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Hello I break away from my usual pretty posts filled with flowers, parties, gorgeous decor and things of beauty to ask you a favor.? You know I rarely ask for favors but this is a big and very important one! And to thank you for your time I am offering a little? Antica Farmacista bubble bath giveaway (details at the bottom). One of my most favorite products in the entire world!


Do you believe in young people making a difference? Following their heart and passions? Particularly when it involves world causes that could potentially impact and lessen human suffering? And when it is someone who has devoted most of his adult years to this cause that he/she so passionately believes in?

So do I! Which brings me to the point of this short post……

My nieces husband, a brilliant PhD? from none other than Harvard University is a finalist in a very prestigious competition, where his groundbreaking work and research on the? early diagnosis of the HIV virus is up for a major award, The Bright Future Prize.

He has been selected as one of three finalists? and though all three have clearly done extraordinary work with compelling projects, I believe that what he is doing is so relevant and so urgently needed and to say it could revolutionize the treatment of HIV is not an understatement.? We are so incredibly proud of him and his unbelievable accomplishments.

This is a major advancement in the way HIV is being diagnosed at early stages and could potentially alter the catastrophic numbers of deaths that are growing at alarming rates.

On top of what he has done,? Hadi is truly? one of the kindest, most humble young men I have had the pleasure to meet, a true gentleman,? he is obviously incredibly intelligent but is so low key and unassuming. It makes me want to root for him that much more!

So this is a short and sweet post to introduce Hadi? and I have also? posted the link where you can vote which literally will take 3 seconds of your time. We are most appreciative…..



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Some startling facts about AIDS-

Statistics (from UNAIDS):
35.3 million – Number of people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide in 2012.

2.3 million – New infections worldwide in 2012.

260,000 – New infections in children worldwide in 2012.

1.6 million – AIDS-related deaths worldwide in 2012.

70.8% of the world’s people living with HIV/AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa; an estimated 1.6 million people were newly infected with HIV/AIDS in 2012.

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And if like me, you too think what he is doing is pretty amazing then please cast your vote for him , just click on this link here!? It will only take 3 seconds I promise.? MANY THANKS to everyone for participating. Just think? if he wins, YOU will have? played a part in changing the course of HIV early intervention just by voting!


And please share this with your friends and family…it is a compelling cause and could change the HIV virus forever.

Once you have voted please come back and let me know that you have, and that’s it…you will be in the running for a wonderful Antica Farmacista bottle of the most wonderful bubble bath ever! I will announce the winner on Friday.


If you missed my Steals and Deals from yesterday, please click here. Things went really fast and there are only a handful of things left, the good news though…I am still going through boxes and unearthing more treasures so will hopefully put up round 2 early next week:)

I have one fabulous post tomorrow for all lovers of chinoiserie and beautiful interiors…stay tuned!

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Melanie on

I voted:)


Tina you should be proud..what an amazing young man and what a brilliant mind! I voted and applaud the work he is doing. Thank you for telling us about it.

kathy chandler on

Hi Tina! I just voted and hope that Hadi wins ~ I am proud of him too and don’t even know him! I love it when people use their intelligence and hard work for good!

Patti vassy on

I voted! πŸ™‚

amanda on

i voted

judy ayre on

Hi Tina,
What a wonderful young man. I have voted as I believe he is doing brilliant research and wish him all the best. Will look forward to hearing the results in November x

Susan LeSueur on

I voted! Best of luck to a smart talented man. I know you are proud, congratulations!

theresia on

Done! Love when brains are put to work for good causes.

Debbie Wilson on

What a wonderful mission — I voted and hope Dr. Shafiee wins for his dedication and work. Thank you for this opportunity.

cAROL c. on

I was happy to vote!

Warmest wishes,

Kathy Pelletier on

Hi Tina,
Thanks so much for introducing Hadi to us. It is an honor to know someone who is working towards something so greatly needed. It amazes me to hear of so many brilliant persons out there. Best of luck to him.

Neila on

I voted for Hadi because there are many other variations of HIV which will benefit from his research as well! My son suffers fro a CD3lymphopenia and all research in this area should be supported and many of those with various immunological disorders will possibly benefit!

Tamara cOlter on

I just voted! No wonder you’re proud. Very impressive young man!

Shelby on

Any effort to help in the battle against AUDS gets my vote. We’ve lost so many already.


Hi Tina,

I just voted for your niece’s husband and was delighted to do so.
It is always encouraging to see such talented young people using
their talents to bring change for a better world.

Enjoy your blog!

Take care,

Sinead on

What great work! I happily voted

Susan Osborn-Sanders on


Elizabeth on

I am honored to vote for such an amazing young man. The world is a better place for having him in it.


I voted and look forward to the celebration.

Charlotte caruso on

I voted!

GRC Ltd on

A very worthy cause! Happy to vote for him!

debbie on

First after what you do to us..give us beauty, inspiration and something to marvel at every single day I am honored to help you but I would have voted for him either way.
What an amazing young man and what revolutionary work he is doing. I am so impressed. Thank you for sharing his incredible journey with us.

Sherry-Henderson Nevada on

I voted…..Very impressive…..Hope Hadi wins….

Barbara P from MA on

Just voted for Hadi! He sounds like an incredible young man- Brigham is one of “my” hospitals- I’ll be on the look out for him! Haven’t been commenting much, lot going on- But wanted to tell you how BEAUTIFUL everything was at your recent dinner party- Just loved everything!

Sue J. on

Done…with pleasure!

Jane on

I Voted

Tricia on

Proud to vote for such an important cause.

Mary on

Happy to do so!

Ruth on

How impressive! I voted.

Sherri on

Hi Tina. I was happy to cast my vote for your niece’s husband and the valuable work he is doing. Thank you for bringing his wonderful work to our attention.

Faith Boggio on

I voted for him.

Jennifer on

Amazing work! I voted πŸ™‚

Joan on

He is an impressive young man doing very important work. I voted for him and hope he wins.

Kathy Ross on

I voted. Best of luck to him.

Jane on

I voted!

You must be very proud to have such a bright, caring young man in your family!

Please thank him for me for his work in such a an important and worthy cause!

Bonnie S on

Just voted for Hadi, good luck!

MariannA on

You must be so proud and thankyou for sharing with us and giving us an opportunity to vote for Hadi.
All the best Tina!!!!


Susan on

I voted! Best of luck to Hadi!


I voted! best of luck to him and your family.

Lynne on

I voted
And wish Hadi much luck and also congratulate him on his hard work.

vicky on

I voted for Hadi! Am so glad to participate . . . my fingers are crossed and hoping for a win!

Patti on

Thank you for introducing us to such a lovely, brilliant young man whose life work is to help others .

Diane on

I voted! Good luck Hadi!!!

Bonnie Schulte on

My vote has been cast also. Amazing work, amazing young man.

Aimee R on

My vote for Hadi is just a small token of appreciation for his dedication to his work and making the world a better place for us all. Thank you for introducing him to us Tina. Your family has much to be proud of!

Anonymous on

Hi. I voted! Your niece’s husband is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this.

Peggy Thal on

My vote is in. Wishing him good luck. Your family must be very proud of him.

MArsha on

Hi Tina,

It was my pleasure to vote and I hope he wins!


cassandra on

Hi Tina, yes amazing. I voted for him.

JackieO on

I was more than happy to cast my vote for Hadi and his most important research. Best wishes to him and his family!

Jennifer m on

I voted for him and wish him luck!

Lynn on

I voted!

Linda on

I’m pleased to have voted!

Carol on

I also voted. Hope he gets the award.

Denise on

pleased to have voted.

Jennie on

Tina…Fine young man with a wonderful mission. I voted!

Fran Armstrong on

I have voted!! What an honor to be asked for our assistance. Good Luck to him!

Heather Young on

I voted:)

Susan P. on

Not only is Hadi incredibly bright, well educated, married to your niece?but he is gorgeous!

Kim S on

I voted. Let us know how it turns out!


I voted!!! Linda


I voted.. And I am passing it on ..tonight our neighbors from Boston.. Just moved here .. . Are coming for dinner….He was in charge of investments from Harvard…, or Yale ? .., I will check to make sure.. …anyway I will pass this on .. Congrats to your family .. That is quite an


I just voted for him Tina. You do so much for your readers, this is the least we can do. Such an impressive young man, well spoken and obviously brilliant.

Leona on


Betty on

I voted. Hope he wins, he sounds like a great person!

Pat ford on

Voted, it was my privilege !

Jean louise lilly on

Just voted for this dynamic project. They are all marvelous. Something good to see in a long run of bad news posted lately around the world. Thank you for sharing Tina.

Colleen on

I just voted for this wonderful young man, with pleasure!

Rose on

I voted and am inspired by Hadi!

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Wow, Tina, what an amazingly talented guy! I was happy to vote for him and really hope he wins – what a significant development! Hugs to you for helping out this important cause!

Rebecca on

I voted. Thank you for introducing us. Best of luck to him!

Joye Lanahan on

Hi Tina
My husband is in the pharm industry. It is so important we support all causes to help reveal hope to people in need. Thank you for bringing to our attention!

Nancy on

Hi Tina, it was my pleasure to vote for this talented young man. Good Luck Hadi !

Tammy lewis on

I voted for this wonderful young man with such a bright future

Carol Anne on

What a privilege to have been able to cast my vote for such a brilliant young man. The impact of this microchip device will be felt world wide. How proud you must be! Please keep us posted on the results in November.

Angie Shepherd on

Done and done! So impressive!

Trish on

I voted…amazing technology…important cause.

lisa on

Love seeing a bright mind passionate about changing the world and solving a problem that has yet to be solved. My own son is in research (Yale) and I know the tireless work that it is and often not always acknowledged until something big happens (if something big happens) but its these pioneers who pave the way to a brighter, healthier world. A big congratulations to Hadi for this major accomplishment, thank you Tina.

Mary Scheible on

Tina, I voted!

Suzy on

Would that we had more such devoted “miracle workers” among our young people! I voted for Hadi.

Kristin on

I just voted! Go Hadi Go! #teamhadi

Karena on

What incredible work he is accomplishing. just voted for him Tina!
The Arts by Karena

Ruth ann on

I voted……good luck to Hadi!

Judi on

All sound like wonderful, worthwhile projects! I voted for Hadi’s. Best of luck to him.

Esther george on

Hadi you’ve got my vote, I wish you success. Hi Tina thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS thank you for your wonderful blogs looking forward to the next one (no pressure).

Beth on


Kathleen on


Andrea (aka Rokinrev) on

I voted. As a retired minister who worked with some of the first non drug related AIDS cases ( former nurses in hospice care) I know just how important this work is. Hadi will go far

Darcy on

What an amazing young man. Happy to vote for him and will let my circle of friends know they should as well

paula fitzgerald on

Thank you for sharing the story about Hadi! Voted with pleasure and special prayers he will win!!

Anita Rivera on

Hello sweet friend! I am home from work and I just saw this wonderful post. I will go vote now! Brilliant work these young people are doing, for sure! HUGS, Anita

Bredd on

It was an honor to vote! Thanks for letting us know about the great strides being made for this terrible disease.

Janet J on

I was more than happy to vote, and wish him the best!

Christine N. on

Yes, I gladly voted.

Judy on

I happily voted. I would love to see him win!

Bonnie on

I’ve cast my vote. Thank you for sharing with us.

leigh on

Best of luck to him! That is an obviously worthy project!

Vienette on

Just voted. Best of luck to Hadi!

mIRIAM l. on

I have voted.

sherri P. on

Hi Tina,

Thank you for the opportunity to vote for your nephew and to take part in such a worthwhile endeavor. It truly makes me feel like one person can make a difference in making our nation healthy.

I also wanted you to know that I purchased four of your melamine plates and that I decorated my new home in the colors. It turned out absolutely beautiful. I love it!

I enjoy your blog – keep up the good work.


Sherri P

beverly howell on

Tina, it was a pleasure to vote for your niece’s husband and the important work he is doing. Best of luck to Hadi, But, regardless of the outcome of this award competition, he is indeed a winner!

Linda Lowe on

Hello Tina, I voted! What a wonderful thing for the good of this world and mankind. You should be very proud!!

Jeanne W on

I voted and would have happily done so without the giveaway. What an amazing young man. Your niece must be pretty sharp herself too!

Jessica on


Ginny Rowe on

Tina – Thanks for drawing our attention to such a worthy cause. It was certainly worthwhile voting for such a devoted young man. Please keep us posted about the results.

Sue on

Hi Tina,
I voted! I hope he wins

Erika on

I voted. Wishing him much luck.

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

Definitely voted !!
Also posted on my FB.
This is amazing and awesome. Big hug to him from me.

Sandy M. on

I’m happy to have voted. Good luck!
You must be so proud.

Pam F on

Wow! Amazing project! Proud to vote for it!

Linda on

Wow! Such a worthy cause….I voted for Hadi and please let us know if he wins. He must be quite a remarkable young man. Thanks for sharing.

Jan on

I voted…very worthy cause!!

Melissa on

I voted! That is amazing.

Mary J on

very worthy cause voted

Karol on

I just voted. What a worthy project!

Khadija on

I voted πŸ˜€

Rosanne Hodgens on


Barbara on


dee vansomeren on

Happy to vote for such an amazing man and incredible cause. thanks for the opportunity.

BettyBaker on

Hi – I voted. He is a wonderful researcher and if they could only
find a cure for HIV it would be wonderful. Regardles if I do not win the prize it is such a wonderful thing. Good Luck Hadi.

Sally on

I have voted for your nephew Tina….He is indeed a very inspiring and gifted young man, and HIV needs all the help possible..This one is for you, for Hadi and to support such a great cause… no prizes necessary, my dear
I shall be back tomorrow to enjoy the chinoiserie…… favourite πŸ™‚

Susan on

I voted! It took less than three minutes. Happy to do this for a wonderful man and family–and cause!

Carolyn on

What he has done is amazing!!! It was a pleasure to vote for him.

Faith on

Tina it was my pleasure to vote for such a worthy cause! I know your family must be so proud of Hadi!

Beth on

That was an amazing video. If only I was half as smart as he is??!?! What a blessing he’ll be to so many. Please keep us posted regarding the winner.
Thank you! Beth

Ashley on

Voted! Best of luck to him!


I voted πŸ™‚ I know your family is so proud of him!!

Mary Ellen on

Very happy to vote.

Susan Nicholson on

I voted for Hadi!

Joy Searles on

Happy to vote for Hadi! Good luck to him.

Susie H on

I voted, with pleasure!

Ashley L. on

I voted!

De on

Tina –

What a wonderful privilege it is to have someone in your family help with HIV infection research! Fingers crossed-

Thank you for sharing

Sharon Lawrence on

I hope he wins! I voted!

TeResa Kamm on

Pleased to have voted!

Patricia Burditt on

He got my vote! I hope he wins.

June Valenzuela on

I have voted

Dr. Shea perkins on

I voted! What a great cause! Wish him the best!

judy on

voted for your nephew! hope he wins and can advance a cure for this horrible disease.

susan on

Good Luck to Hadi! I know he’s the front runner in this competition.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate.

bonnie on

Hi Tina,

Holly Curry on

So awesome, I voted

Linda Brown on

I voted….good luck!

Debbie Campbell on

I voted!

Elaine on

I voted! Best of luck to a brite young man!

Katherine on

He is dedicated and thankfully has the insight to fight for the cause/cure. After viewing the details on his video it a pleasure to vote for his work.

Best of luck to Hadi.

Donna clark on

Done and DONE!

Clarice on

I voted!!! Good job

Linda on

Tina. I voted . Best of luck!!

trudi rowe on

Dear Tina,

I voted. Wow, fabulous research and very much needed!
Trudi R.

C. Marie on

Hadi has my support—hope many will be blessed by his efforts.

Barbara Kelly on


Happy to vote for Hadi !!…He is also blessed to have you for an aunt.

diane P on

Dear Tina – Your delightful blog has given me so many hours of enjoyment and I’m happy to be able to give something back to you in this small way! I definitely voted!!

PS I agree with Barbara Kelly – Hadi is truly blessed to have you in his life!

Jan on

I voted for Hadi…..he deserves it!

Karen on

Hi Tina,
I watched Hadi’s clip and and the other two as well. All were impressive but I would’ve voted for Hadi’s project even if I hadn’t heard from you! I hope the team wins. Regardless, I know the world will see great things from these young people. Please thank him for me.
All the best. -Karen

Sandy w on

Wow, what an amazing young man. Happy to vote for him!

Helene abraham on

Your nephew is a winner already!
I’m a newcomer to your blog and enjoy it very much!

Linda on

I voted for your niece’s husband! Best of luck and so deserving πŸ™‚ Quite remarkable!

Loretta on

I voted

Carroll on

I voted!

Elizabeth on

What a fabulous young man and mind! I just voted. So proud to be part of such an important opportunity.

Thank you, Tina!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Maggie R on

I truly admire your nephew’s wisdom and dedication to his work in making our world a better place. I voted for him. My family has been in medicine for 3 generations now and I was very interested to see the other 2 nominees as well. We are very blessed to have such wonderful minds working to find solutions to such devastating conditions. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Tammy on

Amazing young man! I love young people with brains. Especially when they do good for all. He is already a winner!

Rhonda on

Gladly voted for Hadi!

Jeanne on

What a brilliant mind. This could change so many lives. He’s got my vote.

Daryl on

Just submitted my vote for Hadi! How wonderful to create hope for so many people. Best of Luck!!

Karen on

I was happy to vote for Hadi. When my bro died of AIDS years ago, he had nothing available to help him.

nancy on

Cast my vote with pleasure!

Jeanne on

I voted . I hope he wins!!!

Irma torralba on


Honored to have voted for Hadi. Blessings to you both.

Elizabeth B on

I voted and fingers crossed.

Patrice on

Voted for Hadi ! πŸ™‚

Michelle B on

I voted! What a brilliant young man πŸ™‚

Melissa on

I voted….happily!

Cher on

Hi Tina,
I watched the video and am quite impressed with this innovative project. I’ m happy to have voted for this worth wild project and hope no matter the out come of the vote that this project makes it to the regions and people who will benefit.

maida khan on

Done. I voted for him πŸ™‚

Lisa Barker on

I am happy to vote for him and wish him the best of luck. X

AliE on

Voted πŸ™‚ Good luck to him and his work.

Vicki Archer on

With all this support behind him I feel it will make all the differece… πŸ™‚
Congratulation to Hadi for his extraordinary achievement whatever the prize outcome… xv

Barbara on

Brilliant man! Best of luck!

AMY on

Tina I am honored to have been able to play a small part in helping Hadi advance, what a remarkable young man, our world needs more of them! Your family is blessed to have both you and him in it!

linda b. on

i voted!

toula on

I voted.

erica on

I voted for Hadi! Brilliant idea he has come up with.

Best regards


Ann from bordeaux on

I voted. A wonderful man – I hope he wins.

dEBRA on

I visited your website and cat my vote for Hadi.

As you requested, I am letting you know!



BJ on

Voted – good luck to him.

Allyson on

This made my day! So comforting to know bright, dedicated scholars are out there finding cures and pushing technology to its limits!
Thank you for sharing,

Susan on

I voted. Hope he wins!

Cheryl on

I voted for your nephew and his amazing research. Congratulations to all these young men and women devoted to improving the world’s health.

Marlis on

Glad to vote! Done!

Rebecca Hively on

I just voted! Thanks so much for sharing his wonderful work with all of us!

Elaine Ramos on

What a great job he’s doing, thanks for sharing! I voted and will have my hubby vote tonight too!

Brynn Daniels on

Happy to vote for him! What a great cause, thanks for sharing!

Lisa on


Bebett on

Done. What a brilliant young man. I hope he and his team win the prize.

Debbie on

Amazing! I voted.

Linn on

Hi Tina,

It is my pleasure to be able to vote for such deserving research!

Wishing him much success,

Michelle Hill on

I love waking up to hope. Best of luck to Hadi and his team, it was an easy vote and I looked at the other two commendable contenders. I know how difficult, arduous and fulfilling attaining Phd can be and funding can sometimes be the hardest for people on the brink of greatness. Greatness that would benefit so so many. Bless everyone of them for working so diligently.

Luciane at on

Hello Tina!

You’re wrong about something… it took me LESS than THREE MINUTES to VOTE! πŸ™‚

I am so glad you shared this with us. We should be thanking you for this.

Wishing good luck to Hadi and I am happy to be a small part of this!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!


Luciane from

Susie on

I voted. Best of luck to your nephew!!

Robbin on

Wow. What an awesome young man. I voted for him, and you should be VERY proud of him! He could absolutely change the world with this. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Gwen weathington on

Done. Thanks for sharing his amazing work and good luck.

Mildred broselow on

yES,! I voted!

kathy bunge on

I voted – best of luck to him!

Mary Rollins-Hughes on

What an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing!
I voted!

Ashley SIkora on

good luck to him, I voted!


I voted!Thank you Tina for sharing it with us!

Bonnie on

I voted for Hadi. Amazing young man, and very innovative research.

Beebarbs on

It was an honor to vote — thank you!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Tina, happy to vote. What an inspiration – thank you for telling us about him! XO

Jan on

I voted for Hadi. Very best wishes to his success.

Hannah on

What a remarkable young man. Thank you for the information – I voted! Best of luck to him.

Melissa on

I voted!

Peggy Braswell on

I voted for him.

Wendy on

A vote for Hadi and a vote for mankind.

Lana B on

I have voted. As you said Tina, “so relevant and so urgently needed…”

Marilyn comer on

I voted. Will be anxious to know if he won.

noreen on

Hi Tina, i have just voted for Hadi – sterling work indeed!

Beverly Zimmerman on

I voted. Best of luck to Haidi!

Karin Claessens on

Thank you for sharing the dreams and accomplishments that Hadi is so committed to.
It is an honor and pleasure to support him in his most-worthy cause.
Best of luck to him.

Dee on

I am honored to cast my vote and wish Hadi the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

Melissa on

Good luck Hadi, I voted for you, but all the projects look wonderful, and I couldn’t help thinking that this is what Humanity is ALL about. All are deserving of the prize. And Tina, you are amazing, 226 votes and counting to help Hadi, this what BLOGGING is all about too.

Juli on

You should be extremely proud of him. Lots of good luck and I hope he wins.

Garna. CLark on

Voted for third talented young man.

Jeanie on

Such brilliance should be rewarded! What a difference this would make.

Mafalda Wintheiser on

Hi Tina,

Isn’t it wonderful when we have such incredibly intelligent family. I gladly voted and I hope that your nephew wins. What an amazing person. God bless.

Marijan Vandekolk on

I voted offcourse, and will for sure spread the news here in Europe too.


Just voted! God bless our doctors and researches that are working hard to find cures! AMEN!

Vivian P. on

I voted and hope that Hadi wins.

Annie on

Thank you for helping promote this worthwhile cause. I was happy to participate!

Charlene on

Amazing! No wonder you are proud. I am honored to cast my vote for such a brilliant young mind and will be happy to pass it on with my own circle. Having had two of my own in research and development I applaud the tireless work and sacrifice that goes into this field. Congratulations to Hadi.


Hadi is amazing, (and so handsome too)! My father, 2 brothers and husband are all doctors so have all spent many many years doing research. I have the utmost respect for anyone devoted to a cause they believe in and this cause is urgently needed. This is incredible and as you said groundbreaking. I have cast my vote. Thank you for telling us about it!

Cecile on

Done, and proud to be vote for such an talented man. I hope he will win, he deserves it

annie on

AMAZING! I voted with pleasure. What a remarkable young man.

Mary Anne on

WOW….this is amazing! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Hadi could come up with something similar for cancer? He would change the world forever. So very proud of him. My only question is, why isn’t there more media about this? Instead, we get a housewife of N.J. going to jail for fraud! Best of luck to your nephew.

janet on

i voted for your niece’s husband with his AIDs project. I had a close friend die of AIDS years ago, so I am particularly interested in this. Good luck to him!

Jennifer on

I voted πŸ™‚ What an amazing young man.

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