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******** Text and photo heavy…..have another cup of coffee******

PART 1-  (written a few days ago very early am)

Hello… I must admit I had a few moments (or hours) not long ago when I started to think I might never get my energy back or enough time to put together a post I could be proud of. But alas here I am. Now lest you be thinking that I am so together, so organized that I am already back to my blogging schedule translates to endless hours of being footloose and fancy free on my comp . I feel obliged to tell you you are wrong. Way wrong. For here I sit in my small but cozy office  which at the moment, is a complete and utter mess amidst heaps of bags, boxes, books, pictures, torn out pages from design mags, fabric and paper swatches,etc….. But we all know you need to know when to listen to your body and when its time to put everything down, and just take a deep breath and do something for yourself. Hence my being here right now. Trust me, me writing this post has as much to do with my being near done unpacking and ‘setting up shop” as going au natural is for Joan Rivers. (sorry Joan but you are an easy target). So here’s the lowdown…..

I am beyond thrilled to finally be home. Just ecstatic. My favorite times of the day are when I get up around 5:30 up until 7:30 when the chaos starts raging, that means driving my son to school and the workers that are still working here (less every day) start knocking on the door. I dream about when the end of the day comes, and when I can really enjoy the house to myself again but truth be told by that time, I am wiped and utterly exhausted beyond description and I have been going into bed at the ungodly hour of 8:30! By that time I truly have expired. Moving is seriously exhausting in more ways than one.

About 30% of the house is still being worked on so the kitchen, the breakfast room and family room and bedrooms are only rooms bearing any semblance of being “done” (and when I say done I mean a room having a few chairs to sit on or the beds). We have moved some of our previous furniture into the house which looks pretty good, but for the family room we have ordered new furniture, bedding is on order for bedrooms, wall to wall for  master backordered,  etc……mind you this is all in a temporary state and excuse the mess but anyone who has moved knows what its like! So enough talking, come have a look……..

Beautiful new chandelier for vestibule off foyer

Don’t pay attention to our Chicken pox walls, this is the last area still to be painted

Chandeliers in living room hung!
Love them…..

Love this antique Chinese bowl 
Love my little french men fruit bowl, looks great in this kitchen
Breakfast room
Close up…..
Slowly slowly, paper is coming off the stair railing!
Love starting to find a place for my little treasures
Forgot how much blue and white I have!

And some more…..

And more…….
Yep I think this is a good start!

And we are starting to unpack my crystal, silver and china for the pantry

A work in progress………

Love the breakfast room on a sunny morning, and of course a cozy rainy morning and forget the snow….it was so beautiful!

Love a pop of yellow against the white and black in the kitchen

That big bowl over to the right is an antique Chinese bowl, its huge 2 1/2 feet wide and so beautiful…..was thinking it would be beautiful to fill with orchids. The beautiful tulips someone dropped off yesterday
Missed my crystal

And all the little pretties……

Temp display of blue and whites, will have to “play”

For now putting my pillows on the sofa…the colors work

PART 2- Update as of 2 days ago, who was I kidding? As soon as I took a deep breath 5 days later I actually was foolish enough to start thinking, except for that first day or two, this really wasn’t that bad. Then.………(jaws music here), the second round arrived yesterday! Oh boy, I had forgotten just how much I really had. How much had been stored away. It was such an exhausting day that by days end I literally could not walk, it was bad. My feet fell like they were literally detaching from my body and I was spent. The only bright side was the  opening up of some of my boxes revealed forgotten about goodies, like all my blue and white, and some beautiful collectibles that I love even more now that they are in their final resting place. So bear in mind this is a major work in progress and will be for a long, long time but below are some more recent highlights……..

Coming back from other house to find a newly arrived orchid from a friend was a sight for sore eyes!
A pretty pair of French chairs hubby bought at auction will probably eventually end up in living room
More boxes………

My beautiful painted chest we bought in France for my bedroom
Bedroom with my old furniture, got the new chandelier up! 

Beautiful french desk…we have to figure out where we are going to put it
Seating area in family room

Looking into breakfast room
Full view of the room…….
Another shot
Love the night time lighting…..
Just realized the Charmin kind of detracts…oops!

A beautiful French chest in guest room
Art waiting to be hung, they might be waiting a while!
More boxes!!!!!
Our lone pair of Winterthur chairs needs a home! These are very special chairs and one day I might just do a post on these chairs. 
Only furniture in living room so far, our pair of two French chests from our previous house
Close up….sorry for the grainy pictures
Photo quality not so great…..blame it on the iPhone and my lame photography skills
So folks, that’s a brief recap on whats been happening over here this last week. Its been one helluva week, my calf muscles, feet and back are so sore. Today I think I am going to christen my bathtub with a long soak. Fun, exciting, exhilarating, titillating, and exhausting all rolled into one is how I would describe moving. But make no mistake, it is great to be home at last!!!!!!!! Will be back when I can, wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

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Wow, things are really coming along! Everything looks beautiful so far. I think your house may find itself in a magazine one day. Just gorgeous. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking. You’ll get through it.

I am blown away. THIS is how it looks after a week, I cannot even imagine when you are done. Tina, your things are so amazing and elegant as I suspected they would be. This was such fun getting to get a glimpse into a home most of us will never see. I have seen many beautiful homes in my day but truly I dont’ think one as beautiful as this one.

The kitchen, breakfast room and family room are dreams and I could happily live forever in one of those rooms. Your bedroom and future living and dining rooms are amazing. Too much beauty to comment on. Also love all your blue and white, china, and crystal. I am crazy for that stuff too. This is exciting and just the start!! Take good care of those sore muscles, I remember what that was like. Thanks so much for sharing this, what a beautiful way to start my day.

First of all I do not envy you having to do all that unpacking….I HATE that. Then trying to figure out where you want to put everything is another hard chore. It is mentally exhausting. BUT……I know on the other hand it is exciting when you finally figure out a room or a vignette and you can stand back and admire!!! Baby steps……


You are in and that is what counts… and what a beautiful ‘in’… Your home is magnificent and will become more and more lovely as you have time to arrange your things. Take a soak or two… you deserve it! Happy Sunday Tina… xv

Tina….Horray! Absolutely stunning.. Every room looks like it will be a treat to decorate, and arrange. I love the kitchen! It is going to feel like Christmas unpacking things you forgot about. It has been so wonderful watching this transformation! Have a lovely soak in the tub, and a glass of bubbly to celebrate!

Hello Tina

I am surprised and delighted to see how much progress you have made. Your blue and white collection has won me over. I particularly love your antique like pink, ton sur ton, couch.
Wishing you energy and good health as your continue unpacking.
Thank you for remembering us and sharing

My goodness – you have been so busy and have done so much! I am enjoying seeing your incredibly beautiful house become a home. Thank you so much for sharing.

Tina- are you kidding? It looks like you been there months not a week! Give yourself a giant pat on the back, its amazing to me that for a house of this size you have done as much as you have!
The kitchen always takes my breath away as does the family room and breakfast. The woodworking and choices of colors is perfection.
I cannot wait to see the rest of the house “come to life” but loving what I am seeing so far. This must be so exciting. I know we will be seeing this house in Veranda, AD, Trad. Home and any other magazine you want (if you even want to have it published). And to think we got to see it from the ground up! Thanks for sharing and take it easy, enjoy that bath and enjoy some champagen too…you have earned it!

Tina, It’s like Santa Claus stopped by and left the good little girl all these treasurers! Now comes the exciting part, the ‘playing’. Just remember, us overachievers set ridiculous timelines for ourselves… take it slow. You are there now and have plenty of ‘space’ and ‘time’ to have some fun with it all!
So glad to see you came up for air!
Have a wonderful (and slow) Sunday.

I’m exhausted just reading about it nevermind living in it. How do you even know where to start? Everything is shaping up very nicely though. All my best to you.

Your “treasures” are to die for. I love all your blue and white, the chandeliers, all the French pieces of furniture, how your kitchen and family room look. The house is a dream pure and simple. How neat that you are taking us along for the fun.

ps cannot believe how much you have done in just under a week. I am in awe, you must be the energizer bunny come to life!

Beautiful….can you provide the source for the living room chandeliers? Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

Been waiting for this! And you did not disappoint in fact surpassed my expectations. WOW! Your things are amazingly beautiful. So exciting to see your house become a home. I can feel the love and passion you have for what you do, your taste is truly breathtaking, Tina. I so look forward to continuing this journey with you. I am going back to drool now:-)

Breathtaking home and astounding amount of progress made in just ONE week! Your breakfast room is simply divine and I can’t imagine how magical it will be to watch the changing seasons from that gorgeous spot. You’re doing a magnificent job…give yourself a break, lady, and just breathe!

All rooms are amazing but so far the kitchen and family room/breakfast room have stolen my heart. I am in blue and white heaven with all your beautiful collectibles!! Amazing amount of progress you have made. It took me 5 months to get to a point where I had a lamp to turn on or even dispalying things in cabinets. I am so impressed!

This must be very exciting for you….home, finally! Moving is exhausting and I feel for you, we have moved so times that I am exhausted just reading your post!! Looking forward to your upcoming posts on how the house is coming along, as always. Hang in there sister, Diane


Tina, I am thrilled, so happy and smiling from ear to ear because YOU ARE IN! THIS IS IT!!!!!!!! Every chandy and article of furniture is getting in and HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE AT HOME?????????? FINALLY?

Listen, we need to throw you a party as SOON as your home is ALL put together. Wow. This is unbelievable. MARK THIS MONTH, DAYS AND YEAR as THE YEAR you finally got into YOUR DREAM HOME.

LOVE!!!!! Anita

We moved last summer, to a large home, but I’m sure a fraction of the size of yours (5500 sq ft). One thing’s forsure, I was NOT as organized as you are this soon after moving. You’re doing amazing!! We literally were in a sea of boxes and packing paper for weeks. I totally get how exhausting it can all be (add a 7 and 3 year old, and newly pregnant, and wowzers, I was tired!). It is such an exciting time, though, and one day you WILL look back on it fondly =) Your house is amazing, and your decor looks like is belongs there!

Oh, I don’t envy you unpacking but like others said…at least you are in your beautiful home. I, too, am impressed with what you have accomplished so quickly. Hang in there. We move back in in a month….not looking forward to the physcial move but know the pain will be worth it when we are finally back in!

I love what you’ve done so far, Tina! It must be exciting to start displaying your decor accessories and your crystal and china. Those are the things that make a house feel like a home!
Thanks for sharing!
~ Wendi ~

What a huge project. Glad you are finding treasures along the way. Thats always the best part, it keeps you motivated to keep opening boxes and finding more.

Oh Tina, it’s coming along beautifully. Love all of the new chandeliers and I am still so in love with your butler’s pantry!! It’s an overwhelming job, but in no time you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. Make sure to relax in your fabulous tub…

What I love most about your home is how it looks like its been there a long time, like a grand old estate and then to see your beautiful and obviously very high end accessories and furniture be so at home is just incredible. I love your taste, write a book, I think I speak for everyone when I say it would be very successful! This is grand of course but still very inviting, which is not easy to do. There are many big big homes like this 15,000 sq feet plus around here but few look so old world and authentic, most look like predictable mcmansions. Yours my dear is in a league all its very own. BRAVO TO YOU.

It is absolutely stunning! I have loved watching the progress of your new home. I look forward to each new installment! I wish I could come and help you! We moved into our new home 5 years ago and I remember the excitement of it all. You are bringing back all of those wonderful memories for me.

You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

I would say you’re dong a heck of a great job with the move Tina. Moves are hard but when their is still work in progress even more so. I think, I hope you are over the hump and maybe the worst days are behind you. Looking great, your kitchen is over the moon gorgeous!

The French Hutch

Wow you have accomplished a ton already~but being the super achiever and how you move mountains, I can see maybe you don’t see how much you have gotten done already. I loved looking at the unpacking. I think moving to a new home is a special time~a time for creating your nest, and it is soooo fulfilling! I know it must be fun to unwrap your possessions and see them in a new light at the new house. Loved loved loved this. Its all good Tina~! If you are like me, even in my home a fraction of the size, it still seems like I move things around, not wanting to stop until it feels just right. So enjoy it and keep sharing!

I agree with the others in that it really does look like you’ve been in your home for months…your hard work is paying off! I love, love your blue and white collection- beautiful!

It looks fabulous. So many things I saw that I loved. All the blue and white, the beautiful chandeliers, gorgeous fireplace, wainscoting. I could go on and on. Keep your energy up and I cant wait to see it when your all done.

Well we all need toilet tissue, Tina! Love everything you have done. I know that you much be relieved to be home! The sun in the kitchen is amazing. I also love the topiaries. You blue and white is a masterful collection, and the silver and crystal is beautiful. You get the message, I love it all.
Keep the pictures coming.

I can not describe how wonderful it is to see your post of today! It feels as I am there with you right now! I do feel I really know your home! A bit as I took part at the building progress! So so wonderful! You worked so hard! It looks all very beautiful! Oh and your kitchen is a gem!!! With al the porcelain and glazes you have! And the sitting room! Oh my, how cozy!
Congratulations my friend and thank you so much for sharing all these pictures!!
Have a nice Sunday afternoon and enjoy your gorgeous new home!

Your house had plenty of personality when it was empty with all the wonderful details and architecture, but now it is becoming a home with all the accessories, furniture, etc.! It’s taking on a whole new life and it is just beautiful!

Enjoy “christening” your bath and hope your nice Calgon soak takes all your aches and pains away!

Ohhhhh Tina, I think it’s coming along beautifully. I can tell you are a perfectionist who makes herself crazy puffing up pillows as you walk through a room (me too), and where it’s a delight for you to make it so beautiful. What a wonderful home, and I’m already imagining how it will be to have your 1st Christmas there. Sending love, darling…..

Tina, the post today was fun, Don’t be so hard on yourself! First of all why don’t you have professional organizers/unpackers to help you with this huge task? I might suggest you also enlist a designer either a friend or another professional to come in with you and start placing the art so it can be hung You need helping hands! If I lived near and not down here in Dallas I would be at your door in the morning! Now….. enjoy this beautiful home and don’t kill yourself in the meantime. Cheers!

Pam Kelley

Tina, Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love the blue and white pieces you have. Are there some Delft in there? (not easy to find the perfect blue white pieces) Great topiary!!! Have fun and I look forward to seeing more!

Home is where your heart is AND all your beautiful collectibles! Your fabulous new home is the perfecct refrain for your cherished collections of crystal, porcelain and art. “Oh si francais! Thank you for sharing with us and please go put your feet up!

Oh Tina, everything is so wonderful! Your home is truly of house of many dreams. As suggested in a previous comment, you really need to get one of your designer friends to help you place things. When you’re that tired, it drives you crazy and a second opinion helps. Don’t make a mistake, hire a professional to help hang the art. Too many holes in the walls are hard to touch up. It’s your time! Enjoy being there and take it all in.


I can’t add much to what has already been said by everyone, except I totally agree…beautiful, breathtaking home!! Thank you so much for sharing.

xxoo Jan B.

You have done a great job in a short period of time, Tina. Congratulations for a lot of hard work. All the pretties will be fun to place around the house. Just pretend opening boxes is like Christmas. Take care but have fun too.
XOXO Victoria

That is the most beautiful house I have ever seen! You must be so happy. I wish I lived closer to you so I could bid on your window treatment jobs.

Everything looks lovely, Tina. It’s so nice to see the furniture in. That kitchen is just to die for and I love all your blue and white pieces. Thanks so much for the peek into your beautiful home.

Looking good, Tina! Unpacking takes so much time, but always crucial to finding the right place for everything. You will find the end of it in no time and be so happy when you have opened and placed the last box. Enjoy your gorgeous new home!

Tina I fall in love every time I see images from your home. Every single aspect is so exquisite and thoughtfully planned.

I have some blue and white, you have a collection!

Come visit soon!

Art by Karena

Wher did youn get your beautiful CHANDELIAR FOR YOUR BED ROOM? I have been looking for years for one to go in my formal dining room. Yours is perfect!
Thank you,

Oh, Tina- It is so wonderful that you are in and it is finally starting to feel like home and take shape. I wish I lived closer..I would be there helping you and’am..where would you like this? Take it easy and don’t overdo. You have a LONG time to get things put where you like them. One of the things I do when we move (which has been often as you know) is to unpack everything and find a home for it even it if it is most temporary. Once I am unpacked then I can futz with things but at least they have a “home”. xo Diana

Tina, it is so great to see the furniture start to come in. It really looks like a home! I know A LOT will change over the coming months and i can’t wait to see what you do. But it’s really cool as a reader to see the “Dream house” become a “Dream HOME.” You’re doing a wonderful job! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug in the family room — it’s the new Safavieh, right? Either way, whether it’s staying or not, I love it!
xo Stacy

Everything looks beautiful. Your kitchen looks beautifully lived in already. I know moving is exhausting…because no matter how much help you have, only you know exactly how you want things like your gorgeous collection of blue and white arranged. Your crystal looks amazing in the dark cabinets in your Butlers pantry. Everything looks beautiful!

Oh Tina, this is stunning. I was amazed at your house as you were building but you really get a sense of the beauty as you begin to put your things in it. I am loving how it is really becoming a home. The pug breakfast room chairs are fabulous. I would have never thought to use that fabric but seeing it now in your breakfast room I am dying to find a place in my house. Another favorite is the copious amount of blue and white, especially the planter with the orchid on little feet, love it. The piece that sticks out is that blue dresser, OMG, I would kill for it.
Congratulations and good health, wealth and life in your new home.
PS, thanks for taking me along for this wonderful journey!

Moving is not for sissies…for sure. It is exhausting, yet I’m sure you would agree it’s a very satisfied tired at the end of the day when you can step back and admire all that you have accomplished. Hang in there. as my Dad always says…”This too, shall pass.” XO, Mona

Really looks beautiful Tina! and my sofa is similiar to yours! You do have exceptional taste! congrats on your new home!

As excited as I am to see things continuing to come together from a design and decor perspective, for some reason I was just over the moon happy to see little symbols of it also becoming ‘home,’ those signs were evident in today’s photos. Seeing fresh fruit in the kitchen made me smile, along with the orchid, the tulips, all of it translates into you all living in the new house for the most part, and that is saying something!

Love all of the other progress, the blue and white is just fabulous, the chandelier – magnificent. Congratulations on making such steady progress, I can’t wait to see art on the walls.

Came across your blog today out of the blue and I have no words but WOOOOOOW! Beautiful sweet charm all throughout your home. I adore your huge windows and I would stare through them all day if I had them. I love chamdeliers and you have amazing skills in decor. Cannot wait to see your finished living room… as is so far very very lovely. You are a bookmark in my favorites bar 🙂 Soak up the enjoyment of the days moments.

Gorgeous! Although I can’t wait to see the finished product, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey!

Wow, Tina! Thanks for sharing the unpack. I am sure it is very overwhelming but also lots of fun. Enjoy finding homes for all your goodies. And shame on you for not christening that bath sooner 🙂

I so know that feeling. All of our stuff was in storage when we built our house in VA years ago and I missed some of my creature comforts. I also forgot how much I had!!!

Your home is looking so beautiful with all of your things in it.

I also know that feeling you so appropriately describe as your feet detaching from your body. It is awful I hope you enjoy a good soak in that beautiful tub.

I have so been looking forward to this post! The house is coming along so well Tina, don’t try to do it all at oncce although I’m sure you’d love to! 🙂 xo K

I just had to come back to get a tickle in my stomach again out of pure excitement for you! Like the commenter above said, DON’T TRY TO TAKE ON TOO MUCH DEAR TINA! But you must be THRILLED to be HOME.


you had a beautiful house and now you have the beginings of a beautiful home!! will be watching for the upcoming posts to see all the amazing things you are going to be doing to this lovely space!

Hi from Kansas….enjoying seeing your place in cyperspace.

God bless,
d from Home Haven nestled in the Flint Hills

Tina—Your home is looking beautiful!! Just remember to “enjoy the process”…..before you know it, the excitement and the newness will just be a memory….. I always look back to the moving process with such fond memories. This will probably be your “forever home”, so enjoy putting it all together, and don’t feel rushed to get it over with! Wish it was me!

Good heavens, that kitchen, family room and breakfast room are the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen! And I bet when you are done with the rest of it I will be saying that again, your taste is exquisite!! Newer subscriber here, so amazed by all you have done. What a fun treat this is!

The gorgeous light shining into your breakfast room is delicious. I am over the moon happy for you that you are now in your new house. Take care of yourself and enjoy the journey you are beginning in your new house. Lots of memories will be made there.
xoxo, Sue

You are so organised! I can’t believe how many rooms you have sort already, and it looks wonderful. Your breakfast room is just divine, and your gorgeous pug chairs looks splendid. I can imagine sitting there any time of the year would be a treat. All the rooms are coming together so well, and I think you have achieved a huge amount. I haven’t progressed much for a couple of weeks because I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock and run out of energy, but you have inspired me to keep going.

I honestly don’t know how your muster the energy to anything but unpack, but glad you do…enjoyed seeing the updates. I am CRAZY about the blue & white footed cachet pot by the sink, the one with Palmolive in the shot, made me laugh along with the Charmin!

Elegance and beauty personafied, if there were pictures in the dictionary of these words in the dictionary, your home would be next to it. Absolutely breathtaking, all of your goodies sure do add such warmth and beauty to an already stunning home. Congrats to you, wishing you many wonderful healthy years in this incredible home.
I could live in your kitchen and family room:-)

I think my eyes are as big as they can get! Everything is so beautiful! You have done a great job at making things cozy. I would love to have breakfast in the breakfast room! I love how bright it is. Your bedroom is amazing as well. I love your bed and the desk is so beautiful. The kitchen is lovely with and without the Charmin! Ha. I am glad things are moving along! I hope you had a great weekend.

tina, i am loving the new chandeliers and how fabulous your belongings look in the space!!! you have a great attitude and as long as your sense of humor is intact, you know everything is going to end up ALL RIGHT. let me know if i can stop over and lend a hand (i still live near chicago).

your bedroom is INSANE crazybeautiful.


OK! Let’s start with your master chandy – LOVE – and move onto your blue and white – love – talk about your crystal – LOVE – and then do a big shout out of love for your French furniture! I Am so excited to see everything come together! I cannot wait to come visit and have tea in your breakfast room, wine in your living room and hot cocoa in front of your outdoor fireplace! LOVE to you and have so much fun decorating!!!

I am rather speechless right now. I am just amazed at all the beauty! How could I hav a favorite thing? To start, that kitchen, breakfast room, family room, your bedroom, all the woodwork, the chandeliers,all that outrageous French furniture, all the blue and white and silver (antique?) all the beautiful crystal, my goodness, too much to name. I must scroll back up to take it all in once again. All the best to you in your magnificent work of art!

I’m so dang tired myself Tina but I’m so happy for you to finally be in your new home, how absolutely exciting it must be. To finally have your dream come true. How are the boys and Teddy liking the new digs?


everything looks spectacular Tina! I especially love the kitchen and breakfast room and am ready to stop by for some french toast whenever you are ready! xxBarbara

OMG!!!!!!!! That family room, that kitchen, that breakfast room that bedroom!!!!!!!! So gorgeous. I can’t believe you have done all this in a week. It took me months for my house to not look like it had been through a tornado! Great job, and just so beautiful.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE EVERY BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve done quite a bit in the week or so that you’ve been in your new home! And, it all looks so amazing! Even better than when the house was empty…if that’s even possible! Now that your family has a place to sleep, a place to eat, and a place to gather you may feel an even greater sense of accomplishment by completing (unloading boxes, putting everything in its place, etc.) one room at a time before going on to the next. I know you want everything done like yesterday (I know I would). But, however is best for you, I know it will all get done, and I can hardly wait to see more!

P.S.-Your “old” furniture looks great in your new home, especially your master bedroom furniture.

Words always fail me after viewing your home – so all I can do is thank you for permitting me to visit. You are going to have so much pleasure “playing house” now that you’re finally there.

Worry not darling, it will be finished before you know it. You will have years to enjoy your home. This period will be a tiny blip on the screen. BTW, I have definitely had a hard time getting back into the routine of blogging post holiday. But, I think it is a positive to have some time to refresh, reconsider, contemplate, etc.

Tina: I have been following you for a couple of months and your home is equisite, with boxes and all. What fun you are going to have playing house with all of your old things new again. I can’t wait for the next progress report. One day at a time and enjoy the process. God Bless~

Can I PLEASE move in? ha ha. I’ll be quiet. Love the topiaries in the kitchen… Where did you get them? Love Love Love the french desk!! xoxo

It is looking AMAZING! We just finished a tiny revision to the media area of our den and it almost did me in – you forget how inconvenient it is to have work being done! I am cleaning up now – plaster dust, books, accessories, it’s all a mess! I say all this to tell you that you inspire me to get it done!!! Have a great week. M.

Thank you for all the wonderful posts! Sooo enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures and following your dream house experiences!

Oh, Tina….it’s all so beautiful! I wish I could just plop myself in that gorgeous kitchen of yours. I’ll come unpack blue and white dishes for you!! 🙂

And, I had to smile to see some pink tulips in your kitchen!!
xoxo Elizabeth

As I was enjoying each image, seeing how it’s starting to look like “home”, I realized I need to thank you. I’ve never seen the behind the scenes look at building such a beautiful home, reading about all of the decisions that go into it and watching as the final home stretch is in view. It truly is better than any TV program due to your taking the time to show us each and every aspect of building and decorating such a lovely, large home. Thank you.

LOVE those big fat roosters; and the dentil moulding in the kitchen is so elegant. Moving is the worst but just remember it IS the last step into your new home. I bow to you for that glass of milk on the counter–I’d be hitting the wine after unpacking those boxes!

Tina where in the world are you going to put all that blue and white? This, I can not wait to see!! Your home is looking so wonderful. You have a long way to go for you to feel organized, but it already looks fantastic, and you’ve gotten so much done! Impressive! If you’re like me, you’ll get all put away, and then re-do and re-do some more. It’s a process!
Wishing you peace and relaxation!


Everthing is looking fabulous! I love he topiaries that you had made for the island! I remember way, back when you wrote the post on them. They must be huge, especially if the bowl is 2 feet wide!

I love the chandeliers in the living room and the bedroom! And the one that is laying on the floor in the breakfast area is spectacular! Looking forward to seeing that hung.

Tha blue and white porcelain is looking fabulous in your kitchen.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your new tub. Just think, instant excersise with all of the unpacking and running around!

Enjoy your beautiful new home, it is coming together beautifully and we are all looking forward to seeing the new and fabulous furniture!

Have a great week! Elizabeth

My gosh so much to see it took me nearly 20 min to really go through this post. And I will go back again to take it all in, thats a lot of beauty for one post! Love all your china, crystal, blue and whites, transferware,etc…..your kitchen is the stuff dreams are made of as is the family room, breakfast, bedroom, well….all of it!
Can I ask where you got the gorgeous lemon and looks like artichoke topiaries for the kitchen? Also the master chandeliers? Love it all, Tina.
Sending you best wishes in your new home.

Tina, you are rolling now!! Don’t worry, the energy will come!! It looks wonderful as we knew it would!! Have another great week!

Hi Tina –

What a great house – love the depth of view between the rooms and all the wonderful windows. As exhausting as moving and unpacking is – it all is in a positive direction and will keep you going. I am a big lover of blue and white pieces, too. Over the years I have gotten rid of a lot of decorative accessories, but could never part with my blue and white items. The Charmin shot – 🙂

My best- Diane

My best- Diane

Tina you have so many lovely elements to use in your gorgeous home. It will take lots of time, but you are on way. Hang in there and take LOTS of breaks that is the only way to do a job this big, sending moral support, xo Kathysue

Your entire house is so classic! I definitely remember that feeling of building a house and finally moving in after years of planning – it is the best once everything is arranged!

I think I have totally fallen i love with your house, but am exhausted from reading your moving in marathon!!
The line of candles you asked about is BARR.Co
Hope you get a good night sleep.

I know it must be exhausting but how fun finding a place for all of your treasures! If you’re like me at all, you’ll be shifting things around for a while! I still can’t get over your kitchen- just so, so pretty. Your family room all ready looks remarkably cozy for such a large room and the breakfast room, ahhh- would love to sit there with a cup of tea and draw the afternoon away!

Dear Tina, Just love it all. My most favorites are of your breakfast room, ( it would be my all day room) As I said in a comment on an earlier post give me a chai tea , my laptop, plenty of reading material and Celtic Women on surround sound and I would never leave that room. Love your topiaries. If I’m remembering correctly you eluded to a future business venture involving them. Looks like success to me girl! Take time for yourself and enjoy every minute of seeing your dream become reality. Many blessed years to come.

I can’t believe the time is finally here when you are living in your new home! I am so happy for you! Everytghing looks completely lovely and I do hope you keep us up to date on any new additions! Love the chairs and florals in the kitchen! So much fun to see! XOXO

Wow that does look overwhelming! But at least you are finally in your dream home!! I always wish that I could just snap my fingers and everything would be perfectly in place when I move, but it will be so satisfying when you can look back and admire all of the work you’ve done once you finish!

Wow! That has to be the most beautiful home I have ever seen. You are one lucky lady, but I can so relate to your exhaustion. It will be a chore, but such a worthwhile one. Do keep the photos of the house coming! Once you’re settled in, perhaps you could do a post on what the room looks like from the outside and then the inside. Just a thought. Gorgeous home. Such incredible attention to detail. Amazing woodwork. Just amazing.

– The Tablescaper

Wow! I love, love it all, especially your blue and white dishes etc. Gorgeous woodwork and the breakfast room is a beauty! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing home with us!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! There are NO words to describe the beauty here. I am falling over from it. Just unreal. And Tina your things are so beautiful. Love all that blue and white, it will be perfect for your kitchen, heart the topiaries too!
Your family room, kitchen, pantry, breakfast and bedroom are just “beyond”. There are no words. Enjoy and may you always enjoy good health and happiness in your beautiful new home.

Wow Tina!! There is so much to look forward to seeing you settle into your enchanting home… Love your blue and white!


I came via Brooke I’ve been following her for awhile now, so nice to meet you !!! Your house is stunning….

All the best,
Kathy 🙂

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