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Good morning..hectic days over here lately! Some delays which put me in a pretty sour mood, but considering we have had very few overall I am not going to dwell but trying to stay and calm and realize some things are out of my control! That said big progress is being made (and seen every day) so it IS exciting, and so incredibly wonderful to know the end is near! Do you have Fashion?night out where you live? In NY its a big deal, I was invited to go with a group of friends to a bunch of neat things happening in the city last night, but between having to get my son from a practice, and being utterly wiped out, I opted out. I have heard wonderful things though…..have any of you been? I am expecting to get calls in a short while telling me all about what a fabulous night it was. Go ahead rub in what I missed!
I have been telling anyone who will listen to my ongoing saga that though fingers crossed we hope to move in about a months time, I can see realistically we have a good solid four months plus left of work that will continue to be done. So while actually moving is going to be amazing, its not like we are moving into a home that will be totally done, cleaned, sparkling waiting for someone to take residence in it..rather it will be like we are living in part of it and yet very much living in somewhat of a work zone still. I don’t want to have any false expectations. Hope you are having a great week, we have been inundated again with buckets of rain but thankfully it looks like clear sunny skies are heading their way! So here we go…..
HOUSE UPDATES. I have deliberated about posting every other week because I feel like I often am posting the same pictures, well they might look the same but trust me they are not! Its just that in the finishing stages, things go slooooooow and though in person I see the changes in pictures it might not translate over as successfully. So keep an open mind when looking at these and where possible i will try to ?highlight whats new from last week!

More of the paneling getting done
We are buying this small chest to use as a vanity for one of the formal powder rooms
From front door, looks really plain right now but just wait!
Living room


Hallway moldings….
Hallway leading to library
Test paints in hallway
Small vestibule leading to kitchen
Island details getting added….
Kitchen starting to really shape up…..minus the cardboard countertops

Peeking into butlers pantry
From family room
Butlers just getting started….
Family room?
Breakfast room is done minus final coat of sealer
This shows the color a bit better

Back mud room/area going to stain same color as breakfast
Future window seat
Stair complete
My bathroom, waiting for primer and then paint…..tub is done (not primed yet)

I like this unit we had built?
Vanity, we are experimenting with “creamy whites” any suggestions?

Closet color a very cool gray/blue…..
Molding going down stairs….
Living room
Think I am ordering this paper for kitchen powder room…..thoughts?

HARDWARE. This is a big deal for me, I was envisioning and resigned myself to living in my house for a year with a hodge podge of hardware samples taped up on my cabinets. I am proud to say that I made a decision and love what I picked and these bad boys are on their?way to me in the next week or so! I went with oil rubbed bronze and chose to use an escutcheon behind the knob on most of the cabinets, a 5 inch pull on all drawers and am going to do something different for the butlers as the oil rubbed bronze gets lost on the really dark cabinetry. So I included whats been ordered for the kitchen first as well as some contenders for the butlers…and would very much love your opinion on what hardware you like for that area!

The chosen knob

That will be placed on this escuthceon

To look like this

With these drawer pulls
And this matching refrigerator and freezer appliance pull?
Now here is where I need you my dear friends……in the butlers pantry, the cabinets are black (technically a very dark stained java but they look black) They have glass fronts, the oil rubbed bronze gets lost so am thinking of going with an antique brass. I would like a knob possibly with an escuthceon?but not sure (don’t want ?it to take away or compete with kitchen) and a pull of some sort for the drawers…so below are the contenders with which to choose from. I will number them so you can reference your opinion with a number! Thank you in advance, always love to hear what you have to say…..

PAINT. I am starting to feel like the “paint whisperer”, in these last few weeks I have been looking at A LOT of paint. I am really becoming expert at dissecting the undertones in whites, creams and grays. Seriously you think white is white…..its a whole other world! Geeezzz, it is downright dizzying to think of the possibilties! Upstairs we mixed Linen White with another color and got a nice creamy white (kept it very neutral) except for my closet where I went with a gray/blue and my sons room where we went with a light tan. Now we are working on downstairs, and thats where it gets overwhelming. We were thinking of maybe a very milky gray for the living room…..many decisions left to be made! Below are some of the paints that I have discovered in my travels that I really like…..

Elephants Breath Farrow and Ball
Pointing Farrow and Ball
Pocket Watch White Ralph Lauren Paint
?A FEW NEW BOOKS I AM ENJOYING. I just got the Charles Faudree book and it does not disappoint. I always see something fabulous and inspirational enough in his books that gets me thinking in a new direction. I enjoy it, recommend it and am happy to add it to my CF collection of books. ?For those of you who love that old New Orleans (and it WILL be that New Orleans again) I got this book from Williams Sonoma which really captures the essence of the grand dame that this city is, loaded with tons of wonderful recipes, this is a great book to any New Orleans fan. It explores and celebrates the cities 300 year old culinary history. Love it! ?
Well that’s about it for this week! Haven’t had many chances to do much else outside of the house realm, but I am not complaining! How about you? Whats new and exciting in your neck of the woods? Always love to know! Have a fantastic day.

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Your kitchen… your kitchen… your kitchen!!! WOW!!!! I can’t get enough of it! It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s also the process that makes it even more special! So interesting to follow the changes and the results of every week! Thank you so much for sharing this w/ all of us, Tina.

I love the chest you bought. It’s a great idea for a powder room. So chic and elegant!

Have a blessed weekend, my friend. Have fun! 🙂


Luciane at

Good morning- as always so much to see! Your home is UNREAL. I just cant get enough, love your kitchen and the hardware you bought. For your butlers what I personally like is knob 1. with pull 3. classic and simple and think the ant. gold is a good way to go.
Thanks for the paint recommendations, painting our foyer next month so I will keep this handy.
Beautiful post as always, it just gets better and better!

Oh my Goodness! I don’t know how you handle all of these decisions! You always make the best choices! I am in love with your Butler’s Pantry and cannot wait to see what you do with it! My collection of antique ironstone would look great in it – ha!!!

1 or 5 for knobs and 4 or 11 for pulls. Nice to go a little fancier and more furniture-like in the butlers pantry.It will look beautiful with the black.
#918 from BM is a great creamy white (good for trim) that needs nothing added.
Where is the small commode for the powder room from?
Your house is so beautiful!

Gorgeous updates as always. I keep telling you the details in this home are amazing, but they really are. Love the island detail that you carried into your bathroom…fabulous!! Hope you have a great weekend ~

Adore your selection of the oil rubbed bronze pulls and handles. Keep posting weekly. I see a lot of changes each week. Do share the name of the handles, knobs and escuthceon. I cannot locate them on 🙂

First off…please post updates every week….I love to live vicariously through you but you must be so ready to move in! On colors, have you tried Navajo White by BM? Too much yellow perhaps? I like the color though. Love the paper for the powder room. Have a great weekend.

Your home is really coming together now, and believe me I see the changes in your photos. I’m loving watching the details come together. I love the chest for your powder room. Your house takes my breath away!
Have a great weekend.

The French Hutch

Tina, First of all I definitely see the progress being made. It looks incredible and that’s without all the finishing touches like paint, wallpaper, fabrics, Furniture,etc. Love the chest..gorgeous. The sun filled living room is going to be such an amazing space and so cheerful. Your mudroom..LOVE it.
Paints- I just had a bathroom painted Papaya, I LOVE it. The color is so neutral & warm, it is a favorite now. I also like the paint swatch on the left, the darker one that you are testing for the foyer. We just installed a lot of trim work throughout our home and the foyer looks incredible. We painted the trim Benj Moore Marble white & the walls Standish white. It looks very rich. There are a lot of amazing wallpapers on the market, I think you can find something prettier than this one. I like knob #7, it is fancy wihout being too over the top. Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend. Ciao

LOVE that chest for the bathroom! Great choice, your home is just perfect, so incredibly well done. You must pinch yourself everytime you go.
For the hardware choices, I like the first knob and the last pull, it would be fun to do something a little decorative and furniture like in there.
Love the wallpaper for the powder room, its a big fat yes!
Superb updates as always….LP

Your kitchen is sooo beautiful. The island is simply magnificent! The bathroom wallpaper is beautiful, and I love your choice of hardware. The darkest, oil rubbed bronze finish has a more timeless appearance.

What an exciting time but those four months will be tough, I would think…on the other hand they’ll be worth it in the end! I love the detailing on your kitchen island – that really caught my eye!

Don’t you dream of your beautiful house at night?!!! It will be gorgeous. I love the color of the breakfast paneling , you have made a good choice!!
And your bathroom is to die for!!
I am sure that you will have one of the most beautiful houses of the world!! I might think that we will see it in a lot of magazines the day it will be totally finished!
Have a nice weekend!

The moldings are beyond heavenly- oh how I’d love to plater all my walls in it too…so so pretty. The rest is all coming together and is becoming even more of a palace- just beyond words. As for the knobs, I like how #1 compliments what you’ve already chosen and I’d use the back plates for those as well.

I never never get tired of seeing the progress of your lovely home. The millwork is beyond amazing!!!! I can see a lot of wonderful progress and i am getting more and more excited for you!!!! Love the kitchen hardware and I think number 3 and 5 would look great in the butler’s pantry. They are elegant and simple!! Enjoy your weekend, Kathysue


Been reading and getting lots of tweets about Fashion Week I’m sure it is quite fun. They’ll be many others that you’ll get to enjoy. Right now you have your own fashion show of sorts to work on and it’s just as fun.

Everything looks divine! Love all the millwork and the butlers pantry is really dressed formal and ready to serve. I like hardware: #1,2 & 11. I think paint color Golden Straw is a subtle shade and will warm things up just enough.

Love books they really come to the rescue and guide you in the direction with such great details.

Moving in a month now that’s progress and a great way to start a weekend.
Thanks for sharig and including us in your fun.


Tina, you have to have the most beautiful hallways. We are gushing over the paneled walls in the hall and living room. Such a great way to add character to a hall. So sorry to here about the construction snags. Keeping our fingers crossed for you to stay on schedule. Have a great weekend!
Angela and Renee

Your home is looking amazing! My favorite room is the Kitchen, so beautiful! The wallpaper for the kitchen bathroom is too tone on tone with the Marble, I think you need a little contrast becuae that tile is so striking..have fun! I’m a big fan of BM Linen white. Thanks for the updates!

Tina, reference the hardware you are better off with #2 for the Butler’s Pantry. IMO you would regret #3—not enough space for your hand, especially when you have the other hand loaded with dishes! I had a similar style but changed as they were simply too awkward for a “working” pantry.

Have been dying to see the new Charles Faudree book – one of the homes photographed belongs to a friend of mine in Texas! He’s as lovely in person as his design aesthetic. I can’t imagine taking on a project as large as your beautiful home – Linen White gets my vote every time but also love White Chocolate. Happy weekend, Tina!

So much to comment on here! The progress is facinating and the workmanship so beautiful! I absoultely love your staircase and can’t wait to see it complete! Oh, and hardware shopping is one of my very favorite things to do…wish I lived closer!

Bonjour Tina,
Things are really coming together, how exciting for you. ALl your hardware choices are marvelous, and I love the muted Frenchy Grey in your closet – all the paneling and moulding is my favorite. You’re almost there, I hope you’ll be in before Christmas enjoying!
Bonne week-end,

Hi, Tina,
If your house were included in yesterday’s post, it would get my vote for #1. Everything is looking wonderful. Please don’t stop posting weekly; I love to see the progress. The little cabinet you chose for the formal power room is perfect. As for the hardware: I vote for #1 for the knob and #6 for the escutcheon, because they both relate back to the kitchen choices while being slightly different, and #3 or #11 for the pulls. I love #11, but I would need to see it with the knob to decide how the sizes work together. And, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with virtually any Farrow and Ball color.

Wow, the progress continues apace! I love the way that back mud room is coming along, once you do the stain it’s going to be beautiful. The pulls are lovely, like several other readers I really appreciated the first one. My favorite thing today is the wallpaper, it seems perfect for the space and for you.

I understand the issues with FNO, it’s actually the entire post today. Have a fab weekend!

That commode is fantastic! the grey/white wallpaper is ok, kind of contmeporary. similiar to your background print for your blog so you must like this style. #1 knob choice says Masculine & #7 says feminine..F&B light blue is a beautiful color!

Great progress is being made on your house – I can’t believe you will be moving in in a month – I know you indicated that it’s still not going to be fully done, but that’s amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tina I love the paper for your kitchen powder room! Great look! Please don’t ever feel the pictures look the same because I can really see the difference each time! It’s so much fun to see the updates!

I don’t think we’d notice if you posted the same photo twice – we’re too busy decorating all those empty rooms in our hyper-imaginative design brains!!

I choose knob 1 for the beading and pull 3 for the lines (if your hand fits). In the House Beautiful: Colors For Your Home book it lists professional designers, their “go to” colors and why they like them. A few of your paint choices are some of their favorites. TGIF!

What are you going to do with all your “free time” when your new home is finished. My husband always says that once I am finished decorating and making changes to our present home, it’s time to sell and go on to the next project. I’m getting too old to keep up the pace, but decorating is in my blood. I will always find the next project as I am sure you will.

it’s really taking shape and yes, we can tell the difference from the last pics…so no worries there..and I think that even though you are moving in before it’s totally completed you are going to be glad you did..there are so many things that you will see differently once you’re living there as apposed to “visiting” will allow you to tweak where necessary, subsequently..
and you will just be happier anyway..!!!

And just when I was growing fond of the cardboard countertops! I do see progress and I know that this is the worst strecth. Things seem to move at a snail’s pace, don’t they?

I say gear towards Christmas…that it will be done by Christmas…surely by Christmas….

Great colors/hardware/choices. I know….what a job! xo Diana

What can I say, Tina? Breathtaking! Your home, I mean castle, is so beautiful! It looks like things are getting done. The kitchen is to die for just as the rest of the house is! I know that you are anxious.
Have a great weekend, and please try to get a little rest!

Dear one, I am so late. I am tired, late, so frayed! BUT…the photos here are giving me excitement and joy for YOU that your dream is coming true. WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! EVERYTHING IS JUST STUNNING MY DEAR!!!!! Anita

The house is looking fabulous! I see a tremendous amount of progress! I LOVE that you post every week, I look forward to it!!

You are going to get to move in so soon! How exciting!

Great paint suggestions, I will have to keep them in mind, I love Farrow and Ball colors!

I always love seeing your house pictures! Even if nothing changed, I would love to see pictures so I can stare dreamy eyed at my computer screen. It looks like a loth of progress has been made! I love all of the millwork and your kitchen looks like the kind of place I could set up camp. Um, yeah, I wish I could help you with the hardware for the butlers pantry. I love it all! Maybe I love knob 1 and pull 4 or pull 9? But I don’t see how you could go wrong with any of them. Also, thank you for introducing the word escuthceon to me. I will now use it smugly at people’s houses (when I learn how to pronounce it) Have a lovely weekend!!

Hang in there your doing a fabulous job! It will all be worth the time and effort when it’s done. I love everything! You’ve covered it all!
Enjoy the process it is the fun!

Looks beautiful! I choose number 1 and 2. I like the curve of the pull. Not full of itself but beautiful. I went to the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, California today. Beautiful vintage things.

Sooo beautiful! Everything actually! I love your kitchen and all of the paint-samples are gorgeous! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!!! Here I’m embracing fall and decorating around in my house. Love this season!

Love, Kristin

Looking good! No, looking GREAT! You have some great and devoted workers if you are moving in a month! I have always found the last bit takes FOREVER!
#1 and 3. I have found that my rubbed bronze, over the years loses some of the deep bronze color and rubs off a bit where the hand touches or pulls, to look like the antique brass.
White is tricky and compunded when the light changes from grey day to sunny day or with different lamp light or overhead light! Love your samples showing some of the choices for great whites!
Love all your BIG decisions. My sole decorating project this Fall is changing out a head board for daughter! Though I would like to tackle our basement!

Your “castle” isn’t even finished yet, and I’m already drooling! I love it … I want to live in your kitchen! LOL. Thanks for sharing … can’t wait to see more!

WOW. Your home is really shaping up now. I like the wallpaper sample. It seems to tone in very beautifully with your other P.C. items. And the proposed formal powder vanity cabinet is divine!
So happy to see it all coming together for you, and I loved your guest ‘pillow’ blog too!

I drool every time I see photos of your house. YOWZA! Gorgeous! How amazing it is to see the progress that’s been made. Before you know it, you’ll be all moved in!
p.s. Good luck with all the white paint decisions. Sounds like heaven to me.

Your house is looking wonderful! Love all of the custom panelling and details. I used Horizon on the walls in a bedroom with White Dove on the ceiling. Turned out beautifully. Also, Manchester tan mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with white is a great soothing off white color for a large scale room. The #2 pull for the Butlers pantry is nice, while the #3 is more modern and may give you that litte extra punch you need. #4, #10 and 11 are definite No No’s!…all you missed for FNO is the new nail polish color is Dark Blue!! Get it at Chanel now before it is sold out! Plus all the stars that were out, Heidi Klum, Justin Beiber, SJP, etc…Keep us posted on all the hard work!

Tina..Tina…Tina…your head must be spinning with all of these decisions. Paints are tough. I like BM White Dove for a soft white. Beware of BM Linen White as it can go very yellow. BM OC 11 is a great beige. BM OC 7 is good, also OC 19, and OC 24. These are all colors I have used before. There is another color that is very popular from Pratt and lambert called Lambswool. Sometimes when I need really soft and neutral colors I look at Mrs. Howard’s blog. She has listed all of her favorites. It is all looking so wonderful, love these progress reports!!!

oh your beautiful, beautiful, home! I like the 3,5 and 8 for knobs in your butlers pantry. You had me laghing about the white paint, it’s almost never-ending, isn’t it? Elephants breath is a personal favourite of mine. Your millwork is stunning, Tina.

I like door handle 3 the best. A bit simpler and classic, not too fancy for butler’s pantry which is kind of a utilitarian space. Love your paint colours, those F&B blues are heavenly.

Really taking shape now!! Love the panelling, Ivory lace is a nice colour don’t know what it would be called in USA though? Maybe the same? 🙂

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