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Good morning! By the time you read this, I will be off burning rubber on all roads leading south. I cannot wait…’s a much? needed little getaway, a chance to hang with my sister and best friend and of course a great opportunity to explore all the best that two iconic Southern cities have to offer (and possibly a few more knowing us)!

Thanks to you….we left our diets behind and I am heading off with a virtual arsenal of incredible places to visit, restaurants to dine in, places to stay and of course stores to do a little retail therapy in. I will have my camera with me to capture all the fun and of course if you want you dan also follow me and my travels on Instagram by clicking here.

I have a few posts prepared for while I am away but today’s post is a look back at some of my favorite posts that you might have missed. Hope you are well, thanks as always for stopping in and if you want to travel down memory lane then click below..have fun!


Why the beauty of Fall sometimes makes me cry..………..424a71dc49f003fae3cc85afffc334fb


Reflections of 2012


Partying under the Tuscan Sun



Luncheon accomplished!



Palm Beach state of mind



Linda Floyd Interiors



30 heavenly reasons why I love hydrangeas



It’s all in the details



Bonkers for brackets



Coning up for air and a moving update



Lusting after lanterns



Towel bar towel bar where do you go?


A vintage country Christmas!


Well…those should keep you busy for a while. Some of those are my all time favorites and I still enjoy going back over them:) Hope you are well, I will be back with another prescheduled post in a few days, thank you for stopping in!

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katie clooney on

Safe travels, dear Tina! How fun to be going away with your bff, your sister! I follow you on Instagram so I am looking forward to your pics of your travels. If you need bail $ call me.

Amy Vermillion on

Hi Tina!
Long time no see…I haven’t had any time lately to read my friends’ blogs and I have missed seeing your beautiful posts. Love the new design!
I hope you have a great time through the South–I have had trouble with my Instagram account of late, random follows and unfollows so I just re followed you (didn’t know I wasn’t following) so I can keep up with your travels!
Hope all is well and look forward to re connecting!

Joye Lanahan on

Have a wonderful time! It is the best place to visit. If your travels make way to the Upstate
Please come to Greenville . The southern hospitality extends upstate! Don’t miss Anne’s on King St great clothing!

MaiTai on

Have a safe journey, and a most wonderful and fun time away! Can’t wait to see to your travelogue!

Anita Rivera on

Have a safe trip dearest Tina! Love your memories! Anita

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

Just have fun! Don’t wear makeup, but wear dark glasses. Enjoy the time with your sister. I certainly wish I had one to pal around with. Stop at every market stand, flea market, antique shop, sidewalk cafe along the way. Don’t miss anything !!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Have a fun and safe trip, Tina! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! XOXO

Karena on

Have a wonderful trip Tina, I hope you will visit to see my fabulous adventure in Laguna Beach and San Diego with Isabella!

The Arts by Karena

Becky on

Hope you girls have a wonderful trip. Will you be coming to Louisiana?

Rose Ann on

Hope you have a great trip down South. I am planning a trip in August to Paris and London. Please send me some good restaurant and shopping ideas. Hotels as well. I am also looking for a private tour guide to Normandy and Versailles.

Thank you

Diane on

I am in Kiawah reading your post. Be advised it is HOT. The heat index in Charleston is 100 today.
I also talked to a friend in Savannah and it is the same there. Make sure to take it slow and drink lots of water!

Sally on

Have a fabulous time dear Tina
Im nearly splitting my sides at Katie’s comment about the bail $ :))

I can remember so well my Daddy’s southern states road trip with a friend years ago, taking in the sights, the delicious food and the music. He loved every minute… they went specially to New Orleans to hear the jazz

Have a great trip…loving your posts today, and shall enjoy reading.

Anne on

Enjoy Tina what fun seeing all these posts I missed- enjoy your trip you will love both places!

Carolyn Bradford on

I so wish you were stopping in Birmingham! There is so much to see and so many FABULOUS places to eat! Have the best time ever?and I will certainly follow on Instagram as well!

Eli on

Have a fun and safe travel and thanks a lot for sharing, I am looking forward on Instagram to your pics.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Have a fantastic trip, Tina…and I bet you will come home saying “y’all”…I always do! xoxo

pretty pink tulips on

Hi Tina,
Hope you are winding your way toward some fabulous locales today! And, indulging in some delicious Southern cooking!

Just as we were traveling home from Italy, my husband got sick and we spent the weekend in and out of the ER, then he was hospitalized for 4 days. I just got him home and have been “juggling”. Anyway…just wanted you to know whey I had been away for so long. He’ll be fine, but it definitely wasn’t the return home we were expecting.

Hoping your trip is uneventful except in the best ways. Safe travels. Say hello to the South. Gosh, I love it down there!

xoxo Elizabeth

Teresa @ Splendid Sass on

HAVE FUN! I know that you will. I am now following you on Instagram, so looking forward to the pictures. Enjoy our neck of the woods!

The Glam Pad on

Now that’s my kind of road trip! Safe travels, and I hope you have a blast!

The Buzz Blog on

Have a wonderful trip, Tina, and looking forward to hearing all about it!
C + C

Entertaining Women on

Thanks for the inspirations. Have a great trip! Cherry Kay Clifford

Susan on

Could you repost the wonderful find you found on you southern road trip. Loved your suggestions, but can’t find that post. Thanks so much.

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