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Hi there, hope everyone had a great weekend. I definitely am officially feeling the holiday crunch knocking on my door! I will be posting 2-3 times a week vs. my normal 4 or so as the holidays near, time is at an all time premium around this time of year and I am juggling many balls in the air though blogging is definitely my refuge:)

As many of you know last week I hosted a small luncheon for a very dear friends belated “50”.It is not everyday one reaches this number so although it was a late celebration it called for making it special. I allowed my new obsession with myrtle topiaries to dictate the theme here. And I was thrilled with how it all came out, naturally blue and white had to be in the mix!

The thing I think I was the most excited about was finding the darling mini myrtle topiaries (they stand about 9″ tall) and putting them in these chic little blue and white planters, a new item soon to be added to my shop. They made the perfect most elegant favor. I also found this darling moss purse and filled it with stems of my faux flower clusters and LOVE how it came out. I put this at the place setting for the birthday girl.

As I always do I try to capture as much as I can but once I get busy playing hostess it is much harder to take pictures, I need an “in house” photographer lol.

So here are the highlights from this fun afternoon…..and a few recipes on bottom worth sharing!


Here is what was on the menu (with some recipes below since many of you ask for them)-

Started with peach bellinis and the brie en croute with crackers

For lunch-

Cream of curried vegetable autumn bisque

Chopped brussel sprouts and parmesan salad

Chopped Chinese chicken salad

Mini chicken salad sandwiches

Asparagus and Gruyere tartlets

For dessert-

Chocolate ganache cake

A fruit platter and of course coffee!


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These were the cutest favors!! Mini myrtles that stand about 9″ in the charming blue and white planter….I placed one at everyone’s table setting.


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The pretty napkins from Number Four Eleven? (there was a mistake on the color) , it was supposed to be navy but I kept half the order just because they are awfully pretty



I served Rose for lunch but always have a blue and white “tub” aka planter filled with plenty of alternatives (by the way if you have not tried Perrier Grapefruit, you should it rocks)!

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I made this, isn’t it darling! This I put at the place of honor for the birthday girl….


And the food…..

A delicious batch of peach Bellinis getting whipped up…..



My yummy autumn bisque

unnamxvc4edThe chopped brussels sprouts salad


And chicken/apple salad getting mixed to put in mini rolls….


The yummy asparagus tarts about to hit the oven…..unnamxv4ed unnxv44amed


The making of the brie….unnaxvb4med unnaxf44med



And lunch is just about served……unna3111med


And of course we all left room for dessert….unnamv32ed

Someone picked up the heavenly chocolate ganache birthday cake…thankfully there was a little leftover!

unnac32medI always serve a fruit platter with dessert, and you can see Mr. Teddy aka the “rufferee” standing guard:)




So that my friends? is a recap of this fun afternoon. It was filled with lively conversation, lots of laughs, story telling, and much reminiscing of all of the fun times we have shared. There really? is nothing quite like time spent with good girlfriends.

I also realized I am my happiest when I prepping, setting up a table, flower arranging, cooking and entertaining. I love being in my element and just “doing my thing”. I swear in my next life, I need to be a party planner, florist, caterer! I just love the entire creative process from start to finish.

Recently my husband asked me what I wanted for my big “5-0” (yikes) and I told him a really beautiful greenhouse. He looked at me puzzled and said “don’t you want something for yourself like jewelry”? I said no because a greenhouse is something that would make me consistently happy, I love fiddling with flowers and plants and even if it’s a small one, think I would really enjoy it. And that is the truth:).Funny how we change and priorities shift, isn’t it?

Thank you for stopping in, hope you enjoyed sharing this with me.


Below is info on a new promo just started as of this morning and the recipes that many have asked for…..


A new promo just started this morning only on for 2 days, it will end Wednesday morning. Beautiful selection of boxwood wreaths, garland and topiaries (subject to availability). Click here for the details.

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8548SS1001 Boxwood Garland Revised


The recipes- (a few were featured on previous posts)

For Asparagus tarts click here

For Autumn bisque/curried cream of vegetable soup click here

Chicken salad (on sandwiches) click here


PEACH BELLINIS- (always a major hit)

Ideally 6-8 fresh peaches, sliced in wedges OR 2 bags frozen peaches

Peach Schnapps (about 1/4 cup

1-2 TBSP sugar ( left this out)

1 bottle of Prosecco

Raspberries for garnish (optional)

Blend peaches in a blender until a soft puree, add peach syrup and sugar and finally lemon juice.? Pour about half of the mixture into a champagne glass and fill the rest with champagne, stir and garnish with raspberry, cheers!



BAKED BRIE? This is honestly so easy but the taste factor is off the charts!

Pastry dough (purchase ready made or make your own)

About half a cup of chopped pecans

Half of a green apple, chopped

1/4? cranberries (optional)

About 4 TBSP of butter softened

1 wheel of med. brie

About 1/4 cup of brown sugar

1 egg white


Simply roll out the dough until its wide enough to generously cover the brie. Cut off the outer layer of the brie. Put the pastry on the bottom and add all of the ingredient mentioned with brown sugar going last on top of the brie. Carefully pull up sides of the dough and wrap and twist on top of the brie. Brush on egg whites all over the wrapped brie. Put in oven of about 350 for approx. 30 minutes, I normally turn it down to 325 for the last 10 and you can leave in oven to keep warm lightly covered once it has turned golden brown. It is the best I have had! I serve with Carrs water crackers…..great holiday appetizer!





About 30 chopped brussel sprouts (or shredded on a mandolin) A local shop carries shredded brussel sprouts which makes this sooo easy!

About 1 cup of toasted almonds, walnuts or pecans

2 cloves of garlic finely minced

1/2 cup olive oil

2 TBSP of Dijon mustard

1 cup of finely shredded parmesan cheese

To make the dressing add olive oil, Dijon mustard and 1/4 of the parmesan? Add lemon juice and shake well in a sealed container. Toss the nuts garlic and brussel sprouts. Add dressing right when you are ready to serve or up to half an hour before. Refrigerates well until the next day if you are lucky enough for leftovers!



MY CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD People have come to expect this when they come over…so very tasty!

1 head of cabbage,

3 nice sized chicken breast,

about 4 TBSP soy sauce

1 TBSP sugar,

2 bunches scallions,

about 1/2-3/4 cup slivered almonds,

2 packs chicken Ramen noodles,

one can lo mein or? rice noodles ( I use lo mein),

3 tablespoons or more sesame seeds,

rice vinegar.

Shred cabbage very thin with a good sharp serenaded knife or a mandolin, which makes it easy. Boil chicken in salted water. When cool, shred to small pieces. Chop up 2 bunches of scallions. Bake almonds until golden brown. Add cabbage, chicken, scallions and almonds and set aside covered. In small mixing bowl, add about 1/2 cup soy, 1/4 cup rice vinegar, the sesame seeds, 1/4 to 1/2 cup oil (not olive any vegetable or corn is fine),the chicken seasoning packets from ramen noodles and 2 tablespoons sugar. Mix well, toss over salad up to 30 min. before you want to serve, add rice noodles at end and chopped up ramen noodles. Garnish with scallions, enjoy!



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WOO HOOO! A GREENHOUSE? Yes, he can spring it….and you were so wise to insist that a greenhouse it is! Oh Tina, I hope the Mr. Enchanted Home will surprise you with your dream greenhouse. You will be in your element!

Those myrtle trees as FAVORS are such a generous addition to your fab table. My next thing on my list from your shop are those chargers. I need some!

From the brie en croute to the asparagus tarts, your table was a feast of love. It is always a pleasure to find you here in the morning before I’m off to work! And I wish you success in getting all your shopping and Christmas prepping done! Anita

Just breathtaking Tina.I know many have said it but you really need to come out with a book I swear it would be a best seller. This table is incredible. I love it and will have to steal some of your ideas.

The food is making me really hungry, looks so good. You are really the pinnacle of the hostess with the mostest.

I now find myself waking up, grabbing my iPad first thing in the morning just to see the ” who-what-when-where’s” of your life. I can’t get enough of your creative talent…PLUS I love the way you entertain and write! We share a passion for ALL blue and white so PLEASE let your readers where you get your napkins monogrammed. They are fabulous and I would expect nothing less!

Thanks for all the recipes. Everything was beautiful and yummy looking. What a great and generous friend you are!

Thanks for the recipes
Great gift idea- I wil use as a hostess gift to replace the bottle of wine or chocolates that I always bring
Thanks for sharing

I too wake up and grab my I-pad immediately to see your post first thing everyday.
You have my pulse racing with EVERYTHING you post.
Your taste is impeccable, and your passion for blue and white surpasses mine
(which I thought was impossible)
You are an amazing woman!!!
Thank you for reigniting the spark in me, seeing as you are the age of my children.

Hi Tina, We must have been separated at birth because I love everything you do!! I have noticed that you use your Calcutta counter surface very freely. I too have the same marble and it is so frustrating because it stains and gets etched very easily. My island is 6′ x 9′ but I am always confined to a small cutting board size work space!!!! So frustrating. What did you do with yours to make it so useable or does yours too have stains?

I’m obsessed with myrtle topiaries, but I can’t quit looking at the monogrammed napkin – adore the color and don’t think I’ve ever seen two colors and it is fabulous!! Your friend must have been thrilled with every, single detail!!

What a GORGEOUS lunch! Every wonderful detail is just beyond…as someone above said, move over Martha, Tina is here! You need a show, a book, something…

Tina what a beautiful luncheon for your friends 50th! A very special occasion and you pulled out all the stops! Thanks so much for sharing the yummy recipes!

The Arts by Karena

Good morning!
I am so inspired by you… I love and share your style!
I hope you are able to share the source for the square white and blue planter with the gold ball finials??? I noticed them the other day and again today on your beautiful table with the crepe myrtle topiaries…they are adorable!
Thank you for brightening my days! xo

Wow, Tina, you outdid yourself!!! What a beautiful luncheon, the birthday girl must have felt so special. Every detail is perfect and lunch looks just delicious. That floral purse is just extraordinary – I can’t believe you made that! Wow!!! And I love the topiaries – funny thing, the two that I have right now are the 9 inch on are in the same pots that you have on your table. (What a great addition to your shop!)

I hear what you when it comes to the holiday crush. We are going out of town this weekend, and then it’s time for crazy. We have a busy Thanksgiving Day and then are hosting a party the Saturday after – a champagne tasting. Wish you could come out for it!

Have a lovely week, Tina! XOXO

Honestly, you NAILED THIS!! EVERYTHING!! You are just the “supreme” sharing your recipes, decorating tips, etc. So glad I found you!!! franki

I am imagining you hunting for conservatory idea’s now – what an exciting gift. Some of the best looks that would work well with your home are conservatories in England or orangeries in France. Keeping it just steps from the main house would give you the opportunity to escape to a special spot just for you. AND if you set it up with an area to host special small dinner parties {small galley kitchen to accommodate the already prepared food from the main house} – the possibilities are endless.

Good morning, Tina.

I am jealous of your friends! LOL Oh, look how nicely you treat them! They’re lucky to have you, Tina. You’re so kind and you do everything you can to make them feel loved. That’s a Gift, Tina!

Have a Blessed week, sweetie.


Luciane from

Tina, I always look forward to your recipes and seeing your beautifully set table when you throw a party! Can you possibly give all of us “Tina wanna be’s” your asparagus tart recipe? It would be great for the holidays. Thank you so much for all your efforts!

Tina… forget the blog – you need to publish a book of your gorgeous home, table settings and recipes. What a fabulous birthday luncheon. You certainly have the enchanted touch! Have a great week.

I just adore your website – it is one of my favorite things to do each day! If I have to settle for just a couple of postings a week, then I will have to reread the old postings just to get my fix πŸ˜‰

Thank you for the recipes – I look forward to making the asparagus tarts and the chicken salad! And I love the little pots for each topiary – so darn cute!!

Girlfriend – you need to start a party planning business now, not in the next life – Because you are something else!!

Take care.

How beautiful Tina! How exciting to be a guest at any of your events! I appreciate the elegant luncheon recipes and want to try them for Christmas when my children come home.
I just melt with blue and white so it IS a treat to read your blogs. I understand how cutting back during the Holidays is necessary. It’s a balance of keeping a sound mind, taking care of business and enjoying.
I truly appreciate reading your blogs and seeing the offerings. It makes my day!

A truly spectacular lunch Tina! I’m sure your friend was totally thrilled:) The table linens are gorgeous and I will be trying that asparagus tart.. YUM! Your are the ultimate hostess:) I do love those topiaries and want to get several of the 9 inch ones.

It’s the home stretch prior to the holidays. I am hosting TG and also two holiday parties. We are still finishing the house .. with appliances going in and marble counters this week. I DO hope that the ILVE range starts right up;) and is ready for some baking because I’ve got LOTS happening starting next week!

Enjoy your day!

Gorgeous Tina…….both you and your luncheon

You gave your friends a fabulous time and had a happy day… I must say I enjoy the ‘giving ‘ of entertaining just like you, and all the table dressing is just such fun. Your floral moss purse is exquisite……you see, I knew you were a florist πŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy your husband’s special evening. I am sure you will look beautiful X

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. I love everything you do!!!! What a great friend. I also think you should write a book.

What a wonderful friend you are.
The luncheon sounds like it was grand.
Loved the menu and your table looked amazing.
Thanks for sharing.

You really are a very gracious hostess! What a beautiful table setting. The mini myrtles are adorable and so chic in the cache pots. And look at the food: yummy yummy!! But I absolutely love the blue and white planter as ice bucket – too fabulous! xoxo

You inspire me SOOOO much!!! thank you for that and the recipes!!! I so look forward to seeing the Enchanted Home in my inbox!!!! XOXO L

I like how you used the planter as the drink tub… As fine as a drink tub that I’ve ever seen! Those napkins are just so pretty, too!

mouth is watering, tina! and i need one of those refreshing bellinis. what a fabulous celebration. i will be in hawaiian paradise for my birthday (the last year of my 40s) but a friend suggested i have a party as well. this friend may not have lots of time left, and the fact is, none of us are promised tomorrow, so we really do need to party as much as possible. a greenhouse will suit you, my friend. peace to you right where you are.

It’s so great that you love to entertain and are so generous with so many!
Love that you want a greenhouse! I can just see what you create from seeds!

Gorgeous luncheon my friend! Do you want my little greenhouse that i sadly neglect! I love the myrtle have to find a partner to my lonely one tha tis on my kitchen island. xo K

Your table setting is gorgeous! May I ask where you got those beautiful white and blue chinoiserie dinnerware?

I can not wait to try your Chinese chicken salad and the tarts! Everything looks so lovely.

Tina, your talents are seriously too numerous to count! You are definitely in your element when creating a party and pulling it all together. I can attest to these dishes being as delicious as they look. Sitting by the fire right now, thinking how lovely a peach bellini and a bite of that baked brie would be!! πŸ™‚ As I am hosting for both Thanksgiving and Christmas with a little fete thrown in between, I so appreciate all your tips and tricks and recipes.

As a linen and monogram hound, I have to say those circle monogrammed napkins are stunners.

Love the idea of a greenhouse for your 50th….maybe in the same place as that chicken coop was.

Here’s to heading into the holidays and lots of good cheer!
xoxo Elizabeth

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