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Hi there, you might be really surprised when you see this long post, and frankly no one was as surprised as I was! So here’s the deal, we (my husband and his brother)  were given the opportunity to purchase a large container of furniture, but had to buy it “all or nothing” and as it came. It was mostly from Kindel, and to anyone who knows furniture, you will recognize them as being a definite Rolls Royce in the furniture biz. My husbands brother is actually the one who was most interested as he is moving into his newly renovated house in about a month, and doesn’t want to wait the typical 3 to 4 months for custom furniture on order. So…..while he finished his renovation,  we happily  put most of it in our living room and we are dividing up the pieces. He is keeping most of the upholstered pieces so in the meantime, we  are “housing” most of the furniture for him until he is done with his own renovation project.

This was a total win/win for both of us. It allowed us to place the furniture exactly as we have it laid out to see if the layout does indeed work as we were hoping and sure enough it does! While the pieces are not all the exact size/shape of what we are ordering it really gives life to the room and certainly allows the room to take on a whole new perspective. We added our own pieces from the old house, some of which were in storage like coffee tables, end tables,some art,etc…..and of course my blue and white and for a temporary setup I must say it came out quite beautiful, if I say so myself. You really forget just how much a room can transform with furniture and all the bells and whistles. This is far from a done room, but it gives you an idea.  Naturally I just have to share this with you because we all love a good transformation. Lots of pictures, many might even appear to be the same thing and I took some of these at different times of the day.   So here we go…..enough of my talking!

I took a lot of pictures at different times of day and using a few different settings on my camera, the first “batch” used the active-D switch and I think I like it a lot for during the day shots, it gives a really crisp clarity to the shots……..and theres A LOT of pictures here! (you know I get carried away).

Finally got to hang a few of the brackets I so love (kind of makes me wish I was selling them again…am a BIG fan of brackets)!

Took the pillows from my window seat just to see how pillows would look, will not be here permanently but they certainly work temporarily!

Coffee table, all tables, and the antique botanicals are ours

So excited got to hang my brackets!!

These are gorgeous antique botanicals bought at an auction about 5 years ago..definite keepers!

Love the later afternoon sun………..

And at night……..

This batch was taken last night with a few small things added…..

The ship painting my husband just put there..its going in our library. The mantle is from the original house and we just have it propped there because its a heck of a lot better than looking at a blank wall! We are still figuring out the mantles for living/dining.

Well…….looks a whole lot different than that big empty room huh? I really love how warm and inviting it feels now….I have to say I keep finding excuses to go in there and just sit and stare! Its so exciting to have furniture in there. In about a month or two, it will be going to his living room but its nice to have a somewhat finished space even if temporarily and it is especially great getting to do a “trial run” of this layout and getting total certainty that the layout works. Now we are totally confident about moving forward. All of our tables, chests and coffee tables we will use with the new furniture and of course the rug is staying too. Will keep you in the loop as our final living room comes together in the coming months but thought I would share this fun “project” with you! Wishing you a great day and thanks for stopping in!


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Luciane at on

Good morning, Tina!

I’m so happy for you!!!! I feel so happy you’re creating the space of your dreams within your dream home! How blessed you are, my friend!!!

I love every inch of your living room. Every inch! πŸ™‚


Luciane at

Mrs. Sutton on

Absolutely stunning! My favourite shots are the ones taken at night – I love how the glow of lamp light subtly changes the mood of a room. It looks truly wonderful – well done – albeit temporarily!!
Paula x

Victoria on

Tina! My breath was literally taken away..amazing amazing amazing! How gorgeous it looks are you sure you can’t keep it? It just looks so perfect, that its hard to believe its just a temporary set up. What a grand grand room and with all that light to boot, just spectacular in every way. Theres no such thing as “too many pictures” when it comes to you house!

Tiffany @ Savor Home on

Perfection! It would be hard for me to give the furniture back, but I am sure your furniture will be fabulous, too. I love the setup and I must say that I love your windows. They are beautiful and give the room great natural light. Well done my friend!

sharon santoni at my french country home on

What good fun you are having Tina, although I hope there were plenty of willing helpers to position all this beautiful furniture. How many people would dream of having a trial run like this!!

Anonymous on

Oh my goodness, this is beyond gorgeous! Enjoy! Linda R.

Our French Inspired Home on

I bet you wish you were keeping the entire lot of furniture. I think it all looks very good together. Love how clean and light it looks. Now you will be inspired to finish the room once your brother in law takes his half!

Debby Steele on

Gorgeous. It feels like a home now. Love the brackets too, the art, the floors, the windows… love it all. Did you change your header again? Love it… it’s fun to switch it up, huh? xoxo

Leslie on

Tina- AMAZING! I love the colors and wonder if this is the palette you plan to use too? I think it looks incredible with the rug, very soothing to the eye. What a grand space, and yet it feels really welcoming. I bet its going to be hard to part with it in a few months but having seen the room nearly done will no doubt motivate you to get it done, seeing how pretty it looks. I love all the blue and whites which of course I expected and your brackets look awesome, wish you still had them too. Just a gorgeous room, enjoy it while its there:-)

[email protected] on

What a fun opportunity for both of you! And how perfect to get a “dry run” to try out the arrangements of the furniture, scale, etc. I also noticed you have those great espagnolette door handles – loving those Tina!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, so pretty! I love your beautiful rug. Everything looks gorgeous.

Cynthia on

Tina, what a great thing. It just looksd fabulous. I love all thr molding inthe room too I couldn’t stop looking at it everything is grogeous.

Your header looks different to me I was just wondering if I ws losing my mind??


marlene on

How exciting that you had this opportunity to do the “dry run”. It looks fabulous! I would be sitting in the room and just enjoy looking at everything. Thank you for this beautiful blog.

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) on

Beautiful! I love the image looking into the room and seeing the fireplace. Such a gorgeous space! I love all of the moldings and exquisite detail. πŸ™‚

Terri ~the dressed up cottage on

I was blown away by the clarity and crispness of the pictures. Great job. Even your ‘dry run’ is gorgeous!!! So many things to love here.

carolyn bradford on

What a fun treat that would be! It really does make it feel like a home and it looks great in yours! I hope it won’t be too hard to part with when the time comes! At least you can see what you like and what you don’t and get a “feel” for the room with the furniture in place! If he ever has to buy another truck load of furniture please tell him I will be happy to help out as well! Have a wonderful week!

A Toile Tale on

I can imagine how exciting it is to fill this beautiful room. This is the best part of any project. I’m curious to see how you treat the walls with the moldings over those beautiful commodes by the hallway arch. And my favorite shots are the evening shots with the casual glass of wine sitting on the chest. Accident or intentionly placed prop? Thanks for letting us be voyeurs into this crazy beautiful home.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Anonymous on

Tina – I have been following your blog for a while but have never commented. Your house is gorgeous! One question – how the heck are you lucky enough to buy a container of Kindel furniture in attractive neutral colors?? When your furniture comes in and your brother in law takes what he wants, is there any chance you might sell the rest in your shop? If so, I would definitely be interested! Keep up the great work – beautiful home, blog and shop!!

Simone on

Good morning Tina~

I’m totally in love with your home. It’s just so bright and welcoming. I love, love the furniture placement and choices.


designchic on

Oh how I’ve missed seeing your home. The room looks amazing – what a win win here – helping out your brother-in-law and testing furniture. Love the brackets and the antique botanicals are gorgeous – not to mention the rug!! Know you are so happy to be settled and enjoying ever room…

Red Door Home on

This room is so pretty every time of the day! Love the furniture arrangement and the furniture. Thanks for sharing your home.

Vickie H. on

Really lovely….all the blue and white porcelain breathes life into the room and makes it stunning! Oh, how I wish I could purchase that mantle from your old house from you! I love the simple lines of it! Nice job on this room, even if it is only temporary!

Tish Jett on

Unspeakably beautiful. Ready for Architectural Digest.


I Dream Of on

It looks wonderful. And of course, I especially love all the perfect pops of blue and white everywhere! Gorgeous, Tina. XO

De tout, de rien on

You must have had fun playing around with the furniture and accessory placement! It is a fantastic room and so much natural light pouring in!

I don’t think I’d ever leave that room!

The Pink Pagoda on

Oh my, Tina, your house needs to be published! How amazing that the furniture worked so well! Some of my very favorite finds include pre-80s Kindel and Baker. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Karol on

Absolutely beautiful and could be a magazine shoot. I have a question about the lamp by the couch which is not against the wall. How will you plug in the lamp that is on the end table? Especially with the rug on the floor? Again, the pictures rival any found in a design magazine!

Acanthus and Acorn on

Beautiful! Can I come over an lay on the rug and watch? I mean help you!!!

3 Peanuts on

Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love all the creamy whites with the blues:)

Victoria on

All the furniture looks beautiful, Tina. The layout looks very inviting, and I love spotting many of the goodies you sell/have sold in your shop in a real life setting.
What fun!

The Preppy Princess on

What a great opportunity, you were brilliant doing this! The new pieces look simply wonderful, your “warm and inviting” phrase is perfect in describing the transformation of that room!

Sending you a smile,

Amy on

WOW, Architecural Digest has nothing on you! I agree with many above, this home needs to be published when done (I think you mentioned a long time ago you didnt’t have any interest) but its so beautfiul it looks like it belongs in a magazine spread. Curious as to the size of your room? It looks very very large with high ceilings? We are building/designing a home right now and our living room is 24×17 (on paper) but I think we should make it longer. Would love to know your dimensions, I love how you have so many differnt seating areas. Just beautiful thank you for sharing and hope you enjoy it.

Susan on

Tina this reminds me and please take this as the highest compliment of a beautiful Ritz or Four Seasons lobby, it is as elegant grand as it is warm. Just breathtaking, I think my brother in law would have to wrestle me to the ground however to get the furniture back! It looks made for this room. Love how all the blue and white porcelains add so much to the room and the touches of black are gorgeous too.
Love it all!

Nickie on

Love, Love, Love it!
I’m running out of adjectives…LOL!!!

It’s absolutely gorgeous!


The French Tangerine on

Wow. Quite a project! I’m not sure my husband would be interested in partaking in such a project! I mean this is big time Tina! You are like me and so enjoy putting a room together – however it seems you do it much more naturally and without the stress! I can’t believe what a difference the furniture makes. Remarkable!!
Thanks for taking the time to share!!

Anonymous on

A nice traditional setting……

Anonymous on

very nice setting …put a mirror over the fireplace….

Annie H. on

Hard to believe its temporary…it looks so perfect! Are you sure you can’t sway him to let you keep it. I cannot imagine it getting better, well with window treatments and a few pillows but man, this is just so beautiul like it is! I would be sitting in that room all day long for no particular reason. The size is so big but somehow you made it feel open, welcoming and super elegant. Fun to see it transform, this house is bound to make it into many publications down the road when you are all done! The rug Tina looks spectacular as does your trademark blue and whites. Great job!

Deanna on

Lovely room!
I’m sorry if I missed this, but what shade of white are your walls and name of the paint?
Hope to hear from you,
d on the prairie

Fashion-isha on

Oh my! That room is divine beyond words! I love the classical yet cozy style! Enjoy!

annechovie on

Wow, looking gorgeous, Tina!

Teresa Hatfield on

Wow! You have been one busy lady, Tina! I love this furniture. I especial y love they way it goes with your chests. I love the coffee tables and the black and gold chairs! The table behind the sofa is stunning! Your brackets and rug look so amazing too.
Ok, it is all gorgeous. Lucky for you to have found this.
Happy Tuesday.

The Snowdrop Project on

Breath-takingly stunning.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Have a lovely day,

'LUSH' on

Not enough words……..just gorgeous is all I can say to sum it up! How lucky for you to get to try out your settings in the room. Jackpot!

Tartan Terrace on

Absolutely lovely. I especially LOVE that gorgeous Oriental hand-knotted rug!

SizzleandZoom on

LIt looks drop dead gorgeous as it is. Where did you get that wonderful crown container on
the coffee table? I would like one. Are you
going to sell it?

Moss Designs on

Holy smokes…transformation is not the word! Magnificent and spectacular don’t begin to describe it. Just amazing. I think you will have a very hard time trying to part with it, when the time comes, dont’ you think? I would bargain for the sofas and chairs, think every thing looks like its right at home. The rug is so gorgeous, and love all the porcelain, brackets and art that act as the glue in bringing this room together. So happy you shared this with us, it is truly breathtaking.

BTW have been a fan of your blog for a few months but this is my first comment. Love your work, talent and vision.

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Tour worthy! Just so stunning! I know you love blue and white, but the addition of yellow makes this room perfection!

Cindy on

Tina, your home is lovely. I think your brother-in-law needs to get another container & you keep this one!!  Your shop pieces come alive in a room setting & will help others to be inspired to use them ! I know it has inspired me. Which ones to select ? Oh my!  
Fondly, Cindy


The room is beautiful !!!! I especially love it in the evening. Your large area rug is a great choice……. i cannot wait to see what you do next.

michele on

i love the whole concept of buying a container and not knowing what will be in it! how fun is that? and how fun to rearrange and tweak until it’s just right? looks amazing.


Miss Southern Prep on

GORGEOUS! I love all of the blue and white!

Dianne on

Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. Your placement skills are outstanding.

Mary Ellen on

Wow looks to me like the furniture fits to a T! What a gorgeous room! It was fun to spot the shoes at the bottom of the stairway! Yes, it is a home- shoes in the hall like most homes.

pretty pink tulips on

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Tina, I can’t believe this all basically came out of a container, sight unseen. It works beautifully and if your brother-in-law changes his mind about keeping it….I think you’re set!!!

Love the photos taken at different times of day!

xoxo Elizabeth

Valerie on

Tina- I am in awe of this room! What a masterpiece, you would have thought you custom ordered every single piece and love how you used your exisiting wood pieces with the blues and whites, and the brackets are so gorgeous too! I love your antique botanicals, they work so well in that spot. I cannot imagine disassembling this room when your brother needs the furniture, it just looks so perfect!
I know whatever you do though will be as good as gold and I am wondering if you will with the same colors? To me, that soft colorway works perfectly there. Its beautiful all times of the day but especially the twilight/evening shots are particularly beautiful. Loved this!

Brandon @ Southgate on

oh Tina, it looks amazing! I didnt have a good feel for the size of the room before, I wouldnt have guessed three seating area would fit so perfectly. It looks absolutely stunning and very comfortable. And what luck with the container, the pieces go so well together!

Anonymous on

The many antiques you have wonderfully situated
are exceptional… ‘Couch’….sorry it needs to go…does not compliment that wonderful look you have endeavered to achieve. Stand back for a few……i believe you will find it…

Ivy Clad on

How cool is that to get to do a trial run on your furniture layout?! It looks so inviting; I love it!

I hadn’t realized how many of your posts I have missed in the craziness of summer since school let out. So this past weekend I treated myself to going back through and catching up, some of them a couple extra times. I enjoyed the reading!


NanaDiana on

Wow- What a windfall..and how wonderful that you can both kind of pick and choose between you…and it gives you a real grasp on what your seating arrangements can be when all is said and done. Great post and I loved all the pictures. xo Diana

zanetastyle on

Hi Tina and thanks for stopping by my blog today, happy to hear you like the elegance in swimwear too(:
I am speachless how lovely it looks just from a compossition you did with pieces that are not even yours! You are a genius about this kinda stuff, but I am wondering why would you give this furniture back to your brother in law?(((: They look perfectly made for you and your room! But probably the pieces you ordered are even more amazing … but hard to imagine now, can’t wait to see it too. Regardless, you just did this fast and it is better than millions of peple doing it for a year! And it was not that many photos at once, I can take more…hugs Z

[email protected] Pond on

The living room looks splendid – love all the pieces and the way you’ve set them out works beautifully. Your blue and white really does look spectacular on those wall brackets.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

What a lovely room, Tina. It has such beautiful proportions and a gracious feel. I’m sure you had fun putting this together. x Sharon

mishebe on

Stunning! But the room alone (the bones) is just dreamy!

andee on

How cozy and warm the room looks and it will give you a great idea about what you DON’T like.

And why no more selling of gilt brackets as we all need them. Must possess an alternative sourse but surely you can get back to selling them. Just because you have them remember us little folks who don’t line in EH’s.

I love the way the furniture outlines the room.
you have a lot of legs going on!

L.P. on

Breathtaking is the first word that comes to mind!! You took a very large room and made it feel so beautibul but somehow cozy and inviting too, which is not easy to do. Love the colors and hope your permanent arrangment will be the same tones, I think it works so well with this room, you get beautiful light during the day,will you add window treatments? I love the night pictures, its just breathtaking. So happy you are sharing this journey with us, I have gotten an endless number of ideas from your blog, Tina. Thank you.

The Buzz Blog on

Nothing like having a trial run with someone else’s furniture – and it fits so perfectly!

Anonymous on

Love your style and that you take so many shots from different angles and different times of the day. I kept thinking that this room is begging for a grand piano. Do you have a separate music room? By the way, I did get some ideas for my own home from looking at your pics! Thanks for sharing!

Ricki Jill Treleaven on

Simply stunning room…but what I like most about it is that you have made a very large room warm, inviting, and intimate. Congratulations on your lovely living room!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

WOW…Tina, I love the light and airy feeling of these pieces and my favorite picture is the one with the PINK ORCHID in the forefront with your banister in the background! YOU ARE HAVING FUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Oh how lovely it all looks. BISOUS! Anita

5th and State on

what could i add to the lovely comments above? well how is this, I AM GOBSMACKED! what a difference tina!
in each image my eyes went longingly to the mantle, trim work and windows letting in ribbons of light. the furniture completes the package, cannot wait to see yours.
stunning tina

black tag diaries on

wow! what a gorgeous transformation! it’s amazing how furniture and the “extras” can cozy up a room. i totally want to come over and sit on the little sofa by the fireplace and read a book. everything looks so inviting. oh, and i LOVE that you are using the mantle from your old house. love, love, love.

L o v e l y t h i n g s on

All looks so beautiful and so many interesting shots throughout the day and into dusk. Hard to imagine it wasn’t meant for that room.

Stacy Curran on

It’s too bad you are not keeping every single thing – it is absolutely perfect!! What a gorgeous room. Right out of a magazine. But, I know you enjoy picking your own things, and I’ll bet anything it’s even prettier when YOU do it – although its hard to imagine, I’ll still put odds on you making it even better!

AimeeR on

Can’t stop looking and marveling at the amazing transformation..thanks so much for all the photos. You have taken a large space and made warm and inviting sitting areas throughout. I can just imagine a wonderful cocktail party taking place! Here’s to you…CHEERS TINA!!

vicki archer on

So fun to furnish and play Tina… and then do it all over again… I adore your panelling, it is a fabulous room… I hope you get to sit down in it once and a while… xv

Patty Day @Patty's Epiphanies on

Wow, where do I start. I just found your Blog. Love it. What an opportunity you are experiencing! My dream….
I will add your blog on my List of Blogs to inspire! I don’t have a huge following…can’t imagine that this comment will be 82!!! I have maybe 15 to 20 tops. Just a little blog of my crazy ideas.

Can’t wait to see your next Post!
Patty Day

mikky on

It was fun to see all the photos you took. I remembered your staircase from when it was being built, but I forgot how beautiful your staircase railing is. So gorgeous.


Anonymous on

I think a new word needs to be created to describe this vision of a room. Oh my goodness, I think I would have to sleep in there and they would have to fight me to the ground to take it away in 2 months! Its so perfect, are you sure you can’t bargain with your brother in law”? Has he seen how amazing it looks there? Just so beautiful Tina! Thanks for sharing it. Always enjoy getting a peek into your beautiful home.

Deserae on

Your living room is GORGEOUS!!! It’s hard to believe most of the furnishings are temporary and are not staying in the room since they fit the room so beautifully!!!!! Happy Wednesday :o)

Alison @ The Polohouse on

Hi Tina!
What a great story! I think you need to talk to your BIL
and get him to share more of the pieces you are storing for him!
They are meant to be in that room, from what I can see.
Just beautiful. Love the one shot where the staircase fades to
blue in the background behind all the blue and white porcelain in
the evening lit room.
LOVE it.

Ideezine on


Love how the furniture fits the room and your right it is cozy and very inviting. It’s like a dress rehearsal only better! It will be fun to see how it changes when your selected pieces come into the space. As for now this really works out beautifully.


Summer on

You have a beautiful French bergere in your living room in a stripe fabric with exposed wood creme painted frame. Can you tell me who the manufacturer of it is. Strikingly beautiful! Thanks.

leather sofas perth on

It is really an enchanted one. I can’t wait that I also can have that kind of house. You really have a nice furniture. Sofa, beds , everything that is can be seen in there.

John on

Couldn’t keep my eye off that stairway.

Trish on

Would you share the dimensions of this room and the size of this rug?

Carpet Cleaning Putney on

I will only say that these designs look amazingly posh!
I would love to have such a home, but I know it is impossible to achieve such an interior without the help of a professional.

Carpet Cleaning Putney on

I will only say that these designs look amazingly posh!
I would love to have such a home, but I know it is impossible to achieve such an interior without the help of a professional.

Anonymous on

Thanks for showing us how the .00001% live.

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