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Good evening…..ever have one of those weeks where you are trying (in vain) to catch up but feel like that gerbil on the wheel who is huffing and puffing with all his might? That is me lately!! I am juggling many balls but things should settle down soon….and it cannot happen a moment too soon!

This post, I had prepared about a month or so ago (when I was home bound being sick), then it got put back in my draft box and forgotten about (temporarily).? I said I would share with you periodically? a board that I am really loving and no week does it feel more appropriate to share pictures from my Pinterest “Food fun“? than this week coming off the heels of being home bound due to ridiculously cold, icy, snowy weather.

I cannot look at this post however, on an empty stomach otherwise I am doomed! I forewarn you now, if you are hungry, walk away, just walk away NOW. If you are full and can look with amusement then you must feast your eyes on all of these delectable goodies. Some are just so beautiful and creative, others are just down and dirty deliciously decadent. Whatever they are…life is too short to not enjoy great food!

So without further ado may I present to you my board, Food fun…….

A masterpiece that I bet is heavenly too!

This is downright cruel….they are called Salted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snickers Bars! Think they are dietetic:)

?Hot crab dip with crostinis….come to mama!
?Can you believe these are cookies!! Works of art
?White Christmas sangria… it!
This is too pretty to cut into…amazing!5034fb304c90aa69a4af97d2fb650b60
Love this elegant appetizer…
This has my name all over it….peanut butter ice cream and brownie cookies? Hello!34ca4135a4752a0ed005c74a1ad9b73d
This looks good AND is healthy!
?This is nothing short of a masterpiece…..the ultimate holiday dessert, so elegant
Warm fennel and Parmesan dip…..oh boy!
Chocolate chip cheesecake parfaits, as pretty as they are I am sure divine!

Give me a slab of a cured meat, olive,? some fig jam, cheese and bread and I am? happy happy girl!

Grape and ricotta know it has to be good
?How gorgeous is this cake!!
?A beautiful basket of heirloom tomatoes…yummy

How clever is this? Spider cookies for Halloween (just take a toothpick and draw legs from melted chocolate..brilliant)!

?Cast skillet nachos….perfect for the big game day!
?I love this, a log cabin made out of pretzel rods…so clever and darling!
?So beautiful flowers petals frozen in ice cubes chilling with a bottle of champagne, gorgeous
One of my favorite things…..rock shrimp cerviche, so delicious
Love a big basket of cheese, salami and fruits..who needs a meal!

So gorgeous!

?Rock candy cupcakes…pretty and I bet so yummy too!
My own spaghetti carbonara recipe…and yes it is ridiculously good!
Bring on the? milk…Lady Baltimore cake…decadent!
Broad bean brushetta, have to try this one
If I were having an Oscar party, I would have to get these, so cute!
Hungry yet? Me too! I love cooking, creating and mostly eating great food:)? But I am sure,? like me, you are now craving something delicious and I certainly don’t want to be responsible for any binges out there! And come to think of it, I am craving an evening snack:) If you want to see more of this board or any of my other boards click here.
(I often get emails from people asking me for recipes of things I feature, if you go to the Food fun board and click on picture of item you are interested in it will take you to original site with recipes)
Happy eating! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping in , hope you enjoy your week!
If you missed my post on current Steals and Deals click here. There is not much left but a few things, I have updated the to reflect what is still for sale.
And do not forget to send in your dining room pictures!! Contest rules below-


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

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my inner demons surged forward as my fingers scrolled away, you see, this is day one of a diet! the lack of self control that forced a diet. but it was a fun look. only you tina would find chinoiserie cookies!

ps; the bench arrived and is absolutely lovely. thank you!

omg omg omg much of this can I take?? The spider cookies got me intrigued, and your spaghetti looks amazing. And oh those dress cookies! So hungry! What a great post. I hope all is well by you!

Hello dear Tina………I was not hungry but I am now!
Your pinterest interiors boards are so delightful… but the food is great fun, Im going to try the Baltimore cake, it looks divine
We do antipasti platters quite a lot as you can imagine 🙂 this will make you laugh… got stopped recently at customs from Milan with suspicious bomb like objects in suitcase…is it candles they ask??… no…suitcase duly opened with minutes to spare until plane…sorry, but it’s only my salami sir !!….

I did not need to see this post before bed! Now I am all of a sudden hungry for the pasta, a cookie and a piece of cake.

I hope that your week slows down and that you find some time to rest and relax.

Thank you for sharing all of your tasty treats! Have a great week.

Hi Tina,
Mouth-wateringly wonderful pictures! I’m headed for the ice cream as we speak:)

There were so many beautiful delicious things!

Loved the rose petals in the ice cubes, and the rock candy cupcakes too!

Good morning Tina!

I know what you mean about having too many things on your plate and you wonder HOW in the world you’ll get them done. You are such a hard worker, and you deserve a big vacation!

I just went on a pinning frenzy here; THANK YOU! Anita

Tina, you warned me, but I looked through your photos before eating breakfast! BIG mistake. Kind of the equivalent of going to the grocery store hungry, but 100x worse I think! So much deliciousness. Would it be wrong to have the Salted Pretzel etc. bars for breakfast?

Good luck catching up with everything this week! XOXO

Tina don’t know if you do yoga but I started about a year ago for what you described above..being overly busy. My life was out of control between a new business, 3 young kids, a full house, a million activities, etc…..finally I got things in order and do yoga religiously 4 mornings a week, it really centers me and has changed my approach and views on how I do things. Hope things calm down soon for you, being busy is good but not overly so.

Anyway loved this post. Oh my gosh, being on a perpetual diet, this post has me starving! So much to salivate over here. Those Oscar cookies are adorable and all those cakes, oh my what talent!

Have a great day.

I understand being busy, believe me. And when you’re rushed it’s nice to have a Pinterest food board to go to for inspiration. I love my board Vegetarian Dishes where I know I can quickly link to each recipe, highlight and print. Being relatively new to vegetarianism, I need all the quick inspiration I can get. Nice post, lovely images! Shiree’

Any dessert called ‘Salted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snickers Bars’ is bound to be absolutely sinful. (And I am determined to make a batch!) Love this one Tina, major eye candy!

i am not on a diet so rock candy cupcakes, please. and let’s make it a double. and make em blue for the ‘breaking bad’ fan i am. today i baked chocolate chip caramel g-free cookies. not bad. but not good enough for me to resist a croissant. i am about to google croissant to see just what the gluten damage is. happy tuesday, delicious blogger.


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