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Getting a late start this morning! Before I begin I am thrilled to announce the very lucky winner of the exquisite bowl from Bonny Neiman. Bonny also wanted me to extend her heartfelt thanks for all of the wonderful comments you all left! Congratulations goes to…..


Liz@ Infuse With Liz January 27, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Oh my what a wonderful offer! I know I could find that beautiful bowl a home in my house! Thank you both for the chance to win it! I’ve gone over and signed up on her email but I don’t do Instagram as of yet!

Please contact me here to provide your shipping details! Thank you Bonny for such a gorgeous and generous giveaway. Click here to see her fabulous collection of beautiful home furnishings.

Moving along…….As most of you? know I have very recently started accepting sponsors/advertisers on my blog. Call it “finally getting with the program” but I have decided to take on a handful of sponsors to start (all carefully selected) and that are in keeping with my own aesthetic and/or interests. Design, fashion, beauty, architecture, stationery, all my favorite things!

Anyone who has been following me also knows me to be a “product junkie”!I do love my products. I had heard about Nerium through someone and when I was contacted about becoming a sponsor I was intrigued and further blown away by some of the before and afters having used this “miracle in a bottle”.? I get very excited over new skincare.? If you like skincare like me, this is a product worth knowing about and trying. I think it could be the “next big thing”! All kinds of celebrities are using and buzzing about it and you know they have a million and one things to choose from……

Nerium? has also graciously offered a giveaway of their product. One lucky winner will get to try it for herself. Details are on the bottom of this page.


?Nerium is a successful young company with ground breaking ?patented natural products made entirely in US using the Nerium Orleander plant. ?Nerium uses no pesticides or does any animal testing, our products are gluten free, paraben free and dermatology tested. Nerium is an age-defying product giving you real results, so incredible you will see some results in less than a week.


1. What makes Nerium so unique?
Nerium is made using a patented process from the Nerium Orleander plant. The product was accidentally discovered.

2. What kind of results can you expect to see with Nerium?
Nerium was tested at ST & T a third party clinical trial company over a 30 day period. The results they saw using high tech facial imaging in 30 days were amazing. Ranging from improvements ?such as emerging lines 27 % fine lines 46% and deep lines 33% and in some cases improvements were as much as 60%. Men and women are seeing dramatic improvements to forehead, neck, eyes, skin tone, enlarged pores, age spots and deep wrinkles. Most over the counter anti aging creams yield ?a 2 to 5% improvement, Nerium averages ?30 % or more.

3.How do you use Nerium and how often?
Nerium AD is used daily. Moisturizer in the morning and treatment at night. These two products can replace everything you are currently using other than a cleanser.

4. How do I order Nerium?
Go to my website by clicking on the link. You will follow the guides giving you complete control of your order, We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You will also learn about any specials that are being offered.

5.How will I know if Nerium is working?
We ask everyone that uses Nerium AD to take a before and after photo ?just so you will see your own real results. The product was designed for all skin types.

Ready to see a few before and afters??

OK so how to win this miracle in a bottle?

First you need? to visit Nerium’s site, come back leave a comment telling me what excites you about it.? Click here to visit Nerium.

If you want a second chance, like them and? leave them a comment on their Facebook page (be sure to mention you are from The Enchanted Home. Click here to visit Nerium’s Facebook page.

I will announce a winner on Monday morning. Thanks for stopping in,? thank you Nerium and welcome aboard!

If you think you are well suited to The Enchanted Home and share my design aesthetic, contact me for rates and sponsorship opportunities.

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