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Hi there and happy Tuesday evening….taking a much needed coffee break, just came in from being out.  We are in a deep freeze. It is almost too cold to go out. It takes every ounce of energy and perseverance for me to venture outside….yes, it’s that cold. Hoping for an early thaw….please!!

I realize I haven’t done any updates on my home in quite a while. But don’t let the quiet fool you:) I have been quite busy behind the scenes. The single most exciting thing of all is my bedroom. I am beyond excited over how its coming out. I want to give the full reveal when it is totally done but did include a few “sneak peeks”. Also small things here and there going, on and thought it warranted a small house updates post.

Other big news (I say it tongue in check) is that I joined Instagram! Woo hoo. Alert the presses. Now my friends can finally stop  making fun of me. True, I am still rather clueless as to how it all works or what the point even is but I am trying hard to think outside the box in 2014 and vowed to try a bunch of new things this year. So if you have any remote desire whatsoever to see whats on my Instagram, you can find me under you guessed it…..theenchantedhome (all one word) . I am not going to promise that it’s going to be that exciting as I have NO idea what I am doing, but I do promise to do my best:) I am staring sloooooow so bear with me please.

These were all taken with my iPhone so pardon the quality on a few… was out of commission

So come on in……..

A few snippets of my bedroom. It is shaping up and shaping up fast but I want to wait until every last little item is in place. So far however my vision of what  a bedroom should be has come to life. I absolutely love it….

Loving my new slipper chairs….and remember this fabric? Well turns out it was the perfect choice!

I am not done with this arrangement but it’s getting there!
And of course my most favorite lamps in the world!!
And the trim I hemmed and hawed over….well it finally got here!

FINALLY getting this small powder room off of the library done! I got the floors finished, the toilet is in, this is an old chest we are using for the vanity, just waiting for the new countertop. I found these wonderful sconces and brackets at a local consignment shop and using this wallpaper that I have had set aside since before we even moved in! I still love it so its been ordered!!

 Love the floor! It’s a mess though, don’t ask what a painting is doing in the floor there, it’s become a bit of a storage closet:)

 The chest that will be the vanity, its not my all time fave but we own it so we are using it. Just waiting on the countertop (matches the floor)

 Do love these black tole chinoiserie sconces I found and will be using in here……
 The gorgeous wallpaper, still love it after all these years! Put your hands over that green countertop and you will get the idea:)

 I think the floor is really pretty…its honey onyx, that I had cut into 2 x12’s and did as a chevron/herringbone pattern

I was tired of seeing the red poinsettias tress on my island. It was perfect for Christmas and at the rate I was going, I guess I could have left them up for Valentines Day since they are red:) But I wanted to feel some spring so added my pink cherry blossoms to these new blue and whites and I must say I love it. It feels so wonderful walking into my kitchen and totally belies the fact that there is ice crusted snow everywhere outside…oh well once can dream:)

And speaking of the kitchen, I love the way the bright yellows of lemons and green of limes looks in blue and white…its uplifting given the dark gloomy days of winter we are having!

And since we are in my kitchen, how gorgeous is this copper pot my sister gave me for my birthday? She does know me well……

Bought this beautiful pair of black tole lanterns to put in two small hallway vestibules upstairs. I like the simplicity and shape.

And added this belljar to a small vestibule between my bedroom and closet. You  know I looooove my belljars:)

I have been finding the prettiest antique decanters lately. Look at these, they are antique Baccarat with the sterling liquor  name plates…gorgeous!

We have been starting to look at flooring for our basement. I am amazed at what they are doing with tiles! We want a maintenance free tile that looks like wood. I am leaning towards those ashy colored light to med. woods..they are so soothing and pretty. Amazing!

 It is so hard to believe these are porcelain tiles and not wood!

Now that the holidays are over, I am going back to the drawing board on a number of projects, with the bedroom and my dining room being two of the most important. Still tweaking but getting closer every day to the final background color of the gorgeous chinoiserie which I know will transform the space…..

And have had these really large chunky white ginger jars for a while (was going to carry them) but they are so darn big and heavy. So instead of sitting in storage I took them out and put them on the pale green French console in the upstairs hallway and I love the way they look, so fresh and crisp! I am going to add something to the center, just not sure what. I will probably refer back to my post from yesterday on accentuating with accessories!

Put in this gorgeous new lantern finally in our back stair hall…really pretty piece!

I think I have finally figured out the secret to keeping orchids alive well and super long lasting. Cool, cool cool rooms. This one is in one of the coolest areas of our house and this thing looks as beautiful as it did the day I got it over two months ago….still going strong! Very little water also (maybe once every 10 days)

Yes my Christmas tree FINALLY got taken down 3 days ago, my big soldiers are next in line:)

Another one still going strong that I now moved to a cooler spot

Just starting to get my orders in for the Annabell Ingall totes so if you are one of the ones waiting…..things are starting to ship out this week. Every time I see a new color/variation, I want one (it’s a bit of a problem).  I mean how many bags does a girl need? Nevermind, you don’t have to answer that:)  They are all so gorgeous….

 Sky and Cherry totes (med and large)

                                     This is a great neutral,new color String in the new style, Coco

A few important things……

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for this magnificent bowl courtesy of Bonny Neiman! Click here for details. I will announce a lucky winner on Friday morning.

Also accepting pictures of your kitchens for about another week for my KITCHEN LOVE contest! If you think your kitchen has what it takes and is “contest ready”…….send it in! Details below….

My new contest is called Kitchen Love. A subject near and dear to our hearts, the heart of the home. Send in your pictures of your kitchen or it can be a snippet of your kitchen, something that makes your kitchen special and beautifully yours. I cannot wait to start getting the entries! Rules are-

Max. two pictures per entrant
They must be your pictures (not taken off the internet)
Please send your pictures to [email protected]
You must put Kitchen Love in subject line to insure it is received and included
I am accepting pictures as of today and the deadline is Feb. 8th
The contest will begin Feb. 10th and run for two days.
The lucky winner will receive a beautiful large Spanish olive tray, a gorgeous addition to any kitchen.
Thank you for stopping in. Hope all is well with you….talk to you soon! Stay warm:)

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Congrats on all of the progress you have made on the house, I am in love with the trim you decided on. Your blue and white collection is simply beautiful, the sprays of cherry blossom are so pretty. It’s a lovely post Tina, what a delightful way to perk up the day!

What a dream home. The peek into your bedroom has me so curious to see more, it looks so incredible. I love the powder room too, the floor is amazing. You have superb taste and it is always such a treat for me to see what and how you do things Tina. I am sure you are quite an inspiration to so many. Thank you for helping me want to make my home a more beautiful place!

You home is fabulous, the bedroom looks great, and I think the bathroom will be so beautiful with that paper and lighting!!I have to say I cannot wait to see that chinoiserie paper up in dining are it is going to be a show stopper!

Oh Tina… where do I begin. The pics of your bedroom are gorgeous. LOVE the powder room – the floor is so unique and gorgeous. Not only do you have a great eye for decorating you also have a green thumb! I have never had good luck with orchids. Really excited for your kitchen series. Hope you have a wonderful week.

TINA! I was pinning!

The bedroom is looking fabulous and dreamy. I was on Pinterest and thought I recognized at least the signature style and love it, but I had to pin that fantastic table with the two white ginger jars and the chandy hanging over head. I too joined Instagram and confess that it takes a while to get used to it or the point of it!!!!!

Have fun my dear. Everything is looking wonderful. Anita

I Love Love Love the lantern you put up in your back hall! Splendid πŸ™‚
So excited to read a house update post Tina. Gorgeous.
As always, thanks for sharing.

Tina your bedroom is a dream what I can see of it, love the colors! My bedroom is a darker blue and I really want to lighten it up, you are inspiring me. I cannot wait to see the big reveal. Would love to know where you got the slipper chairs (who makes them) and whose fabric that is I am in love with it!
Love the dining room papers and of course the powder room details. You are so talented, you need to do a book!
The blue and white with pink blossoms is breathtaking and like you said a reminder that spring WILL come one day. Thank you for this fun post, I miss getting your updates on your incredible home.

you’re cooler than me, lady. i have still not joined insta!!! i love what you did with that herringbone tile *cat whistle* and i just saw wood looking tiles the other night for the first time. very cool. i am burning up with cabin fever and may self-destruct. also my birthday chocolate is all gone.



Yay, Tina! Welcome to Instagram, I am your latest follower!! I just joined a month ago myself, and I’m now hooked! Your home is so beautiful. I love what you are doing with your bedroom, and that paper for the dining room is exquisite! I also love the onyx in the powder room, and those fabulous crystal decanters. I cannot wait to see more!

The Glam Pad

Love, love, love your house update posts! Your bedroom looks calm and beautiful, and it is wonderful to see the gorgeous trim and the fabric for the chairs in place. Perfection! And then the jars, spring blossoms and lanterns… all is fabulous!

Thank you for the wonderful post! It is freezing here in western Pennsylvania! What a joy to be sitting by the fire and looking at the pictures of your beautiful home.

I have just crossed over to the instagram party myself… and i agree… not sure what the point is exactly but i am going to give it a try too! Love your bedroom! The carpet and slipper chairs are fabulous!

Hi Tina,
Absolutely LOVE the chevon/herringbone floor. Really marvelous!
Stunning fresh cherry blossoms.
And of course, blue & white is my favorite color combination!

Glad that your bedroom is coming together, and you are having so much fun with your house:)

Everything’s gorgeous! Love the white ginger jars…they’re big enough that I’d try them on the floor beneath the console you have them on. πŸ™‚

Tina, OMG your bedroom makes me want to invite myself over! I love what i am seeing so far. And the dining room papers going to be amazing, and love the console with white ginger jars and of course love the blossoms and blue and whites on your island…oh well I love it all! Just beautiful. I got my tote and LOVE it. Its fast become my every day bag. Its great! Thank you and hope you stay warm.

Your home is looking beautiful, Tina. I love the balloon shades flanking your bed. I know the finished bedroom will be fabulous.

I’m in love with that bathroom wallpaper, too. Worth waiting for. And did you seriously get those sconces at a consignment shop? I LOVE them. Great gorgeous find. Can’t wait to see them up!

This was a great post – as always. No one has mentioned the copper pot. I am so jealous. Williams Sonoma has one like it and I have to stare longingly at it every time I’m in the store. Too beautiful to use.

Oh my! What a treat! The floors are fabulous! Love the wallpaper and sconces. The fabric on the chairs in the bedroom is beautiful. Love, love, love the cherry blossoms in your kitchen. The new chandeliers are fantastic. Really, everything you have chosen is so pretty. You provide so many great ideas and inspiration.

We have recently moved to a new house and I am in the process of picking out fabrics. We just purchased a new table and chairs for our kitchen. It is a work in progress so I really can’t send photos at this time.

Tina it has been hard to get me out of the house on the frigid days as well! Your bedroom has such a soothing soft feel to it, love the slipper chairs!

2014 Artists Series

Tina, I know how you feel about the weather. Normally I enjoy winter and snow but the incredibly cold temperatures have really gotten me down this year. Bring on the Spring!

Your house looks great! I am in love with all of your new light fixtures, especially the tole sconces for the bathroom. And your bedroom….I cannot wait to see it finished.

I hope that you have a great week! Thank you for coming to visit me!


LOVE the bedroom so far Tina.. the fabric on the slipper chairs and the drapes ~ gorgeous and so rich. I also like the vanity! The wallpaper and sconces look so pretty with the chevron herringbone floor.

The weather sounds horrible and if I were you I’d be getting claustrophobic or cabin fever! When it’s that cold my bones hurt .. and I don’t want to leave the warm house. The pink cherry blossoms look so pretty in the kitchen. I need to get some for my blue and white pieces!

You have been busy Tina…. Those bedroom chairs are heaven… and that Chinese wallpaper… I am still sighing over that… πŸ™‚
I hope it warms up soon for you… xv

Its really mind blowing. The whole decoration of your room makes me speech less. What a wonderful decoration and the bars are giving complement to your room. I love the chairs as they are looking so fashionable and sophisticated. I am going to decorate my room like you and I ll order these high end sophisticated bars from a good place through online. But please mention where did you buy this and how much you spent? All the pics are heart touching and please don’t stop your sharing I would love to read more so keep it up. Thank you for giving some brilliant ideas.

Hi Tina, so excited to see an update on your home. Love the chairs & gorgeous fabric on it! That chinoiserie paper is divine! Everything that you have chosen is so beautiful. Show stopping beautiful! Cant wait to see the next update on your home. Take care!

It is all looking so beautiful, Tina and I LOVE your new chairs with the perfect fabric. Can hardly wait to see every square inch of the room. As I sit here this morning in the freezing cold snowy NC weather, I am inspired by the cherry blossoms…so excited for Spring!!

Looks like it is the time of year, when we all take a fresh look at our homes. Your powder room is going to be spectacular- love love the floor too! I think those faux bois porcelain tiles are incredible! Hard to choose which one is best! Perfect for a basement area!

Hi Tina, The house looks fabulous. I love the fabric on the slipper chairs in your bedroom. So glad you are on Instagram – it’s fun, lots of great visual inspiration. Follow me back at ‘henhurst.’ I am going to email you photos of my kitchen. Loving the string colored bag….

Wonderful updates, Tina!! Your slipper chairs are gorgeous, what a perfect fabric choice! You’re ahead of me on IG (that’s what they call instagram, ha! :)) I just signed up but haven’t tried posting a pic yet, I’ll be watching to see how you do it!

Tina, I love this post! Love the cherry blossoms, the grey ginger jars, the beautiful powder room looks like a jewel. I can feel the calm of your bedroom and can’t wait to see all of it. I have the same copper pot sitting in my ilve and I sigh every time I walk by! So proud of you!

Hi Tina, Happy January, LOVE the paper for the powder room, and they way it picks up the tone in the foyer. How tall is the ceiling in your kitchen? Linda

Tina – if our bedrooms were as pretty as yours we’d never get out of bed! Hang in there – there’s a thaw coming this weekend and we’re suppose to be in the 40’s on Sunday.
C + C

It’s my first comment, but wanted to let you know that your blog inspires me and I look forward to your posts every week!

Dear Tina,
All you do or add on your home is exceptional!!! Love all your ideas! Your choice of lanterns is impeccable!
And the white jars are so beautiful!

Gosh there’s almost too much to love here!! Just kidding….there could never be enough. I love that lantern for your back staircase Perfection. Can’t wait to see the full reveal on the bedroom.

I am addicted to your blog! Great Post! Looking forward to get more information from you. I have an older home with so many ideas in my head, but I also have 2 little ones that make doing things difficult. So for now I will decorate vicariously through you! Furniture Attractiveness

So much to comment on I am sure i am going to skip something. Your bedroom is my dream bedroom (what i see of it). I love the colors and softness, the lamps bedding carpet and of course those slipper chairs and fabric, can i ask whose fabric and chairs they are? Carpet? I would really appreciate it. Also love the blossoms what a cheery sight to walk into every morning. You gave me a great idea.
I adore the new powder room so far and know its going to be amazing when done.
I got my bag last week and just adore it, the color and leather is so beautiful. Thanks Tina, keep up the good work.

I’m so happy you joined Instagram!!! Of all the social media outlets, it’s my favorite! Can’t wait to start following you!!

Loooooove what you’ve been doing in your home. I got chills seeing the new window treatments. Gorgeous trim. I do love beautiful trim. Also, crazy about the powder room floor. Stellar choice. I had that same wallpaper (different color way) in my Charlotte powder bath. Almost used it here but had a chinoiserie that was similar (now gone) in the dining room and felt it would compete.

I adore cherry blossoms and have found just having some fresh flowers in the house makes me feel like Spring is not too far away. After this bitter winter, I hope we’re all in for a glorious one!

xoxo Elizabeth

I just don’t get instagram, but I know I’m waaaay behind times. I don’t know how you have time to do all this. Love this large white ginger jars! My orchids last & last also, but I mist them every single day. Also the ceilings are high so I don’t have much heat falling down on them in winter. Onward & Upward….

That honey onyx. Wow! I wish I had half the decorating eye as you. I’m so challenged in this department. I was definitely standing in the baking line when they were handing out decorating style talent but I have you so I don’t need any myself! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy you’re on IG now. I’ve already found you and am following but not in a creepy, stalking kind of way. haha πŸ™‚

Great post Tina. The house looks great, the blog looks great, the sponsor sites look great. You’ve done soooo much in three years…you’re my role model!

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