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Happy Sunday night…….and how have you been these last four days? I missed being on my blog…..always miss being in “my happy place”! I wanted to give you an overdue store update post as well as address questions that have been asked fairly often.

Though I wasn’t planning on adding my new goodies until late summer, you know me, when things are happening or come in, I have no patience and I am busting at the seams to share with you! I get lots of questions and figured this would be an easy way to answer them as well as update many of you on whats new and exciting! Lots of you have asked me for lamps, the blue and white bathroom accessories I featured months ago, ask for more statuary and many of you want hand painted tole pieces….so this post is for you!

To address various emails and inquiries in one fell swoop……..

  • The canvas art and statuary are made to order and take about 4 weeks but some canvas art is in stock and on occasion I can get something to you in a week or two.?
  • The statuary as of late Aug. will start being offered in 8 different finishes. ?
  • Most monogrammed linens ship out within 5 days, almost all porcelain, pillows and silver in stock as well.?
  • The silver line is going to be extended and several gorgeous new pieces will soon be added, a few taken away that are discontinued
  • I am going to soon announce a frequent buyer program which will offer some enticing incentives! I love my repeat customers as much as I love chocolate. Well almost:)
  • Candles are being discontinued except for the crystal hurricane gardenia candles (like The Ritz carries) though there will be a price increase in the fall.
  • ?I am going to add lamps and possibly another category.?
  • In addition as the holidays approach, I will offer special promotions as well as a section for gifts under $50 and one for gifts under $100. As always, feel free to email me anytime with any questions you may have, happy to answer!
  • Frames are going to be phased out, selling what I have left.
  • Bookends for now are not going to be carried, they are heavy to ship and breakable.
  • The dough bowls I carry are real antiques, not repros…so no two are alike. Every one is a slightly different size and on occasion I can get smaller ones but the long ones tend to be quite big, generally about 26″ and up. Every now and then I get a smaller one but you need to ask first especially if you are looking for a specific size
  • The belljars stock changes everyday. The tulip which is quite popular is due in Oct. and will come in S,M,L and XL. There will be limited quantities and I already have several orders for them. The deep cut and floral etching right now are for the most in stock in all of the above sizes except M. These two styles and the tulip are the three best selling.
Now for the fun part……

First the long awaited blue and white bathroom accessories finally arrived! I have only been waiting 5 months!!!!! They are even prettier in person and are of the highest quality. Talk about making a statement in a bathroom for all you blue and white lovers!
Here they are, I plan to add them to my shop sometime next week but if you need them now….just email me for all information, [email protected]


Tissue holder

Vanity jar (cotton balls, Qtips,etc…)

Toothbrush holder


Decorative vanity jar

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Also getting in this beautiful blue and white umbrella stand with ormolu

One area I am planning on putting a lot of focus on is lamps….many of you have asked for them and I know from personal experience really great lamps are not so easy to find, crazy as it is! ?I have sold some of these already to rave reviews. Not only are they gorgeous but they are VERY well priced. Again these will be added sometime next week, but feel free to email me if you have any questions. There are many more other than what is shown, so if you have a specific size or color theme you are looking for just email me! So many to love………..

And I am getting in a “trial order’ of these pieces, ?would love your feedback! All are handpainted and have a strong chinoiserie theme going on, which I think is elegant and timeless, real statement pieces and again excellent price point. Plus it appears the whole chinoiserie thing while to me never went out of style is in vogue once again. I think they are stunning…..

And last plan on adding many pieces to my statuary/planter line, I have done extremely well with it and everyone is so excited when they get it because as they say its even prettier in person (always a nice surprise with anything, don’t you think)! Best part is they have the look of old world statuary, but are lightweight can be kept out year round and are being offered in 8 colors, though the white moss is my personal fave and by far the most popular. Some of the items I will be adding. And as this line is extensive, if you have a particular item in mind or a certain size planter, email me chances are they have it!

And certainly last but not least……from the gorgeous pewter line, some truly stunning new additions! Some current items will no longer be available but some special pretties will take their place. BTW for any of you waiting on the popular squirrel nut bowl, getting in five this week so order if you are interested. Feast your eyes on these……
The popular squirrel nut bowl
Gorgeous pewter gravy boat

This great acorn nut bowl

Stunning pewter pagoda salt and pepper

How beautiful is this magnificent acron pewter cake/dessert stand?
Here it is without anything on it….pretty!
Love the songbird pewter and acacia wood large salad bowl
And the matching songbird salad serving set
Also its rare to get smaller long dough bowls..I have one left of this unique size, 17″ long by about 10″ wide, very pretty. If interested contact me.

Have a favorite? I could fill my house with all this….love love love it! As always I love and cherish your feedback and comments, so do tell what strikes your fancy! And as always feel free to contact me anytime with any inquiries to [email protected]. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday evening!


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