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Good morning, hope you are having a wonderful week. I am sure like me, things are busy over there by you as this time of year tends to be a bit nuts for everyone, doesn’t it? For me, its been a combination of “house biz”, Christmas shopping, a few social things we were invited to and trying to find the right clothes for (ugh..HATE this,  some of the things I love in my closet don’t fit, and I really don’t have the inclination or time to go out searching to buy something new). I find this time of year to always be stressful. Last night we were invited to a very hoity toity  Christmas party, I had no time literally to figure out what to wear much less find time to shop for something and I refused to reward my bad behavior and buy “up” a size or two and invest in anything expensive. I daydreamed of wearing a Snuggie and trying to set a new fashion trend but quickly nixed that idea and settled for a dressy pair of black slacks, a festive red silk top and loaded up on the jewelry. I ended up feeling festive and party ready given all I had going on but truth is I am admittedly ready for the holidays to be over, though I feel bad admitting this …… I am trying to pace myself as best as I possibly can and keep it all in perspective.  I start as always with house updates then continue on with some of what I am loving this week….

HOUSE UPDATES. At this point, its all details. The exciting things this week are the wire that FINALLY arrived from the UK for the kitchen to complete the cabinets which I am thrilled with and was worth the wait and my closet, which I am LOVING and its every bit what I was hoping it would be.  Then the laundry room cabinetry which is completed and I love that too, only missing hardware, backsplash and a nice window treatment! The major things are just about done, now its all in the finishing. The outdoor patio is really taking shape. Paint has started in the living room and dining and hallways. I have made no secret of how restless I am getting, mostly because I love nothing more than fiddling around my house, changing things up here and there, trying this or that and for four years now my hands have been tied..its been torture!! But we really truly are in the home stretch and I am hoping my headache and stomach aches will at last come to an end as we soon start to move in! Enough talking, let me show you whats going on!

Detailing done above mantle in family room….

Yippee…laundry room is done!!! (except backsplash)

Outdoor porch ceiling getting done…..

Outdoor fireplace…..can’t wait to use this!

Drive through ceiling done

Living room paint color decision with a slight glaze over the top

My long awaited closet!!!!!!
Trying hardware over the next few days, thinking crystal knobs

Keeping the island, its growing on me….and thinking now am going to go with an antique mirrored top instead of stone or wood (Thanks Barbara:)

Bathroom done painting, now awaits glazing, we are starting that on Tues. or Wed.

Just awaiting glazing and hardware and sconces and we will at last be done here!!

A LITTLE REMINISCING, I had such fun the other day going through some old online photos. How I wish I had them online from when my kids were younger, but I had such a good time looking at older pictures of my house, my dog, my kids, family vacations, etc……nothing like pictures and videos to “take you back”…isn’t that the best? I hope you dont’ mind that I am sharing a few here.

I miss having friends over for lunch and setting a pretty table….

I made my friend, who LOVES strawberries instead of a traditional cake,a Strawberry Napoleon
I remember this beautiful blizzard, this is one of my favorite outdoor pictures…..
Loved placing my tree at the back of our foyer
Decorating for the holidays, always had fun with it! Never mind the “talking Christmas tree on the right”, that was my son’s “addition” to the holiday decor:)
DEAN AND DELUCA  APPETIZERS I have ordered from them before,  and really like their products. They have great quality control, offer fast and efficient delivery and I don’t think I have ever tried anything I haven’t really loved. So for this years annual family Christmas party I am once again ordering some of their appetizers in addition to making some of my own. I make an amazing baked brie which I will share the recipe with you on, and a wonderful version of a mini Empanada and always do a huge Italian platter of assorted cheeses, meats, breads, olives, etc but its always nice to add some ready to made things too. They ship everywhere! Some of my faves are……..
Love this! The cheese lovers appetizer trio of assorted puff pastry and cheeses

Spring rolls….who doesn’t love these!

Lobster flatbread, yum!!
Caviar is always  a nice and elegant treat around the holidays!
Date and almond crisps..these are really tasty and great with any kind of cheese!
A CUSTOM DOG TRAY. Do you know someone who loves their dog? And loves entertaining? I mean REALLY loves their dog and really loves entertaining? Then they will absolutely love this custom made tole tray featuring their very own pooch as the subject, handpainted by Two Girls. They are not cheap, but what a beautiful keepsake and/or gift! I think these are so special and practical to use or display and such a unique gift too! Click here to visit.

ALABASTER COMPOTES.Was at someones house the other week and she had a pair on a console and they were so beautiful! Then saw that Joan from the blog, For the love of a house collects them too and hers are gorgeous! So now…I am on the prowl. They are sooo pretty!! What do you think? Where do you see putting something like this?

Joans beautiful vignette from For the love of a house
Results of this weeks Which would you choose.…..and here are the top four!
Well……that’s whats going on over here. I have a day full of house errands,  Christmas shopping and trying to get myself organized to contend with for today, I cannot believe Christmas is about 2 weeks away….YIKES!! I keep taking deep breaths when I feel the anxiety creeping in, and reminding myself that I always get the job done. How about you? Anything you are loving this week? Are you crazy busy too? Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


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I have had my share of dog days with the renovation which seems to have me chasing my tail. I am glad that I am not the only one who is feeling a bit of stress during the holidaze! I think yoga class is calling me to come back and learn to breathe.
We all have so much to be thankful for! Loving your home. It is elegant and so incredible!!!

FOR ONCE I am here EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest, I am grinning, no…….SMILING from ear to ear to see all the DETAILS FINALLY IN PLACE! I love the wire for your cabinetry and those OUTDOOR EMBELLISHMENTS of a fire place and a ceiling worthy of a castle! Oh dearest Tina, our grand opening is going to be spectacular and I cannot wait to see all your furnishings in this grand palace. Thank you for a year of sharing your heart and home, hearth and beautiful spirit. I SEND YOU MY FONDEST REGARDS for another weekend of joy and progress in this project of a lifetime!!!! AND…..I bet you looked just STUNNING in your black slacks and red blouse. We have all been there. I opt for black and pearls and diamonds and I am happy as a clam. teehee! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

Ah your house…so gorgeous. The detailing over the fireplace is divine but my favourite space is that closet of yours- I adore the pale blue walls and detail molding…so feminine and pretty!!! I’m sure you just can’t wait to get in there so you can start styling that amazing home. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Am excited for you that your beautiful project is almost finished. We built our house a few years ago and moved in before it was completed. Even that was fun.
Had a champagne picnic with friends in the nearby mountains yesterday and cut our Christmas trees. Now the decorating will begin in earnest.

Good morning Tina- I find the pictures of your home to take my breath away, literally. First your wire in the kitchen, laundry room and closet are DREAM ROOMS. I would just sit on the floor and stare up at those cabinets all day long, mesmerizing! The details, woodoworking and finishing is really something to take in. Not something you see every day. Your job site is also so clean, you must have a very meticulous builder/team.
Congratuations on being in the final leg, I know despite the stresses that are part of this journey, it must be thrilling to be so close. The fun is still ahead and when you finally get to start moving things in there, you will really feel recharged again. (this happened with me when we built 3 years ago and I am still going)
Love those dog trays too- and always visit Dean and Deluca when my husband has trial in NY, a favorite haunt of mine in the good old big apple.
Wonderful Sat. post, Tina- deep breaths and best of luck in pacing yourself, you are doing a truly remarkable, outstanding and spectacular job, never forget that.


Your home is INCREDIBLE….I can’t even imagine planning such a project! Absolutely beautiful.

LOVE Dean & Deluca, their food is delicious!!

I’m trying to stay calm and keep it all in perspective….so far so good!!!

Great post 🙂

Oh, the house is looking spectacular, love the view in the laundry room and the marble counter top! Nice touch. Your dressing room and ensuite are fabulous too.

That singing Christmas tree must be a favourite with all boys, because the little boys my daughter used to babysit next door gave her one a few years back. Their mom said they picked it out themselves!

And yes, we’re busy here too trying to get ready for the Christmas hustle. It’s always a crazy time!

Only a great mom would allow a talking Christmas tree in that beautiful foyer! I adore you and your blog even more after seeing that, lol.

The details of your gorgeous home are so exciting to see each week.


I love the idea of the antique mirror on top of the island in your closet. I think it would bring a different texture to the room.

P.S. Try to fake you don’t want The Holidays to be over and it’ll be over in a blink.

Each time I visit, it is like opening a present…. so thrilling! I cannot imagine the headaches, bellyaches, etc! Anything worth having is worth working for. The details are stunning.
Thank you again and again for your kindness. I am so grateful for your lovely words to me. We continue to move along this new phase in our lives. Thankful for what we have had, looking forward to what will be.

Your home is coming together so beautifully. I love the built-in china cabinet. Everything is lovely. A million decisions coming together.

I could absolutely relate to your son’s little talking Christmas tree added to your lovely Christmas decorations. Now, you wouldn’t trade that memory for anything.

The snow on your back deck took my breath away. So peaceful. As you can imagine, a south Texan girl is in awe.

Last, I HAD the grey and white marble dish with white birds…I really did. Why would I give away something so wonderful?

A wonderful post, as always. Hugs to you, Jan

Good morning Tina!!! LOVE all the details of your home. It really is coming together. I remember the last few weeks of our building process…there were a million workers putting on the finishing touches. It is very exciting.

Love the wire. We have a similar copper wire on some book cases above a built in credenza in my husband’s office and it is beautiful. At night, the light hits it so beautifully and the copper kind of twinkles.

All of those bedrooms were my faves too. I am going to a small neighborhood holiday open house tonight and bringing a baked brie with craisins and honey in the middle. I am dying to see your recipe now. I love baked brie.

Have a great weekend:)


I laughed about your Suggie comment, have been there myself wouldn’t that be great if that was en vouge! Boy would we be comfortable and no more sore feet! Glad you ended up being in the party mode and hope you had fun. I am feeling a little worn out myself, we are hosting a large family gathering next Sat. and then Sunday night my husbands firm has their big party, so I am bracing myself for a busy long weekend and then gearing up for six houseguests arriving the very next day!
Then come Jan. I miss all the holiday frenzy- go figure.
Your home is just so magnificent, I have run out of words. I cannot wait to see it all done up with furniture, window treatments, walllpapers,etc….the wire in the kitchen is fabulous, great choice.
Your dressing room is the stuff girls dreams are made off and your bathroom too.
If I had that laundry room, I would be looking for excuses to do laundry, haha. Do you mind sharing the color of your closet and laundry room? I am painting the cabinets in my very tiny home office and love both those colors.
So appreciate you sharing all of this with us, for someone like me who absorbs this kind of thing like a sponge I cannot get enough, it actually has me missing the building process! Your home is truly a dream Tina, which I am sure you already know and I am so happy you decided to share it. Happy holidays to you!

P.S. Can you please share the recipe one day for that increidble looking pastry dessert with strawberries? I can’t believe you made that, it is beautiful! You DO know how to entertain.
Love that you let your sons talking tree remain along with all your elegant decorations. I really respect that.

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of everything in your home coming together so beautifully ~ I look forward to your posts each week!

Will you please share the brand/style of faucet you used in your master bath?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

I love this update! Always waiting for each picture to unfold as I scroll down. Of course I love hearing you tell it like it is, that this year it has been a lot and it IS stressful to pile the holiday requirements on top of everything else. Now, I LOVE so many things: the laundry room(!!!) so pretty, the upper cabs are so neat! The closet I would love to have for myself, and the pretty wall color in there. I could def se crystal knobs, and am imagining that there will be a crystal chandy to go along with it~and yes to the antique mirror top!! The wire for the kitchen! I have to ask, is there glass too, or is it a heavy metal wire with a screening background? I love that detail, so old world, how do you think of all these things? You have to be in the mensa group of home decorators getting all this together. After painting that one lattice cabinet I now have true appreciation for anyone who can paint and glaze an entire room (never mind a house) full of cabinets!!! OMG it is hard to be consistent and not tire of the task. I have not started my shopping, and I think I will be OK, it does always get done. The big thing I do each year is to make my sons christmas stockings filled to the brim with treasures that will delight them. Not just fill it with socks and candy and an orange. So that is a task as you have to find interesting smalls that fit the person, you know? I feel like retiring that tradition, but it is just me being tired and lazy at the work ahead!! Have a great weekend Tina!

You have a great blog! I really do enjoy reading it. I had a blog at one time, so I know how much work it is to keep one going and present a quality product, as you do, each post. Two things: Thanks for the idea of D & D for appetizers! Never have ordered from them, but am a big fan whenever in New York. Second, the post you shared about the woman who wrote the scathingly complaining email… I didn’t read all the follow up comments, but you know it had to be someone who was so utterly jealous of you that she just can’t stand it. My advice… just let that all roll right off your back. You are doing a great job and I have passed your blog along to many of my stylish friends, who have thanked me for it.

All I can say is WOWOWOWOW! Your closet is so amazing and is really every woman’s dream!!! I LOVE the idea of the antique mirrored top. And why am I obsessed with your laundry room? Maybe because I have an endless laundry task and spend half my life in my laundry room! I am so happy for you! You are going to spend all of 2012 decorating and having a ball!!! xoxo

I just recently discovered your blog, and am truely a fan—your home is a dream, and the details exquisite! Would you mind sharing your paint colors of your kitchen—my husband and I are in the midst of renovating our kitchen ourselves, and my cabinets and similar, so would appreciate any tips! Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Your outdoor porsch looks amazing! That fireplace is so beautiful! Could you imagine us talking around it!! Oh this would be wonderful!
And I love your bathroom a lot! Really my style!
Oh I love everything in your house, but you know that already isn’t it!!!
Happy weekend my friend!

Oh my! I love seeing this finishing stage. Every inch of your home has the most gorgeous details.
I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing such anxiety, Tina. Everything will come together perfectly. Please, please, try to relax just a little bit and enjoy the process. I know that’s easy for me to say, but, your health is so important.
I’ve forced myself to slow down immensely since I’ve broken my tailbone to allow it time to heal. I had so many plans for the season that I’ve simply had to shelve.
I’m determined to enjoy Christmas and my family, and ignore my desire to have a beautifully decorated home, and be the gracious hostess, and find the perfect presents, etc.
Maybe this will make you giggle for a moment – I’m writing this comment to you while STANDING at my kitchen island. I haven’t been able to sit down for over a week! How sad is that! 🙂
Take care of yourself,
~ Wendi ~ xo

I absolutely love your outdoor space and don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so elegant–even in the old Southampton mansions! And that fireplace-wow! You can certainly throw a fab outdoor party this summer! Thank you again for your guest post–the time and the effort-your attention to detail is like no other. Can’t wait for our lunch after the holidays, xxBarbara

Your home is nothing short of delicious! Like I’m pretty sure my brain releases the same endorphins when I look at your house updates as when I see a giant heaping bowl of spaghetti. I know you know that that is pretty much the highest of compliments 😉

Edward doesn’t really get Santa and Christmas yet so my holidays aren’t super stressful (although I’m not looking forward to the lecture I’m going to get after my husband discovers how much I’ve spent on everyone, but I love buying Christmas presents and I got his family some goodies so he’s just going to have to deal).

I love seeing pictures of your old house and Christmas decorations! They are beautiful, even the talking tree 🙂 My mom came home one time to find a giant blow-up Santa and Snowman in our front yard that my sister decided to bring home. They were huge! My mom had to keep them so as not to crush my sister’s holiday spirit, but I know she was secretly cringing. I still think it’s hilarious that you and The Suze had the same dining set. It makes your old house seem so familiar when I look at the pictures!

We actually have a Dean & Deluca just down the street from me in Leawood, KS. I know right? I love going in there. Whenever I’m feeling super lazy I get dinner from there. We did that a lot after Edward was born.

Finally, those dog trays are genius! What a fun gift! I hope you’re able to relax a bit and enjoy the holidays. Have someone drive you around to look at Christmas lights while you drink hot toddies 🙂 xo

Tina! I can not imagine how your mind is spinning, plus when you think about it you have been in house mode for 3 years running. It would be hard to get off the treadmill after that long. I know you will settle in and start enjoying the season, because you are a lover of life, it is so evident in your post. Keep breathing!!! Merry Christmas sweetie!
xo Kathysue

I love your house updates. The wire in the kitchen is fabulous! It’s all in the details, isn’t it? Your closet is just divine and the detailing in the laundry room cabinetry is so special. It’s amazing how just a little something more can take a room to a whole new place. Love seeing the progress!

Hi Tina, Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous. Love the cabinets with the wire. House is really coming together. It is good you are taking time to enjoy Christmas parties, hope this helps relieve some of the stress. You are doing a great job, you’ll soon be in your new home. Enjoy the season!

The French Hutch

The wire on the cabinets is spectacular. Such detail and beauty. You must be getting so excited, but just want to get in and start living. I know how you feel about wanting the holidays to be over with. Ususally, the day after Christmas, I’m taking it all down and want my house back in order. Oh, and the dog trays. Well, I love my dogs and entertaining. The problem is getting both of them in a decent photo together to even be able to order one! xo

The cabinet wires are exceptional – not details are missed! I could stare at these images all day! I just love seeing your beautiful home come together; it’s such a treat I look forward to! Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonder holiday season!


Everything looks beautiful. Your ceilings are to die for!!

I’m working a ceiling for a hotel and I loved getting to see how you designed yours.

I know you must be going crazy with everything you have on your plate. I just think of the saying, “Keep calm and carry on”.

All the best,

Love the wire on your cabinets, mind if I ask where it came from? Your closet is going to be the envy of everyone on here and great choice going with the mirror on top. Personally if I were you i would stop stressing about the partiies and clothes. You have enough on your plate right now with your new home. The outdoor space both old and new are fabulous. I’d be jealous if it wasn’t so dang cold out right now.

Enjoy your weekend!

Oh my goodness – I just couldn’t pull away form your blog today! So many beautiful images of your new home in process. Everything is so stunning! I just love visiting here! Your home is such an inspiration to me! Have a wonderful day!!

Good heavens, so much beauty all in one place…made me feel a little faint (I always get that way when I see something REALLY beautiful)
If you care to share, would you mind telling us where (since you have so many fantastic sources and THE eye to end all eyes for beautiful things)
You got the wire on the kitchen cabinets
The color of the laundry room
The color of your closet
And last is the stone on the outdoor patio limestone or cast?
We are debating between limestone and cast for a new mantle we are putting in for our family room.
Thank you. Love those dog trays, what a wonderful keepsake of ones best friend.
Stay jolly and carry on…..

HI Tina, if you want to have Christmas decorations VIRTUALLY, come on over and see what I ahve done! I really decorate:):) LOVE the kitchen cabinet wire! The laundry room is TDF!!!! Your closet……..OMG! What a fabulous idea to ahve all the racks behind closed doors!!!!!! In my next life:):) X)O, Pinky I, too, am so NOT ready for Christmas, gift wise. I need to SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I haven’t been commenting much lately, I continue to visit every day…sometimes several times a days.:) I also continue to be blown away by every single aspect of your home and all I can say is WOW….sheer perfection down to every last little detail. Love absolutely everything! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait until you move in. Try not to stress…before you know it Christmas will be over and you’ll be in your home. Have a great weekend Tina! p.s. Would you mind sharing the lovely paint color on the walls in your dressing room?

Tina, I love reading your words and then gazing at your photos. Your words seem like a girlfriend sharing her day while your pictures seem like a fabulous fantasy come to life. I always feel compelled to write you and tell you how much I enjoy visiting with you every day! Enjoy each day and soon enough you will be able to enjoy your new, beautiful home. Merry Merry Christmas!

Everything looks so great. It is really coming together :). One question – is there a reason you put the water connections for the washer above the washer rather than behind it? I ask for a couple of reasons – one, if it is not too late to do so, you could have them moved so the connections are behind the washer and your back splash is not interrupted. Second, we put ours down low behind the washer and now I am wondering if there is a reason they need to be up higher!!!

It’s amazing every week. I can’t even imagine how you make so many decisions on a daily basis. I’d be stressed, too. Take some time for yourself and hubby. Get dressed up for a “do” then take your hub to a small restaurant in a dark corner–all by yourselves, the most important people in your life.

As for the compotes, I have a beautiful off white one in my guest suite, which I fill with soaps, or small handtowels, or seasonal items depending on my whims at the moment. In the guest bathroom near the living room, I fill a smaller silver compote dish with small handtowels, not so tightly arranged that people won’t break up the design and won’t want to use them.

Now, take some time for you. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy your blessed life.

OK, every time I am looking at these pictures I am thinking: it is going to be COLD. Seriously, I am curious, do you know any of the details on your heating/cooling system? Are you using “industrial” strength or just tons and tons of regular home systems?

Love the compotes! I bought one from a local antique dealer and use it all the time. It’s currently holding my delft bulbs for the holidays! Your home is coming along nicely. So excited for you. I admire your patience w/ this project!!

Hello! I hope that you are enjoying your day, did you get all of your house errands finished? I hope you are now home, relaxing with a nice cup of your favorite Peets coffee!

Take some time to relax and enjoy the holidays…you mentioned that you love them, you do not want to be sad that you missed it! And, my dear, stress and getting older will cause weight gain…so you should not consider your clothes not fitting bad behavior, your life had been in a holding pattern for a few years. That would cause a weight shift in anyone.

I am sure that you looked fabulous and frankly you can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of black slacks.

Tina, this is SO EXCITING! The house is looking STUPENDOUSLY beautiful. The laundry room, that wire on the cabinets YOUR CLOSET, your bathroom, I am in design and decorating HEAVEN!
I crown you the valevictorian of the designers class, because you have amazing taste. I can’t believe you are handling this monstrous project on your own and to think every single decision you have made has been so perfect and so magnfique!
Keep on going because you are on a fabulous roll. When do you hope to move? Hope you take some time out for yourself to do something nice, like catch a movie or lunch with girlfriends or a nice dinner with hubby, its important to take care of yourself during times of stress. I do yoga and its honestly changed my life. Seriously, you might want to consider it,unless you already do it.
Dean and Deluca is fantastic while my daughter was at NYU, she worked there part time and sent us great little things all the time. I got hooked on a number of their wonderful products.
We leave on Wed. for Italy so wishing you a very Merry Christmas now, will be back right after Christmas. Enjoy your holidays!

Part of my comment was lost…the house looks stunning!,!!

I love the wire in the cabinets, so classic! And I am in love with your closet, fabulous idea for the mirrored top!

The fireplace on the loggia is my favorite photo this week, it looks beautiful.

Love the party ideas, I too love empanadas and make them often, great party food.

Enjoy the weekend my friend, and I hope you had some Christmas fun while shopping.

Take care, elizabeth

Tina dear, after seeing your picture finally the other day, you could wear a potato sack and would look glamorous. You are gorgeous! I bet you shined like a brilliant stone last night. But I hear you on the stress and not having time to do anything, it stinks when you feel pulled in so many directions.

My advice? Take time to enjoy Christmas, it is a time to spend with loved ones and to count your blessings, it only comes once a year so take the time to revel in the blessings and joy of this special holiday. You will never regret giving yourself the gift of a week or so “off” to enjoy some alone time, time with friends and family and the time off from the pressure you are feeling everyday.

Right after Christmas, you can get busy to work with that splendid home of yours. It is looking just incredible. I am in awe of every single detail. Wishing you peace and joy.

OMG just when I thought your house couldn’t get any better!!!! That closet!! Swoon swoon major swoon. LOVE it! xo

Wow. My iPad was not cutting it for this post… I had to move to my big girl computer! The moldings and details are really spectacular Tina! And I love the new wire or grates or whatever on the kitchen cabinets… SO pretty! I thought it was wallpaper lining the back of the cabinets… Couldn’t quite figure that out until the close-up! SO COOL!!

Hi Tina, We have been following your blog from downunder in OZ and loving everything you have done. Your kitchen cabinets are beautiful. Could you tell us which UK company supplied the wire for the cabinets? We have been looking for something similar for our TV cabinet and have sourced a few from UK. They use alot of this for their radiator covers. Thanks for your weekly updates.

I cannot imagine the feelings you are having right now…so close. Love the gorgeous ceilings in the outdoor porch and the detail in each and every room is amazing. Clearly built with such love and care. Hang in there…

A deep breath in the morning .. followed by telling the Lord good morning, thanking Him for what I have and asking Him for a day full of blessings keeps the stress away for me. At least 1 riding lesson a week really helps too!!

I am loving that my oldest daughter returned to college and is graduating next weekend!! I am loving that I am almost done wraping all of the gifts and that the new horse fencing will be done next week! I am loving that my husband feels good today too.

Tina…Tina…Tina…Really the laundry room could be my room! I just love it with the window right there and that beautiful marble. The detailing above the mantel is WOW!
I am with you about dressing up for the holidays….I so love to be casual and I hate when I have to wear uncomfortable shoes 🙂

I absolutely love your new home. I enjoy so much seeing the progress of your home. I love the wire you used for your cabinets. Could you please let me know where you purchased it in the UK. Keep those pictures and comments coming. I get such great ideas from you. You are remarkable……

It’s so enjoyable to see your house coming alive with beauty. I really love that laundry room the upper cabinets look really unique.
And there is nothing like a big beautiful window looking out of in there. Your dressing room is so elegant looking. I can’t wait to see it all done. Your wood work is grand, nice work you two. Pearl

The view from your laundry room window is just as beautiful as your laundry room, it’s going to be such a nice space to spend time in…and your closet and bath are stunning! An antiqued mirror top sounds fascinating, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those, but what better room to have one in than a closet…add the crystal knobs and the glimmer factor will be so pretty!
I’ve loved using beautiful compotes as utilitarian pieces for quite a while now. We have an antique transferware one by the kitchen sink that holds our scrubbers, and another, a birdbath one, hold bits of jewelry…they’re so unique & lovely…happy hunting!!
xo J~

(Love the dog trays btw…I think Miss. Ginger would look smashing on one!)

The dog trays are wonderful – perfect for crazy dog people….like me! Take a deep breath, everyone, soon it will be behind us, …. I am trying to carve out the quiet moments….

As a recent discoverer of your blog I am now going to have to go back to see the rest of the house!
This is some serious house work going on.
As I perused the rest of your images imagine my surprise when I came upon the bird bowl as I have spent the afternoon deciding what went to auction and what stayed home and that very bowl was the one thing I was having most trouble with as I gave it to my Mother for Christmas 50 years ago!!!! Do I keep it for emotional reasons or does it go?

Tina – so many beautiful developments with the house but I particularly love the herringbone detailing on the backs of your fireplaces! (No one but us design junkies notice those types of things, right?? :)). And, thanks for the “thanks” about the antiqued mirror top – I think that would look so amazing in your dressing room – especially with the sparkle of crystal knobs!

OMG! Absolutely gorgeous! Love, love the details! I like the antique mirror idea. The Dancing Christmas Tree is a classic! I pointed it out to my husband and soon afterwards you mentioned it! lol! So, funny…

So gorgeous! I cannot wait to see your kitchen when it is finished. I am so in love with your outdoor porch. It is going to be a dream! As always, thanks for taking us along on this exciting journey!

I absolutely love reading your house updates and seeing the progress in your house – sounds crazy, but I miss the building process. I can’t even imagine being at the end of the build and dealing with all of the stress of the holidays – but if anyone can handle it, you can, and it will all be so worth it.

I love the beautiful wire from England that you are using in some of your cabinets – beautiful!

I am not sure if you have ever mentioned your architect – it looks like a wonderful design.

Enjoy the week!

– Holly

Just when I think your home cannot get anymore fabulous you show us an outdoor fireplace and “the” closet of every woman’s dream. I also love the window in the laundry room and the outdoor furniture braving the snow. All of it gorgeous. Have a lovely week.

Wow! Things are coming together in your new space. You’ll be moving in and reminiscing about the process before you know it 🙂
Loved your “old” pictures. It is fun to travel down memory lane.

That wire was worth the wait! Love all those little details you all are including. Your old house had a rotunda too?? I think you know how I love a rotunda! Looks like we share that!

I am the farthest thing from a clothes horse. (Men’s clothes are so boring) and am known to wear a favorite shirt, shoes, or jeans, until they are absolutely threadbare. So as I was reading this update and said I wanted a closet like that, I was met with a blank stare from across the room and a disbelieving “For what? To hang all those $20 shirts you find at TJ Maxx in?” LOL!

It is getting SO close! I know that you are getting more and more anxious by the day! Everything looks gorgeous. I feel like we are waiting for a baby to be born, lol.
Dean and Deluca… what more can I say? Love, love! The trays are amazing.
Now slow down and enjoy the season. It will be over soon, I keep telling myself. I am now through with school with the exception of the design classes! Woohoo.

I’ve been so absent…my loss. You don’t want to hear all the excuses and things that have been going on…more amazing details of your new home. My favorite today is the back porch and laundry…to die for. I’m also salivating over that lobster flatbread…haven’t eaten today. It’s time. XO, Mona

OOOOOHHHHH!! I couldn’t believe it when my wish came true and you showed some photos of you older homes!!! LOVED seeing those 🙂 Also adore the glazing you are doing. It adds so much and looks perfect

Everything is amazing and I finally saw a picture of you and you are gorgeous!!
Try and relax and enjoy this Christmas, it will definitely be one to remember!
You are truly blessed!

Just splendid. I don’t know how you have kept so upbeat and positive and on top of it all through this build, when I have collapsed with the pressure and the stress on a number of times and my project is about 1/50th the size of yours! You are amazing.

Oh my word…..this leaves me speechless. Incredible home in every way. The details are just amazing, you must not sleep to be thinking of these kinds of details. Your closet, your kitchen and that laundry room I could happily live in those three rooms forever and ever:-)
Dean and Deluca is a great store, always visit when I visit my sister in NY. She always gets great caviar there.
What a dream….hope you get to move soon, and wishing you the happiest of holidays.

P.S. There was so much eye candy here, forgot to mention I am also in love with your old home, that snow scene is incredible. You have really unbelievable taste.

Isn’t it interesting that
people seemed to vote
for the CALM bedrooms
that are more like little
sanctuaries? I think it
is SO reflective of the times
we live in! LOVED the
update and I’m off to
check out the pooch
tray ~ how wonderful
would it be to have one
of those, as I’m a huge
dog and horse lover,
in person and in design.

Love to you this Monday.
Go forth and be merry!

xx Suzanne

This is like 3 or 4 posts!!! First of all, I love beautiful utilitarian rooms so the laundry and closet I’m in love with. Our plan is to do metal mesh fronts on the master bath cabinets…what I wouldn’t do for that beautiful rossete detail!

Your old house was beautiful and the scence with snowy terrace, I just loved. Is that on the new house?

Alabaster…I have 3 pieces and am always looking to add…it’s addicting!

Bedrooms…calm and tranquil gets my vote!

Hi Tina…Phew you are so right, life’s a little looney here as well, which is why I only get to catch up with my blog reading today!! I am so looking forward to seeing tour porch complete!. Love the wire and your closet looks amazing!! Wishing you calm and just good thoughts for the home stretch~

Holiday hugs


I love your luxurious bathroom and I think my bathroom mirror would look wonderful over your sink. It’s a Murano with an antiqued glass etched border, detailed with pale yellow glass flowers and rods. The lighting fixture over it is a 1910 sconce with etched flowers that mimic the flower detail on the mirror. I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across it! The two pieces complement each other so well. I thoroughly enjoy brushing my teeth 🙂

Alabaster is also something I enjoy collecting. I have two alabaster night table lamps (1920’s)in the master bedroom. One is an urn with fruit and foliage, the other one is a tree branch with birds eating berries. I’ve had them for years and they still make me happy.

I’m sure your home will be full of joyful treasures.

Best wishes,

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