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This is a short fun post. Hope you are having a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Ours is going well… son ended up not going to his tournament ?which secretly was kind of amazing to me so it allowed me a little extra free downtime, always a huge treat! We enjoyed having friends over, a beautiful dinner out, a trip to a favorite garden center,? a visit to a local farmstand that just opened and today we are going to a few more garden centers and then a graduation party later in the day.

?Since my poor camera (heavily abused) is now officially “in retirement”? I have to rely on my iphone. Just got the new iPhone 5 a few days ago and will concede that the camera is much better than the 4. I did not like the quality of the pictures from my old phone so this one is a step up. Anywho….as I love to take pictures of just about anything and can rival any Japanese tourist I took various pictures that kind of tell a story of my happenings in the last few days. Thought it would make a fun and “quickie” post (quick by my standards). Ready? Here we go…..

A wonderful event at Safavieh…a table too pretty to not take a picture of, love the crudite “trunk”…

?My local farm stand finally opened….what a treat!
Fresh bread getting sliced up for crostinis I am making for appetizers……….
?Basil, parsley and fresh tomatoes….doesn’t get better!

?Fresh strawberries..yum!

?Baby carrots….

Cut up bellpepper in half to serve as “bowls” for my dip

Add a little lighting for some ambiance…..

Light the candles outside on the loggia……
Loving my pillows!! A post on this to come in the next week or two…..

Adding my finishing touches, love the look of baby carrots and a yummy healthy spinach dip made with Greek yogurt…..

?Aren’t these glasses beautiful? Bought them at an antique shop in CT. a while back……

I bought a large lot of them….it was like a crystal glass jackpot, love them!

And of course every get together in my home must include some kind of crostini (we were having friends over)….could easily make a meal of these plus they are so pretty!

?And I got the best fresh figs with the fresh strawberries…they were soooo good.

Bought five of these very large white “Annabelle” ?hydrangea flower bushes….going to have them planted today

Spent a little time by the pool……

This was the original pool house which we have done nothing to other than clean it up, it still has a lot of charm but eventually hope to give it a “facelift”

This extra large lattice planter, (think playhouse size) over 4′ x 4′ x 4′ is getting planted on Sunday

?So excited! These gardenia topiaries that were dying I was able to bring back to life and they just sprouted their very first blooms in months!! This was a thrill:)

?And hydrangeas are bloomimg in my yard, not to say this is my favorite color but they are pretty

?Visited a local nursery………..

?This darling scultpure is of a girl and boy swinging to be hung from a tree….so cute!

?Aren’t these pretty? The beautiful flowers our friends brought us over when they came over last night

?Raised my window treatment in my bathroom to make it a little fuller and I like it!

Finally finished the floor of the small powder room off the library….now waiting for the wallpaper…..

This paper I have had in that little bathroom for nearly a year! I am finally taking the plunge…still love it as much as the day I found it!
? So that’s a wrap of my weekend as seen through my trusty iPhone. Today we have a graduation party and hoping it doesn’t rain! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful and relaxing weekend…hard to believe next week is July 4th! Summer is flying…….

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