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Hello there, cloudy and drizzly over here. A perfect movie day. Going to go see The Other Woman with a friend, perfect movie matinee day…looks like a fun, silly girls movie:)? So remember I said every few weeks I will do a “Pinterest Pretties” post featuring one of my boards and some of the favorite images from it, well today is that day. Today, with the milder temps finally at our doorstep, I am craving sunlight, warmth, soft colors, open windows, and lots of white! I love a white interior and when I get my beach house, it will be predominantly white with touches of you guessed it…blue.

So today please enjoy some highlights from my “White Living” board…if you want to see more of where this came from, then click here to see the entire board as well as all my many other Pinterest boards. Here we go……





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Master Bedroom Inspiration

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Well if this doesn’t make you want to go “all white” cannot imagine what would……there really is something so incredibly soothing and beautiful about a white and monochromatic interior. True, with young kids and/or pets, it might not be so practical but at some point in life…it’s a possibility.

And as someone who is facing an empty nest not too long from now, this is something I would most definitely do, anything to help me get over what I know is going to be a sad period for me as I adjust and white is so uplift. What about you? Do you love all white interiors too? Do tell! Click here to see more of this board.? Thanks for stopping in….wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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I love color… but when I look at those pics, I have to re-think it. Gorgeous images. Have a wonderful weekend. Curious to hear your review of the movie.

These pictures are incredible. It makes me want to redo my entire house!! I have gone lighter over the years being near the water but want an all white room one day too (when my kids are gone). way too many kids running through and pets to even make it feasible. Fun to dream through these pictures though.

Good morning my friend! Sunshine over here is making me happy, though I’m still sick for over a month now. I’m trying to take photos of my beautiful WHITE SPACE, but I have so much to learn about taking photos! I can live with all white, but my d?cor is a mix of white, gray and woods that I love. Your boards are just fabulous my friend! Enjoy the matinee with your friend! Hugs, Anita

So pretty Tina and I’ll be pinning a few these! ..some similarities here to my home, the bedroom! and that throw at the top, I have it and it’s my favorite. The bathroom and kitchen are beautiful. Calm and serene, just what I need these days. I’m away for a few days with limited computer access. Enjoy your weekend!

Tina I saw The Other Woman last night with a few friends, was really disappointed. It wasn’t nearly as funny as I was hoping except for few scenes, overall it wasn’t one I would recommend. Curious to see if you like it.

Gorgeous post here. I love an all white room, there is something so peaceful and relaxing about them. One day maybe when my kids are all grown up and I dont’ have to worry about sticky fingers and crayons, haha. Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Tina, it is always been something I admire, all white, and different shades of white, white or gray white walls, just fresh and always IN.
Yet I love colour too much and with our new house I could not simply commit to white on white, and our living room is the most neutral …white and gray mix with the tiny hint of blue…pink. I do have a nook that has all white seating (washable) with some colour in pillows and bolsters and black/white/ gray checked cafe curtains (you may have seen it on my blog) but I have to say, white with kids is actually not so bad. Well, I do educate my son to eat at the table ONLY with a plate and wash his hands after, wipe them during meal (((: I am too much sometimes, but I do believe in clean family members …and the great spray on stain removers! Having said that, our dining room has no carpet and leather chairs, for that purpose of dining with friends and family, much easier clean up! I love white, yes, but how do I live without blue walls in my dining room? I kinda love them…Well, trying to say (not very eloquent here, sorry) that our home is pretty much whites, beiges, greys, neutrals in fact, with a hint of blue-green, soft blues, soft pinks and I did go with french yellow walls in main areas…so white, with touches of colour is my sensibilities. The best perhaps is to have several homes (((: and each one in a different colour scheme to be entirely satisfied with spilling one’s own creativity?
Love the images, ciao Z

I have always struggled with my love of white and other neutral rooms, feeling that I really “should” add some cut I have recently downsized and in the remodel chose an all white kitchen and other neutrals that I find so soothing. This allows me to add a pop of color whenever the mood strikes and enjoy the serenity when the mood strikes. Thanks for the great inspiration.

Beautiful images…I was thinking that there is some element of wood or textures in each photo to keep it from feeling cold or bland. Very soothing. Wish I had that much restraint!

Gorgeous, Tina. I love living with white – even if I did tip my coffee over on my white vintage linen table cloth this morning. Grrr – in my house I am unfortunately usually the one who spills on the white. Oh well, love it anyway. Thanks for this gorgeous collection of pure white goodness! XOXO

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