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Hi there and Happy Monday morning to you! A few reaally fabulous things to tell you about today. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Let’s get started…..  I am guest posting at one of my favorite blogging buddies blogs today….You may be wondering. Yes, I  am standing in for dear Sandy while she has to rough it in Europe, tough job but someone has to do it:)

 I bet she is having a splendid time! Since her blog is mostly centered around travel….I decided to walk down memory lane and highlight some of my favorite trips of all time. It was loads of fun to work on and reminisce over  I do hope you will stop on over to take a look! Here’s a sneak peek……

2. Also speaking of travel and good blogging friends, Vicki of uber elegant French Essence fame is offering the most amazing giveaway I have heard about in decades. Lets just say it involves a trip to France and  a stay at one heck of a glorious French home. Enticed? I bet you are…click here for all the details over at French Essence….bon voyage!

3. Love blue and white?  My friend, Jennifer over at gorgeous The Pink Pagoda is hosting a blue and white party! Imagine that….you will need to carve out hours (maybe days for me) to go through all the blue and white gorgeousness but how could I not participate!! So click here to be taken to blue and white nirvana…….

Do not forget about my Fall Fabulous Contest!! 3 more days to enter, here are the details……

From today until Oct. 2nd I am accepting pictures that represent what fall is to you.  It can be anything from how decorate your urns, to your front door, pictures of your kids or pets all decked out for fall, your favorite fall meal or decadent treat, a favorite fall outfit, a beautiful shot of foliage…whatever makes you happy about fall and what you think of when you hear “fall fabulous”.

I will then put all the pictures together and set up voting to take place over a certain number of days. I will then compile all the votes and announce a winner. I am going to be brainstorming for a fabulous prize, but assure you….it will be worth your while!

So don’t delay, get inspired and send in your pictures, I know how talented and inspiring you all are! Max. 2 pictures per entrant….pictures  can be emailed to I can’t wait to get this off the ground!! PLEASE PUT FALL FABULOUS in the subject line. All pictures must be your own. Thanks for entering in advance πŸ™‚

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Luciane at on

Good morning, my beautiful Tina!

It was a treat seeing your comment this morning. Thank you for stopping by!

I will drop by to see your post. It seems to be a beauty.

Wishing you a very blessed week, my friend.


Luciane at

Amy on

Hi Tina, a lot of good things happening. LOVED your travel post, it was so wonderful to hear all about your great trips. I know you will love Greece and I have always wanted to visit San Miguel, your pictures were beautiful. Off to see the blue and white post now.

The Pink Pagoda on

Hi Tina! Thanks so so much for linking up your GORGEOUS post and for the shout out! Heading over to Sandy’s now…

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, I am going to head over now to visit you in both places. I always love reading about your travels and take on things in general. Love your taste and style.

A fan in Darien, CT

Vicki Archer on

Tina, thank you so much! You are such a great friend. Good luck to all your readers…xv

Alexandra Rae on

This is the coolest idea ever! Thanks for sharing. I have wasted my whole morning going through everyones’ post, thank you very much! πŸ˜‰ Such fun. I added my own link, too. (Though I hate the thumbnail I chose by accident!–in reality girls, it’s the most brilliant blue and white fabric ever. It’s a heavy chenille/velvet in rich graphic cobalt and navy. So chic. I used it in a lucky boy’s room last year. To die for.) Have fun at Pink Pagoda everyone!!

Anonymous on

Tina I look forward to going to visit you at all the different places you are in today!
I got my gorgeous brown tote on Friday and I absolutely love it

travelkate on

I really enjoyed your guest travel post…commented on the blog! You have given me a serious case of wanderlust today!!

Anne on

I can always count on you for something beautiful. I am glad I have a little time to kill because between the blue and white party and your guest post and signing up for a French giveaway, I can see I am going to be busy!


Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina!!! I love “You May Be Wandering.” Will definitely stop over there. I nominated you for an award because you bring sunshine into my life. You can read about it on my blog. Have a great day.

Mocadeaux on

I loved your post on “You May Be Wandering”. You have given this travel dreamer a lot to think about!

Stacy Curran on

Aw, my heart is breaking for poor Sandy – how will she get through it πŸ˜‰

designchic on

Great post at “You May be Wandering” and I need to get to work on a little fall decor at my house….thought of you when I did the link at TPP and made sure you had participated!!

pretty pink tulips on

Hi Tina,
Just about to hop over to Sandy’s blog to see your travel memories!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment today…I’ll definitely send you a couple of photos!!! πŸ™‚

xoxo Elizabeth

jennifer smith on

Hi Tina, I look forward to visiting your travel post. I love to travel and have many places on my “to do” list. Love the idea of a blue and white bash, will check it out.

miss b on

I enjoyed your guest post over at Sandy’s blog. A good variety of places and it’s always interesting to see a location through someone else’s eyes!

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