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Good morning and happy Sunday to you. Before I begin,? to all those who had voted for Hadi….well he won! He was the recipient of the Bright Futures Prize…..we could not be prouder. We saw him last night as they came in from Boston and he asked me to convey a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who voted. He was touched by my post and the outpouring of support, I told him my followers are the best and that is the truth!

I had a wonderful evening last night where my husband was honored, it was a special evening.I ended up wearing a dress I owned that I managed to squeeze into and it was perfect that it allowed me to wear comfortable shoes…very important in trying to get over my knee injury!

Supposed to head into the city today for brunch, but I would really love to stay home in my lounge clothes all day long and do a whole lot of nothing, cook up something good and just enjoy the calm before the storm (that would be the holidays)!? As I do every Sunday, I am sharing with you seven things that have caught my attention. Ready to begin? Here we go…..




1. CLOSET CLEANING. Ugh….just the name alone puts a? knot in my stomach. Truth is when we moved I literally shoved everything in, just for everything to have a place. I never really organized my closet properly and trust me it is very very overdue. This and getting my home office together are my two biggest priorities going into 2015. I have written off 2014 with the holidays coming, I would be kidding myself to think I will get it done this year!

I love this chart and will actually be applying it as I waver between keeping a size 4 teeny tiny dress or not (clearly it will have to go even though the memories associated with it are precious…my 30th birthday party). I need to get pragmatic and tough when it comes to knowing what and when to get rid of things! This is a really great foolproof chart, will print it and tape it up as I get busy organizing…..



2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Every week I am amazed and inspired by so much of what I find on Instagram. And this week certainly did not disappoint…not by a long shot. Here is what I was totally captivated by…..


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3. A COOKBOOK THAT I AM REALLY ENJOYING. I absolutely adore this book, I have made one recipe from it so far and have plenty more I want to try. Sweet Jeanne from I Dream Of brought this when she came over and I like it so much that I will be giving it to a few people as gifts for the holidays (those who love to cook that is:) .

Love the focus on seasonal cooking and complete meals, it is very user friendly and as much a storybook as it is a cookbook. I am hopefully going to Seattle in the spring and plan to visit one of her restaurants for sure when I go! Renee Ericson is a James Beard nominated chef who owns many restaurants in the Seattle area….that is one cool city!

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4. A GIFT EVERY MONTH! Now that is my kind of gift!! I love this whole monthly giftbox thing that is taking the beauty/makeup world by storm. You subscribe and get a monthly box filled with all kinds of fun goodies to try, all from top names and a variety from skin care to mascara to lipstick.

A friend just gave me a gift for a years worth of monthly boxes from Glossy box and I am so excited! What girl wouldn’t? want to receive a present every month. I think I may have to give one to my college aged niece, it is unique and is the gift that gives all year round! Click here for more information.….

july october_box august


5. MONOGRAMMED LINEN NAPKINS. My obsession with monograms sees no end in sight. I don’t know if you remember but when we moved one of my boxes of linens had gotten wet and mildewed to the point of no return, I was so so upset because it contained most of my monogrammed napkins and a beautiful tablecloth I had bought in Pairs.

It was so painful to throw them away. So I am back to building my collection and have just ordered two new sets of napkins to be monogrammed, I will surely share them with you when they arrive! Meanwhile here are some of the inspiration pictures I loved and was inspired by…..


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Here are my latest from Number Four Eleven….




6. TOPIARIES AND TOLE.? In case you are wondering how they are doing….I am happy to say going strong, many have already needed a haircut. Surely that has to be a good sign that I am taking good care of them!

My white azalea topiaries also are about to bloom which is exciting too……I have learned that the myrtles dry out fast in homes with heat (and lately ours is going full blast with the frigid temps) so they require a lot of water, as in almost every 1-2 days. Lots of sun is also a big plus, they really thrive and grow like crazy with the sun exposure.? If you can find them near you……grab a few, they are so elegant and pretty to have around.


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And my tole pieces that I have told you about.? My second big shipment of tole (over 340 pieces)! is shipping out tomorrow and will be here late Dec. Unfortunately? we are a bit off chart as far as me getting my order in early Dec. but this is not unusual and it is what it is. The only thing that makes it OK is seeing how gorgeous its all come out. Take a peek at the latest……

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Very excited to get these beautiful pieces!!


7. THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY BUT HAPPY TEARS!. Saving the best for last but get out the tissue box first.? I am sorry to do this to you first thing Sunday monring…but there is no way in the world you can? watch this and not start wailing like a baby. It just fills your heart with so much hope and happiness to see these reunions…..worth sharing with those you love. I know I certainly am.




So that is what’s on my radar. How about you? Isn’t it crazy that Thanksgiving is already next week!! And then the holiday crunch is really in full swing once that happens, buckle up people! Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. What’s on your mind? Anything amazing? Tell me about it, if so. And two things-

And if you want to win a pair of the beautiful custom pewter/silver napkin rings, click here to put your name in the hat ( a winner will be chosen on Tuesday).

Don’t forget to have your cameras (or phones) ready to snap away your pretty table for Thanksgiving and enter them into my contest TABLETOP LOVE. I already have over 40 pictures and will accept another 20. I had said 50 but I ddnt’ realize I would get there so fast! Click here for the details on the contest….


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Ok now I’m sobbing! God bless our armed forces! Thank you for sharing this, because all of us need to remember that families are missing their loved ones throughout the year.

I am looking forward to taking some pics of my table for you for Thanksgiving! Just pray I don’t burn the turkey! Oh and thank you for including one of my instagram pics! You are the sweetest! Hugs! XOXO

Hi Tina such good news about Hadi, that is some accomplishment. And congratulations to your husband too.
Love this entire post, the video had me in tears within a few seconds, and I do love your topiaires and monogrammed napkins.
The tole pieces are really beautiful, cannot wait till you get them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We leave tomorrow for Spain to go and visit our daughter there for the holiday who is there for a semester abroad.

What a wonderful video- our troops are never forgotten nor should their families that spend so much time apart I am thankful for them!!

Such happy news here today Tina (but you always deliver upbeat and happy things!) First of all, HADI!!!!!! YAHHHOOOOO! I voted! Then your dear husband too was honored for something? I know he deserves it. Then there is this video; to me, this is what life is really about: each other. The things we build together are a monument of our collaboration and unions. But the builders of family and friends are who really matter. I have to admit: I CRIED!

Thank you Tina for such a happy post! Have a great brunch in the city today! Anita

YOU really know how to “hit the buttons!!” Now.,it’s “off to the races…” franki

Crying like a baby here. What a moving video, this drives it home for me the huge sacrifice they make but not only them, their families too. I will be sharing this with my friends and family.
Tina, every Sunday is a treat, I just love all the new tole pieces and your instagram favorites are always a highlight. I love seeing the world through your eyes, hope you get to relax and put your feet up today. Congratulations to Hadi AND your husband.

God bless you for sharing this video and God bless our armed forces.. I was sobbing and my husband looked at me and said what’s wrong? I shared the video with him and now we are both sobbing..
Congrats to Hadi… I am THANKFUL that somewhere somehow I found your blog!!!

You sure know how to make me smile, and make me cry!
Wishing you a splendid Sunday and check out “Living Simply by Annie” who is an amazing organizer in Seattle…..all roads lead to Seattle!
We need a trip to Jeanne!

Not sure if I mentioned that our son is a Senior ROTC. I cherish the time I have each and every moment because I know his service will lead him far away. It’s an amazing thing to watch how all who serve give so much.

so moved by this video…thank you so much for posting and reminding us about our soldiers and the huge sacrifices they make for us.

This is one of your best Sunday posts ever Tina. So many great tips, new Instagram faves, monograms, topiaries, the poignant video, all of it!

PS I had to finally give a beloved family member an entire designer wardrobe of size 4’s. It just was the best decision ever! I may be a six again; however a 4, no and that’s fine!

The Arts by Karena

Hi Tina! I only ever see Instagram when I am checking my sons account, and the things his friends post are beyond ridiculous! And then I see it here on Sundays. I still haven’t made it much a part of my life, but the Sunday posts are starting to really convince me. Also, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you keep visiting and commenting even when I have been too busy to visit you. You are so sweet and it is so nice of you. I hope you had a lovely time at brunch today πŸ™‚

I thought, No way will I cry, and then I did! Thank you for sharing with us every Sunday. I love your Seven on Sunday. It’s fun to relax and read your posts. I hope you have a blessed evening. I am thankful for all the wonderful people who post on your site and for all the loveliness they and you, Tina, bring to this world.



A great seven on Sunday!

I loved the video, frankly I do not think people think often enough of the military and their sacrifice.

Thanks for sharing!

Have a beautiful week!

Oh goodness! I feel a little sensory overload here today:) Congratulations to Hadi!! The wardrobe diagram is something I need to hold on to .. and those IG photos.. it’s amazing how wonderful they are becoming. I’m so glad you are enjoying the cookbook. The food in WA state/Seattle is very fresh and always tastes good:)

I hope you had a nice weekend Tina. It’s almost 10 here and I haven’t done the dinner dishes.. I’m so behind on emails πŸ™

Hi Tina! Congratulations to Hadi and your husband, I’m so glad that you have so much to celebrate right now. And wow, that, video. How very touching and it makes me feel so very thankful – a perfect way to start this Thanksgiving week!

Don’t you just love that cookbook?! Makes me happy that I could give you a little Seattle preview and that you are enjoying it enough to want to share with friends. I haven’t even put mine on the shelf yet, I’ve been using it so much.

Closet clean out. Uh oh. You are a better person than me if you are even thinking about it. Ugh. Mine is the WORST! LOVE the monogram napkins and the topiaries and tole. So much goodness here. Wish we could get together for a cup of coffee – or a glass of champagne – to discuss.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! XOXO

Dearest Tina,
As always you feast my senses with the beautiful things in this world, most especially the love that exists between friends and family. I also refer to the beauty seen through your eyes that is reflected in not only the things you so lovingly choose to share but the inner beauty that is within you! I am so pleased that you will be surrounded by your loved ones this week. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my birthday is on Friday to boot. All the best, dear friend and as for things I am grateful for, I definitely include you and your warm spirit and zest for life!

Hip Hip Hooray for Hadi!!!! I’m not surprised at all….he is SO deserving!!!!

Gorgeous inspiration everywhere today! I need to carve out hours for Instagram there is so much eye candy on there.

Glad your little topiaries are hanging in there! I’m just about to dive into the paperwhite/amaryllis season.

My mom arrived yesterday, so we headed into BG for lunch, champagne and a tour of the jaw dropping 7th floor. Trish McEvoy had lunch right behind us. Wish I had had the nerve to tell her what a huge fan I am of hers.

Ok….off to figure out what to feed this family! πŸ™‚ Enjoy having your “baby” home!
xoxo Elizabeth

Hi Tina, a lot of cool pictures from instagram, but why these burgers are here? πŸ˜€ Anyway one more interesting post from you thanks!

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