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Hi there, wow this week flew…can’t believe its already Friday! I was in Boston for a few days last week, it was a multi purpose visit and I was soooo happy to have included a stop over at Maison Decor,? Amy’s? lovely charming shop also named Mason Decor is? brimming with inspiration and beauty. I have been a long time fan of Amy’s and do not nickname her “Amazing Amy” for nothing! Her seemingly endless amount of energy, ingenuity, enthusiasm and of course a very healthy dose of sheer talent doesn’t hurt!!

Amy has totally mastered the art of using Annie Sloane paints and has refinished so many amazing pieces, it seems like she turns them out faster than I can admire them! She holds workshops in one of her Boston area location where they are always sold out well ahead of when they happen. I learned all about chalk paint and these AMAZING new latex moldings that are magic!

I was so excited and honored that she arranged for me to have a little one on one session with her and another lovely employee, Gina. She taught me the basics over a few hours and we worked on sample boards and mastered the basics including painting with chalk paint, glazing, mixing paints, waxing, adding a transfer, crackling, using gilding pastes…..we were able to fit a lot into a few hours and suffice to say I am beyond pumped to take on a project of my own:)

Her darling shop is so charming I had to take a bunch of pics. I,? of course naturally picked some goodies up to bring home, the thing I was the most excited about was a charming French chair that will go in my dressing area (needs a little work but its so pretty it had to come home with me)! So first I need to show off Amazing Amy’s talents……..just look at some of the things shes done lately. You must visit and follow her on her blog to keep up, trust me you will thank me! Now here is Amy at work…..


Amy, the master is? center right amongst her apprentices at? one of her always sold out workshops!interior desk cubby gilded gilding drawers waxing cubs amy stenciling desk finish (1) IMG_9871

I adore this piece, she makes it look so darn easy:)mirror closeup

This new line she is carrying of these latex moldings is seriously off the charts AMAZING. I was blown away by what she was able to create….for mere dollars!!!!mirror laying out appliques

Hard to believe this isn’t some gorgeous vintage find from Paris isn’t it?


before mantle

Here is her own fireplace before and you won’t believe the after with such a few simple elegant moldings applied and then painted…..mantle makeover efex a efex mantle mirror

Amazing isn’t it!secretary desk finished 067 bc roomshotShe recently added the pretty floral wallpaper to her bookcases, so pretty!


And she took an old metal container and turned it into this…..

wall buckets 1

wall bucket


Now can you see why she so needs? her own show? HGTV are you watching? That is Amazing Amy doing her thing…………

And now a look at her beautiful shop and some highlights from my special day there……thanks Amy!

IMG_1086 IMG_1088

There is Amy waiting for me to get busy!IMG_1089 IMG_1091

OK another one of Amy’s amazing creations, on the right is an old fabric on this chair, on the left she PAINTED the seat and added an stencil…..see why I call her “Amazing Amy”!IMG_1092

Her book of gorgeous colors that she has mixedIMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1097 IMG_1098

A hair dryer was used to create that beautiful crackled look IMG_1100 IMG_1101

And here is where we worked on adding? a transfer, its labor intensive but so worth the effort!IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1121

See the finished crackled look on top part of this molding, so pretty!IMG_1123 IMG_1128 IMG_1131

And upon looking around her uber charming shop…….IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1139 IMG_1140

This beautiful chair came home with me, I am having a plump silk cushion made for it and will be sure to share the “after”IMG_1143 IMG_1150

Can you believe she and her son PAINTED these floors? How amazing is that……IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1157

Basically everywhere I turned I found something to buy IMG_1160

These are those amazing moldings I told you about can you believe this bookcase was a plain bookcase that she jazzed up with the moldings and paint….she is incredible.IMG_1162 IMG_1164

We played with different variations and combinations and I came home with some to take on a project, fingers crossed:)IMG_1165 IMG_1168

The armoire of chalk paintIMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1174

All the samples are beautifully displayedIMG_1175

There’s that incredible floor againIMG_1176 IMG_1184And this folks, is how easy it is to totally transform an old outdated chair…….

So those are the highlights of “Amazing Amy” and her beautiful little shop, Mason Decor. I am sure after seeing this, if you don’t already follow her you will want to, click here to visit her over at Mason Decor. And her shop info is below (she is opening up another shop soon) stay tuned!


150 MAIN ST.


And here is a sneak peek at her new shop slated to open up in the city of Boston on or around June 1st……

tremont front view 1


Thank you again Amy for such a fun afternoon……it was truly one of the highlights of my trip to Boston. But I know it will not be my last….I will certainly look for other excuses to get up there when I can and thank you for continuing to inspire me! Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous Friday and end to your week:)



Its me again..had to share this before and after bed from one of Amy’s customers and another blogger, Victoria of Trois Petites Filles .Amy sponsored her for the bed makeover using all of her new latex moldings and chalk paint,? and the transformation is truly remarkable…gee, its fit for Marie Antoinette! Doesn’t this get you in the mood to take on a project this weekend:)


THE BEFORE-victoria bed before efex efex in packaging painted efex



finished efex bed by victoria efex in progress on Victorias bed

Contact Amazing Amy for ideas and tips!


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Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for your sweet message, and yes please do write some more it would be lovely
Wow what a beautiful post about a super-favourite!!…….I can say quite truly I have learned so so much from Amy since I started to follow her some time ago, as this is so much my thing.
Your amazing photos ( as ever) will no doubt help you with your project, which you must do, you will just love it. Dare I tell you, I made my headboard for our huge bed……inspired by one of a friend of ours in Italy. Gilded accents and all !! I still cant believe it…xX

Holie Smoke! That is almost hard to believe…truly spectacular!! There is certainly a “talent gene” in there…KUDOS to ALL!! franki

Tina I cannot believe how amazing everything is here. She is unbelievable, you did not exaggerate one bit. I am floored by her fireplace makeover and the furniture pieces. How fun….I love her shop too, looks like that kind of shop you can spend hours in. Just beautiful.

I am in awe. She is incredible, I wish I had the guts to take on a project, I am such a chicken and always go the safe route. I hope you will share your project Tina, maybe it will give me some inspiration, those moldings are amazing.

Oh l? l?! C’est magnifique! Tina, I used to live in Boston, but I don’t think Annie Sloan paint was around in those days…so good to see Old Reading again! OK, this was LUSH! I know you are going to have fun fixing up that chair to your liking! And isn’t it great what one can achieve with this paint? I recently painted a vintage French night stand that was natural wood. I used Annie Sloan Old White then Paris Gray. OHHHHHHH am I happy with it!

That bed is amazing. Moldings and paint really change a piece. I did it with a little French style desk that just needed a lift.

Well my friend, HAVE FUN! Anita

What a sweet time you
must have had….almost
like play time, really!
People like Amy (and
her son!) just blow me
away with their talents.

I’ve redone one table
with AS chalk paint
and was pretty pleased
with the result. Now
you’ve got me wanting
to try it, again : )

Enjoy the transformation
process with your new
chair–You’ll be like the
fairy Godmother and “she”
will end up like Cinderella!

xo Suzanne

I would not mind at all if you visit her again and post on bringing back to life furniture that has been forgotten. I have Ethan Allen pieces that are so heavy and 40 years old that i received from my mom and now I have ideas!! Now I cannot do this amazing work but at least I know there is hope for the pieces. Thank you for taking us on this tour and introducing us to Amy at Mason Decor.

Oh you are such a sweet person~for all those that read your blog and haven’t had the chance to meet you, I want to tell them how wonderful you are! As enthusiastic as ever and kind hearted too~it was such a pleasure to have you all to myself for our workshop! Now lets see what magic you create with your mantel! xo

I can’t wait to visit Amy’s store. Everything looks so beautiful. It looked like you ladies had lots of fun too! I am so honored to see my bed on your post. I was reading the post and admiring Amy’s shop then I saw my bed. I almost chocked on some strawberry I was eating. Thank you! It is so amazing what one can do with Efex moldings. I am pretty sure I am going to be appliqueing my whole house. : )


Tina I am amazed at the transformations shown here. I love what she did with her mantle and of course that bed is exquisite. I would love to try chalk paint as I am getting tired of dark heavy furniture and want to lighten things up, this post is giving me all kinds of marvelous ideas. What a fun weekend you must have had, I really enjoyed this (as I do all of your posts). Thank you for taking us along.

Wow! Amy is indeed amazing and needs her own show for sure. Thanks for the introduction to her shop and her talents. I love her style and will have to visit the next time we are in Boston. Tina, it sounds like you had a fantastic trip! I’m so glad. Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

Tina, What a fun day! Amy’s work is spectacular and I will pop over to say hi and make sure I’m following her. She’s worked so hard to start her business and it’s been fun to watch the progress. As far as the Annie S. paints, I’ve used them to give life to old pieces I’m not ready to toss and also on picture frames for a distressed look (the graphite is really pretty). I could use a class with Amy ~ I’m not very artistic:) So glad you got to pop in and see her! Hope you are enjoying your Friday.

Tina, Amy is so incredibly talented, I admire her so much for not only all she has accomplished, also that she has passed along to others to create!

The Arts by Karena

WOW. I’m speechless. That bed is probably the best before and after I’ve ever seen. Amy, I’m so impressed with what you’ve done with your talents! And your son looks equally talented. All the best,
PS- thank for posting about Amy, Tina, she’s amazing.

Amazing indeed! We feel like such slackers sending our antique French cane chairs to the repair shop to get painted when we could have done it ourselves. But they do look completely fresh and new with a coat of glossy white paint. Thanks for introducing us to Amy and for the fun tour, Tina!
C + C

I am so bowled over. Amy is uber talented and I love the chair where you can see what an enormous transformation she created!

I think a trip to Boston wouldn’t be complete without seeing her new shop. So happy you shared her talent and info with us. This is one to keep an eye on!

Happiest weekend, Tina!
xoxo Elizabeth

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