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Hello and happy Friday late day to you….kind of glad this week is over. Between my husbands pneomonia, my own root canal and a stomach bug……I am totally ready for a relaxing weekend,  I think I have earned a few glasses of wine or champagne (maybe even a bottle)!

OK, its definitely no secret how very much I love monograms. I mean really love them. I would monogram just about anything  that isn’t nailed down (and often do). I just cannot get enough… about you?

So today, I was tickled pink to get a signed copy of Victoria’s new Monogram issue in my mailbox. This magazine is absolutely exquisite and a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves monogram. Filled from front page to back cover of the most fabulous, droolworthy pictures of monograms, on linens, silver, china and stationary…it made me a bit weak at the knees! Seriously…I cannot stop looking at this magnificent collection filled with the most beautiful images. You must get a copy!! You will thank me:)

Best part? Hoffman Media  sent me two extra signed copies!! So I am giving away two issues to two very lucky monogramming loving readers. For those of who need to get a copy for yourself pronto, you can order it by clicking here. It is not to be missed, pure and simple. This is one of those magazines (like my many Southern Accents) that you will just not throw away!

So first a look at some of the wonderful ways monograms are being used today. And details on how to enter the drawing on the bottom…….enjoy!!

 Amazing what  three little letters can do to a bed!
The master “Leontine” of beautiful luxurious monogrammed bedding

 Love my Jack Rogers monogrammed sandals…….in all their many colors.

Aren’t these stunning green shantung silk pillows with their over sized monogram exquisite! Number Four Eleven

 Monogrammed silver flatware? Yes please!

 Don’t you love seeing a beautiful monogram on a chair?

 And how about these darling monogrammed clutches available here

 Love the personalized touch of monogrammed dinner napkins on a nice crisp linen napkin, Mark and Graham

 No one does stationary as beautiful as Alexa Pulitzer’s gorgeous monogrammed versions…….

How about  these darling belts in all their many colors and patterns!! Leta Austin Foster

A gorgeous bed with a single pillow graced with a monogram is the picture of elegance……

 Number Four Eleven monograms absolutely gorgeous pillows and linens!
 I love the idea of gorgeous monogrammed bar ware, such as the ones I sell on my online shop

 Carolyne Roehm  created this gorgeous blue and white setting complete with stunning monogrammed napkins

 LOVE these cookies!

Another example of how even one statement pillow bearing a monogram gives a “Wow” kind of effect, Number Four Eleven

 As beautiful for a kids room as they are for a master bedroom…monograms are always a great idea!

 Love seeing a beautiful old antique silver item monogrammed…..magnificent!
 Love monograms in fun bright colors too, Liz Caan

 Think the effect of a large scale monogram on a dining chair is so very beautiful, Number Four Eleven

Gorgeous room by Jill Rootes Interiors

 How about a beautiful colorful monogrammed cocktail napkin with this beautiful hemstitch detail?
 Nothing beats cozying up to a beautiful monogrammed blanket…Mark and Graham
 Hey if you can get away with bearing this monogram….go for it!
How adorable are these monogrammed wine stoppers!
Adore this beautiful monogrammed chair, Dixie Delights
And of course Stubbs and Wooton make the ultimate monogrammed  shoe!

 A beautiful monogrammed ice bucket is a great item to own and give as a wonderful gift

 Love the pop of color and dose of happy these beautiful linens give this bathroom

Now if this didn’t get you in the mood for monograms, don’t know what will! Feast your eyes on this  cover of the gorgeous edition of Victorias’ Monogram special edition magazine! Two lucky winners will each receive a signed copy (by Phyllis Hoffman, the media mogul behind this exquisite magazine). How to enter? Easy peasy……
Visit my monogram shop online and come back and tell me a favorite item. That’s it! If you want a second chance leave a comment on The Enchanted Home Facebook page by clicking here.
A winner will be announced on Monday morning……

Thanks for stopping in……hope you saw something here that you loved. Wishing you a wonderful Friday evening and fabulous weekend! Until Monday…..

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I love everything but especially the Monogrammed Silver Sterling Pendant. I stumbled across your blog a few days ago in search for French Provincial inspiration for my wedding and boy did I find it! Love your site and pinterest – it helped me regain sanity during the planning process!

OMG! What a great post! So many wonderful things monogrammed! My favorite item in the shop is the carving board. What a great gift for an engagement party!!! Have a great weekend!

You know that I am in love with anything monogrammed!
I love everything here. I love the pitcher and candles!
I love everything Hoffman Media does. It’s the southern thing.
Happy weekend. Headed to fb.

I too can’t get enough monograms in my home. I love the candle that you offer because it’s unusual. I have not seen that before. Thanks for the giveaway!

What a beautiful way to end my long exhausting week. Love every single picture here! I think I need a few new monogrammed pillows for my bed and on your site, love the monogrammed glasses and will need to order some before my birthday shindig in Sept. What an elegant way to serve your guests, the magazine looks great and if I don’t win I will definitely buy it.

Susan M.

Love all the monogrammed items you carry but especially like the monogram soap. What a lovely addition to a bathroom or guest room. Hope next week is better for all of you….enjoy the weekend.


I have long been a fan of Victoria Magazine since it came out in the 80’s. I always saved the calling card columns, mostly of the beautiful graphics and monograms. I think the set of square soaps are my favorite, and would look exquisite in the powder room on one my moms silver platters.

I really enjoy your blog I check in every morning…when I feel like slacking on my projects you get me going again!
Have loved monograms since high school…. I think the soaps are so elegant!
Hope you have a great weekend my best,Mary Ann

Hi Tina…I hope you have a lovely, relaxed weekend…you definitely deserve it!

I am such a sucker for anything monogrammed…from your shop, I love it all, but especially the bar ware, the soap and the hand towels.

Take care…xoxo


I love your shop and my favorite monogrammed item is the silver necklace.

Thanks for letting me enter the contest.


I too love anything monogrammed! My favorite is you pendant necklace. I am celebrating my 60th b-day this year and have mentioned several times to my husband my wish to have one. Let’s see if my wish comes true. Fondly, Debbie S.

I absolutely love your low ball glasses! To me they’re the ultimate in personalized sophistication.


Dear Tina! A ROOT CANAL NOW? And a stomach bug? Oh dear, cozy up in your grand family room (the room with the dark beams!) and take a bottle of bubbly and sit back and know we love ya. Get well my friend! Anita

Monogram anything!

I too so enjoyed the Victoria Magazine “monogram “
Something so regal about monograming, even when you have them displayed is a rustic cottage home. They are timeless.

Thank you for sharing your grace and beauty.


I just started subscribing to your blog this week and am so excited to have a chance to enter a contest!! I love the square soaps – so elegant for guests (or me!) Really enjoyed this post about monograms. Love your posts – great research, beautiful pictures and inspiration! [email protected]

I love all the photos! In your shop – I love the ‘highball glassware’. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and my mother and Aunts would drink highballs at all my cousins big Polish weddings.

Love it all – it’s so hard to decide. Maybe the glass pitcher because you can never have too many pitchers. I’m a longtime fan of Victoria magazine (I was reading it in my teens). Thanks for the opportunity and thank you for the great monogram photos!
Trisha Troutz

I love the highballs! My favorite by far….second choice would be the monogrammed soaps but I would never ever use them! Everything is lovely. On another note, I especially love the blue and white napkins you showed on the blog today….just perfect!

Hi sweet Tina,
Thank you for your comment on my blogpost! Indeed we do have to slow dawn to recharge our batteries!
You do have wonderful items in your shop Tina! The Monograms are stunning! The ice bucket is my favorite and also the baby wear ! Isn’t that beautful!
Tina, besides all beautiful pieces here today, I noticed your painting of the dog!!! Oh dear, love this! I am searching for a painting like that!

Happy weekend my friend!

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Oh Tina, you are speaking my language. I love anything with a monogram as well. I have always had a love of typography so monograms fit in perfectly with that. Love all of the above images, especially the over-sized monograms, amazing. Happy Saturday,

Hi Tina,
I even named my daughter with my initials so she could inherit things that were monogrammed and enjoy. The necklace is a must have!
Kathy P.

Love the sterling silver monogrammed necklace! Love the blog and your store also. Nice giveaway and good luck to all.

Love your scripted soaps and linens Tina! Wow, I guess you can get just about anything monogrammed these days:) I have the JR sandals but there are not monogrammed ~ so I need to get that done next time!

Some how I missed that your husband had pneomonia and that you had a root canal and a stomach bug.. I’m so sorry to hear this:( Hopefully you will enjoy a relaxing recuperative weekend.

We have family in from out of town so I’ll be running around preparing for the evenings festivities. Have fun today!

I am also in love with anything and everything monogrammed! You have so many beautiful items in your shop…I also just love the monogrammed carving board, what a wonderful addition to any party.

I’m new to your blog and I looooove it! You are a girl after my own heart

Hi Tina,

I got tickled by Kathy’s comment that she named her daughter with her inititials so she could inherit her monogrammed treasures. Now that’s thinking ahead! I’m also a fan of the beautiful Victoria magazines & have issues dating back to the 80’s. Bless Phyllis Hoffman for resurrecting that publication. As for your store – what’s not to love? The square soaps are such a classy touch in a guest bathroom, but my favorite monogram item is the necklace because it’s a gorgeous font that will dress up the most casual outfit. Keep the “pretty” coming!

I am in LOVE with the monogram necklace. I grew up wearing monograms on EVERYTHING and my daughter is falling in love with monogrammed clothing and jewelry also! I guess the acorn does not fall far from the tree!!!
LOVE,LOVE, LOVE everything!!!
Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!

Being from the south I love everything monogrammed. I love the monogrammed chip and dip board in your shop. What a generous and wonderful giveaway. Feel better soon.
Linda O.

Love it all……Can never get too much monogrammed.
Love the monogrammed necklace so much. Have your monogrammed soap which smells so good!
If I purchase anything that would be passed down to my grandchildren, I will put their monogram on the item and leave it to that child when I’m gone.
Hope you’re having a great weekend.
Sold my home that I just renovated before I got it on the market. Yea!!!!
Linda Miller

I’m so sorry you had such an awful week. You do deserve some wine! Hope everything goes back on track shortly.

Thank you for the Victoria magazine giveaway. I love both monograms and the magazine and used to have a subscription years ago for the gorgeous photos. Years later I named my daughter Victoria, not after the magazine but the name must have certainly buried itself in my brain. My favorite item in the shop is your monogrammed towels. I like the circle monogram the best.

Hi, thanks for letting me discover Alexa Pulitzer’s stationaries : i love stationaries, don’t know if she’ll send to France. I love the Number Four Eleven pillows, very elegant.
Thanks for sharing your passion for monograms. Regards from France
Cecile (Bayonne – France)

I’m a Southern girl, and we come out monogrammed!
Thanks for the great giveaway, Tina. I love the disposable monogrammed guest towels–a touch of elegance in the guest bathroom that can’t be beat.

Monograms are awesome. Just rec’d a monogram necklace for Mothers Day this year. In your shop I love the pitcher. Very classy. Valerie D.

Tina, so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling poorly. Hope you are better soon. After visiting your shop, i am in love with the monogram necklace.

I have been collecting antique monogrammed silver napkin rings, and have been lucky enough to find a few that have 2 (and 3!) initials that match with those of family members. These have been a great conversation starter on the table. I love the monogrammed silver necklace. This was a fun post, thank you! Catherine B

Hope everyone’s feeling well again! I’m with you: am nuts about monograms (that green pillow in your post caused heart palpitations). I love all of your monogrammed items, but, I think I’d love to have the disposable towels for my powder room — I’ve got the tray, but I’ve run out of towels, and yours are gorgeous. Wonderful, beautiful post today, as usual. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA


I hope that you are feeling better…a root canal and a stomach bug, makes a very miserable time, throw in being a nurse and I am sure that you are worn out!

I LOVE monograms, and have been dreaming about the green pillows since you had them on your blog. They are stunning!!!!!

As is every other item that you have shown today. LOVE them ALL!

I hope that you have a great weekend and a little downtime to relax and rest.

Thank you for always stopping by and your always kind comments!


Love the simple and elegant water pitcher in your storefront and the W on is it made to order for the Wilkins Family! I am so in love with monograms that I have my initials on the rear window of my car in a fancy French font!

Feel better soon! Thanks for your wonderful blog which I look forward to every day! Take care………


Tina you poor thing, so much to deal with in one week. Hope you and your husband are both feeling better and get to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with a glass or two of a good wine.

This post is just beautiful. So many gorgeous images, I am busy pinning away. Thank you for the eye candy. I would love to win, the soaps and the glasses are my current favorite item but I really love it all and the few things I have bought from you I have been so happy with. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

I love the monogram initial pendant in sterling silver. It reminds me of my mom’s from the ’70’s…I’d love one to pass onto my daughter one day. Love your postings always! JLL

Oh the highballs, for sure! I love a monogrammed anything! My friends husband just asked me yesterday if I have anything that is not monogrammed, and no, I don’t think I do! I have that clutch, I have one of the monogrammed bed pillows, pool bag, towels, necklaces, charm, earrings, etc….

I have been reading Victoria magazine ever since I was in high school, I love it! I did not know about this special monogram edition, and I would love to have a copy!! I love all of the items in your shop, but I would choose the sterling triple monogram necklace. I have one in gold that I wear all the time, and I’d love to have one in silver too!

The Glam Pad

Being a “southerner”, I thought we were the ones who monogrammed EVERYTHING – NOPE, it’s universal! I loved everything that was shared and had two favorites. Crazy about the silk green pillows but my very favorite was the Carolyne Roehn blue monogrammed cloth napkins.

I was excited to see the monogramed carving board and it’s very well done. As newlyweds thirty-one years ago we were given one and it has served us well. Every time I use it I think of the dear friends that gifted us! It just may be time to have another in this different size.

Hello, Tina! I have been savoring each & every posting of your delicious blog. Thank you for sharing your elegant, warm and gracious home. I’m loving quite a few items in your shop, including the monogrammed candle- looks lovely, and I’ll bet it smells yummy, too! Have a blessed week.

I love your cutting boards! Do you know what the dishes are in the pic from Carolyne Roeh
Thanks Tina L

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