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Good morning, back in the saddle but you will notice things with me have been a little off schedule lately. In addition, haven’t gotten to spend as much time in blogland as I normally do, because this week I have been all over the map, really in every direction imaginable. Its good to be busy but there is a limit and I think I am just about there:) Its mostly “house biz” at this point of the game, ?as this occupies nearly all my time lately. But I do try to keep my mind open and active and on the prowl for beautiful, inspirational new things too! So here we go…..

HOUSE UPDATES. Forewarning, there are a lot of pictures here……?know I always say it might not look like things are changing drastically week to week but trust me THEY ARE!! The big breaking news from last night is the STAIR RAILING!! Imagine my total surprise to go to the house late in the day to discover not only did it arrive early that morning but they started installing it. I am madly in love with it. My camera was dying so I took a few pics real quick of it before it went kaput. The final stages of adding many decorative elements to the kitchen is being done and those little “jewels” are like the icing on a beautiful cake, it is every bit as I had envisioned all those sleepless nights. I cannot wait to rip off the paper and ply board from the floor and have a total kitchen reveal with my gorgeous marble counter tops in place and my range and all the goodies that will complete it! My breakfast room is officially done, hip hip hooray! One room totally done now THAT’S progress! Moldings and paneling continues to get completed downstairs and painting upstairs is just about done. So things are looking up and the end?is in sight. Enough talking, how about some showing……..

Hey what do you know! A little grass…making it look a little more like home!

Still in the installation phase

?What do you think about the lead coated copper finial? I think it needs to be a little bigger (this one is 2 feet believe it or not but it looks minuscule)

Versailles Parquet newly installed in dining room!

Living room panels going in

Hallway moldings complete!

Kitchen is coming together, pics that follow are all the new “details”…..

Had to peek at my floor next to the wood in the breakfast room, so sick of it all being covered!

Final coat all done!
Paneling for TV in family room getting done above mantle

Hubbies vanity first coat of stain
My vanity/ bathroom floor….this is Pointing on the door by Farrow and Ball, thoughts?

Love this color in my closet!

Gutter boxes all done

Stockpile getting smaller…yippee!!
Foundation for patio

Covered porch all done except for flooring

SPECTACULAR OUTDOOR SETTINGS.How about this for an outdoor setting? You know my love for blue and white, then you throw in a fabulously gorgeous home/backyard and you are talking some serious eye candy! This happens to be my friends house which is being used for a designers showcase. LOVE this whole setting!!!! What do you think?

FALL INSPIRATION. Though I know by the time I move and settle in fall entertaining will be well past me, and I am sure I won’t have any energy left for it, it is so amazingly inspirational isn’t it? I have so enjoyed visiting blogland and seeing ?some truly amazing and breathtaking fall entertaining pictures and ideas. Many are quite simple, but their impact is nonetheless incredible. Flowers in pumpkins, pumpkins as soup and stew bowls,a trio of beautiful fall colored apples sliced up on a wooden cutting board, ?a simple artichoke on a plate, such fantastic ideas that anyone can do! ?Below a few…..

Using a small pumpkin as a bowl..genius! (and comes with its own lid)
CHINOISERIE MURALS. I am once again back to the drawing board in looking at colors and designs for the chinoiserie for my dining room and formal powder room. For the powder room I see a hand blocked antique faded gold background and for the dining room I am really loving this really pale antiqued looking gray/blue/green but love the green, the neutral colored one and the darker slate blue/gray too! So technically, all four of these are all serious contenders…..what do you think? ?Last I found these amazing handpainted lampshades for sconces, how pretty are these?

Well everyone that’s it for me. Anything you are loving this week? Would love to know all about it! I am overdue to see a movie…has anyone seen anything great lately? I am supposed to see Mozarts sister in the next few days…cannot wait!! Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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This is fantastic! I forced hubs to look at this post, it is truly incredible, this house you are building!! But I love how you describe each phase of it, as if we are all part of the journey too. In love with the stair railings, the double sinks in the kitchen with the beautiful cabinets, the loads of windows…even the roof! I love that pretty view that you took of the house in the first image, that garage end, it was really lovely looking. Love the new grass, you are so right, how instantly it transforms the barreness of it from a building site to a home. And lastly Ilove that first wallpaper too!

My gosh … it’s like Versailles! Where do find the time to blog when you have to oversea all of that! you must be very calm & collected. It is looking absolutely stunning must be so pleased Tina.

Mind boggling beautiful. That staircase must one day hold a beautiful bride walking down it (do you have a daughter by chance)? Every detail of the house is just literal perfection.
I so enjoy watching these updates every week, it just gets better and better if that is even possible. Enjoy the process!

Your home is looking wonderful! This really is the fun part…the icing.

The stair railing is very elegant. I cannot help but imagine a couple all dressed for the evening, or even a bride, coming
down this stair case.

I do love the finial, however it looks overwhelmed here. I am wondering if it should be double in size.

I love the dormer window scrolls. So charming.

The covered porch…I am crazy about the stonework here…the arches.

I love this house. I love it down to the smallest detail.
You did a terrific job in your decisions.

This house is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the process … can’t wait to see the final project … and all the choices to be made as it moves forward!

Oh Tina, your staircase is so elegant I can just image pretty Rococo console tables brimming with roses! Also do take a look at Farrow and Ball’s French Grey as an idea for your powder room, although I adore Pointing I can image the soft powdery blue grey of French Grey working so well with your flooring. Hugs for a fabulous weekend from an old farmhouse in England – Glenda xxxxxxx

Yes, I can see the progress! Where do I even begin… the staircase is spectacluar, the floors, oh the floors. I love them so much I could weep! I also like the choice of Pointing for your bath vanity. It’s a nice warm shade of white and is gorgeous with the marble. {I just pulled out my F&B color deck to see it better}. What color did you choose for your closet? You must be getting so excited to move in!

The first wallpaper is so beautiful! Who is that made by? Thank you for giving the resources.

Oh my goodness Tina – I’m in complete awe every time, yes every time, I see your house updates. This is one spectacular building! Any spare rooms dedicated for blogger visits? Ha ha!

Thank you for sharing! I love your staircase! I also love the 2nd and 3rd wallpaper choices. This is so exciting seeing everything come together so beautifully.

Wow! That stair railing is gorgeous! I bet you are so happy to see things progressing. I am excited for you and your upcoming move in day!

I think a blogger get together should take place at your house! πŸ˜‰

Have a great weekend – Heather

It’s getting close…I can almost see the spectacular furniture. The parquet in the dining room is so beautiful and the moldings…wow!! Love the update!!

Tina, Happy Friday!!! Oh my it is coming right along and becoming more and more gorgeous, if that is possible. Every detail is exquisite!!! You have a very discerning eye and fabulous style. Love it all. I still can not get over the millwork,you have amazing craftsmen working on your gorgeous home. Happy Weekend, Kathysue

I vote for the GREEN in the dining room – incredible! My second favorite is the darker slate blue – more unusual, haven’t seen anything like this one. It is all just fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us!
[email protected]

Did I miss who your architect is. My husband and I are thinking about building a home soon. This is so inspiring. You doing a fantastic job, and I love to watch the progression.

I just had to post to let you know that a lot of us are watching, if not speaking or singing your praises. Well done! I do enjoy seeing the progress.
I hope you have someone like an architect or designer to do some of that scouting for you? Would you write about that? I can’t imagine coordinating it all, though.
You have exquisite taste. Breathe a lot in the next few busy weeks/months!

I love that you are taking the time to consider all the details that could very easily have been overlooked, like the gutter boxes and the finials. They make such a difference!
The chinoiserie wallcoverings are stunning. My favorites are the second and fourth ones πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

Blah, Blah, Blah….There are no words to describe!!! You have built the most beautiful home (and I do mean HOME). How can something so grandious feel so warm and welcoming? Cannot wait to see the kitchen all decked out for Christmas!
Janis Stufflebean

This home is going to be one-of-a-kind beautiful! I see why you’re in love with the stairway! It’s perfect. I don’t know how true the picture of your cabinet door is to the true color, but it looks a bit too yellow to me. I can see why you’ve been keeping busy! Every detail has been carefully considered. It’s so fun watching the progress!

Tina – I am most excited to see your dining room now – with those floors and the chinoiserie murals – I really like the one with the pheasants and the third one with the peonies but they will all fit that space beautifully!

Tina I am just falling in love with your home and it IS all in the details!

Oh yes, the blue and white outdoor space is perfect I love the entire concept. I am so glad fall is here!!


Art by Karena

I hope you will come over and enter my amazing giveaway from Interieurs!!

Good gracious, what progress has been made! Seeing the stairwell this far along is a delight, you know how attached I am to that space. The kitchen is really going to be amazing, the more I see it the more I am convinced of that. All of the paneling and molding makes such an enormous difference.

You know, you can post about spectacular outdoor spaces at other houses, methinks you’ll have your very own come next spring and summer.

Hope you have a little respite this weekend,

It is almost there! It is stunning! I am so excited for you!The stair rail is unbelievably gorgeous! It really looks like a home now. I always look forward to these updates.
Have a great weekend.

Today I’m loving this post! The house is looking so gorgeous! I mean, the floors, the moldings, the kitchen details and oh my gosh that stair railing! It’s all so stunning. Now that I know that you are often mistaken for Britney Spears and you have that gorgeous home, I’m officially jealous πŸ˜‰ It’s absolutely perfect! Also, I love that blue and white table setting and I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with any of those chinoiserie murals. I love the first one, but really any of them would be amazing!

Your stair railing is insane it’s so gorgeous! And your closet is bigger than my living room. I’ve never witnessed the construction of such a beautiful house, it’s like a fairy tale.


I love all of the progress. Ass for the wall paper, I love the second choice… with the pheasants. That is beautiful paper and would look stunning in the house and with the setting of the house.

Tina, reference the finials. In the “whole house” photos the finials do indeed look proportional. I think you may be unhappy with them any larger, as they may detract from the real focus on the overall line of the roof. As they are now, IMO they are a lovely and proportional detail, as are the gutter boxes.

Let me get my jaw off the floor…

there, that’s better.

Gorgeous updates as always! As to the things you asked about…
1. The pointing, I almost feel like it’s too yellow against your beautiful marble…does it come off that way in person?
2. The finials..I tend to agree that they are slightly too small, but the comment above me makes a good point that since they are but part of the puzzle they may be doing all they need to.
3. You won’t go wrong with any of those papers for the dining room…they are all stunning! Something about the second one (the green one) is really speaking to me though.


How elegant and wonderful everything is turning out. You need to wear the most perfect ball gown and travel down those lovely stairs to pose with your husband in a beautiful portrait. How grand!

All the details are surfacing and perfect I love everything you’ve selected and are bringing to fruition. You’ve done a absolutely fantastic job holding this project to the true vision you and husband dreamed of. Teddy will need his own elevator and a gps tag so you can find him in your new home…lol.

Love the first wallpaper very soft and perfect with the flooring in powder room and paper #3 is wonderful for the dining room. I am so excited for you and your family. Love all the blue and white of course and it has such a “feel goodness” to it you can never go wrong.

Fall is approaching and showing us color spectacular beyond belief and then it’s gone. I love Fall and enjoy it’s coming and sad when it goes.


You’re home seriously reminds me of the chateau we grew up in in Belgium… But so much nicer as it has all the modern-day amenities! Woke up this morning to a chill in the air and tomorrow is my youngest’s first football game – fall is here!

Hi Tina. Wow it looking great! The stairs are amazing and the railing gorgeous. Loving it to bits! So looking forward to the decor.


Fabulous! I love all that gorgeous paneling and your floors! Everything is moving along. It’s so exciting to see it all come together. Love that blue and white table too. I’m a blue person. Lovely post as always!

Oh Tina, I don’t know how you sleep at night. The anticipation of having it done and moving in would be making ME crazy!!!!! LOL!!! The staircase is truly magnificent! The porch I love. Can’t wait to see the kitchen completed. The pictures just take my breath. I love the second wallpaper, then the first:) Your friends home is amazing too. Thanks for sharing all this. XO, Pinky

Tina, that staircase railing takes my breath away. It is no wonder it has taken so long to build this house, when one considers all the many details you have chosen with such attention to detail and such spectacular taste. Do you ever sleep??? I cannot imagine how much time went into researching and sourcing all the items you have chosen. I am in awe.

I have finally found my own Calacatta Ora slabs after searching for four months, so I am more than a few steps behind you with my kitchen reno. I so look forward to seeing your decisions come to life and derive a great deal of inspiration from them. Great thanks.

omg.. you look like Britney & are going to live in this beautiful castle with beautiful things..lucky you! I had ponting painted on trim and did not like it at all, I then had Ben Moore Marble white painted on the trim and LOVE it! Love the antique gray/green/blue chinoiserie for your home. Can we see a pic of beautiful you on your beautiful staicase? it’s breathtaking and something I can only dream about. great updates..thx!

ps. like the gold/painted sconce lampshades..I bet they would just glow at night. Your property looks amazing, does it have fall color? like Red maples & burning bushes? I bet that would be so beautiful! Please post updates as the leaves change…☺

*** How wonnnnnderful that all those “sleepless nights spent worrying” will SOOOON be “beauuuutifully nice & pleasant dreams” for you instead!

It’s magnificent, of course, and I can’t wait to see the setting of it all when completed!!!!

Your dream is coming true~~~ lucky you!!!

Linda in AZ *
[email protected]

Tina! LOOK at all the comment you are getting! It has been so much fun to watch your blog grow with your house — you deserve each and every follower. I think this is one of the best blogs out there!
xo Stacy

OMG! Your home is beautiful! You will be a princess in her castle! Straight out of a fairy tale. I love it. Can not wait to see your progress I am drawing a lot of inspiration. Beautiful! x Jode

Hi Tina Wow your home is truly amazing I am so glad I found this blog. Love the staircase,the kitchen is sensational with the double sinks.
The panelling throughout the house is amazing you have done such an outstanding job.
I like the first paper for the dining room.
Yes the green lawn looks fantastic.Love the dorma windows.
The finials do need to be bigger as the home is of such large proportions.
The lawn looks lovely can wait to see the finished result.
Have a geat weekend. It is going to be 31degrees in Sydney today spring has just started!

Hi Tina, Your house has come so far and now it’s looking more like a home. I think it looks like an old english manor in a Britt movie. So much eye candy here I don’t know where to start. I love everything about your home. I think the finials look great too.
Your friends home is lovely, a great designer showcase home! Love the blue and white.
Great fall decor photos.

The French Hutch

Have you seen the new Barry Dixon Inspirations book? There’s a French Chateau in N. Carolina that he designed, and it has an iron railing (p.54) very similar to yours – gorgeous! He placed a Roseanne chair (his design) at the base of the staircase and its form follows the curvilinear lines of the railing. On pages 90 and 158 there are some chinoiserie panels that are very similar to your choices – lovely! Maybe you’ll get some good paint ideas too.

p.s. Pointing has ochre in it – is the gray in your tile warm enough?

Are you in cahoots with Joni? After being “schooled” on marble this week, I’m thinking the Pointing is too creamy for the gray in your marble. Its the reverse of her example of the creamy limestone with the marble countertops.

Everything is looking great!

Dear Tina, again I have to say your house is so beautiful! The stair railing is SO LOVELY! It will be so exciting to see how your patio will look also!!! Good luck with all you have left and have an amazing weekend!

Love, Kristin

My darling Tina,

I am so late due to school obligations, but seeing your home makes ME GIGGLE WITH DELIGHT!!!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY! ARE YOU JUST HAPPIER THAN WHAT?????????? WOW. I have never seen the likes of this..keep it coming! HEY, WHEN DO YOU THINK YOU WILL BE IN??? Anita

Seriously, my heart is racing just looking at your absolutely breathtaking home! Wow! The details are phenomenal. Thanks for sharing … can’t even imagine what it will look like once you move in there! I must know … and, sorry if I’ve missed it, but what are you naming your home … truly, this castle needs a name! *Becca*

You have done such a great job on your home. I know it must be thrilling to be so close to the end. I’m sure it will be gorgeous when you finish with all of your decorating because it’s gorgeous in its nearly finished state.

I like the second and third chinoiserie designs. I think your space is so large that it needs the slight bit more color that these two designs provide. I can’t wait to see it on the walls as any of them would be wonderful!

Your soon to be home would be my perfect dream home. There is not one thing that I don’t love or would do differently. So totally my taste. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You must be beyond thrilled and excited. xo

Has the new Jane Eyre film been and gone in the states? My daughter and I loved it, particularly as it was filmed near where we live. Have to say, they made it seemed more bleak than it actually is!

Oh Miss Tina…it is absolutely SPECTACULAR! I’m a details kind of girl and I am completely drooling over the design in those gorgeous marble floors…and the moulding in the hallways…*SWOON*…I would feel like a queen in my castle in that lovely home! Can’t wait for it to be finished!

Omg I love it all! The railing is a dream…I love iron! And your molding and kitchen are coming along just gorgeous. AND I love the design of your bathroom floor AND I LOVE blue and white too! Perfect choice for outdoors. You have fabulous taste and it’s so much fun to watch it coming along! Best of luck and can’t wait to see more!

OMG…What a beautiful home and I so love all the windows.Thank you so much for the tour.You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to call home and the name of your blog The Enchanted Home is so true.Thank you for sharing:) Have a blessed day!

Thank you for coming to visit my blog, I can see from your posts that you care very busy and appreciate you taking the time. As I said I love all that you are doing and I am in love with the green wallpaper with the little phesants.

Have a great week, remember to take care of yourself as well as you are your family and house.

Could not agree more, Fall is my favorite time of the year, I wish the weather was like that all the time.

Have a great week. And thank you agian,

I love the 2 ft finial! You asked about the painted door in your bath, over the wires it looks a bit yellow against the marble floors. It may not be but I would make sure the color of the woodwork picks up a color in the marble…creamy white or gray. You have done a spectacular job in the design of your home, the detail is unbelievable. The bannister is yummy. You are going to pinch yourself once you finally get to move in!

WOW! Your railing is gorgeous!!!! I hope one of your sons decides to have a wedding at your new home! The photographs on that staircase would be amazing!!!!

OMG Tina…. it’s really coming together! I am so happy for you to be going through this stage… I remember it building my house, and it’s the most exciting. And although they are quite different, they are the same because they are our homes! Home sweet home!
So excited!

Everything is just breathtaking! So many amazing details!! I LOVE your bathroom floor, and the floors in the kitchen are just gorgeous!

What an amazing post! I love how you share the creation of your beautiful home and I am radiating happiness for you. It is simply stunning Tina and you have chosen so well.

Your Autumn inspiration is lovely. I especially like the artichoke table setting. How fun!

Have a wonderful start to the week. Hope the next steps in the house making go well.

x Charlotta
Space for Inspiration

OMG Tina – your house is really ‘coming on’ ! And this staircase is just simply wonderful!!!

Love your posts about the progress and looking so much forward to see your hose when finished!

Best wishes for a good start to the week and warmest greetings,

Wow – amazing house update. Hard to believe you are going to live in this house. It looks like the Palace of Versailles! Love the marble tiles, the balustrade, the timberwork, the roofing, just everything. Stunning.

You must be so excited to be heading into the final phase! The millwork in the hall is lovely!! If you’re looking for chinoiserie inspiration, you might want to check out Michael Smith’s portfolio – he has used it very effectively in many projects.

I just read that someone else gets their husband to read your house updates. Yours is the only one that my husband will actually sit down and look at- Isn’t that funny! He always walks away asking how it is I don’t get depressed. I just tell him that I’m happy to see beautiful design-anywhere!

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