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Hi there, hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend. Here the weather was a “10” and having my son home made it perfection!? Haven’t done? one of these in a long long time.

I am just beginning to clean out a very very full warehouse and lets just say its busting at the seams, this is long overdue.? I have? many boxes and so much to sort through… goal is to try and get it done by the end of October before the rush of the holidays begins and before I get in my next round of tole which by the way is going to be just “beyond”……. I am so excited about it, cannot wait to get you a sneak peek when the first round of painting is done.

I bought out a wonderful batch of closeouts from a great manufacturer who was closing his doors so I got some fabulous items at great prices which are here today. I think you will love these items. There are many new items and a few odds and ends that I found from previous sales, so a few odd and ends from before thrown in too…… LOTS of great things here today!


So by now I think you know the drill of how this works but just in case, here is the bottom line. If you see something you like-

  • Email me at [email protected] with your order
  • Please indicate item number only do not use item description (item number is at beginning of each picture)
  • If item is available you will receive an acknowledgement and an invoice within a few hours
  • I do not hold items and expect immediate payment within 12 hours
  • All items are final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • I ship internationally and will give you shipping estimate once you submit your order
  • All items subject to availability, limited numbers of each item


OK now that we have that out of the way let me show you what is available…..definitely not too soon to start thinking about possible holiday gifts. I know I have and have a small stash hidden away! Ready to begin, let’s go…….


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ITEM 1. Wonderful Lucite and solid brass candlesticks. These are beautiful, about 11″ tall. Retailed for $90.00. Today they are $55.00 for the pair (6 pair)

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ITEM 2 Gorgeous hurricanes (7 pair of silver and 4 pair of solid brass) Beautiful elegant pair of hurricanes in either silver or brass. About 14″ tall and 4.5″ wide.? Specify finish. Retailed for $140.00 Today they are $75.00 for the pair

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?ITEM 3. ?? Beautiful set of 3 ladles, sm, med and large. Gorgeous old world detailing….Set of 3 $60.00 (4 sets available)


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ITEM 4 Set of elegant old world apothecary bottles I love these…so pretty for a vanity or dressing table.. 3Dx6H; 2.5Dx5H; 2Dx4H Set of 3 bottles, $50.00 (6 sets available)



ITEM 5 Set of 3 old world elegant jars, beautiful detailing . 4Dx2.5; 3.5Dx2; 2.5Dx2 $70.00 for 3. (5 sets available)



ITEM 6? Gorgeous old world feeling silver frame. 4″ x 6″ Looks like heavy old sterling, beautiful detailing, heavy.? Measure 4″ x 6″ $32.00 (8 frames available)

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ITEM 7? Old world antiqued mirrored frame 5″ x 8″ $34.00 (10 frames available)

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ITEM 8? Old world three picture silver frame, looks like sterling, love this frame and its pretty delicate detailing. $30.00 (10 frames available) Measures approx. 6″ (at its widest) x? 5.5″ tall

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ITEM 9 Spectacular large pair of pheasants, nickel/brass based with silver lacquer finish. A “no polish” finish means minimal maintenance, maybe quick buff once a year or two. I have had mine for almost two years and have not polished them once!! These are just gorgeous and retail for $395. Today the pair is $150! So exquisite…perfect for a holiday table! (2 pair available) About 20.5 ” at its longest by 7.5″? at the tallest point

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ITEM 10. Super stylish silver pineapple lamp. I love this lamp. Done with the same no polish silver lacquered finish this required minimal maintenance. Elegant pineapple, this darling small lamp is perfect for a desk, secretary or smaller space. Pretty finial, comes with black shade. Today this beauty is $65.00 (retailed for $175).? (5 available) About 16″ tall

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ITEM 11? I have 16 of these fabulous blue and white jars, these were part of a close out (retailed for $140) they are 12″ by about 9″…gorgeous and an AMAZING deal for blue and white porcelain!!? They feature a gorgeous scene painted on all six sides. Today they are $75.00. (16? available)

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ITEM 12 Wonderful old world elaborate servers, these are so stunning! $25.00 each (3 available)

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Item 13. Wonderful silver old world filigree round jar. Just lovely 3.5″ round? x 4″ tall jar, beautiful filigree work, so decorative can be used anywhere. $35.00

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ITEM 14 Remember these beautiful small lamps? Sold out right away, found four more! Two have lampshades and two do not. The ones with lampshades are $85.00 and the ones without are $55.00 Just stunning!

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ITEM 15.? Love these moose plates for appetizers or salads, a great and highly decorative plate to mix and match with existing patterns or just a fun way to jazz up a simple plate, so stylish! Great scalloped square shape.? Sold in sets of 4’s. Measures 7 x 7″. Set of 4 $ 40..00 (42 available)


ITEM 16. Fabulous stag deer appetizer/salad plates. Great scalloped square shape. Wonderful stylish way to dress up an existing pattern or just add pizzazz to a plain dinner plate, fun for a party too! Measures 7″ x 7″ $40.00 for set of 4. (46 available)


ITEM 17. Found the last of my? sets of the beautiful? replica Vanderbilt blue and white 11″ dinner? plates, sold in sets of 4’s. Each set of 4 is $30.00 (8 sets)


ITEM 18. Have three of these beautiful silver guest towel holders in the pretty classic trellis design $55.00


ITEM 19. I was surprised to find more of these gorgeous moss green appetizer/salad plates with their pretty pine cone detailing. I love these. Set of 6 $30.00


ITEM 20. Elegant floral porcelain cake plate with matching spade. $20.00 (2 available)

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ITEM 21.? An assortment of serving pieces. Any piece shown is $18.00 a great chance to stock up on gorgeous, elegant serving pieces for the holidays! Specify serving spoon, antler ladle, crystal Lucite cake server or serving fork

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ITEM 22. Lovely hand painted ceramic appetizer/serving leaf plates. Sets of 3. I have two sets , great for serving, entertaining or decorating. Each set of 3 is $24.00


ITEM 23. Gorgeous antler and silver over sized? large stag server. Love the stag engraved figure and elegant antler handle. Stunning! $30.00

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ITEM 24. Wonderful old world votive in silver etched container with glass top. I love this piece looks like a beautiful old treasure from the past. Elegant etched work that can be used as small container or refilled with another votive is so pretty and has a delicate glass top. Filled with? a beautiful soft fragrant candle. $32.00 (6 available)

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ITEM 25. I have one of these gorgeous silver plateaus left. This measures about 15.5″ square. A great opportunity for someone who wants one and doesn’t mind a little work. It could use a good polish and is ever so slightly bent, I am sure this can be gently bent back (with a strong arm)! These retail for upwards of $300. This one is $70.00 as is. Only one.? I also have one small 10″ round not polished that is great condition that is $50.00

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ITEM 26. An over sized beautiful crystal handled cake spade. Very long and elegant, $22.00 (retailed for $45)


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A lot of great goodies up there! So again, just email me at [email protected] with your order and ITEM NUMBER(S) please.

If available, you will hear from me within a few hours. Thank you so much for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time…..

Also on a side note, here are “the flowers” day nine but who’s counting:)


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I would like Item 26 if it is still available.

Thanks very much, I really enjoy your blog,

Hi Tina, I just emailed my order, I know how fast things sell so I am crossing my fingers that at least some are avail. Lat two times I was too late to the game.
Great finds this time around. Good Christmas gift ideas too!
Cannot believe the flowers are 9 days old, I am impressed.

Wow, the flowers still look great. You may break some records. So glad you had a good visit with your son and perfect weather, too! Really excited to be heading your way soon!!!! XOXO

Beautiful round of items. I adore all the serving pieces because they are so hard to find! I also don’t like buying used serving pieces so these look old but they are new which is perfect. I also love the frames, don’t know why its so hard to find beautiful frames today. I love your highly skilled eye, Tina.

Hi Tina, I love the pineapple lamp number (10). You said it measures 16″ tall(that’s with the shade on correct)? Let me know please.
Thank you,

Hello Tina.

I have never seeing something in your store that I don’t like. I love the classic, elegant approach of each and every item you sell. That’s not easy to do!

Wishing you a very Blessed week, my friend!


Luciane from

PS: Do you mind sharing the name of the medicine for ulcer you mentioned on my blog? My blog gave me the same one I had last time, but I feel I should try something stronger. Thank you, Tina.

Tina, your weekend sounds perfect! I love the candlesticks at the top, beautiful!!!

Have a great week and good luck with your steals and deals sale.

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