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Hi there, well by the time you read this I will be at my doctors office eagerly awaiting the results of the MRI….fingers crossed its something minor. These last 6 days at home have given me a case of cabin fever, especially since spring is here and in full regalia and I want to be out there and enjoying it!

I treasure you, my readers so much, love hearing from you and have said that I would love to make a book one day of so many of the wonderful, endearing letters I have received. It is a fantastic? way for me to stay connected to my readers, all of whom I consider friends:) I also as you know,? like to keep things interactive around here, I like to know what you are thinking, what I can do to be better, and overall what your experience is like…you know what I think on a lot of subjects, now its time to turn the tables:)

This poll will only take a few minutes but it would greatly appreciated if you participate, everything is done anonymously… have no fear: I am a big girl and can take whatever you have to say:) I thank you for participating.

Also don’t forget only two more days to enter to win one of two signed books by Tish Jett, her best selling Forever Chic, the book spilling all the beauty secrets of French women! Click here to enter

Ready to get started? Let’s go… back on Friday with winners and some fun end of the week goodness:)

Also for those of you who so sweetly ask about Mr. Teddy, he is well and with springs arrival, has once again claimed his perch as the quintessential “pampered pooch” passing the hours away taking in all of natures glory:)IMG_2110



This is him letting me know he has had quite enough of the “petparazzi”for today!

Also be sure to check back tomorrow…..a very fashionable Steals and Deals will be posted and it’s one you will not want to miss:)


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Hi Tina hope your MRI went well and that there will be a quick fix! This was as fun poll and it was my pleasure to participate and let you know just how much I love what you do- you have helped me with so many decisions in everything from arranging accessories and flowers to recipes! Love it, thank you.

PS Sorry meant to add how adorable Teddy looks, he is so sweet. Makes me miss our lab, Bella, they make the best pets.

Thoughts and prayers are headed your way, Tina. Hope all is fine.
PS Mr. Teddy looks mighty comfy in that gorgeous grass!
Take care, dear friend,

Your poll questions were great and I look forward to seeing what people have to say. I love your take on design, fashion, beauty, travel, food, you do it all so well. I say keep doing what you do, life is all about evolving and being our personal bests. I love your blog more than I can explain and I know you bring a lot of happiness and joy into peoples lives through it.

I have been thinking about you all day Tina, I hope the MRI results show very little damage. Loved taking the poll, but for me PERFECTION is really the only word I need to describe The Enchanted Home Blog, it is my happy place. S.

I was just complaining about my knee to my husband the other day, since I started exercising again! I hope your’ s is something easy to remedy!! Fingers crossed!! I swear I hit my very late forties and seems like things are starting to break down! I truly hope you are okay for the summer!

Tina this is the first time i have commented but I just had to tell you again what a joy your blog is to me. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent on it and it is my getaway on a daily basis. I have recommended it to all my colleagues and many follow you too.
I love mostly your “voice” as blessed as you are, you never come across arrogant or entitled and that is not something you can fake, it is obvious this is who you are, a giving kind generous soul who allows all of us “in” your life a little, and what fun it has been. Many thanks to you and loved seeing sweet Teddy.
Good luck with your MRI. I am an ER nurse and hope you will take good care of that knee….more people get injured via strenuous exercising than any other way (over 30). Hope you are icing and elevating- good luck Tina.

Fingers crossed over here that you are up and about and feeling perfect soon!! Always love seeing sweet Teddy – who could have a better life?? Loved the poll and was thinking as I was doing it that I can’t imagine how long it took to do this!! Sending best wishes your way?

Wishing you the best results possible on your MRI. Hope its nothing but a “sprain”. Been there, done that . Your survey was fun to do. I am sure the comments that were left have been nothing but the best in praise of your many talents. I look forward to your posts, as if a best friend would send me an e-mail.
In some odd way your blog is my ” meditation” for the day.
Again , hope all is well with your leg.

Filled out the poll, love that you are always looking to stay relevant and want to know how to be better, very important in business. I love your blog, shop, taste and feel like we are old friends. Thank you Tina for making my mornings just a little bit nicer:)

I just spent half an hour going back over all the posts I missed while my mom was here! I hope your MRI went well and that you haven’t done anything requiring surgery. ADORE Tish and her advice. I so love her mantra of eat well, dress well, live well. I agree that those things are not superfluous and I need to do a better job on all 3!

Loved all your sweet Mother’s Day posts…those adorable pictures! And, I never tire of your blue and white. The Father’s Day party you threw last year looked incredible. You are indeed a mom, shop owner, blogger, interior designer, party thrower extraordinaire!!!!

Sending hugs from this side of the water!
xoxo Elizabeth

I am very late here Tina, but I hope your MRI results were good. I know I was relieved to find that mind were normal to see if I had a brain or inner ear tumor!

Teddy is precious, and so are you. Anita

I took your poll but would like to add Stonegable to my list of favorite blogs. I like so many it’s hard to narrow down. So many beautiful pictures and many ideas I have tried to incorporate into my home. Thank you for the inspiration! Good luck with your MRI results.

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