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Hi there…..I have had so much fun going through all of the amazing pet pictures, its a tough contest, but your votes have been cast (over 1200 of them)? and I am happy to present the two top pictures (one from each round). Today you can vote for your favorite and tomorrow morning I will crown the winner and announce their prize.

?From round 1 this picture had the most votes, a great shot showing a young puppy and young girl and many years later as an adult dog and teenage girl……



And the top picture from round 2 was, such a sweet endearing picture of a darling baby learning early that dogs really do make the best friends!


Now its your turn to vote for the one that best says Pet Love. Voting will end tomorrow morning at 6am ETS. Thank you for participating! (poll below)

On another note, Teddy was giving me the cold shoulder the last few days and I finally figured it out, he is peeved that here I am running this Pet Love contest and I did not enter him into it. He has no idea about how unethical that would have been so I am trying to win back his adoration by sharing pictures of his most recent photo session in our last (of many) great big snowfalls.

He and my son had a blast as you can see….Teddy in my eyes you are the winner. The one and only! So here is Teddy doing his thing….


The snow did not let up…..we got? well over a foot this time around


DSC_0894 DSC_0887 DSC_0881 DSC_0866 DSC_0861 DSC_0870



There Teddy……….hope this clears things up and we can go back to being buds again:) Thanks for voting for? the pictures that? best says Pet Love! Many thanks again to all who participated and sent in their AMAZING pictures and to all who stopped by to vote. Happy Sunday!!

Don’t forget I am posting an amazing Steals and Deals tomorrow in honor of Mothers Day!! Be sure to check back…….


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Good morning Tina,
I am doing a “write in” ballot, voting for Teddy! Have a wonderful day.

It is so wonderful to see our pets having fun in their natural elements!!
Teddy is the best!

The Arts by Karena

Tina your home looks like its from Downton Abby in the snow, so beautiful. And so great to see adorable Teddy, he reminds me so much of our beloved Popeye (Olive was our toy poodle). They make the best pets, love both pictures but 2 stole my heart. Have a nice Sunday.

My vote goes to #1, LOVE the Golden Retriever and her pretty friend.
I loved seeing all the great photos of Teddy playing with his best friend in the snow, so much fun. What a great contest Tina, Thank you.

I think both are wonderful but #2 is so darn cute, the baby looks so taken with the dog and its a sweet friendship. Of course Teddy beats them all, he is so adorable and I can just tell he is the kindest and sweetest dog. This was a fun idea Tina, your home looks amazing in all that snow!

What a fun, fun post and love seeing Teddy frolicking in the snow, but I must say, I’m happy to be blogging in the sunshine on my patio right now!

Both pictures are Amazing, so hard to choose, however the cute little girl growing up with her Golden is close to my heart. #1

So hard to make a choice between #1 and #2 but I did. Love the pics of Teddy. I remember when you first moved into your house and Teddy was attacked by a neighborhood bully dog. So glad he completely recovered and is enjoying life in his beautiful home. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. In my next life I want to come back as Teddy!!!

teehee…animals DO KNOW how to tell us they are not amused with us! Teddy is number one my friend. I love the photo with your son’s foot showing, as if he had fallen in the snow…so boy, so boy and his doggy. LOVE! Anita

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