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Good morning to you. Nice that its the weekend, no real pressure to “preform” and on top of that it is suppose to rain cats and dogs and get rather nasty. Perfect excuse to stay in and get some much neglected odds and ends around the house done. Got a migraine yesterday that was stubborn and didn’t get worse but didn’t go away, still not feeling 100% so it will be a low key day filled with reality TV (guilty pleasure) , reading and maybe some work depending on how I feel. ?This has become one of my favorite kind of days (minus the migraines)! I just finished The Paris wife, really enjoyed it. Have a list of things to start…are you reading anything worth sharing? Today is a short hodge podge of some random things going on around here.?

First….let there be light! I forgot the thrill of when new fixtures are hung. Well…..we finally got our sconces hung over the main staircase and the hallways, we are still waiting on 6 more but it gives the overall affect and boy, what a difference. Love the way it looks!

We are still short 6 fixtures, they were backordered and we are waiting on them

Amazing the difference lighting makes, don’t you think?

And though my paper for the main powder room is not in, I had them also hang the bird sconces I bought four years ago, I just couldnt’ stand it….was dying to see them up and I am in love. These are some of my all time favorites and work really well with the paper. At last this bathroom is coming together! Now this week i am on a mission to find fabric for the drapes for this bathroom and then it will be complete!!

And last little tidbit, changed out my amaryllis flowers with new orchids, still have to plant the moss but think orchids and blue and white go together like peanut butter and jelly, what do you think? Hope you are having a great weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!


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