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Good Sunday afternoon! So happy everyone enjoyed the “Ultimate fairytale part II yesterday” however I do want to clarify, it is just that…a fairytale and no the horse, “Pride” is not my horse, it was my horse in the fairytale. Damn, I really am a convincing story teller if I had a few of you believing it was all real…..maybe I should have just gone with it. 🙂 Oh well…….its fun to imagine, isn’t it!

I have to say that I have never in my life found such inspiration in one place as  I have here in blogland. I mean literally on everything from decor, landscaping, recipes galore, how to entertain, architecture, how to set a beautiful table, how to be a happier person, how to help others in need, how to take great pictures, how to make your own boxwood wreath, how to how to how to……it is AMAZING! I am constantly floored and bowed over by the degree of talent, inspiration and ideas that bloggers bring to this special and unique world. It is literally like its own private little school with limitless subjects and best part…you are not graded, there are no mean teachers and no hard chairs to have to endure!

 Today I want to honor all those special bloggers and their blogs,  and we all know how much fun it is to discover a new one, right?  Now this doesn’t have to be a brand new blog it could just be a new blog to us. I have discovered a few lately which I am thoroughly enjoying, each for different reasons. So today all I am asking is for each of you to list one blog that you have found or one that you really enjoy, that’s it! If you want to even include why you like it or what it is about that blog that makes you go back, that’s even better. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say and will certainly take my time and make a point to visit them. Its always wonderful to discover something new, that’s what keep us growing, learning, aspiring and achieving! Thank you!!

I will start by leaving a comment and introducing a blog that I have found and love.

A quick peek  at the  the almost finished fireplace on the outside covered porch. Its a love for me……

                                  Can’t wait to see which ONE blog you will name!


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OK, as promised me first!!
My one blog is THREE PEANUTS.

When I discovered her blog a few weeks ago my heart was warmed instantly by the amount of love that was evident in each of their families beautiful pictures. This was a family that truly loved and cherished each other. I was also equally captivated by what she had to say and found her words to be so authentic. Then…. when I read her letter to Abercrombie and Fitch (echoing my own feelings but in a much more polite way) I knew she was a keeper!! I am still going through the blog but love every thing I see!

There are so many blog that i love and have become such good friends with and couldn’t have a complete day without visiting their blogs, so I can’t name one, so I am going to name a blog that I recently found and have fallen in love with! Maryanne’s blog, Beadboard Upcountry.
You have to visit it soon. You will thank me.
I am going to do a week of posts soon mentioning every blogger I love. If I leave you out, let me know. I’m getting old you know.
Tina, I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and trying to rest a little. The pictures look great.

Tina, besides your blog:), I love to look at Zsa Zsa Bellagio – – she has such beautiful pictures of interiors, fashion, and so many other interesting topics… you will love it – and she has so many photos withe each posting!!

Have a good week!

It’s so hard to name just one, but Design Chic came to mind immediately. From the header all the way down, it is my style all the way, and I love every post. Great idea, btw, Tina!

It’s so hard to name just one blog, but, here’s one of my favorites: by Nancy Marcus. Not only is Nancy a talented interior designer, she’s a very gifted artist with an Etsy shop, and she also posts some of her own amazing DIY projects.
Have a lovely evening, Tina!
~ Wendi ~

Tina, the fireplace is wonderful…. I might never want to come in.
Donna of Quiet Life @ bog has truly touched me. She is an amazing photographer, and a beautiful person. I was fortunate enough to take a weekend course with her. She is encouraging and has truly inspired me to be a better photographer, and person.

Thanks for sharing the progress on your fireplace! Will it be done in time for the holidays? Thank you also for sharing about 3 Peanuts blog, what fun.

What a wonderful fireplace! As for blogs, I really enjoy the blogs you listed on your blogroll. If I have choose one, it would be Kelly Market!

Tina…your fireplace is going to be fabulous as is your entire home…Can’t wait to check out some of these new blogs as I get time. Been so busy, I’m just doing a bit of catching up tonight. I love too many to name just one and have not had the time to visit any new ones lately…will try to get to these at some point for sure. XO, Mona

First, your fireplace looks so cozy. I can envision many happy family memories to be made there.

Secondly, than you so much for your sweet words about my blog. I was humbled and completely stunned to read them. You made me smile. I even showed my husband what you wrote.

I thoroughly enjoy your blog and am a fairly new reader (a few months). It is one of the first ones I check each day though:) You always make me want to come back again.

As for naming just one blog… It is so hard because there are so many out there and they all offer a little something different. But Brooke from Velvet and Linen really impresses me. She is so talented and I love her style but what I love about her most is her graciousness. And I think that shines through on her blog. I have been reading her blog since the very beginning and leaving comments. She often responds to my comment or comments on my blog. She treats me in such a warm and friendly way even though we have never met. I have such respect for her and she seems so down to earth even with her great success. I know we will meet one of these days when she comes back to Texas!

Again, thank you for your kind words and for sharing all you do here.


Your blog, of course, is my “go to” blog, and I enjoy it immensely. A new blogger/blog that I’m enjoying is Amy Howard Daily. It is such a beautiful blog. Also, I think it’s kind of neat to follow a blog of someone who is so talented and whose work I admire, that I have met, whose home is absolutely fabulous (has been featured in magazines and was open for touring some years ago to benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure), and whose shop I frequent.

Your home just blows me away… an outdoor fireplace on the porch? Give me a brown paper bag to breathe into!! You have left no stone unturned!!
I love Aspiring Kennedy… Lauren is a doll and is so witty and charming. xo

Wonderful – The fireplace is a masterpiece!

It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to name just one blog too… I am so new to Blogland (only a resident for a month+ now) but I am adding new blogs constantly to my ‘read’ list…always fun to find new inspiration! Thank you for the help in finding new ones.

I hope everyone will check out my blog as well and leave me some feedback! I am loving my new spot here in Blogland and everyone I am meeting!

As always – Thank you again to The Enchanted Home!

Tina that fireplace is so beautiful. I can just see you roasting marshmallows out there, on a toasty winter morning.
As far as new blogs, I really like and enjoy Style me pretty, I know its not new for my weekly eye candy fix I really like that blog and yours!

That fireplace is stunning…but you knew that..and your taste is just amazing!

I have so many favorites, you being one of them. But one I love to visit because of her wit and way of writing…Linda@LimeintheCoconut!


Its encouraging reading your blog, being so carefree about your thoughts and relaying it the world at the same time. The fireplace is unique as well, it is uncommon having it outside a covered porch. Love it!

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