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Hello there. I, as many of you know who have been following me along, know that I have been wanting, dreaming and planning to put chinoiserie panels up on my dining room walls. Its been quite a saga and is most definitely a process. First it starts with coming up with a palette then you wait for a “strikeoff” or sample (can take up to 4-5 weeks) for each sample.Having a surplus of patience really helps here!

So months can slip by just? getting samples back and forth. Then there’s a hiccup and you meet an artist whose works really captivates you then you start thinking maybe a mural is the way to go. That way the artist on sight can tweak things on premise right before your very eyes! Yes, there are advantages either way and no matter how you slice it, either one is a magnificent way to add something very special to any room!

So this happened to me, and I have been in limbo deciding between the two. I am waiting on a final sample of the chinoiserie but 99% that is the route I am going, it was my hunch all along and I just know it will be gorgeous.? I really really would love to have this by June when my son graduates (and we are possibly throwing him a party) which would be our first real party in this house (not including family parties).

I am however confident that whatever I do its going to be amazing and will add so much to the dining room. I can hardly wait. Once completed I will only have the drapes to consider and for that I am doing simple billowy light silk neutral Dupioni drapes with a gorgeous trim to pick up the blues and creams. Simple and elegant.

So today’s post is all about ways to dress up the walls with chionoiserie, murals and? wallpaper. Do you have a favorite? Perhaps have one in your own home? Feel free to weigh in, always love to hear from you! So lets take a look at all the pretty ways to dress up the walls…….

? 0207918edc50042256bcc442f9d0c38f The stunning soft muted colorway here is breathtaking, Belgian Pearls6e6adcaad88d58b97c536610697b16c1 Richard Keith Langham created this magnificent formal dining room, love the antiqued feeling of the mural holden-DR Beautiful colorway in this fabulous dining groom by Holden and Dupuy Mary-McDonald Mary McDonald used this beautiful mural by Paul Montgomery to create this iconic bedroom ? e6ee04449ea78d11edb721d03235e5fc A wonderful wall treatment can take you to far away places……..Dustjacket Attic cm1 Do I even have to tell you? how much I love this:) 9259185c33ae5e8bfe5736f5fed35a92 Love the way this chinoiserie transformed this foyer/stairhall, Paul Montgomery gracie-elle-decir Always loved Aerin Lauder’s beautiful dressing area by Gracie Paper scott1 How amazing is this? Scott Waterman, a master craftsman ? mj36 Can we talk about how precious and sophisticated this is? Martensen and Jones 31_large-de-gournay Love this hallway, de Gournay panels.1and2.01 This is a breathtaking mural in progress by Scott Waterman ? debiunnamedSpectacular dining room of my reader…….wow!! There are murals and there are MURALS! Boca Grande beach house Florida Architectural Digest Beautiful take on chinoiserie in this elegant dining room, AD de-gournay-8 Wonderful exotic mural in this grand bathroom by de Gournay Chinoiserie wall mural wallpaper And if you need something really fabulous and “wake up worthy” to get up to every morning……Woodson and Rumerfield debi22unnamedOther glorious views of my readers magnificent dining rooms murals udebieownnamed Classic-Wall-Murals-in-Dining-Rooms I love the exotic Indian inspired scene in this gorgeous handpainted mural…….some just take you away to far and exotic lands bf804799a406f0e610cdd6cc183cfc10 This kitchen’s mural on both ceiling and walls is out of this world, House Beautiful bd66c182a706ee9685074a503dff446b A chinoiserie in small intimate spaces like a powder room can create that jewel box effect that is so magical Paradise001L A gorgeous subtle mural can add such elegant and dimension to any room, Decorative Imaging degournay1 de Gournay always leaves me breathless Susquehana-660x360 Another interesting way to approach using a mural, to have it painted inside “boxes” created with molding, Paul Montgomery 17_large Always have loved this fabulous room by Joseph Minton, just stunning!

So….what do you think? It could almost make painted walls feel a little boring! I absolutely love it and just cannot wait for my dining room to fully come together, I just know its going to be the crowning touch. As always I love to know your thoughts so weigh in and tell me what you think, maybe you have or have had a mural/chinoiserie?? Wishing you a fabulous day…..speak again soon!


Please send in your dining room pictures for my DINING ROOM LOVE contest…..less than a week left!


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd


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What beauty and joy for my Thursday Tina !!
I have adored chinoiserie always, and can remember the first time I saw deGournay when I was studying design.
These days a good friend of mine paints murals, I am very lucky… I would like my bedroom in the palest pink someday…
Whichever way you interpret, a mural or chinoiserie panel your dining room will look exquisite. I saw your choices when you showed the photos sometime ago, they were divine

Hello Tina!

The first photo speaks the most to ME but the others in blue are good candidat?s for your color scheme. They are all wonderful!when I’m done with work, i will come bck to pin away! Anita

OMG!!! Heart be STILL!!! This is the epitome of lust for me…I can hardly wait to see your selection….this is SO FUN!! franki p.s. Yes, I have two (small) chinoiserie panels in my guest room that EVERYTHING has been coordinated around them.

Tina, all these photos are just gorgeous. When I was in Paris, almost every day I walked down the street where de Gournay and Gracie were located and would just stop and stare. There showrooms were just insanely gorgeous, as I know your panels will be. My dream home has an office/closet like Aerin Lauder’s and de Gournay in the dining room.

Can’t wait to see how yours turns out! Happy Thursday! XOXO

Tina -Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be DIVINE in your stunning dinning room! It would be lovely to have it up for your son’s party. Thanks for another lavishly beautiful post. xo Loi

Tina, what a beautiful post to see before I head off to a busy day. I have loved this look forever, the old Tudor we used to live in came with original murals in the dining room and foyer that had been custom done for the previous owner. We so enjoyed them and worked all of our furnishings around them. Now we are in a brand new home (more Hamptons style) where I could see not such a formal look but something more coastal, so I am considering that for the dining room. This post was pure eye candy. I cannot to see yours, I know its going to be magnificent!

Hi Tina…I love Mary McDonalds bedroom….that style of paper is my favorite! I lean towards the vines with the birds….that style would look gorgeous in your dinning room!

I do enjoy the ones that make you feel like you have traveled to a far away place. I like the color palette of the Richard Keith Langham dining room. I’m sure your chinoiserie panels will be fabulous!

oh tina!!! the subtle greige would be so enchanting. but on this dreary drippy day i am craving that woodson room with the peacockliciousness and cheerful pink. can you imagine waking up to the glow and magic of that each morn?

love to you.


Originally being a decorative painter I just love classic murals! I am finally starting my powder room one will keep you posted on that, I cannot wait ti see your Chinoiserie dining room it will be gorgeous!!

Hi Tina I’m in love with pictures 7, 8 and of course 9 they look so soft and pretty, but then again they are all quite beautiful. I like Murals in large spaces (your home) and delicate wallpaper in small spaces (my place…very small…great for my 4’10” height..hah). I know for sure whatever you decide it’s going to be stunning, we will all be waiting for your photographs (no pressure) . Regards Esther from Sydney. PS have a wonderful weekend.

Stunning rooms – thank you for putting them together so beautifully! Can’t wait to see what is in store for your walls!!

Beautiful post Tina. My parents did a Paul Montgomery mural a few years ago for their home in Atlanta (in anticipation of my brothers wedding) and it was so beautiful and really transformed the room in a very remarkable way. I love all of these beautiful examples, for anyone who likes traditional interiors, this is kind of the ultimate way to finish a room. One day hope to be able to do one of my own!

I would never think to use a mural in a nursery, but I am completely obsessed and the image from Dustjacket Attic?stunning! Happy weekend, Tina!!

Hi Tina!!!

I’ve long been a fan of chinoiserie?but I’ve never done it in such a bold way. These are great examples of how the art can BE the walls. Am bowled over by that nursery, too. Wow?.so impactful and beautiful.

Can’t wait to see what you finally decide upon?your taste is impeccable!

Happiest weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

Geez, I’m a dork! It took me 15 minutes to find the comments! LOL!
I truly ADORE the mural in your “reader’s” dining room! I could honestly live in that room and never leave!

Hoping you are well…



I’m looking for chinoiserie for my home which is a big remodel project. I see plenty of pictures but am having a hard time finding variety and where they can be purchased. Any thoughts?

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