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Hi there!! I love when I get new things  in that have me really excited! Tabletop and personal accessories…two of my most favorite things that I seem to not be able to get enough of (my husband will attest to this) Is there any thing more fun than setting a beautiful table? This addition was born out of my love for entertaining and setting pretty tables…. When I find a line that I not only love but is really well priced, the first thing that comes to mind is selling them in my online store. Hence how my tabletop section got started.

 It is just  the beginning and over time I will be adding on, but for now I am super thrilled to be introducing these fabulous serving pieces, gorgeous linens (think spring), and super chic serving dishes. Everything is of the highest quality and priced right… a winning combination! These are as of today up on my online store, click here to visit.

LOVE these stunning classic salt and pepper shakers (very heavy, beautiful quality)

Margot salt and pepper shakers (heavy and beautiful quality) $45.00
Madeline salt and pepper shakers, heavy and beautiful quality $48.00

  Close up, just so elegant!!
Serving pieces…love these!!
All three styles come in slotted spoon, salad serving set, serving spoon, spreaders, cake spade

 Large wicker serving spoon $16.00
Close up of handle
 Heavy acrylic clear salad set $28.00

 Wicker cake spade  $18.00
 Antler and silver serving spoon $18.00

 Antler and silver spreader (set of 4)  $35.00, all three handles are offered in the spreaders

These are the three handles offered…..

And how about these classic porcelain and wicker serving dishes! These are so great for the summer! Comes in 5 sizes…all soon to be added, very elegant way to dress up any table…..

This shape is so practical…for larger dishes like mains or a lasagne, and the smaller one for potatoes, or rice…love these! (removable wicker liner)

 Another oval med. ideal for sides

 Oval serving dish with wicker basket  $39.00 perfect for vegetables or any side dish

Another love for me is accessories, I am a definite girly girl. Love handbags, clothes, jewelry, beautiful bath products, you name it…….so this section, while not the focus of my shop is just another extension of me and what I love. Got these awesome spring/summer bags, wicker/rattan with fun leather trim and bamboo accents. How great are these? They look like a million dollars but are soo affordable. I think these are so  chic!! I cannot wait for the warm weather to arrive just so I can use these bags!! For now these will be under New arrivals, some are now listed as of today and more are being added  but they will soon be in their own little section entitled “Personal accessories”and you better believe I will have fun building on that! So take a look at these pretties… here for new arrivals.

The totes are only $75.00 the clutches are $60.00
Love the bamboo and top stitch detailing….

Each of the clutches comes with a gold chain if you want to use it over the shoulder…..

  And the best part about this post is that I am offering a giveaway!! I am offering up either your choice of  one salad serving set or a salt and pepper set to celebrate! One winner to be announced on Friday morning.

To enter…. all you need to do is visit my online store, come back here and tell me one thing you would to receive. If you can’t stop at one, no problem pick two or threeπŸ™‚  Anonymous– you must put your first name and last name initial in the comment box! 
To all my subscribers who email me with their comments- PLEASE click on title of my post in your email, it will take you directly to my website where if you scroll to bottom of post you can leave a comment. Either by signing in with gmail, or just putting your name or anonymous. This is the only way I get the names for the contest.

  If you want a second chance, leave a comment on The Enchanted Home’s Facebook page, by clicking here. 

As always if you have any questions at all about anything in my online store, just email me here. Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day!

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Our French Inspired Home on

Love so many items under your “new arrivals”, from the polo salt and pepper shakers, to the acorn measuring spoons and French aprons. My favorite new item you feature today are the antler serving pieces. Wishing you a great day! -Tonya

Amy on

I feel like I need to have one of every thing! I love all the serving pieces and those bags, SO GREAT LOOKING! I think these are wonderful items to add to your store and my favorite item right now is the oversized blue and white bowl, which I am considering for my new dining room redo and those bags! Hope I win.

Nantucket Daffodil on

I am loving all of the wicker items…such a warm, cozy feeling. I LOVE the breadboards in your shop!

What a sweet giveaway!

Nantucket Daffodil on

Also left a comment on your facebook (princesnowfarm)

Dotti on

I love your new items. If I were to win, I would pick the antler salad set. Oh, if I could only be so lucky!. And I am still loving that large cut glass magnolia candle from your store. Have a great day! Dotti O

Dotti on

I visited your FB page and left comment there too.

Lisa S. on

The new line of summer purses is wonderful, love the bamboo handles. Also love item AP 51, the large planter with birds, everything in your shop is lovely!

Lynn Ogburn on

I love the new clutches and the salt and pepper sets. I also love anything blue and white in your porcelain collection.

Vickie Boyer on

The flat oval wicker serving dish and small woven clutches are darling. Gets me in the mood for Spring!! Thanks Vickie

KD on

Oh I’m so after the wicker salad servers and the new clutch although I really can’t decide between yellow which I adore and white which I feel is more practical for me since I seem to always be wearing all white even when I’m not playing tennis! What a super price point. I’ll likely buy a couple for birthday gifts too!

Anonymous on

What great additions. I especially love the salt and pepper shakers. I will add them to my wish list along with my other favorites, the bread boards and dough bowls.
Christy B.

Anonymous on

Love the new wicker serving set and clutches! I also love the porcelain ginger jars and soup tureens.
Kristin N.

Camille G on

The wicker serving utensils and dishes are great! They’d be great on a table outside with this summer with my wicker chargers. So many great things in your store — especially the dough bowls and wooden serving pieces.

AlwaysMe on

The salt and pepper shakers are gorgeous and I think would be versatile enough for any table setting. I love the bavarian bread boards and the pear cheese board at your shop – but there are so many beautiful things to choose from! – Elisa R.

Anonymous on

OMG! Your online store just keeps getting beter and better. Love everything blue and white, can’t get enough of it. Have my eye on a pair of large ginger jars, maybe a mother’s day gift to me from me?? Also love the new acrylic salad servers. Can’t wait to see what you have next to offer us….your fans. Linda A.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

The porcelain lams and jars are great, and I adore the napkin rings and dough bowls. I would love to have the Madeline shakers. Difficult to choose one thing.
Happy Wednesday.

vicki archer on

Tina… i love the wicker servers… you reminded me… I need some new ones! xv

Anonymous on

Thank you!
I’ve been looking high and low for a clutch. I think I’ve found it: w/ the white in the middle (love the little touch of the bamboo in the buckle). Are you selling them? Or please tell me where I can get it.

I can really see the salt/pepper shaker on my new marble kitchen countertop (just a little bling) :).

Cynthia on

Great stuff, love the Madeline salt and pepper shakers and the totes and clutches are beautiful and perfect for spring and summer.


Anonymous on

Love the new serving pieces! I am SO going to get those porcelain and wicker serving dishes and buy a couple of the purses for some girlfriends! But I also love the wood trivets! Julie G.

thefarmfiles on

Your store is full of gorgeous things, and makes for such a serene virtual shopping experience. I love the silver pieces, but my favorites are the dough bowls. So extraordinary. I am really drawn to the Madeline shakers.

Thank you for hosting the giveaway!


The Preppy Princess on

Oh Tina…. what gorgeous goodies you have added! Love the salt & peppers, but truly (majorly!) love the new handbags! They’re classic, the sort of bag everybody needs! I’m off to go gaga over them at your fabulous shop!

Sending you a smile,

LSU Melanie on

Oh how I LOVE all of the blue and white!!! My favorite would be the topiary needlepoint pillow p32A

Susan B. on

Love the new salad servers!!! Can always use another pair…Thanks for the opportunity!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering on

Good morning Tina…this is an easy entry because I feel like I have memorized all the goodies in your shop! My top two most coveted items are the Pewter Pear cheeseboard and the bread bowls. Oh how I wish your shop had been open when I was loading my house with beautiful things – now I am in the mode that I just have too many objects and not enough house or I would be buying half your inventory! The new serving sets are great – I especially like the wicker.

And, I really love the wicker clutches One can never have too many purses, right? And I don’t have a wicker clutch so one of those babies is in my shopping cart as soon as they are in the shop.

Enjoy your day!! xoxoxo

Donnamae on

I am seriously in love with those wicker handled serving pieces…and those Margot salt and pepper shakers! Thanks for the opportunity! πŸ˜‰

Julie on

I want the mango wood bowl with acorn scoop and pewter squirrel. It is such a cute, quirky piece.

Leslie on

Hi Tina, I am so exited about the new items you are adding! Great salt and pepper shakers and I like the serving dishes. I’m thinking about one for my cooking condiments. I have one by W&S/Apilco that sits next to my stove .. love it but it’s small. The wicker bags are darling and priced well. I have a warm weather getaway planned and ANY of these would be perfect.


Linda S. on

Tina……love the Madeline salt and pepper shakers. They would be precious on my breakfast table and I could admire them every morning! Thanks for the giveaway!

Suzanne M. on

Hi Tina!
I love the salt and pepper shakers…gorgeous! I love everything, but the tole planters and wastebaskets have caught my eye lately. The new totes and clutches are fabulous. Enjoy the day!

dkmunoz on

I would first LOVE the monogramed Ice Bucket, and Water Pitcher!
Then I would have to have one of those beautiful Bavarian Wood Bread Boards….in any size!!
I really like your Facebook page too! I’m sorry I have not found that before now!

Thank you for your generosity and I can hardly wait for the STRAW PURSES!! I love those!
Dana Munoz

Scat on

Oh always, aways, the ‘BLUE AND CREAM STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS’ These little dogs are a classic piece and I never tire of them. I see them in so many design photos. My mom had a pair when I was a child and my sister has them on her fireplace. I’ve always loved these gems.
Christine Hendrickson

mary on

One of everything, please! I’m having a love affair with blue and white, so would probably start there. Also would love some of your silver trays and planters, and must have one of those gorgeous candles for my powder room. Definitely plan on ordering some aprons and towels for Christmas gifts…love them! Thank you for making all of these wonderful lovelies available to us!

Mary C.

Cindy Wilson on

Wonderful giveaway – I get to act like a kid in a candy store. I love the new serving pieces, especially the antler design. The new handbags are great too. After browsing in your store like a kid in a candy store, I love the Bell Jar lighting, especially the Ribbon with Etching design. Also love the Fabulous Crested Planter and the Impressive Replica Vintage Trophy Bowl and the Etched Dome/Cloche – stunning. Hope I win! Thanks!
Cindy W

Anonymous on

Molly Rosenbohm (

I am replacing lighitng in my kitchne and entry. I am going with lanterns in the kitchen over the island, and I am into the Greek Key look of your lanterns, which I would purchase from your shop. And of course, anything Tole, as I LOVE your pieces. Love the handbags as well.

anne on

Anne O. My favorite item today! Is the straw clutches. I love,love,love them! Especially the with the yellow strap, so sunny!

Susan on

Your serving pieces with the rattan surrounds are perfect for warmer weather entertaining. Love the acrylic handles on the salad servers. Susan S.

Donna in Potomac on

Great pieces! I love anything wicker, and especially for summertime outdoor dining.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen on

The silver salt and pepper set would make a lovely addition to my table. Love the handbags and clutches too.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen on

I left a comment on your Facebook page too. The rattan pieces are perfect for summer entertaining, but my heart says the silver salt and peppers.

JeanneW on

I’m so excited to see that you are bringing in wardrobe items as well. What a great addition to an already well-curated collection. I am a fan of your new blue and white lamps, particularly 12C/A. I like the squat shape and the wood base. And of course the silver is always to die for. I am always thrilled when new ones are added to the mix. Thank you for your giveaway!

Anonymous on

I really love all of your new items. From you store I just really am in love with the bell jar light with the ribbon etching in the nickel. Love the salt and pepper shakers.

Anonymous on

Love everything! But my first choice would Beth’s salad servers in acrylic. Also commented on facebook-darcy roederer.

Patty McAnally on

The antler serving set is great…as well as the Margot salt and pepper shakers, and the clutch with the brown leather…love all your new pieces!!

Patty McAnally

Katherine on

Anything and everything in the silver line on your shop makes me happy. I like the new salt & pepper shakers especially the Madeline {tall and curvy – the way every girl wants to be portrayed}.

LSU Melanie on

Liked on facebook:)
Melanie D

Kate J. on

Tina- finally figured out how to leave a comment, yay! I am loving all these new things, the tabletop is so perfect and adore these straw bags and must buy a few. The serving utensils and serving wicker dishes are perfect for the warmer months ahead, that antler set is gorgeous.
I love all your porcelains, silver and the bell jar, the tulip is what I have my heart set on for my formal powder room. Wonderful items, how fun to see you expanding in such a great direction.
Kate J.

Anonymous on

Good Morning!

Can never figure out how to leave a comment from your post but here goes….love the monogramed soaps and the dough bowls. Your give aways are terrific too, especially the lucite salad servers. Love receiving your emails…brightens my day-

Regards –

Barb D

denise8689 on

I would love one of the antler serving pieces. So beautiful. I have wanted to start a collection of those for a long time and this would be the perfect start. Thank you!

Anonymous on

I love, love, love the silver salt and pepper shakers. Thanks of the chance to enter.


Anonymous on

love, love, love the clutches! i’m so ready for spring!

thanks much,
kim b.

p.s. thanks for the instructions on how to leave a comment – i needed that πŸ™‚

E on

Thanks for the great giveaway. The Madeline salt and pepper shakers are beautiful and I love the serving dishes with wicker baskets.


Barbara Novello on

i always love everything you have! But now I am really in love with the wicker serving set for summer and to go with that the wicker handbags and clutch!

Thanks for all you do!


Angela on

I adore everything you have on your store! I love the salt and pepper shakers in this post and am looking for a new apron so naturally, the French inspired apron caught my eye. Along with everything else!

Anonymous on

I love the new wicker purses! Also, I love the dough bowls.
Have a GREAT Day!

Melanie C. from Texas

michele on

really cute newbies to the bunch, tina! really! i think i have a crush on margot.

the straw bags are fab too. i sold my collection of vintage ones last year so good to know i have a source if i develop remorse.



Roman M on

The Monogrammed Linens are just gorgeous. What a lovely monogram!

The Buzz Blog on

Hello new kids in town – aren’t you just lovely! We own some of the porcelain and wicker dishes and they are always at our parties… Love the salad servers and really need some so fingers crossed.
C + C

CiciBianca on

Love, love the salad servers – if I win I’ll buy the Madeline S&P shakers – how about that?

Sarah on

You have such lovely things in your shop. I’d like to add the pair of cream colored Staffordshire dogs. Love their sweet expressions. All of your blue and white pulls at my heart strings too. Your header images are gorgeous! The new tabletop items are all exceptional and perfect for summer alfresco dining. I’d be thrilled with a pair of the Margot S&P. Thanks for hosting your generous give away. ~ Sarah

@somerskys on

I cant choose!!!!!!!! love everything in ur store BUT on this page i really salivate after the Margot salt and pepper shakers:’)

Nancy G on

The silver salt and pepper shakers are fabulous, but I’m really lusting after the wicker tote with white trim! It would be great for an upcoming trip to Kauai!

Anonymous on

Love the two tier silver tray. Your items are gorgeous!– crazy about the new stuff as well. -Alicia C. (

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin on

I adore the Madeleine salt and pepper shakers. They are gorgeous as is everything in your store! Fabulous giveaway. Wishing you a pretty week. Toodles,
Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, I really enjoy your blog. I love your bread bowls and the silver cake stand with dome. I enjoy baking and entertaining and your site has really great ideas (not to mention your beautiful home)
Many Thanks, Valerie D

Dee Campbell on

Love, love your new serving pieces … Especially the antler detailed ones!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, I’m sitting here with a shattered patella (wet floor, Saturday grocery shopping,,,bang!) and I looonging for my knee to heel so I can carry one of those fabulous bags for the summer! The details do, indeed,make them look like a million!
I’ve always loved your blue porcelain pieces, and of course, the magnificent bread bowls!!
Since, I’ll be in cast, from thigh to ankle (so much fun!) I’ll doubly look forward to your imaginative blog!!

Barbara A.

Anonymous on

Hi Tina! I love everything in your store. I really like the straw tote with the bamboo detail. I also like the dog salt and pepper shaker and the horse saddle napkin ring.
Ann Mucha

cheri on

Lovely new items. I still covet your dough bowls, sigh!!!!!

Susie H. on

I’m currently loving the antique dough bowls, especially the ones with repairs. I love your new serving utensils too. Thanks for the opportunity.

dogma on

Am DYING for the blue and white scalloped footbath but would be so happy with the acrylic salad set too.

Karen Albert on

Tina I love your new additions! One day I would like to receive a round wooden olive tray, a pair of needlepoint pillows in yellow, and A Staffordshire Dog Lamp (truth be told so much more) Like you I love adding to my kitchen and entertaining pieces.

Art by Karena

Kathy on

Tina, you have such great things. I love the clear handle spreaders. Thanks for the instructions to post.
Kathy P.

Jessica Greene on

I LOVE all of the silver! I actually received a planter as a Christmas gift from my mom. I screamed for joy when I opened it; it was definitely my favorite gift! My husband gave me a tray for a gift last spring that I adore as well. The Margot salt and pepper shakers would be a great addition to my growing collection from your store!!

Debbie Carr on

I would love to have an antique dough bow. Love your new things. Thank you. Debbie C.

Anonymous on

I would love to have the Beautiful celadon green porcelain and metal tray! It is gorgeous!
Hilary J.

zanetastyle on

The wicker lovelies are so attractive!
You know how to get pretty things, Tina. Ciao Z

Sheri on

Awesome blog! So happy I found you! The Green tray is beautiful.

Anonymous on

Everything you present is beautiful . I love the urns and planters you have and would love the round flower garland planter. Also I adore the topiary pillows.
Thanks for your blog and decorating inspiration!
Barb N., Colorado

Debra on

I discovered your beautiful blog a month ago and thoroughly enjoy admiring your choices and posts! I just noticed the beautiful aged moss statuary and planters…so romantic–inside or outside.
Best regards, Debra S., Dallas

Sherry on

I would love some monogrammed napkins or the Madeline salt and pepper shakers.

StagerLinda on

I love the Margot Salt and Pepper Shakers. Their chunky curves would be the perfect complement to my chubby fingers. Thanks for sharing all of your pretty finds.
Linda B., Raleigh

Kate M on

I have literally just stumbled across your blog now and it is so inspiring to see how you accessorise things around your house in order to be more unique.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday lovely,

Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin’ and GFC?
If so drop me a comment & I’ll follow you right back <3

Much Love,
Kate xo

Anonymous on

As always I love your blog. I love the new accessory line. The summer clutch is beautiful. I also love setting a beautiful table. Anything monogrammed and silver are the best.
Melanie O.

Debby Steele on

Your shop keeps getting better and better! I love the wicker flatware for summer and I would most definitely choose one of those adorable clutches (I bet they will sell like hotcakes)!! xo

Victoria on

Hi, Tina. Your new items are lovely and right up my alley. (Do people still use that expression? Maybe if they are as old as I.) I am in love with the antler-handled spoons and the wicker serving dishes. I plan on ordering them as soon as you list the other sizes. Congratulations on find more unique items for your shop and our homes.
XO, Victoria

My Kids' Mom on

I adore your blog and get so many ideas from what you do in your house. I would like to enter the contest to win the salt and pepper shakers, but I am not really sure how. I also looked into your wed shop and saw the beautiful needle point pillows of the blue corals. How lovely!

Have a great day!

Kind regards from
Anneli in Sweden

Enchanted Papers on

I adore the vintage silver trophy bowl in you store and the salad set is divine..
Mary F

Joan on

What a lovely bright spot of a dreary day! The salt and pepper shakers are a wonderful addition to your on-line store and would look beautiful with napkin rings! Thank you Tina!

Belle on Heels on

As always, the white with gold accents Staffordshire dogs have my heart. But the monogrammed linens are certainly tempting as well!

I’d love the servers. They’re modern and classic at the same time. Beautiful!

Anonymous on

Hi! Thank you for providing beautiful pictures and lovely things on your blog. I love everything you show. Love the wicker bags…reminds me of my childhood and my best friend who had a cute clutch with red leather strap. Oh, how I wanted one! The salt and pepper shakers are beautiful and would add class to any table!
Paige Q

Maria at inredningsvis on

Your blog is so wonderful and Im following…I hope you follow me also:)

If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration…check out my blog:)

Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria at

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* on

Can you believe I have never had a set of salad servers?!? Shameful. πŸ™‚ Guess what? Since I finally have a FB page I went right over and liked you… officially. πŸ˜‰

Toby Crane on

Thanks for sharing this information. I am glad that I have been able to learn about the Catalina Foothills homes. They are like this. I wish I could live in a home like this.

Kathy Bunge on

Hello! Love the new tote bag with natural trim. Your blog posts are always beautiful!


Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina…you have great taste…Love the new things you added to the shop!

Anonymous on

Beautiful items! LOVE tote with white trim..would be great to start off Spring 2013 with!
Donna A

Cheryl on

Loving your porcelaines and napkin rings

Suzluvsflowers on

Love the blue and white porcelain- all of it! And the wooden bread boards! The new items make such a nice addition to your shop.

ombdesigns on

Tina, thanks for the great giveaway!
It’s always so hard to select one item from your online store…everything is so beautiful!
I really love all the silver cachepots and trays, and your new items are lovely. The serving pieces are my favorites too!

Chic Coastal Living on

Congrats to the winner! XOXO Love all of your new store items! Those bags and the serving pieces are so perfect! I’ll be making a purchase soon! XOXO

Julian Levi on

Love these all accessories… Thanks for sharing your blog… I will have to purchase some of these items…Thanks
children lunch boxes

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