

I adore animal prints in the right doses. I have found them to be quite timeless…Madelaine Castaing’s home being a prime example.

Have fun picking out your little doses for the new home!! I’m sure you’ll have more of a purr effect than a roar!!
xo Elizabeth

I love animal prints!!! I almost always try to use a teensy dose somewhere in a project … and I’m hoping to use a subtle animal print for the (fairly large) rug in my living room!

I love animal prints! I have a black oriental chair, apholstered with real cheetah skin 8sorry) and it’s gorgeous! Someday I’ll make a post on my living room, so you can all see it! Thank you for sharing this, I just got my Delft from Holland, blue and white items together in the same shelf because I saw it on your post pics. Have a great weekend. Hugs. FABBY

I love animal prints and like you in small doses. I ahve several pillows in a few places and one small rug in a bathroom! I also have a decorative box and a small lampshade. Love all the examples you have shown. XO, Pinky

A little bit of the wild in a room makes it so interesting! I love how an animal print can go with any decor and any color. You have amassed quite a fabulous portfolio of savy and chic designs!
I am a new follower!

I’m a huge fan of animal prints in a home. Animal prints are timeless and so attractive. I truly believe the key with animal prints is the quality of the textile. The better quality textiles don’t have a cheap look to them and add so much to a space. The images you’ve shown are great examples! Can’t wait to see what you decide!


I’m wild about animal prints in pillows, a throw, small bench, or stool and I love it on the stairs. Not as a rug or on a chair or sofa. Funny I just purchased a grograin ribbon in animal print today to accent a black pillow for a client.

I have always felt it adds a bit of an untamed spark into the visual expectation of a room. People love to be surprised within interiors.


Adore a touch of animal print in a room. As I scrolled down the post, I notice a lot of blue & white porcelain. The best quality blue & white porcelain goes in any room, just like a touch of animal print!

zebra will always be my favorite animal print.
some day i will finally have the dining chairs that i have always wanted.
oval back ‘louis’ dining chrs
covered in zebra.
it is gorgeous.
and always will be


The second I read “animal prints” I knew I was gonna love the images you posted. You always have such a grand collection of images with every post. I gotta say that, while I love all the touches of animal prints, I am loving the stairwells!

I have to say that I’ve never been a big fan of animal prints for my own personal use…whether it be clothing or for the home, but I do like how they accent some of the glorious rooms you’ve shown here…a gentle touch with them can be lovely!
xo J~

We’re having the perfect weather too this weekend…finally! Enjoy!

I think Zebra and tiger adds: “bold graphic” which gives a great punch to neutral space. Leopard acts like a “small–” that small scale print that flows with the other patterns in the room, and helps us see a coherent whole. Great photo selections!!

I am such a fan, like you, of a touch of animal print in a room. Kristy has a zebra skin rug in her library that looks amazing, and I have a large ottoman in a den, but too much looks overdone to me. The second image is gorgeous. Love all of the colors and the casual feel…perfect for my imaginary beach house!! Hope you’re having a great weekend ~

Tina…you always find the best images and so many different styles! I actually took a few for my files. I do like a little animal print in a room, I am partial to the zebra skin rugs!

Hey Tina, browsing back through older posts and stumbled upon this animal prints too!! but of course in moderation. The first room and the room by Rose Anne De Pampelone are so incredibly gorgeous!! I’m going to the pillow closet(yes, I am a pillow addict like yourself..drives my Hubby crazy!!) LOL right now to get my zebra pillows like the Sarah Kaplan room..bring on Fall.

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