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Good morning, boy this week is going by fast. Hope you are having a good week. I feel sometimes, like that marathon runner who spots the finish line but in reality its like an optical illusion and the finish line is actually much further than he realizes. The closer he gets, the finish line seems to pull away from him ever so slightly. Hate to admit it but sometimes I feel like that marathon runner with my house. As much progress that has been made, as many workers that are there every day putting in long hours, I will admit I have days where I go and feel like we still have such a long way to go. 
But the silver lining is I am always in “a happy place” when I go there. I can be in the worst mood and being in my new house literally lifts it away like a veil being lifted…who knew my house has healing abilities!!  I know when we move there is going to still be tons left to do, but at least I will be home!  Enough chatter, here are my updates and a few tidbits of goodies I am loving this week….

HOUSE UPDATES. One exciting thing this week is my cabinet hardware got put on! They are 80% done.  I totally love it, feel like its a very timeless look that will never go “out”. Painting, woodwork, trim all continues, yes its taken months but its a lot of work! In about two weeks, a few big things will be happening, the LONG awaited limestone for the front will arrive on Oct. 3rd to be precise, carpets getting installed, floors are being stained and finished and garage doors are getting put in. This house update post might feel a bit redundant, but take note that all the hardware is a new and much anticipated addition and I took lots of pictures of the molding/woodworking detail as they did such a fabulous job and its nearly done downstairs! Living and dining room are done now and they are finishing up the hallway/stairway. Of course the stairway still has me so excited, but its all covered up with scaffolding and such,  I promise to do the big reveal when its all removed….so here we go.

Ta dah! Its really starting to resemble a kitchen, pics to follow all hardware inspired….

Samples for family room paneling….

Sons vanity top finally came!! Just waiting to have sink and faucet installed and we are done here!

Older sons bathroom pretty much done!
Other sons vanity, its a dark mahogany, not black

They did such an unreal job, it goes down three stories!!

Back stair hall

Downstairs hallway molding just about done

Looking from rear of the foyer to the future front door…..

Area going from 1st floor going down to basement, they did a beautiful job on the moldings on the curved wall

Walking down to basement
Library aka storage room for now
All moldings got completed above french doors in living and dining

BITE BY BITE. Peter Callahan was so kind to have sent me my own personal signed book, Bite by Bite. I cannot tell you enough how fabulous this book is. He is famous for his mini masterpieces and with good reason, he has escalated small appetizers into a true art form! What I love is its very user friendly from the basic novice to a more seasoned cook…there is truly something for everyone in this book, The creativity and genius behind his creations is really something, my mom and I had such fun pouring through each page. I got so many wonderful ideas, seriously you must get this book. It WILL make you want to have a party, just to show off your newly honed entertaining skills. I love his “small bites” approach, because we all know things taste better when they are small and appetizing!

GREAT LOOKING INEXPENSIVE SERVING PIECES FOR THANKSGIVING. OK, you cannot be part of blogland and not be affected by the fact that everyone is already talking holiday decorating. At first I was totally overwhelmed, but then I figured “if you can’t beat em join em”, so I spotted these gorgeous serving dishes at none other than Pottery Barn!! Admittedly I have never been a PB fan and the only time I remember shopping there was for someone who registered there for her wedding shower. So these were a nice surprise. I think with my beautiful beaded Italian off white oversized dinner plates, this will make for a beautiful table around Thanksgiving. I must say I explored just a little on their site and I was very impressed by them, that is NOT the Pottery Barn I remember!

In my short travels I found this bedding….I mean this is pretty fabulous looking for my sons room, don’t you think?

MY FINAL CHOICE FOR CHINOISERIE FOR MY DINING ROOM. I think we are pretty much decided for the dining room!  After much hemming and hawing, I have gone from gray/blue to green to neutral and in the end am nearly certain that I am going to go with an antiqued (tea stained) chinoiserie with an earthy tan background with small subtle pops of color. I want this to be antiqued and below is the inspiration. I think with this palette, it will give me many options for drapery, upholstery for seating, etc……I feel really good about this and think it will be beautiful. Sorry to drag on about this but its a big decision! Thoughts? (good thing is I get to put in a little blue and white in this one)!

A TRULY NOBLE CAUSE, THE BULLY PROJECT. I am proud to say I have donated and supported the making of this courageous and long overdue documentary about bullying. Lee Hirsch was the champion behind this project and I cannot sing his praises highly enough. While its such fun to blog about beautiful homes and rooms and fun decor and entertaining ideas,  the sobering reality is bullying is practically an epidemic that we as a society must have ZERO tolerance for. I have been blessed to not have had this personally affect me or my sons,  but my heart truly breaks for any child who has experienced the loneliness and isolation of being bullied. There was another suicide this past Sunday by a 14 year old teenager, who took his life after being bullied. That is why this project is so incredible. PLEASE all I ask is that you click on this link, and take a look at the trailer. If it prompts just  ONE conversation between a mother and her child ( as it did me and my son) I will feel like I did my small part to help raise awareness. Ideally, it will motivate all of you to talk to your children, grandchildren or a child you feel close to. Knowledge is power and just because this might not be affecting us personally does not mean we shouldn’t take an active role and stand. Please click here to visit the site and see the short but unbelievably powerful trailer. I PROMISE you will not regret taking less than 2 minutes out of your day to watch a film that might prompt a conversation and ultimately change the fate for a young child. THANK YOU!
I apologize that I ended this post on a sad note but I feel its so important to spread the word and I tell everyone I can about this film. What better way to reach 1500 people than to share it on my blog with all of you. Please, if it touches you send it to your friends and family because chances are according to statistics nearly all of us knows someone whose child is being victimized. The silver lining is we can all have a part in eradicating bullying by creating a zero tolerance society. I do hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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Oh, that railing!!!! Simply “wow”!

Look, I can just imagine how much work and how many decisions you constantly have to do to get this amazing house look the way it already does. I can imagine how tired you feel and how you can’t wait to actually be living there. I’m sure you’ll find strength and get this home done in “no time”. We’re all cheering for you… and yes, the biggest gift you can have is feeling at home in this place, feel that you all belong there.

Have a wonderful day, Tina and a warm hug to you.


Luciane at

Wow, it all looks amazing,so much has been done ad so much more to come! I think you will be in heaven once you finally get to walk through the doors and bolt them behind you at night and climb the stairs to go to bed!
Bullying has been around too long and it needs to end.

So gorgeous. Those library floors….love them. And the hardware looks great…as do all of the details in the bathrooms! Love your vision for your dining room…will be very fitting for your home….thanks for continuing to share with us!

Tina I say it every week but seriously the most beautiful home ever. I love the hardware, the woodwork, all the flooring and marble in the baths, that amazing staircase.

Yes love that color for your dining room. I have to go check on those Turkey plates, they are great looking.

Finally glad you wrote about The Bully project, I was told about it through someone at my daughters school, it is a tragedy that we have as a society allowed to happen. I am so happy this is being made and can only hope it will start an aggressive anti bully crusade. I cannot watch that trailer without sobbing like a baby. Heart wrenching. Thank you for speaking up about it. I like you even more than I thought possible now!

It just keeps getting more and more beautiful! Love the hardware you picked out in the kitchen. And I’ll definitely be looking for that book. Love the Thanksgiving dishes too. Such a juicy post today!

I can almost feel your excitement over your new home from here and it looks so amazing, love the main staircase railing. I have that book bite by bite since we like having an evening with a bottle of wine and little bites with cheeses it’s fun and perfect when you don’t always want a big meal. Love your choice for the Chinoiserie wallpaper keep it neutral to keep it from getting busy and then dress it up a little more with accessories. Another wonderful post!

I think your home is becoming my “Happy Place’ too. I love to see the details come together. Are you filming this, it would be great to put a couple of hours of footage together.

Tina, Glad you took the time to share some of the personal initiatives you support on your blog too. It’s important that even through all the fluff, we take the time to be involved in our community. Bullying is a senseless epidemic. I am off to click the video now.

Have a great day dear friend

I love your blog and applaud you for speaking about this film. My daughter was the subject of bullying to the point that we changed her school. All because of a boy. This story resonates with me on a personal level. I just watched the trailer and you were right, moving is an understatment. True to the core. I am so happy to know about this film and will go and support it by making a contribution. Thank you Tina for speaking out about it.

PS Home is just prettier every week if that is possible. Your kitchen is fit for royalty!

Fantastic progress Tina – and I can see how that wall will fit in beautifully with the other finishes that are already coming together! I have clicked over there and will definitely take a look since my son’s hardest years are still ahead of him where this stuff is concerned. Thanks for the awareness and for contributing to a great cause!

Your kitchen is looking absolutely gorgeous, and I’m loving your choices for finishes. I’m sure it must feel like a marathon — we remodeled rather than built and still it seemed like the list would never have all the boxes checked! Your favorites make me want to cozy up for fall. I think I need that book for a girls’ dinner I’m hosting in a few weeks! And of course, the film. Love hearing about your interest in that! Have a happy Thursday! XO

Your home is truly amazing! Getting more gorgeous by the minute. The molding and all of the details are incredible! Looking forward to seeing your chinoiserie in the dining room. I’m off to watch the trailer. I think it’s great that you are spreading the word to so many people for such an important cause!

Good morning Tina,

I am going to start with the bullying first. Good for you for speaking up. You have my fullest support for any project you are involved in. There is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying over here. I will definitely follow your link. A very important cause.

Now your house, Ms. Tina. I even feel through the screen that it has healing abilities! It has great energy and flow. And all that natural light everywhere just calms the soul!

The kitchen, the (3 level!) stair case and the bathrooms are FANTASTIC. And you picked the most stunning chinoiserie.

Always 5 stars!

Warm hugs,


Love everything about the kitchen! From your choice of tile, to the knobs, to the cabinetry. Love the detal at the top of the cabinetry. Ahhh, when can I move in? haha.

Your house looks more and more beautiful every Thursday (is it really Thursday?) It’s amazing what a difference hardware can make. Every once in awhile Pottery Barn just totally hits it out of the park. It’s nice when you can find pretty, traditional decor at a decent price.

Bullying is something I’m so passionate about. It just makes me so sad to see children hurting like that. It’s something that sticks with them forever. A guy I went to high school with came up to me a couple of years ago and thanked me for always standing up for him when people tried to throw him in the trash can. I don’t even remember doing that although I’m sure I did because I don’t find that kind of thing funny at all. It’s amazing what speaking up can do for those who don’t feel like they have a voice. Thank you for sharing!

You house is amazing. I love the attention to detail, especially in the mouldings and trim.
Also, I love the ceiling height in the kitchen.

Thank you for posting about bullying. It is rampant and parents and teachers have to address it.


I applaude you for taking a stance on bullying, social media has allowed what was once a playground problem to permeate every aspect of our childrens lives. This trailer is so moving and if you do not mind I would like to post a link on my blog of the trailer and to you.

Mothers, aunts, sisters, friends if we do help our kids who is going to? The story of that 14 year old boy is heartbreaking, I cannot imagine the pain that you must be in to decide that suicide is the answer.

On a lighter note, your house is spectacular, as I and numerous people have said. I love the moldings and the floors. The wallpaper will be gorgeous. Any chance that you will be in the house by Christmas? Not completely settled and decorated but at least granted occupancy?

I like the PB plates, I have never been a fan of them either…but once in awhile I see something that could be used with something else.

I love the bedding!

Thank you again for your kind comments, you are so sweet to take time from your crazy schedule.

Take care of yourself and remember that your house will soon be a happy and loving home!

Breathtaking!!! The detail is fabulous and everything just looks perfect. The enfilades especially are stunning. And the staircase – so beautiful! Love the kitchen.

Tina, your home is coming along beautifully. I love the stairwell! Amazing! The dishes for the holidays are so perfect! I guess it’s me, but I like rolling into each change of season! So, I’m ready to talk holiday! Thank you for always having the very best for each event! And, I feel strongly about bullying. My oldest son was hazed or bullied in high school as a freshman by boys of families that we were school, church, and neighborhood friends. It is very sad. I am inspired to do even more by your promoting this project!

Your staircases are just beautiful! Real showpieces. Love all the mouldings and hardware. (I love great hardware!)

Love that you’re involved with the bullying project. It’s absolutely rampant and teachers and school officials have been turning a blind eye for years! Nothing does more to hurt a young person’s self esteem more than bullying because it is so public with their peers.

Hi Tina, I am impressed. The bullying project trailer just blew me away, I cried like a baby! although, I was always in the popular crowd and like a barbie doll, I would never let anyone pick on someone, ever! It was never funy to me, just very sad. I could never tolerate that in school. I teach my very young children now, even at such a tender age, to love and tolerate all people. Regardless of color, age, handicaps, etc. My children live a very privledged life and I feel it’s my responsibility to help my children to know that we are all different, from all all walks of life and no one is perfect. Thank you for sharing this with me.

As always..your home is so BEAUTIFUL!! Love your choice for the chinoiserie, I received my damask & toile wallpapers yesterday. I am so excited to have it hung. I hope you will conitnue to share your decorating ideas even when your home is finished (is a home ever finished? lol) I can not wait to see how your entire house is decorated, especially the kitchen, library, dining, family, living and outdoor veranda..just all of it,,ok? thanks

Tina, Simply amazing. I just designed and built an 1,800sqf. home which is a far cry from yours, but many decisions to be made. Thank goodness I love to design and decorate. You have done an exquisite job!! YES, it it NOT too early to be planning the holidays.
Janis Covington Stufflebean

Bravo to you for taking on such a noble cause. I love that you are supporting this and I am sure I will feel so compelled after watching the video too. My son when in 1st grade experienced a touch of it when he didnt’ want to play a game the rest of the boys were playing, it was a growing eye opening lesson for us both when his friends temporarily turned on him, my heart breaks for any child having to endure this kind of stress.

Your home, well there are no words. Having just gone through a huge renovation, I feel your pain but believe me its so worth it in the end. You will want to kiss the ground everytime you walk into that incredible home. I am really enjoying watching it take shape and go from a house to a home that will be filled with many wonderful memories no doubt.

You sound like a remarkable and special person.

Tina, You have the most fabulous taste! When I visit your gorgeous home every week watching it’s porgress~ I feel so honored to be invited! You must continually pinch yourself and feel so greatful!Your home is truly a blessing!

PB has come a very long long way! I think those Thanksgiving plates are just perfect for a Thanksgiving table! I’ll have to look for them.

I’m heading over to the “fruit” post. Decorating with fruit speaks to me!
Thanks for letting me visit your wonderful home.

Congratulations on all that hardware! Whoo-hoo! It looks beautiful Tina, what you picked out is just perfect. The stairwell just gets better and better with every photo you share, you know how attached to that sweeping, welcoming space I am. And way to go on the chinoiserie, that is a beautiful look.

You are wonderful to share the link to the bullying film, I am going to pop over and learn more. Sadly the anonymity of the internet makes it an even bigger problem to address.

Sending you a smile, the marathon will end soon,

Just received the PB entertaining catalog and thought is was terrific… I’m clicking over to the Bully Project now. Thankfully, in our school system, all middle schooler start the year off with two weeks of community-led diversity project and they’re keenly aware of the issue.

Hi Tina, seeing the hardware on the kitchen cupboards really is making it seem more real!!! You are putting so much thought and energy into your beautiful home I think the pay off is going to be even beyond your wildest dreams. It is so amazing and gorgeous!!! yes oh yes the holidays are upon us. I already have a good idea for my Thanksgiving table, but i decided last year when I bought a table cloth on clearance so now it is time to get serious about it!!!
I agree with you about spreading the word about anti-bullying. It has become so viscous, it has always been around but it seems it has reached a whole new level of hurt that is beyond anything any of us experience as children or with our own children. You have such a kind and giving heart. Have a good rest of your week, sweetie,

Dearest Tina…Our blogs are for beauty as well as the heart, and this post applies to both very well. On the beauty note, your house is looking beyond gorgeous, it’s so pretty and all the details are flowing together perfectly. It’s truly stunning!
On the heart note…I’m so grateful that bullying is finally getting the attention it deserves. I fear that all the online forums teens have access to make it even more so of an issue these days. Bullying has been going on for a very long time and hopefully now it will soon subside into oblivion.
Wishing you much strength and joy as you head towards the finish line!
xo J~

Hi Tina, It all looks stunning I love the staircase and the kitchen is amazing. Look forward
to seeing it all finished. Love the chinoiserie for the dining room.
Wishing you all the best to keep going.
The bullying project is so important I know adults
who have experienced it in the workplace.It is not only in the adolesent period.
Have a wonderful weekend

Please check out Traditional Home Oct. issue. the kitchen on pg.148 reminds us of your kitchen. This house is beautiful with all the blue & white porcelain. The bedroom wall color is fab! and the headboard is so pretty!
By the way, can you please tell us your source for the blue/white lamps that you ordered at the home gift show? thank you so much!

I am running out of words to describe this house build – seriously there are no more superlatives left in the dictionary that I haven’t already used – so just WOW.

I went to the website and saw the video. Thank-you for that. You always show amazing photos of your home in progress but today my favorite photo is the last one. Gorgeous.

The moldings throughout are spectacular and on the curved wall – simply beautiful. I know how you debated over the hardware for the kitchen, but you nailed it!! It’s all so lovely ~

So, so beautiful! I know there is still much to be done, but you are getting so close! You’ll be moved in before you know it!

Your posts are always so multifaceted and I really enjoy reading every aspect of them. First of all I’m so happy for you how gorgeous your house is coming along…I know I’ve said this before but you have awesome taste. I love that you add depth to your blog by adding inspiring info about good causes. Keep it up!

Tina, Anderson Cooper just had a show about bullying. Check out facebook stop bullying speak up.

WOW! It looks beautiful-love the hardware and the staircase is soooo impressive!

It’s great that you are raising awareness about this important cause too!

Dear Tina,

As always, it starts at home. What kind of home does a child come from, that he thinks so poorly of himself, that he needs to take his own pain out on a poor defenseless kid!?

On a bright note, The house is going to give Architectural Digest a new star to report on. It’s beyond fabulous! I could always apply for the job of butlerette!

Best to you,

I love your progress reports on your home, it’s Fabulous! I hope it stays in your family For-ev-er…
I’m loving you shared the topic of Bullying with us. It is horrible and it must get attention to get people to understand that it’s effects are damaging and its is everywhere,in all societies and demographics.
Thank you, I support your post.

Thank you for another great post. Your house is a dream; all the details are so timeless and suitable for the theme of your house. In Sweden, where I live, people just don’t build houses like yours, Thank You Tina for sharing!!!

As usual so much to love.
1. LOVE your chinoiserie choice, beautiful.
2. Those Thanksgiving plates are amazing, going to go check them out.
3. The house is just unreal, there are NO words to properly describe how freaking amazing this house is!
4. THANK YOU for talking about the bully project. Having experienced it a little with one of my kids, I know full well the ramifications. It is horrendous how our society has not treated this as it should be treated, as a crime. It ruins innocent lives and souls for a life time. A bullied child typically becomes an insecure and wounded young adult. This DOES start at home but I feel its the schools and societys responsibility to address it in an assertive manner. Thank you for posting about this.

Tina, I ditto every lovely thing said about your house by your wonderful followers….it is unreal! But mostly I wanted to say how much I agree with you about the Bully Project. I also love the It Gets Better campaign. I have a friend whose son took his own life after being bullied for being gay. It is unspeakably horrible, and we must teach our children better and stop this from happening ever again.

Hello Tina:
As always your posts are filled with interest and cover such eclectic and thought provoking issues.

First, the progress on your house is certainly gathering pace. The finishing details are always so very time consuming but clearly you have a remarkable team of workers who are paying such attention to detail. In the end this will make the difference between very good and excellent and, without doubt, excellence will be the order of the day at completion.

The main staircase is simply magnificent. It sweeps upwards with such elegance and really makes a magical first impression on entering. The cabinet work everywhere is beautifully done and pulls the whole together with its bold design and restrained used of materials.

We think that your idea to use ‘chinoiserie’ is a good one since we feel that it would offer the opportunity for vibrant shots of colour as a contrast to the very restrained colour palettes elsewhere. Our view would be to be ambitious, daring even in this area as it would be a talking point and give dramatic effect which can be so effective in moving from ‘quieter’ areas, rather like a musical crescendo!!

Finally, we totally support your views on bullying, something that as educationalists we saw rather too much evidence of in our time. Publicity is the bully’s greatest enemy so the campaign is a good one!!

Wow! I love that staircase, and your kitchen cabinetry. I especially like the glass fronted pieces.

Your home is going to be absolutely stunning when it’s finished!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Don’t know quite where to begin.
LOVE the hardware choices…and I really like the ogee edge on your counter tops with the corner details.
The stair rail is unbelievable…I really think you have done a magnificent job. (You will be reading that a lot from me).
The chinoiserie is amazing in the tea stain…I prefer it in the aged color ways as it lends itself to an antiqued subtle look. I’m sure you have looked at DeGournay…
And finally I very much agree with your stance against bullying. As someone who was picked on as a kid by neighborhood older bullies I can identify. I was involved in several physical scraps that made me fear walking home from the park. I’m sad to see that it isn’t a thing of the past yet but am hopeful that it can be if we all take it seriously.
At the time, my parents talked to the bullies’ parents and my Pops actually chased one of the guys down once (while all of us cheered him on) but it was something that didn’t really improve until my brother taught me to box. Not really the correct way to handle it but they left me alone after I wasn’t afraid to stand up for myself.
Thanks for promoting this trailer and this issue!
Anywho…longest comment of my lifetime!
I have to go now…so I can pick up that turkey platter.

The house looks phenom!!!! As I am getting nervous to tackle our smallish project, I can’t imagine how you have so graciously made all the thousands of decisions that have gotten the house to this point.

Bravo your work on the Bully Project. Our society must get to a zero tolerance on this issue. It is just not acceptable to torment other children. Having little ones, it is one of my biggest fears for them as they grow up. And, I know I have to do my part to ensure they grow up tolerant and kind!!!

Big hugs,

Stunning choices that are all beautifully coming together! What a thrill it must be to go to the house every day to see the progress. Love the hardware, and the wallpaper- love it all!
I feel our blogs are reflections of our lives and who we are- I think it is wonderful that you are sharing this important issue via yours.

happy weekend!

Tina, Your kitchen is stunning, the bathrooms are divine, the staircase is a work of art – what more can I say – it’s just incredible!!!!
Keep up the hardwork because it’s working!
Melissah from Scrapbook

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THINK YOU for posting about the Bully Project. Tina, my son is a gay man. He is 43 now but he has gone through hell in his life. he was beaten up in his 20’s by a group of boys and I almost feel to my knees when I saw his face. I recently sent an e-mail about the nation’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal and I received a VERY hurtful reply from a “friend”. She sent the reply to everyone I had sent the e-mail to and my son was one of those peole. HE sent her back the most beauitiful, loving, compassionate reply I could imagine and it jst made my heart full to see what an amazing man he is. Thank you again. As a Mother it breaks my heart that there is so much of this. God bless you! XO, Pinky

I will definitely watch the trailer on bullying….as a teacher and mother this subject is very important to me to be aware of. My boys have not been affected in this way and I am truly grateful for that. But as a teenager I was faced with a few mean spirited girls…I never let their attitudes affect me but I stayed very far away. People who are mean and bully others are very broken, jealous people and they need to know that their actions will not be tolerated. on another note…..I love your house sweetie! The railing, the boys bathrooms, the molding oh my! Love it all!

Your home will be stunning!!! Everything from the flooring, wood paneling, staircases, kitchen cabinets and much more will stand the test of time and age beautifully! I’d have a hard time sleeping at night just dreaming of the finished home:)
Great work with the bullying project. It’s a difficult issue to control but I believe awareness is key and will help put an end to it.

New follower:)

Thanks for passing on The Bullying Project. As someone who has felt like those kids feel its such a relief to see that people are finally talking about this. Thank you. It really does make a difference.


Everything is coming up roses and is absolutely beautiful. I’m over the moon for you all as a lucky family to spend time in this beautiful home of yours. Progress is an understatement. Leaps and bounds is more like it. I love it all. Cheers Tina!

Bully attacks at the most unexpected times and places are an outrage. My sister and I were bullied as children so much so that we finally stopped one day and faced our fears and beat the living tar out of a group who use to, taut us in school, follow us to the restrooms, and chase us home from school everyday. My Mom grew up in New Nork coming from Spain and faced challenges in her childhood with bullies as well as with language barriers. It is not right, it’s a different time and the problem exists with no place to feel in magnitudes for no tolerance is the only effective solution we have. Fire with fire back!

Since then everytime I read or watch anything regarding bullying it turns my stomach and I really feel it. It never leaves you. Not only that, it happens at with ages in the work place, schools, neighborhoods, with young, adults, elderly, male and female. People out of balance with the moral code of life and ego being to position as a bully to feel above another human being insead of believing we are all equal. Enough said. Thank you for sharing this topic…this is awareness…we all need to be active in.

Happy Sunday!


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