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Good morning everyone! I ?hope everyone is having a great week. Mine has been good, hectic, crazy and productive. As I say nearly every week, my weeks are mostly consumed with “house biz” but I have managed to do some fun things too, I have learned if one thing, that we must make time to take care of ourselves and do something fun and enjoyable every now and then, ?whether its indulging in an afternoon movie-check, a great book-check, a long leisurely lunch with a treasured friend-check, dinner with?hubby with a great bottle of wine-check and a little shopping spree-check!?

So you know some of what I have been up to this week, mind you its not been all fun and games. Not to fear there has been tons of stress as well (think backed up cesspools, a total utter mess and feeling a little under the weather but having to plug ahead)?and all this while juggling many other obligations, things I am involved in, trying to make book club meetings and figuring out what I am going to do with myself when I move! I have thankfully, some interesting opportunities but want to take it one step at a time. Enough about me…hows your week going? Have you discovered anything that’s worth sharing? Do tell…you know I love learning about all kinds of new happenings! Lots of randomness here so here it goes……

Before we begin, I know everyone loves to see the results of this weeks “Which would you choose” so here are the four finalists-

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1st place ?with a whopping 45 votes

2nd place with 32 votes
3rd place with 26 votes
Tied for 4th place with?22 votes each
Thanks for participating..did your favorite make it? Until next weeks “which would you choose”….

HOUSE UPDATES. This feels like that 5 steps forward 2 steps backward kind of thing. A lot has gotten done, but now its mostly covered. Our beautiful staircase and railing covered. My beloved old stone floors covered. My stunning new iron front door covered. My newly stained gorgeous wood floors covered. My beautiful marble counter tops covered. I just want to have a paper and cardboard ripping session and just like a madwomen go throughout the house and rip away all the coverings. However truth be told, if it was all removed, you would see lots of progress has been made. Upstairs doorknobs are being put on, a sure sign that the end is near. Carpeting getting put in later this week, another?good sign. Search still on for marble island, going look at a few things later this week. Fingers crossed. Limestone finally has gotten started for surround but this will be no easy feat. I know understand why Rome wasn’t built in a day! Many many parts and pieces all over, most in but some we are still waiting to finish carving on…..ugh, more waiting! ?The stain totally done in family room…looks fabulous. So below some highlights, bear in mind a lot of the house is “under wraps” now, even the kitchen now…so took a few final pictures until the unveiling! ?I think I have talked enough, let me show you!

Take a good look at that white range, you won’t see it next week!

Sconces for upstairs hallway
A gorgeous fabric contender for library eventually when we get around to it!
Totally using this velvet, looooove it, its actually a very dark Loden green

A close up of the beginning stage of the limestone

Eventual mantle to be installed hopefully in about 3-4 weeks!
Looking from room into kitchen

This picture accurately shows the color

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Very blurry close up of hardware, pulls so far have gone on, knobs to come-

Wow my photography skills suck! Sorry for the blurry and crooked pics..gotta step it up!

A VERY ENTERTAINING DOCUMENTARY. OK, a disclaimer….this is almost comical in some instances. Well I take it back, it IS comical. But highly entertaining if you don’t get nauseous first. This is all about the ultra high stakes game of getting your three old into one of the best pre schools in Manhattan. Mind you, this “game” starts at about an hour after these babies are born, I kid you not. A friend who lives in the city and whose children attend one of these “trophy” schools told me about this film and I really enjoyed it all the while kissing the ground that I am not living in NYC with a 3 year old right now. (For the record we moved out when my eldest was 1 and looking at preschools was not on my radar-call me negligent). So if this sounds like something you might enjoy, its called “Nursery University” (could not be more apropos). It is available on Netflix and it is quite amusing. ?Proceed at your own risk:)

A WONDERFUL GIFT FROM A KIND BLOGGING FRIEND. You know how you just “connect”with certain people though you have never met, you are just certain that you would become great friends if you lived nearby. Well, I am lucky to say I feel that way about quite a few of my blogging friends, one of whom is the lovely Barbara from Haus Design ( a great blog if you haven’t visited). Well, Barbara surprised me and sent me the most beautiful linen table runner/tablecloth!! It is old and apparently from an old palace in Bavaria….and I am so humbled and honored that she thought to send it to me. ?I promise your kindness will be remembered every time I see it!! You too can be the recipient of Barbara’s talented and honed eye for beauty…she is soon opening her online store, Linen Haus

A GREAT NEW COOKBOOK AND A FEW NEW BOOKS ON THEIR WAY. You know my penchant for a bevy of random books. I got the new Beekman ?cookbook and am loving it, great recipes, interesting tidbits about their farm,etc..great gift idea too!?Then on their way are two very interesting and entertaining books below which I cannot wait to delve into……

And I am waiting on these two random but what I know will be entertaining reads….
This is about ?13 short stories from women of all ages, talking about their life, food and their issues with dieting, body image,love, letting go, and loss. ?I know this is going to be a fun read!
And then for anyone who enjoys wine and reading more about it, this is a true story about 3 very rare bottles of Chateau Lafite found in a Parisian basement thought to have been bought originally by Thomas Jefferson. This story with?a twist ends in a crazy lawsuit…to know the rest we will need to read it, which I plan on doing….I think this sounds totally fascinating!
SOME PRETTY SPIFFY HARDWARE. I have been really lax about the hardware for my bathroom and ?hubbies (though I think I squared his away, just went classic, masculine and traditional) but for mine I wanted something a little different, something feminine, old world, classic and timeless. I must hand credit to Anthropologie they really do get some very unique things in and by chance I found this scrumptious hardware, which I have ordered one’s of to give it a try. What do you think? Who knew!!

Great looking mercury glass knob

This crystal is timeless

A knob with your initial…how sweet!

Delicate with a pretty vintage vibe

Maybe a powder room? So pretty with the cut crystal

Loving this pull….ordered one to try for my vanity.
MY LANTERNS FOR MY KITCHEN! I am very very excited to present to you my lanterns that are on their way to my kitchen!! These are exactly what I had in mind and I am thrilled to have found them. Let me present the newest addition to my ?house family…..
AND FINALLY…..A FABULOUS GIVEAWAY. TODAY folks is the last day to leave your comment on Facebook for Safavieh F to be eligible for this oh so beautiful telephone table!! I will draw a name first thing tomorrow morning and announce the lucky winner Friday morning. Good luck! Here is the low down…..

Now onto a fabulous giveaway,?Safavieh?has once again generously donated this amazingly elegant “telephone” or end table… talk about versatile! This could go anywhere, and is such a great looking little piece. It is very simple to be eligible to win. (You get your choice in color)


1. Visit Safavieh at?

2. Choose a favorite item, then go to their Facebook page and tell them what you love and be sure you mention you are from The Enchanted Home.

3. Click?here?to go to Facebook or while on their website,on the home page there is an “F” (Facebook symbol) ?to take you there.

4.?You will not be eligible unless you have left a message on Facebook.

5. I will announce the lucky winner on Friday!

OK everyone…that’s this Thursday for me! Hope you are having a wonderful week, and please let me know if there is something you want to share!


OK OK….I know you thought I forgot. I didn’t, several of you were intrigued by my oatmeal cookie binge. Yes they really were THAT good. With an iced cold glass of milk, right out of the?oven, these babies blow therapy away. (Have never been but many of my friends do and swear by it) Well I have a cheap and yummy alternative! So without delay, in case I have passed the cookie craving onto you, here is the recipe, originally found over at the great blog,??Splendid Market….I substituted the chocolate chips for nuts and left half just plain oatmeal. Make them, you won’t be sorry….they were worth every calorie.?

Selma?s Best Oatmeal Cookies,?ala Splendid Market

1 cup (2 sticks) salted, softened butter?

1 cup sugar?

1/2 cup brown sugar?

1 beaten egg

1 1/2 cups flour?

1 tsp. baking soda?

1/4 tsp. salt?

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 1/2 cups quick rolled oats?

3/4 cup chocolate chips?

1 tsp. vanilla

???????????????Preheat oven to 350 degrees (180 C).

???????????????Cream together butter, sugar, brown sugar

???????????????Create a bowl in the center of the creamed mixture, beat the egg?and then blend the egg?and vanilla?into this mixture.
???????????????In another bowl, sift together flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Add to creamed mixture.

???????????????Add oats, chocolate chips.

???????????????Next, Selma says to chill the dough for 1 hour, and put walnut sized pieces on a baking sheet. Then butter the bottom of a small glass and dip it in sugar, and flatten each cookie with the glass. I have had fine results just dropping spoonfuls of the dough onto a silpat covered baking sheet, and skipping the sugared glass step.


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OK, where to begin. Your house leaves me speechless every time. Your kitchen and butlers A DREAM! LOVE your color choices. The wood stain in your great room is so incredible. I cannot wait to see it furnished!

Great hardware, and I just ordered the Beekman cookbook too, my best friend went to school and is still friends with Brent, so I keep up on them through her.

Love your beautiful table cloth, so thoughtful. And last, your sconces are amazing, do you want to share the source? Thanks Tina!

My goodness, girl, you are one busy gal! Sarah Jessica Parker has NOTHING on you. 😀 Your home is s p e c t a c u l a r! franki

A+ for all you have done. HOUSE IS UNREAL.
Who is the designer?
LOVE the kitchen and butlers. So happy to be a new subscriber. Keep up the amazing work!

Love the stain. I personally would have added some very understated stenciling to some of the panels, to add depth, texture and even more luxurious feel to the room. What are you planning to do with the electrical outlets?

Your home is truly spectacular!!! I love living vicariously through this amazing project. I can’t wait to see what you will do with the interiors once you move in!

Everything looks so grand! The butler’s pantry looks phenomenal (well, as does everything else), and I love the pulls you will be using in your bathroom. Anthropologie really does have some great feminine looking hardware! I’m loving that first fabric you showed for your library–so beautiful!

That documentary looks interesting I will have to check it out!

OMG! Tina, this is a fantastic post! Do you ever sleep? The millwork is absolutely stunning! You must be so happy with the results. I cant wait to see it all completed. Read the Billionaire’s vinegar last summer, it’s a fascinating book even for someone like me who just likes a good old glass of Chardonnay.

Everything looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see your furnishings! I have been lurking for a while here, but I signed up to follow you today! Your blog has been an inspiration to me. We have been remodeling our dream house, too, although it’s a tiny little cottage that would fit in your new family room… I have a new blog called Just*Grand and I would love your feedback.


All the house updates are simply fabulous…of course! You’ve shared so many goodies here I need to make a list to make sure I check out everything. It’s obvious that you thrive with variety (me too). It’s the greatest parts in life that expand our horizons the most and we feel pleasure in them all. This invites others in and bonds begin. Love to hear about all you do.

I and not surprised at the number one choice for a dining room. Your house is coming together so beautifully. I love all your selections you’ve made to turn the house into your home. I’ll know who to contact for a designer if I ever build another house. This has been such a great project watching your home being built, hope you’ll bring us along as you furnish and decorate. Finally, the recipe. Got to make it…….

The French Hutch

Wow, so many wonderful treats for a Thursday morning! I love the limestone! It, as with the rest of the house is going to be so beautiful. I am practically jumping off of my chair over the fabric samples, I love, love, love them both!!! So fabulous and such a wonderful look for a library!

I just got, and read the Beakman cookbook, they are so funny, ocassionally I watch the tv show and the book is written as they are. So many great recipes in time for the holidays.

Also read the Billionaires vinegar last year, excellent also!

I am so happy that with all of the house stuff you are making time for yourself! You need to do that, it is funny that women just never feel the need. I do not have children and often times I wonder when the last time I did nothing was or when I did something for me!

I am going to make these cookies next week, I love a good oatmeal cookie.

I have not seen the documentary but I have read a few books that have said similar things, as well I have friends in the city that talk about the craziness of schools, clothing, etc. I do not think I could live like that but then again I have never been in that situation.

Have a wonderful day, I look forward to seeing the linen table runner in your new house, stunning!


What I am loving this week- YOUR HOUSE!
The wood, the kitchen/pantry, the limestone, my goodness do you pinch yourself? And those fabrics yes! Love your lantern for the kitchen too.
What a nice gift she sent you, its lovely.
I love reading too, and my husband read Billiionaires vinegar and loved it. I must read it now.
Great giveaway, entered it a few days ago. Thank you.

Your house is unbelieveable. I’m sure the magazines are knocking one another over to do some coverage on this stunning home you are building. AMAZING! Nursery University sounds hilarious, but so true. I will certainly be trying the cookie recipe…sounds yummy.

Tina, your house is looking so beautiful. You’ve done an amazing job! You must be so excited to see it all come together. Thanks for including the lovely Emily’s cookie recipe — I may have to cook those up this weekend. As it happens,Emily is my neighbor and she and I worked together at Starbucks years and years ago — but it was blogging that re-connected us. Don’t you just love the connections you can make in blog world? Have a lovely pre-Halloween weekend! XO

You know some times I worry I will forget to comment on everything that I want to say after I finish your posts! Well I just love what is going on over there~the green velvet IS amazing, the door surround out of the limestone made me gasp out loud~!! OMG it is getting crazy good over there Tina! The paneling looks incredible too. Oh the knobs are so pretty, how can you pick from them. I am just in awe of all you are doing right now, and to think you are doing a book club and baking anything is beyond absurd when you are building this place…oh the Billionaires Vinegar reminds me of when I had bought an 1881 Victorian home and when remodeling the kitchen we found a skeleton key under the old linoleum floor with a tag written in caligraphy script “wine closet in cellar”. I was so excited!! I ran to the cellar to search for the wine closet. I love wine you know~I was hoping it was still there. Well sure enough I spotted a rustic plank door with an old iron lock on it under the stairwell that was built into the wall. I stuck the key in and it turned and unlocked the door!! And when I opened it, all I found was one gigantic old cork. Hrumph. What a denouement!

Oh my goodness Tina, I so want your kitchen. It is beautiful. I am loving the lighting. I am helping a client with her family room and kitchen. Your kitchen will be a great example to show her. Thanks, Julie

Good morning, Tina!

Oh, it is looking beee-autiful!!! I can’t wait to see the kitchen with all your dishes and special touches!

That book about Jefferson looks amazing – must check that out as my husband is a big oenophile!!!

Off to the hairdresser!
xoxo Elizabeth

Tina! Love everything, and just ordered the Beekman cookbook:) Question! You are probably thinking about window coverings for your living rm. Would you be inclined to use any particular fabric? Linen, velvet, silk? I’ve got some traditional pieces mixed w/ french (similar style and color scheme to yours)

Dear Tina,
First of all thank you so much for your comment on my post about Mango!! Oh I feel so happy with her! Yes, it is true, having a horse brings a lot of work, but you get so much in return isn’t it?!!

Tina, I love all the pictures of today!! And I do love the stained paneling!! Oh my so gorgeous! You know, this cabinetmaker of you is just perfect! Whenever we have to do some work in the US I will ask him for help!!
And the sconces and the velvet fabric!!!! Definitely my choice too!!
Thank you for sharing the house update every week! It is truly stunning!!

Where to start? Your butler’s pantry blows my mind- the dark cabinetry with the glass is beyond gorgeous…as is the kitchen- so grand. My favourite part is again, the glass bank of cabinets…and the marble of course! The wood paneling is beyond…you seriously know you live in a fairytale castle right? Oh and adore the lanterns…gorgeous!!!

Tina everytime I see an update on your beautiful home I just starting grinning from ear to ear with excitement for you. The closeup of the kitchen marble is stunning, you really got a beautiful slab!! Each and every detail is beyond gorgeous, I am just so excited for you. It is almost there, once they lay carpet down you are on the homeward stretch. Each and every detail is so perfect and I can see your hand in all of it!!
Have a wonderful weekend, Kathysue

Tell you what you let me come hang out in your butlers pantry for a while and I’ll cook for your family, after you get in the “real” stove….lol. Your pantry is fabulous! That sconce is stunning and love the fabric for the library it’s so rich looking, love jewel tones. Tina so your switch plates don’t stand out on the paneling in your great room you should cover them in a grass paper to make them fade away. I did it in my studio and love the look. Love your lanterns and I think you’re going to be really happy with the subtle light they put off and they’re going to look amazing in your kitchen. So sweet of Barbara to have sent you a linen table cover what a kind gesture. I hope you feel better quickly and enjoy your day!

At the risk of sounding redundant, I love everything about your house: the new kitchen lanterns and upstairs sconces, the new fabric choices, the woodwork stain, the butler’s to die for, the hardware choices, and can we say OMG the limestone entry!!! As I said, I love everything about your house. Thanks for the recipe and the book selection.
Have a wonderful day.

Heavens, where to begin……the scale of your house project just blows my mind. Here I am today whinging and moaning about how I’m so over my house reno and it’s about the size of your powder room by comparison. Don’t know how you manage to remain so positive and upbeat. I admire you. Adore the black cabinets, the hardware, your stunning lanterns, all of it impossibly wonderful.

I am in love with the lanterns for the kitchen, are they old or new? Gorgeous, and so appropriate for your beautiful kitchen and house. It is so grand and yet somehow I feel its very warm. Enjoy following along with you, am a subscriber and get so excited when you have a new post.
Funny about the whole cesspool thing, had that happen here last month, what a horrid mess. Hope its all worked out.
I will have to check out that movie….here in Chicago its fairly similiar and really riduclous (but entertaining as you said).
Love the sconce and the second fabric in particular for the library though both are just so rich and elegant.
Thank you for keeping us in the loop of this unbelievable project. Its such fun!

I love your choice of dark cabinets, my friend has the same in her butlers pantry and it lend a nice formal frame to all of her dishes.

Thank you for sharing the recipe for Selma’s Best with your readers. Enjoy!

My heart skips a beat every time you mention updates. Wow, what a difference a week makes. LOVE the cabinets too! ALL beautiful.
I love the fabric choices, and the lanterns, oh the lanterns. Perfection. I will take the crystal hardware, please.
Hav ea great day.

Amazing amazing…what a spectular home you are building. Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us!

Would you be willing to share your fabric choices posted on your Blog today? How gorgeous!

Tina – Just started following your story and love it. Your finishes are stunning. I bookmarked this page so I could reference your book suggestions (Elizabeth Berg is always a good read), recipe and of course photos of your home.

Have a question – who makes the loden velvet fabric?


Will have to print that recipes as oatmeal cookies are a favorite around here and have to get the Benjamin Wallace book… we had friends who found a 1939 Bugatti walled up in their French chateau while they were renovating!
P.S. Every time is see that sidetable, I want it more!

Yeah, the dining room that I picked won! Absolutely beautiful and perfect for the fall season! I love the way your home is looking and it’s so awesome of you to share it with us! I will have to check out that movie preschool University….one of my cousins is a teacher in a very, very upscale school in Manhattan where celebrities and such send their kids and she says it’s very interesting. She’s so good not to spill the beans on anyone and that’s very professional but she does say it’s big time work to get their kids in and it starts very early. Interesting…let me know how those books turn out. I just finished reading Little Bee for my book club and that was interesting. Did you read that one? Love your kitchen light! Beautiful choice! Have a great weekend! Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Hi Tina,

Obviously I’m still impressed by your extraordinary castle! Can I move in too? Pretty please? It’s too stunning for words! I’ve run out of adjectives!

I watched Nursery University and it completely disgusted me. I am amazed and shocked by what goes on in NYC. It’s beyond ridiculous. (As a PhD candidate in Education you can imagine that I have strong opinions about this!).

Another goody-filled post today Tina. Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful post! I thought I would pass on a tip re source for beautiful Calcutta Gold marble slabs, since you are still hunting for your island piece. For a kitchen renovation 2 years ago, I needed two very large thick slabs (10.5 feet long, 5 cm thick). I found them at New England Stone (in CT), which at least then seemed to be far and away the best source for Calcutta Gold. I found the pieces I needed (with 1/4″ to spare…) and they did a beautiful job with fabrication, and were very nice to work with. I believe they are still among the best at sourcing the Calcutta. Good luck with the marble hunt!

Whoaaa …that will be one enchanted home for sure :-)….just love the way you have put the cabinet and countertop color, the fabric, cathedral ceiling, the pantry, the butler space, the light fixture…actually everything. Good that I found your blog and just can’t wait to explore more and coming updates with my eyes and hands open :-))

Like in the movies…I have this image of a crazy madwoman tearing down paper and ripping up cardboard for months-on-end until one day (in December) she stops, grins (can’t wipe the grin off my face look), and in complete wonderment declares that the house that’s been “under wraps” forever, turns out to be the best present she could ever hope for! 🙂 You could play that part in the movie, right?!

p.s. If you like Beekman and Billionaire’s Vinegar you might also like these two books from my neck-of-the-woods: VOLTink a cookbook by the “Top Chef” Voltaggio brothers of Frederick, MD. and The Wild Vine by Todd Kliman, a story of the history and recovery of an American hybrid grape called the Norton – lots of Virginia history (including Jefferson) in this one.

Oh wow to everything! It won’t be long now until you move in…

Thank you for the tip on hardware from Anthropologie, I am loving the monogrammed handles, so cute! I’m contemplating a bathroom reno next spring and I am definitely putting these in my vision file!

Thank you also for the “Billionaire’s Vinegar” recommendation, it’s hard to know what to read these days. I was looking at a book called” Sarah’s Key” at Costco this week and a lady standing next to me highly recommended it, so I bought it! Will let you know how I like it.

Your house to be, is amazing!! How long have you been building it? Are you in charge of everything yourself? That´s a lot of work!! and the blog…OMG I´m exhausted just thinking about it!!
congratulations! Everything is gorgeous!

Where to begin??? It is all so beautiful. I love the stain color in the family room. Love the lanterns for the kitchen too. The fabrics are gorgeous. I had a hard time deciding which of the knobs I liked the best for your bathroom. How nice to get a table cover!!! I am on pins and needles to see this FINISHED and you IN!!!! XO, Pinky PS, what I am NOT loving…the weather forecast for possible SNOW!!!!! I am NOT ready for that!

Tina- so glad you are taking some time to do some fun things but a cesspool problem stinks (no pun intended)!!

The house is looking just incredible. I know you must be so excited now when you go to visit and before long you will not be visiting but living there. It will be so worth the stresses once you are settled in.

We built four years ago and i thought many days I was going to have a nervous breakdown, between three young kids, all my duties and overseeing a house being built was just nuts. BUT after being in it for even a week,I said it was all worth it, and we are really enjoying it!

Your selections are just perfect in every way, I am in such admiration of all your choices and the integrity with which you have built this exquisite home/mansion.

Such fun to watch it come along…you are on your way!
PS “Read the day I ate whatever I wanted” and loved it, you will too!

If you don’t mind my asking, what is the approximate square footage of your home? I know you don’t want to post plans, but maybe an overview of the various rooms in the house. I ask because I am a designing a house that looks to be about this size for my high school senior project. Thank you, and I hope you continue to blog after your beautiful home is complete!

I have so enjoyed following along as your house becomes a home. You have incredible taste and a great eye for detail. Looking forward to seeing more!

Hi Tina! It is always so much fun to see the progress of your house. It is too spectacular for words! Also, i know I haven’t been around as much as I used to be, and I feel so guilty about that. Thank you for being so sweet and continuing to come to my blog even when I haven’t had time to come to yours. My youngest is in first grade, and I swear this first year of full day school has been busier than the half day school from last year — I can’t figure it out! Anyway, thank you again for your support and friendship….I’ll be following you (doesn’t that sound creepy>) for the long term, even if it is less than I’d like right now! xo

Tina, I should have known to get here sooner to comment on your very thoughtful post today, specifically about my gift to you! I am so glad you like the gift and hope you have a lot of fun using it! And thank you for saying such nice things about me, our friendship and my blog/online boutique too. I agree – we’d be such great friends in person too but for now I’m so happy we have the blogging friendship! I have a good feeling that out our paths will cross somewhere in the world eventually. 🙂 As an aside, I am loving the contrast of the black pantry with the lighter colored kitchen – stunning! Thanks again Tina!!!

I stumbled onto your blog this morning. My computer time will never be the same. I am in awe of your home, it is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the whole process with us. I know I will be on here every day! I am a lover of fine antiques, white marble, the ocean and felines.

I’m behind on my commmenting…a visit from Will last week…so, so fun and I hardly picked up my computer!! You have got to be getting anxious…so close you can taste it, I’m sure. Love the butler’s pantry color and hardware, and the limestone going up is AMAZING!! Heading to check out the video…so glad I don’t have that stress!!

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