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Hi there, you might be really surprised when you see this long post, and frankly no one was as surprised as I was! So here’s the deal, we (my husband and his brother) ?were given the opportunity to purchase a large container of furniture, but had to buy it “all or nothing” and as it came. It was mostly from Kindel, and to anyone who knows furniture, you will recognize them as being a definite Rolls Royce in the furniture biz. My husbands brother is actually the one who was most interested as he is moving into his newly renovated house in about a month, and doesn’t want to wait the typical 3 to 4 months for custom furniture on order. So…..while he finished his renovation, ?we happily ?put most of it in our living room and we are dividing up the pieces. He is keeping most of the upholstered pieces so in the meantime, we ?are “housing” most of the furniture for him until he is done with his own renovation project.

This was a total win/win for both of us. It allowed us to place the furniture exactly as we have it laid out to see if the layout does indeed work as we were hoping and sure enough it does! While the pieces are not all the exact size/shape of what we are ordering it really gives life to the room and certainly allows the room to take on a whole new perspective. We added our own pieces from the old house, some of which were in storage like coffee tables, end tables,some art,etc…..and of course my blue and white and for a temporary setup I must say it came out quite beautiful, if I say so myself. You really forget just how much a room can transform with furniture and all the bells and whistles. This is far from a done room, but it gives you an idea. ?Naturally I just have to share this with you because we all love a good transformation. Lots of pictures, many might even appear to be the same thing and I took some of these at different times of the day. ? So here we go…..enough of my talking!

I took a lot of pictures at different times of day and using a few different settings on my camera, the first “batch” used the active-D switch and I think I like it a lot for during the day shots, it gives a really crisp clarity to the shots……..and theres A LOT of pictures here! (you know I get carried away).

Finally got to hang a few of the brackets I so love (kind of makes me wish I was selling them again…am a BIG fan of brackets)!

Took the pillows from my window seat just to see how pillows would look, will not be here permanently but they certainly work temporarily!

Coffee table, all tables, and the antique botanicals are ours

So excited got to hang my brackets!!

These are gorgeous antique botanicals bought at an auction about 5 years ago..definite keepers!

Love the later afternoon sun………..

And at night……..

This batch was taken last night with a few small things added…..

The ship painting my husband just put there..its going in our library. The mantle is from the original house and we just have it propped there because its a heck of a lot better than looking at a blank wall! We are still figuring out the mantles for living/dining.

Well…….looks a whole lot different than that big empty room huh? I really love how warm and inviting it feels now….I have to say I keep finding excuses to go in there and just sit and stare! Its so exciting to have furniture in there. In about a month or two, it will be going to his living room but its nice to have a somewhat finished space even if temporarily and it is especially?great getting to do a “trial run” of this layout and getting total certainty that the layout works. Now we are totally confident about moving forward. All of our tables, chests and coffee tables we will use with the new furniture and of course?the rug is staying too. Will keep you in the loop as our final living room comes together in the coming months but thought I would share this fun “project” with you! Wishing you a great day and thanks for stopping in!


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Loved what you did with this room. It has given me so many ideas albeit on a smaller scale for our new downsizer. I’ve always been a fan, thanks alot.

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