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 This is a rather long photo heavy random musings post. This will be it until Thursday…………..

Hi there…and how was your weekend? If you missed my beach dream house that has been found at long last, you must must see it. Click here to hop on over for a visit.  I hope you had a great weekend, ours  was a good one. It was finally a relaxing one (much needed) had dinner with friends even included a few pics because the setting was so pretty, reminded me of being away. Got together with some old friends we haven’t seen for a long time for drinks and spent some quite time at home which was a wonderful decadent treat.

First order of business is to announce two  lucky winners of the signed special edition Monograms by Victoria Magazine. Here they are…..



I added some great black and white towels to our twins’ bathroom (link below) and they might be my favorite things in the room! Love a monogram….and LOVING your blog!:)





Monogram anything!

I too so enjoyed the Victoria Magazine “monogram “
Something so regal about monograming, even when you have them displayed is a rustic cottage home. They are timeless.

Thank you for sharing your grace and beauty.


Please email me here to provide your shipping details!

If you want to get your copy of this limited edition MUST HAVE magazine (a must if you are a monogram lover) click here to order your copy.

As I always do, this is a random post with a little bit of everything. Ready to get started? Here we go…..

Home front. I have ordered a bunch of pillows for the back patio. I am excited to put it all together. In the meantime took the pillows form the loggia to “play” and though the size is a little small, I ordered 22″ pillows vs. 20″ I do love the way the navy looks. I decided to keep the back patio clean and crisp, so am going with solid navy pillows in a monogram along with some trellis pillows and a few squares. I do love the Chiang Mai but decided for now at least to keep it on the loggia and do this a bit differently, all the while tying in the navy. I threw in a few other pictures of random things around here too….

 The white is a bit too “white” but these are not for this grouping, I was just playing, I do love the solid navy and trellis patterns…..

 The pool area, its separate from the house (original site and original pool house). We do have plans to redo it at some point but cannot say its a priority. With older kids who basically never use it, it just doesn’t see a lot of use but I must say when  I do go down there, it is so relaxing and serene and “removed”…..need to visit more often!

 The landscaping is coming in nicely..the hedges and grass finally looking almost done! The flowers and trees took a real beating however with the heat, so I am not showing you those:)

 A few readers asked to see the back stairs and the limed oak finish…so here it is!

Yes that is Teddy, that is HIS spot…just so he doesn’t miss a thing!

And look what came in this last week….my bar stools! I was so excited, I am glad I decided to keep them simple in a pretty linen/cotton ivory fabric with ant. brass nailheads, I may have some small lumbar pillows made for them out of the pretty curtain fabric. I was thinking they would have been taller but they still look great and are super duper comfy! 

I really like the way blue and white porcelain looks next to browns, it really makes it pop

Added an orchid and urn to this vignette, and really like the way it looks……

A gorgeous sunset. One of summers simplest pleasures.  Sat. night we went out to dinner to a beautiful waterfront restaurant and had the most beautiful weather, and sunset which warranted whipping out my iPhone (of course)! It looks more like the view you  might see while on a Caribbean island as palm trees around these parts are most unusual!

The restaurant itself, called Ocean.

Pillows! And speaking of great pillows, I must give a “shout out” (kids are cringing if they read this) to Michele of Calico Daisy, my new pillow “go to” person. If you love monograms and monograms done really well, her work is flawless. She is amazing and her prices are quite fair especially given what some charge for appliqued monogrammed pillows, a pretty penny!  I love the way an entire bed can be transformed with even the addition of one or two monogrammed pillows and some of these would make amazing gifts too.  Here’s a look at some of what Michele offers… here to visit her.

A few great posts worth sharing. I like to save/bookmark posts that I really enjoyed and want to be able to go back to. A few worth sharing are below……

Excellent post on a recent trip to the renowned Blackberry Farm…. a beautiful post! Click here to visit

For anyone who has dreamt of taking a can of spray paint to an outdated piece of furniture (but like hasn’t had the guts or needs some encouragement, myself included) this wonderful post is for you……

A great robe.  I am a believer that we should all be able to go about life in our pjs and robe (as long as they are pretty)! I mean think about, we would all be soooo much  more comfy, no miserable woman trying to act happy while they are absolutely miserable in shoes that kill and pinch their toes, no men stuck in heavy warm suits and cumbersome ties…we would all be so much happier!

 But seeing that that particular trend is not likely to catch on anytime soon, I do enjoy slipping into my pjs and robes pretty much the minute i get home and know I am home for the day. So when I see a great robe, I buy it, because I loooove my pjs and robes. Thought this was from Malarbay Bay was great looking! So chic and available in navy and green….love it! Click here to visit them.

A scrumptious recipe. I know this is cruel. Believe me its torturous to me too, I feel like I am gaining 5 lbs just looking at this picture!  But this looks sooooo amazingly good. I just need to try it. I am an apple crisp girl (ala mode of course) all the way but think I could make an exception for this beautiful baked pear with none other than caramel sauce! Hello…..come to mama. Click here to be taken to Brooklyn Ragazza for the lowdown on how to make it. It is as beautiful as I am sure it is delicious…doubt mine will come out nearly this pretty but I bet it will taste divine, what a perfect dessert for a fall dinner! Come fall, this is going to be baking my kitchen.

A great new movie. Yes, he is “different”,  but I must say I really enjoy Woody’s movies. In fact some of his movies are some of all time favorites. This one promises to be a good one. Definitely on my list to see sooner than later…Blue Jasmine at the very least looks super entertaining and I love Cate and Alec!

Shop News. Remember when I announced my Enchanted steals and deals last week? Where i will offer a beautiful item or two at deeply discounted prices? I only get to buy 4-8 of each item so they will not be up on my online shop or I might get a one shot deal at getting something for a great price so pass the savings on. Here are this weeks items…..

Have five pair of these beautiful classic Staffordshire dogs. $75.00, this is a rockbottom price!! (7 pair available)

Got a bunch of gorgeous tole pieces…..all at excellent prices (at least 35% off retail)

Beautiful  tole (dark red and black) container measures 8′ x 12″ $50.00 (4 available)

Matching decorative plate 12″ round, $ 33.00, 8 available
Beautiful songbirds plate 12″ round $33.00 (5 available)

And matching songbird decorative box/canister, measures 7″ x 5″ x 8.5″$42.00 (4 available)

Gorgeous tole floral/bird tray 14″ x 9″ x 2″ $48.00

Matching decorative plate $33.00 (6 available)

Rooster decorative tray 14″ x 9″ x 2″ $48.00 (3 available)

Matching plate $38.00 12.5″round (4 available)

And beautiful tole planter 11″ x 10″ x 7″ $64.00 (4 available)

You know the drill…want any of the above, just email me here. First come first serve:)

Thanks as always for stopping in to see whats happening over on this end. Hope you have a magnificent Monday and great start to your week!

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Your home is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your source for the monogrammed pillows! I have been looking for some monogrammed pillows for my sunroom and will definitely check out Calico Daisy’s Etsy shop.

Also love the robes! I probably have about five different robes…have to look fashionable in the mornings…LOL!

Good morning, Tina and happy Monday. Your home looks so pretty and I just love the bar stools, and all the blue and white, of course. I would love to spend the day happily wrapped in a Malabar Bay robe doing a whole lot of nothing, but unfortunately there’s lots to do and plenty of errands to run – and I think I’d get some funny looks in the grocery store if I went shopping in my robe! Hope this is a lovely week for you. XOXO


I could not agree more about the pj’s and the robes, I think we would all be much happier if that were a “uniform” of sorts. The Malabar robe is fabulous, I am going over there as soon as I finish here.

Your bar stools look great! As do all of your pillows, one can never have enough pillows and yours are gorgeous!

The baked pear looks so cool. Although I do not like pears I think I will try this with apples. Apple crisp is a favorite…in fact I made it twice this week.

I hope that you have a fabulous week! Will miss your posts, but hope that until Thursday you are out having fun!

Great random post, Tina. I love that pool house and the way it sits below the house…a little private paradise all on its own. Have a blessed week- xo Diana

Tina love the tole pieces and those are amazing prices! Your patio makes me gasp, I kid you not. Those pillows look so beautiful and I appreciate you sharing your source, love her pillows and am redoing my kids rooms and want to get a few monogrammed pillows.

I love Woody Allen movies too but my husband isn’t a fan so I normally have to see them with friends, this one looks so cute. I love these random musings post and absolutely adore your blog. I have an entire pinterest page with just pictures from your home and blog. It is always a highlight of my morning. πŸ™‚

Tina as always a magnificent post filled with a little bit of everything. Your patio and pillows are exquisite. I am so happy to know of them monogram pillow resource. She makes beautiful pillows.

I want to see Blue Jasmine too, looks like another Woody Allen hit. I do not bake but would love to be served that pear dessert, it is so beautiful.

Thanks for another entertaining and beautiful post.

What a welcoming and LOVELY VISIT my dear Tina! That pool of yours….so lovely, and perfect for those days you need to “get away!” And even Sir Teddy has his own special place, marked just for him! Give him a hug for me….

The pillows you selected are perfect. The bold designs of navy and white are perfect for your design, and thank you for sharing the other part of your staircase that I’ve never seen! There must be so many rooms to view, and one day, maybe we can see even more? tehehehe…it is always so fun to sit in your kitchen and see what you’re cooking up, and to be in those familiar rooms.

Your hedges are growing and looking wonderful. You and your family have put so much work into this masterpiece that I hope one day your home will be in a magazine. IT IS WORTHY!

Have a lovely day. Anita

Tina Tina, you have outdone yourself again. I LOVE the patio and new cushions, your oak foyer, the beautiful tweed chairs, all your beautiful new steals, and your barstools. Can I ask who makes them? I love them and looking for some for my own kitchen. Your posts makes me smile!

Yes, I love your home. Yes, I love your recipes and adventures. And, yes, I love your shop. But, more importantly, I’m so happy for you. You’re living a beautiful life with such grace and kindness and generosity. How fortunate we are to share in all you have to offer. Thank you!


Tina your home is perfect! I really love seeing what you’re doing around there. This is going to be an odd question…..your down spouts, are they zinc? For something you have to have yours blend in beautifully. I love seeing all your pillows but my personal opinion, don’t put any on the bar stools, the stools look so comfy already.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Another magnificent group of loveliness to look at on a Monday, thank you for brightening the day! We’re big Malabar Bay fans, they have a perfect eye for patterns and design. Like others, I love that your pool is removed a bit from the main house, it seems like a nice little spot to get away without having to leave home!

Sending you a smile,

Hi Tina! Oh how I enjoy your random musings! The monogrammed pillows turned out perfect – I need to check out her etsy shop. The pear dessert looks so delicious and beautiful – I need to bookmark it for the fall. We are also anxious to see Woody Allen’s new movie – we look forward to his new one each summer. And, your property looks gorgeous (as always!).

Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo

ohhhh your outdoor spaces are so very inviting tina, it’s as though i am looking at a verandah spread

always love your musings and am thrilled to be included, thank you dear talented friend!

OMGoodness, your back staircase is amazing. We were just in Newport R.I. and got to go thru their mansions. This reminds me of their back stairs.

OK, now I know for sure you live near me. I’d seen small hints – where you live looks just like where I grew up, and my dad still lives, I could have sworn I saw Rottkamp’s recently and now the beach club. Hello, neighbor!

pillow heaven! and since you don’t use the pool and pool house very often, i am gonna claim it as my own. i’ll keep the music low. swooooooon!

dying to eat that pear caramel lovely but i’m afraid my pastry making skills would not be up to snuff for that one.

have a wonderful new week, lovely blogger.


Tina- so much to love here. Where to begin. I cannot wait to see the new movie either. Love Woody and all his quirks, he does produce great movies.
The house looks better than ever, didn’t know if that was possible. Your backyard, back stairs and every inch are dreamy. Thank for sharing with us…its such a treat to watch it evolve.

I love your products and am ordering the Victoria monogram magazine. That pear dessert looks way too good but since I am on a major diet, it will have to wait. Take care, Tina.

Everything looks fantastic!! I really like the design on the bluestone “stepping stones”…..a beautiful detail!

Calico Daisy’s work looks on par with some other “name” embroiderers but I’m sure I’ll like her prices much better. Such a great resource.
Dying to the see the new Woody Allen movie…I like his more recent movies and have to admit I like Alec Baldwin’s acting! πŸ™‚

A beautiful sunset is one of life’s great treats… caught a spectacular one. Enjoy your week!!!! See you Thursday!
xoxo Elizabeth

Oh where to begin…..your house is looking so stunning, and it just gets better and more beautiful every time we see it, although I don’t see how you can improve on perfection! The pool and that view up to the house is just so lovely. You must pinch yourself lying there in the sun. I adore all your cushions. I’ve saved all your cushions ideas for when we do the pool cabana. The outdoor areas with your new seating and cushions looks heavenly. Love the interior, the stairs, the monogram cushions shop, and those sunset pics…..I have to go lie down now.

Tina, The vignette is just gorgeous with all the blue and white pieces and you pillows are perfect! Love them all and I think you’ve taken “back yard” design to a new level. So much for the PB look! Your pool area looks so pretty and such a wonderful spot to host a pool party. The bar stools look great! I’d forgotten about you saying you were ordering new ones .. it took a long time to get them?? Hope your week is off to a great start. I think I missed your last post so I’ll check it out. If I’m working long hours I sometimes miss things..

Hi, your photos are great and I enjoy them all, you have a very good eye for all things beautiful! I did eat at that restaurant you posted and looking familiar I checked it out for the name. Its the “Crescent Beach Club” in Bayville N.Y. πŸ™‚

Just love the pillows – add so much to the porch, and the pool area – LOVE!! I didn’t even know that existed on your property – seems like such a relaxing and wonderful space!

Well, I feel like I just returned from vacation looking at your expansive lawns and secluded pool. I can see why you feel it’s removed and is a restful get-away but all the comforts of home. Perfect. Sad when the pool doesn’t get used as often as it once did when boys get bigger and into the life away from home. So enjoyed the tour.

Your pool looks fabulous, and today is the perfect day to take a dip! Hope you are enjoying your summer–I love the monogramed pillows and will definitely keep her name for some future project! Have a great day

We agree with Barbara – today is a perfect day to lounge by your pool! We’re sure Teddy would love to join you. πŸ™‚ What a beautiful property you have and while the flowers took a beating, the grass is definitely turning us green with envy. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day!
C + C

love your home. is that ocean restaurant in bayville? also love the bar stools, but one question when my kids get up on the stools they climb up on the wood at the base of the stool, is this sturdy, i can just see the kids snapping off the wood in a week (lol)

Thanks for the post, and I all of these home decor and designs. They make everything look very nice and well put together, but although I was wondering where you got a lot of the decor? Because whenever I get new stuff for my home, I was just look at the home decors sales online. And its worked out for me so far.

Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much for blogging about my work again. Your home is so beautiful, and I am really overwhelmed that you found my shop and feel that my designs are just right not for just one but multiple pillow covers for multiple areas. Thank you so much. — Michele

Your home is very impressive and nice. I like your site with beautiful pictures.May you be blessed with good health and longest life. I wish you a good luck. May your site be successful. Keep rocking. Thank you so much. I now subscribe to your amazing site. Take care.

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