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First things first…..a winner has been selected for the signed Farrow and Ball book!! Congratulations to………….

Elizabeth from Pine cones and Acorns!!
Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
1: Book 22 Elizabeth pine cones/acorns 428639fc-7383-4f5c-93c7-01c2e9da5a9d

Please contact me so I can arrange to have this wonderful book sent to you!

Hi and good morning. Been a busy week here, a very crazy week punctuated by some great times (my oldest sons birthday, so proud of him) and some very hectic and stressful times as well, mostly house biz that I cannot wait to be over!
Ever have one of those weeks where literally every five minute block is counted for? Well, that’s been my week. It was over the top, to the point that I had to even think about having enough time to grab a cup of coffee, and all I craved was a single hour with nothing to do. At last, today is finally that day where I only have one thing to do and other than that the day is all mine…am so looking forward to it! Then of course are my normal house updates and a few things I am loving. Hope you are having a great week, anything you are loving….I would love to hear about! And last, I know we all like to know which bedroom “won” from this weeks “Which would you choose” so here are the top four. I practically needed an accountant to help me “crunch the numbers” there was such a big response to this post. Thank you all for participating in the fun, I really love seeing what everyone is loving.

                                                 1st place with a whopping 54 votes

                                             2nd place not far behind with 50 votes

                                                       3rd place with 36 votes

4th place with a respectable 27 votes
What can I say? My readers have exquisite taste!! These were my top four as well and it was a dead tie between the first two for me. No wonder we all like each other:)

Also if I may make a comment about leaving comments. I get many, many emails a day  which I try to answer, but many of these are from people wanting to leave a comment thinking that by emailing me they are leaving a comment. To leave a comment, you click on “Leave a comment” on the bottom and there is a small down menu which will give you the option to sign in with gmail or blogger or just list your name or sign in anonymously. That is the way you should be leaving comments. Please only email me if you have questions or a something to say not related to commenting on a post. Many thanks!

And now onto the post….

HOUSE UPDATES. This week is really anti climatic in terms of what I have to show you. There is a lot going on BUT whats happening is as soon as they are done, they are covering up everything! I can’t wait to furiously start ripping off the paper and boards! On top of that, I haven’t been able to get to the house much this week, but by next week will have pictures of the front being put up (limestone surround for front door), finished family room, the color came out amazing, the floors upstairs are done! So, I think next week will be a little more exciting as far as house updates but nevertheless, here are a few pictures…

They had to uncover the stairs just for an afternoon so I took a few pictures, but its all covered up again

Living room is done, but being used as a temporary storage/workshop
Egg and dart almost done here, hard to see it was getting dark
Clearing area past future patio

Master all done, floors are finished and therefore covered up

              The following is the finished landing of the back stair hall (not yet stained though)

Closets are getting done, this is our downstairs guest closet
Molding about done on main floor arches
Love how they finished out the window sills in the stair hall

A MOVIE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE. My afternoons with Marguerite……has anyone seen this French film? This looks so wonderful and endearing, you got to hand it to the Europeans, they are still producing quality movies about real stories about real people. Unlike Hollywood who seems to think if there is not an excess amount of vulgarity, blood, violence, sex and raunchiness they won’t sell (sadly they are probably right). Just my humble opinion though every now and then a great movie does come along (just wish it was more often). On a side note, went to see “Whats your number” with a friend (who wanted to see it, I knew nothing about it) It was possibly the worst “chic flick” I have ever seen, do not waste you ten dollars this movie totally exemplifies to perfection my point above. On the other hand this looks like a very sweet tender story……Click here to see the short but entertaining trailer. Going next week with a dear friend and cannot wait!

It is basically about this huge almost illiterate man who has a chance encounter sitting next to this highly intelligent ,well read cultured older lady, and she soon opens up a new world to him by reciting poetry, and sharing her love of reading with him as they have regular meetings in the park, in turn allowing him to reveal an intellect he didn’t know he had. She opens a new world for him and thus a beautiful friendship develops…how sweet is that!! (Plus anything with Gerard Depardieu…..)
A ROOM UNDERWAY. I am so excited, one room we have started working on to complete is our family room. We selected, after looking many months, the rug which was found at Safavieh in NYC! Once then, did it allowed us to plow ahead into looking for fabrics and furniture to complete the family room, no doubt the one room we will living in. I am really loving what I have so far……mostly rich blues, camels with a check and herringbone, very “Ralph”. So a little sneak peak at the rug and as to what we are doing…..
No,  that’s not me up there…another customer!

Fabrics….so far blue will be the big sofa, the check will be a covered ottoman and the seat of a leather chair, herringbone will be a pair of chairs and that paisley will be possibly a chair and definitely pillows.
FUN BOOTS. How cute are these? I love them! Discovered them on horse country chic, and am ordering myself a pair TODAY and lo and behold its raining AGAIN. Wish I had them today. You know my love for monograms and NY has never seen so much rain, so these are a must have. Love the idea! Click here to visit the Zoubaby’s website.
Well, that’s about it on this end…would love to know if there is anything that you are loving or want to share! Would love to know. Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Good morning, Tina!

I’m so glad to be back here and see your GORGEOUS Home Sweet Home! πŸ™‚

It’s always a treat to wake up and look at these beautiful details. Also, congratulations to the very lucky winner!

By the way, I’m so happy today. I saw our baby in 3D yesterday. I thought that would be a little weird, but it’s the most amazing thing!!! πŸ™‚

have a wonderful weekend,


Luciane at

Tina as always its sheer joy to see pictures of your incredbile home coming together. The workmanship just blows me away every time.

LOVE the family room fabrics and rug, a definite “10”!

Great boots and that movie looks so charming, going to see if its playing anywhere near here. Thank you and glad you are getting a much needed “day off”, enjoy it.

I am always blown away when you show your house updates! Every little things is stunning!
I love your color palette so rich, warm and yet approachable!
I just might have to have some of those rainboots too Tina~thanks for sharing the link!
Have a Wonderful Weekend and enjoy this little time off.

OK, your iron staircase is so spectacular! I am wondering if you are going to decorate it with greens for the holidays? It is amazing!

I LOVE you rug! I my! It is stunning. Ralphy is definitely going to be in your family room! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Good Morning Tina
Your house is elegant and regal and I love all you are doing, including the interior selections for the living room. I have been travelling in Ireland and our travel had us visiting and staying in many listed Irish country houses. I have posted on some
I will also cover some more in the next few weeks.
I feel you would love visiting these houses of distinction, which your beautiful house is.


Your house updates are all gorgeous as usual, Tina. I can’t wait to see all of the woodwork once it’s stained. And, your fabric choices are fabulous! What a rich and beautiful colour palette. I love the blue!
Have a lovely day, Tina!
~ Wendi ~ xo

Those fabrics and that rug are to die for. Serioulsy I am drooling over them. You have superb taste.

Gotta get those boots, they are great looking, havent’ seen them around must be new. SO agree about the movies in this country, really gone down hill, this looks like a good one.

You pick out the best stuff Tina!! Now I cannot wait to see the whole room with all the furnishings inside of it!! Yes it feels like a RL advertisement for sure! And the boots will look great kicked off in the back hallway, won’t they?

How cute are those boots?! I am now becoming obsessed with your home… I am sure it will be featured in many publications. I would happily become your live in maid or butler just to live there! xo

Oh, what beautiful, rich looking colours you have picked. This is the kind of look that will remain relevant and timeless forever!! Well done! Can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for the Gérard Depardieu movie tip, it looks wonderful, will definitely check it out. You’re right, there are so many shallow movies out there, how can the audience become discriminating.

Love egg and dart! Wonder workmanship in your home. And, I LOVE the carpeting choice with all the textiles to nicely compliment the space. Looking forward to seeing the completed space. Have a great weekend!

I’ll say it again, your staircase railings are stunning! Everything you picked out for your family room looks great and will wear so well.

I’m so glad you said something about movies I hate all the blood and gore and love sweet movies that actually say something and you’re right, who doesn’t love Gerard Depardieu!

Hi Tina,

Love the new rug–gorgeous jewel tones and in my favorite color scheme–blue and camel. The fabrics are beautiful too–very English country chic, can’t wait to see the room completed! Have a great weekend! xxBarbara

Hello Tina….Your staircase looks beautiful and I love all the panelling…Can’t wait to see the end result….And as for those delicious bedrooms….heavenly….all of them…Have a wonderful weekend….xv

That is tough about the house being covered for now while they do other work! It must be like having the world’s best present right in front of you and not be able to unwrap it yet, at least not right away! Hang in there – it will all be history soon! πŸ™‚

Bonjour Tina! I, too love French films….anything that really makes me think beyond the same old plot.
Loving your stairway! I missed the bedroom vote since I have been working like crazy but I adore 2nd place.
Your taste is magnifique….big love for Safavieh. The blue is really striking.
Hope your weekend is a delight,

Just bought myself and my daughter a pair of the boots. I think these will make great gifts for my girlfriends for Christmas. Thank you! I love your fabrics and rug for the family room. It will be amazing! Also, can’t wait to see the movie. Some of my favorite movies are foreign: Babette’s Feast, El Postino, Cinema Paradiso are must sees!

Looking good. LOVE the RL look and that’s exactly how I love to decorate my own home. Rain boots are awesome..too bad I alrady have one too many pairs as it is..otherwise I would order these up! Love anything monogrammed. I think we are twins Tina! except I live in a georgian colonial and you will live in a french dream home..someday perhaps? have a great weekend

Hi Tina, my new boots are in my closet, planning to wear them out to dinner tonight. Love the ones your ordering too. Your home is so coming together. The main staircase is so grand and elegant, and the back stair hall is totally different with the wood. I am happy to know I voted for the most liked BR. Fun, I look forward to this post. Love the little details your getting accomplished. Happy B’day to your son and have a great weekend.

The French Hutch

Tina your rug is amazing and you have chosen all the perfect fabrics for a warm and inviting family room. You are so right, it is very RL!!! Love your boots, I just told my hubby I need a pair of rain boots for the yard. These are adorable. I think my granddaughter would love a pair of these with her monogram on them!! Thanks for the intro, I have it bookmarked, Have a wonderful weekend, I hope it is nice and relaxing. I am enjoying a bit of what I like to call Nothingness after a very hectic month!! xo Kathysue

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today!!

I can’t get over your staircase–it is so impressive and grand!
And your family room is going to look fabulous, I love all of your selections, it does look so very “Ralph” so you can’t go wrong πŸ™‚

OMG! Tina! That rug and your color palate are ROCKING my world!!! I can’t wait to see everything put together in the room….then invite me for the afternoon and I will book my flight!!
Such an amazing journey you are on with this incredible home.

Hi, Tina,
The front staircase is stunning; the back staircase is stunning; everything is stunning. I know the process is getting old for you, but not for me. I look forward to your weekly updates, no matter how insignificant you think the changes are. I love the rug and fabrics you have chosen for the family room. I am sure they will make the room look extra comfy and warm.

Congratulations Elizabeth, on winning the book!

Tina, I’ve said it and I’ll say it again…love your gorgeous black iron staircase!!!!! I really believe your home, accompanied with your sense of writing and decorating style, would make a wonderful book!

Love the monogrammed boots! Gotta have ’em!

Hi Tina,

That rug and those fabrics are so beautiful!! I LOVE the blue and camel combination. I just bought a scarf that is almost the same as your check. There is a Polo store in Mammoth, California. A friend and I spent hours there playing with different combinations and I finally settled on a beautiful jacket with that checked scarf. It will be wonderful with a pair of jeans and riding boots. Do you think I should buy black boots or camel?

Tell you son Happy Birthday! I have two sons in college and they are the light of my life.

Have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

Safavieh is my go-to source for oversized rugs….aren’t they gorgeous? And yours is so perfect. I love the color scheme. It has been so much fun watching you build the house, but now th you are buying rugs, etc, I am super anxious to see the decorating aspect! I’m quite sure you feel the same way! πŸ™‚

Hi Tina, what I absolutely love the most about your house are the windows. They are so amazing. I just can’t wait to see the house finished. I’m sure it will take my breath away for awhile…And I missed “which would you choose” this week also…I have to remember next week :0 Have a lovely weekend!

Hugs, Kristin

lucky lucky lady my love – the house is just insane and i always tell u that – i can not EVEN inagine cleaning it or the price to keep it maintained- nevermind property tax … good for u living ur dreams out – i hope ur house is FILLED with tons of family and friends ALL the time – something THAT huge needs to be utalized to the max otherwise i feel its sorta a waste of killing the enviorment n animal homes – but WHAT a dream home!

Things I am loving friday…pumpkin carmel cheescake, kahlua creme coffee, the gorgeous autumn colors, my beautiful new floral & check pillow (found at an antique store and very R Lauren like) that is placed upon my green chenille damask french settee and of course looking at your stunning home and the wonderful english like colors that you have chosen. Amazing rug!!! LOVE…

LOVE the boots – love anything with the monogram! It seems to have rubbed off on my daughter whose business is all about monograms and personalization! Have your ordered a personalized cell phone cover yet? SHe ordered one for me! You can see her at I don’t usually plug her on “comments” but you asked what we like!!! And I know you will like the cell phone covers! Dear daughter is all about service and personalizing….love her too!

Beautiful, beautiful. I love the Ralphy look that’s happening in your family room…the blue velvet on the sofa is going to be heaven and I adore a good houndstooth! Thanks for the movie tip…I’d love to go to the theatre one of these days- such a luxury!!!

House is looking so good….love the fireplace in your master. Love the fabrics you are considering too. I love a good monogram….cute boots! Of course, it never seems to rain here in Dallas! Have a great weekend.

Hello! Happy Friday! The house is looking fabulous! I love, love love all of the fabrics and patterns for the family room. It will be stunning. Ralph Laurens look is so iconic and old world and suggests layers of history in a room, just as your home does. Very exciting time!

Love those boots, you can never have enough boots or things with monograms.

Thank you for the book! I am so excited that I won! I sent you an email…I hope it gets to you, my email is having an off day.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you again, Elizabeth

Tina, what an exciting post. First I am simply in awe of your home! That staircase. the moldings, egg and dart I adore. The Family Room everything you have chosen works beautifully.

Afternoons with Marguerite sounds delightful. I am pretty particular about movies as well!

Those boots, ooh, love!

Oh, I have a new Designer Pillows Giveaway I hope you will join!


Art by Karena

Congrats to the winner of the contest.

Your iron staircase reminds me of the Marble House in Newport, R.I. Love the color combinations and especially the rug.

Hi, are working with a designer for all these exquisite decisions or are you a designer? Whoever is making the decisions has incredible taste and a really good grasp on color and scale. I am most impressed!! So enjoying watching this unfold, it is truly an epic project!!

Those boots are really cute, and I must say I very much agree on your feelings about American movies vs.those produced in Europe, they do seem to have much more substance, this one looks really great.

Last your fabric selections and that rug are just incredible, it will look as good 20 years from now as it will today. Great choices.

I enjoy reading your blog posts. They are always so informative and interesting whether or not I embrace a design, book or movie. I am always so pleased at what I learn.

I just love the rug and the fabrics for your family room. It is going to be fabulous!! Can’t wait to see what you do with all the other rooms. What a fabulous home you are going to have!!!

hi tina…
i am finally getting into a routine again and catching up and have literally spent so much time this evening reading thru the progress of your lovely home. you have exquisite taste and i truly applaud you for taking on such and enormous project. i find that when it is your own it is truly daunting and the more i see the more i am so impressed and know that this is truly a labor of love and a true joy in your life. i will look forward to continuing this journey with you.. and i am a huge ralph fan so i love the direction you are going… all the best to you… you are truly blessed. xx pam

OK, this post started making me feel a bit sad b/c I thought, she is really finishing up her construction and when she’s done, I will be so sad not to see the house updates. But, then, you showed us the fabrics for the family room and I got happy again! Now you get to decorate it all!! Yeah us. . . Loving every minute I spend on your beautiful blog, Tina! M.

Darling one,

Elizabeth, the winner, is a great friend of mine and she LOVES BOOKS! AND…I screamed with DELIGHT TO SEE YOUR HOUSE UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[email protected]

IF YOU HAVE TRIED TO REACH ME, forgive the migration to google apps….it has been a pain!

So is the interview scheduled for Monday? I can’t wait to see it. I may be late in viewing it given that I am at school all day long!!! Anita

Fabulous! It is exciting to see your updates of your marvelous house. I really cannot wait to see it to the end. Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

Wow what a gorgeous home you have! I can’t wait to see the transformation. So happy you stopped by. Your blog is just lovely and I’m so happy to meet you πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend!


I think Downton Abbey should leave the UK and set up shop in your beautiful home…when it’s completed of course! The staircase details alone are worth having the camera on them continuously as ladies in lovely dressed glide up and down them…just a thought!
All so gorgeous, you are doing a brilliant job!
xo J~

You have chosen the most amazing color palette for the family room! Even empty I can tell that this is going to be one “great” room. Can hardly wait to see it all dreesed. Also, those boots are really neat.

Wow – that sure is some progress. The house is evolving into the most amazing home, and once you have added your magic decorating touch you will never want to leave. I am sooooo envious of that heavenly rug you have found. That’s EXACTLY what I have been looking for, a blue based persian style rug, which I can’t find anywhere. All your fabric choices are wonderful and the whole room will be just beautiful. Can’t wait to see it all done.

The rug, oh the rug, -the colors are so, so beautiful. Gosh I can’t wait to see this room come together! There is something about about the back stair that I just love too- I dare say, even more than the spectacular main stair. Thanks for sharing!

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