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Good Sunday morning to you……. well we were supposed to be leaving for sunny warm California today (we would be boarding the plane right now, boo hoo)  but it did not work out. I am quite bummed, as I was totally psyched for that warm fresh air, but it was not meant to be.  Tickets, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, everything was booked, so making that cancellation phone call was mighty hard but I have to tell myself there was a reason it worked out this way and carry on…..until the next vacation:)

So we are not skipping a beat…we are off on a mini road trip to visit some colleges  for my son and visit a friend or two along the way. I will be gone off and on for the next 4-5 days so will be back later in the week. In the meantime, thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and visit some of my old posts, some of which many of you might not have seen (depending on how long you have been following along with me). Hope you have a wonderful weekend..and be back later in the week!

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Well..that should keep you busy for awhile! Hopefully something for was fun going through so many of my old posts, many I had forgotten about. There were so many more I wanted to share but another time. Anyway, will pop in when I can otherwise will be back later in the week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. As always, many thanks for stopping by to say hello!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Oh sweet Tina, I am so sorry that you had to cancel! I am actually supposed to be going to California to see my family on March 5-9. But I am not sure how that is going to turn out either, so I may not be going as well! I long for the ocean and if I do make it, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, HERE I COME! Love to you my dear, Anita

P.S. THE HAMPTONS is my dream vacation for the USA!

NanaDiana on

Have a wonderful, safe trip, Tina. For some reason you were not supposed to go-that’s the way I look at it. I am going to pop by some of those posts I missed. Your blog is always such pure eye candy. Have a wonderful few days away- xo Diana

Amy on

Hi Tina, this looks like fun. I better get another cup of tea, looks like these could keep me busy awhile.

We just finished a road trip for colleges and am going again on Tues. for three days down towards the south. We had such fun, made me wish I was 18 again! I bet you will have a great time and though I know the disappointment of not being able to take a trip, you are right, there IS a reason.

Enjoy your days off.

Francine Gardner on

So sorry you had to cancel your trip…i am in the same boat, have my trip to Africa booked, airfares and deposits not refundable…and due to work , should really cancel…hesitating… meanwhile, have a wonderful time visiting colleges, I so enjoyed it with my sons. My younger son took us to all the school in warm California, in february! that was a great time.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina…I am so sorry that you had to cancel your trip to California. I remember the college visit days all too well – with three children going to college in four years we managed to visit quite a few. They were wonderfully fun trips and were an excellent chance to travel with each of the children. I feel like we have “seen them all” so if you want any tips on places to visit, just send me an e-mail! Have a wonderful time!


jennifer smith on

Sorry to hear about your canceled trip. We were supposed to go to Greece in Nov. and had to cancel last minute too and I moped around until we came up with a plan b. (my daughter had been sick and could not fly) as soon as she was better we took a four day road trip and ended up having such a good time. So I bet you will have a great time on the college trip, and like you said there are reasons for everything.
Thanks for all this awesome reading materiel, looks like many I have not seen, can’t wait to go through them! Have a nice time.

vicki archer on

Have a lovely few days Tina… and California will just have to wait… but things always work out for a reason… that’s my feeling too… xv

Acquired Objects on

Have fun on the road Tina and be safe! California isn’t going any where so another time you’ll make it out there. Dress warmly for Boston because it’s freezing there today!


Tiffany @ Savor Home on

Sorry about your trip!! In the meantime, I hope you and your son have a good time. I look forward to going through your posts!

Cindy Albert on

Happy Sunday to you. Hope you have a fun road trip. Of course we will be anticipating your next post.


gamat gold on

very nice picture
continued success yes
Greetings from me


Very nice images. In my mind I thought that by achieving these milestones it would replace what I thought was missing and Greatness would automatically manifest, but it didn’t. When it didn’t it was then I began to realize that my wanting to be great was nothing more than a “HOPE”… a someday pie-in-the sky dream.
Modular Kitchen Collection

designchic on

So sorry the trip didn’t work out, but I always loved a good college tour!! Fun drinking my morning coffee and heading down memory lane with you!! Safe travels…

Debby Steele on

That is such a bummer about Cali but have fun visiting your son!!! Next time you are up this way WE NEED TO MEET!!!! I’m so bummed my life is chaotic and I couldn’t fit it in. πŸ™ Anyways, I remember many of these posts – the fact that they come to mind just translates what a great blogger you are! Have a safe trip home and enjoy catching up w/ your son. xo

Gina on

Dear Tina, That little girl and camel photograph is the happiest and sweetest image ever. Recently I watched a documentary by a German Film crew which depicted the life of several Mongolian families and their camels. Don’t remember the exact name but was something like “The camel that cried real tears”. Is your first photograph from that film? If you haven’t seen it, I think that you would truly enjoy it. ox, Gina

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

I am sorry that you had to cancel your trip. Enjoy your time away.
Happy Monday.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone on

Dear Tina –

Beautiful!! Thanks for all the lovely inspirations. And, thank you for your good wishes….really appreciate it! I am feeling much better, and back in the shop. So sorry about your California trip cancellation. Something to look forward to in the future πŸ™‚ Enjoy touring colleges. I love visiting college towns – such energy and excitement!

Take care,

Kim L. on

Amazing images! Thanks for sharing. I adore the monogrammed pillows in the second to last image. I have some white bedding that I’ve been wanting to have monogrammed forever. I’m inspired to give it a try now.

michele on

best of luck on your college visits, tina. it is a strange feeling to be entirely done with that now for good…dude, i am old.

i am ready for cali about now.


sharon santoni at my french country home on

loved this walk down memory lane Tina, especially the table settings! And I just adore your new blue and white blog design
have a wonderful trip

Amy Vermillion Interiors on

Good luck on the college visits! Sorry about your ruined Cali trip. I enjoyed reading these the first time but I remembered how much I loved your post on European kitchens. The reclaimed limestone floor sets the tone for the whole thing! And yours are gorgeous.
When you get back, check your email…I sent you one a couple of days ago to your gmail.
Happy Traveling,

The Buzz Blog on

We’re hankering for some warmer weather and sorry to hear your little getaway didn’t happened as planned…. Hope you have fun on your revised trip!
C + C

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Canceling a trip is a bummer…but you walk on the sunny side of the street in your thinking so you will have a great time where ever you end up going! I am going to read creating the ultimate european kitchen now…I missed a ton of these posts.

pretty pink tulips on

Hi Tina,
I’m so sorry that your California trip was cancelled. But, impressed with your spunk to just keep going and make the best of it. Cali will be there and I know you’ll get that trip in.

Thanks for all the links to old posts…will enjoy going through them!
xoxo Elizabeth

zanetastyle on

Hello Tina, it is good that you know how to stay positive despite the trip cancellation…and I have just spent 40 minutes reading your older posts and loved it (:
hugs Z

Chic Coastal Living on

have fun on your trip for colleges! I hope it turned out to be a great weekend for you! XOXO

[email protected] Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina I hope you enjoy every second of your road trip! I am sorry California did not work out but perhaps this will be a more interesting adventure, after all you are driving…think of how many more treasures you can put in the car than a suitcase.

Thank you for the links to some of my favorite posts!Looking forward to reading them again.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy the college visits.


christy on

Hi Tina, I know what I will be going over this weekend, all these wonderful looking posts. Most I don’t think I have seen, but I am sure they are all fantastic.
Sorry about your trip, I know how disappointed you must be but like you said there are reasons for it, and I am sure you are having a great time on your road trip. Look forward to your next post.

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