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Hi hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here the weather has been spectacular, a perfect “10” and then with my son home it’s been nothing less than perfection!? We are invited aboard a friends beautiful 50 foot sailboat, what a perfect day for it.

It’s about spending family time? this weekend with our son and later we plan to take him into the city to his favorite Italian restaurant and enjoy the city, something we don’t do as often as we should. This is fall at it’s absolute best.? Time for my seven on Sunday, seven things that have caught my attention. Ready to begin? Here we go……



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1. My talented readers

One of my readers, Gail was so inspired by my party post last week that she was inspired to paint one of the pictures of my flowers in their blue and white vases and imagine that she did this in ONE day.

I just cannot imagine having that kind of natural raw talent then being able to turn it around in less than 12 hours…crazy!It is so beautiful I just had to share (with her permission of course)! If you are interested in seeing more of Gail’s work, here is her website-




2. My fabulous new doggie pillows

Just added these to the shop, they are just sooo charming and precious. Talk about a stylish way to honor your favorite breed! You know which one I chose:)? Click here to see them on my online ship along with all my other new fabulous pillow additions, got some really wonderful new pillows, and still adding.

tn_1200_ce6501d5490a8ef3f9f69669cd43263c.jpg tn_1200_66e06f341cf2858bfda62bca253eba0c.jpg

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows West Highland Terrier
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows West Highland Terrier
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Schnauzer
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Schnauzer
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Pug
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Pug
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Yellow Lab
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Yellow Lab
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Golden Retriever
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Golden Retriever
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Cavalier
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Cavalier
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Black Lab
Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Black Lab


3. Seeing my gorgeous blue and white ginger jars at one fabulous wedding

I had such fun? helping a special customer with ginger jars for her daughters wedding. I won’t give out too many details as I hope to feature much more on this special wedding in the future but here’s? a sneak peek during the “set up” , how spectacular is this!




4. A heartwarming video and a beautiful message


I had to share this with you….it is just so beautiful. It will move, inspire and touch you, I promise you. You will need a tissue or two but you will be so happy you saw this, I promise that too. PLEASE take two minutes out? of your day to watch it. It’s a commercial for of all things, a Thai life insurance company (go figure) but the message is so amazing and this is so incredibly well done.

The first time I saw this I had to see it three times (and I have since watched it at least 10 times)… has moved me as powerfully as the first time I saw it.? You just know there are plenty of unsung heroes just like this doing every day small gestures not for the accolades but just because they know its the right thing to do and? because it makes them feel good. This makes me believe that the world is a good place after all and really restores my faith at a time when it is easy to question it.

I am sharing it because I want as many people as possible to see it.? I sent it to? my three kids, and hope if you deem it worthy you too will pass it along to all those you care to share it with…..





I get excited over things like a new nail polish color….see even small things can make me happy. I am in love with this color and it’s pretty much the only color I have had on my toes and nails for the summer and its a great color into the fall, Urban Jungle by Essie.




6. How’s your vocabulary?

Consider yourself to have a good mastery of the English language? Well there’s always room for a bit of improvement, would you agree? Here is a nifty little chart on words to use more often. I think I may just print this out and keep it handy,.? A flawless, delightful list to contemplate and embrace….just swell! There I used five in one sentence:)






To? some I am known as a news junkie but have to admit lately I have been turning it off more and more, it’s just so depressing and then you have to succumb to the media’s field day at painting this doomsday scenario and I just don’t want to partake in it. I let my husband (yes the same flower whisperer is also the political whisperer tell me what’s REALLY going on but to his credit his conspiracy theories often prove to be right on the money, he is a better political forecaster than he is flower whisperer, I will give him that:)

But one story that I know little to nothing about that just doesn’t seem to want to go away and that seems like its going on F O R E V E R is this Phil Spector story…the bizarre man that he is. I got a glimpse of him and had? to seriously do a doubletake, as? the image literally kept me up at night. Then I thought about how hard it must have been for the judge and jury to have kept from laughing out loud at the spectacle before them…..were they looking at Phil Spector or a live chia pet gone wild? I will let you decide, bear in mind? this is a real live shot from him sitting in court….






And then check out Al Pacino who will be playing Phil in an upcoming movie for HBO, safe to say he got the hair right……ladies eat your heart out!


Always good to end on a lighthearted and funny note. Anything here appeal to you or tickle your fancy besides Phil’s hair that is? Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend!

10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_2

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LOL that hair! it looks like mine when I don’t blow it out! HAHA! I love the nail color and I’m going to buy it today! Thanks to you! So nice that your son came home and you had a great time. You are blessed!

teehee….I must see this movie, for I adore Al Pacino whether I’m drooling over his good looks in the early days of the Godfather or watching his precision as a seasoned actor in recent films.

TINA! YOUR DOGGIE PILLOWS! Yowsa, those are just awesome, and I wish there was one with a Fox Terrier; they are my favorites! Your ginger jars are a great center piece for a lovely fall wedding and then there’s that PAINTING that Gail did for you! Aren’t you blow away by the talent out there? I too have a blog pal who can whip up an oil painting or acrylic in hours as well, and she’s gifted me in the past with paintings of ideas I’ve merely mentioned in passing, like the OCEAN, my favorite.

Tina, have a grand day in the city with your dear son. Anita

The wedding pictures are beautiful, lovely, breathtaking and unique. We are all thankful for all you have shared with us ( I think I got five of your words in) But truthfully we are appreciative of all your talent. Thank You

When I lived in LA, I would ocassionally see a bizarre looking characters driving around. One early morning driving my son to school a car (if memory serves me well, a Rolls) pulled up next to us and put his window down and waved to us. My son turned to me and said he hopes the light changes soon because we have a freak of nature next to us. I leaned over to look and your picture of Phil Spector was pretty much what we saw. After regaling the story to my friend, another record producer, he confirmed our Phil Spector sighting! My son still laughs about it!!

I’m rather new to Enchanted Home but I must say, what a fun way to celebrate Sunday. I too am spending the weekend with a college daughter in charming Evanston Illinois ,and realize how precious this time is to each of us. Once I saw it in words , I said to self…”that’s what your doing !”I am grateful to your blog for pointing out! Enjoy your week,

I am reading your blog and watching the video as I prepare for Sunday morning church , but I know that you have already shown me some of the loving attributes on our Heavenly Father — God-given talent to create stunning art, love of pets, the happy preparation for a wedding, the blessed gift of giving to others, etc.

Thank you for sharing this delightful post. I passed along that touching video to all my Facebook friends. It’s so easy to be kind.

Thank you for sharing your Seven on Sunday, I can’t wait to see the additional pictures of the wedding you helped with, the vases and flowers are beautiful, more than anything thank you for sharing the video, what an inspiration, there are still loving, giving sweet spirited people in this world, we should all aspire to be more like the guy in the video. The picture Gail painted was absolutely beautiful, WOW, what talent! Blessings to you and your family 🙂 I look forward to your next post!

Tina thanks for ending your post with a great laugh! Love your new nail color, a very fresh neutral!

I have watched that video many times and love it so much, thank for sharing again!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Arts by Karena

Hello Tina,

Love the video and will share it. It’s a good reminder to do good in your own little world and not give up in this sometimes scary world! A little act of generosity, kindness and love can make this the America we once knew! Thank you for inspiring us to better human beings. Happy Sunday!

I love words, writing and an illustrative vocabulary. After interior design. When my now-26-year-old was in kindergarten, his substitute teacher was a bit befuddled when getting prepared for class. He ask her, “Are you discombobulated, Mrs. Smith.” Aw, that’s my son!

Love everything about this post, from the painting to the wedding, the beautiful doggy pillows, must order the pug!
And that video, sharing it with everyone, best I have seen! I love it, Tina and can see why you were excited to share it. And then there is Phil’s hair, no words. What was he thinking? Scary! Enjoy having your son home, sounds like a perfect day. We are headed to family weekend at my daughters college next weekend and are so looking forward- its the quality time with our grown kids that counts. Enjoy every second, Tina. Fun post today.

Thank You for today.
The video did bring tears,
I love the pillows. I wish there were ones of Newfoundlands, giant schnausers, and sheltie’s All the dogs that have blessed my family through the years.
Next year I get to come to NY and visit my son, and his little family.

Wow that hair is wild! I love all the doggie pillows and wish there was a Jack Russell Terrier! Love all the others though and am going to have to make a decision about which to choose! Hope you have a great day sailing!

How pretty is that painting? Your pictures were so beautiful I can see how she was inspired Tina. The dog pillows are fabulous! I love the lab, reminds me of my old lab, Sadie who I miss so much. No poodle pillows?
Phil S. is a wacko, so strange. Your comment about the chia pet is hilarious, last the video was incredible. Made my day, going to send it right now to my two daughters as a kind reminder of what is really important in life, being kind is such an easy thing to do.

I loved seeing that video again. It represents how I have always felt ~ that the gifts of caring and empathy we offer to others are best when given quietly and anomalously. In our country too many give only if their is a direct reward of public acknowledgment or publicity. We show greatest respect for those we serve by not exploiting their dignity for personal gain. So glad you are able to enjoy some sailing time on the water?.always soothes the spirit.

They say that it takes fewer muscles of the face to smile than it does to frown. Acts of kindness come from a sweet, sincere heart. It’s so important to always hang on to that wonderful, childlike quality that lives in each of us, denying the world the opportunity to squash it out with cynicism. Lovely post, Tina. It reminds us all on this Sunday, to love The Lord and our neighbors with our whole hearts.

Can’t wait to try Essie’s Urban Jungle. I prefer light colors. . . this one is lovely. Thanks for the recommendation!

that photo should be presented to every man feeling sucky about baldness! i for one think bald is beautiful and in some cases a sign of good mental health.

love seeing your jars en masse at the wedding–what a fabulous idea!

happy weekend, friend.

Good evening faithful and sweet friend. Thank you so much for coming to visit with such kind friendship, Tina!

Our weather is so spectacular with colors changing but warm like summer! We seem to have invented a new month with fall and summer mixed in!

Enjoy as you enter into a new season. XOXOXO

Thankyou for your lovely post and the beautiful u tube story.I showed my husband straight away! Have a wonderful week.

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