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Random musings as seen through my iPhone….

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**** LAST DAY IS TODAY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE AMAZING BLUE AND WHITE ORNAMENTS PRESALE AND PROVENCE PLANTER PRESALE, CLICK HERE TO VIEW**** Hi there! Coming up for air after practically drowning in boxes and 90 degree +  temps at the warehouse. NOT a great time to lose a warehouse manager…..yours truly has been […]

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Blue and white is not just for the indoors….part 1

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Hello there and happy summer! Believe it or not started this post way back in spring, and there were so many rainy days it never got finished. It made the post a little difficult to complete (was hoping to get more of my own blue and white outdoors). So decided to finish this up and […]

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The silver container has arrived- One day sale and a giveaway!

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Hello friends!! Well the silver container arrived, surprisingly before the porcelains (due here within 3 days) . The pieces are WAY more spectacular  than I could have imagined…..soooo beautiful!! Totally made my day:) If you missed out last time, here is your chance (until Wed night) to take advantage of very special pricing. One always […]

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