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Hello there! Busy busy days over here as we cross off the days until Christmas! My decorating is just about done but there is still quite a bit of gift buying to do. I was so honored last year when HomeGoods selected me as their choice for classic traditional bloggers…….what an honor to have been selected, because we all know there are so many amazing blogs out there. So thank you HomeGoods!

We have done a few things together since and I was particularly excited when we partnered together for this holiday basket project. I was given $100 to go to HomeGoods and make up a basket for someone who could use a little cheering up this season. I knew just the person I had in mind.

They also generously offered a $100 gift card to one lucky Enchanted Home reader! And no where does $100 go as far as does in a HomeGoods store, trust me! (winner to be announced on Sunday)

HomeGoods is brimming with seriously the most amazing holiday finds, I don’t know anyone who can compete, they have so much and the prices are incredible. Your dollar goes very far and you leave feeling like Santa Claus with having saved tons….isn’t that the best way to shop!

So below are the highlights of my shopping trip there and of course along the way I found all kinds of goodies to pick up, it is also the best place to channel your inner holiday giftwrap goddess vibe, I get so excited to wrap my gifts once I have been to HomeGoods!

So here we go,? join me as I stroll the aisles of HomeGoods.….


It might look quiet and calm but I assure you this is one of the busiest (but most chock full) HomeGoods I have been to… MUST get there early!


Holiday decor is everywhere..if I didn’t have enough to open up my own Christmas shop I would have snapped up a few of these beautiful trees at $39 and $49!


And if you are in a pinch for a last minute gift, how chic would it be to bring a bottle of wine or champagne and put them in one of these beautiful furry wine bags!unadfanamed

There were so many packages of napkins, when the shelves were too full they were loaded into shopping carts! I think I have enough for the next 10 Christmas’s!


Another great last minute gift, cute whimsical napkins in their holders AND all wrapped that is what I call easy giving.



For someone who loves to giftwrap or a craft enthusiast, these shelves would have made your heart sing!



I loved this little art boards, I know just the person to give each one to… only $6.99 these were a steal!33xcunnamed unnamevccd

unnamefdszdHoly nutcracker! If you love nutcrackers, this is the place to get them and the prices were the lowest I have seen!


There were beautiful boxes and acres of gorgeous giftwrap at only $2.99 a roll!


These charming Spode mugs set the tone for my basket, “holiday tea for two” and then I found the charming plates to matchunnamafvaed

I was able to get great coffees and teas from Godiva, chocolates and pretty packages of shortbread all under $4.99 eachunna33acmedYes my cart was starting to look really really full!

unadfdnamedBefore long my shopping cart was overloaded!


Meanwhile back at home,? here is what I created, a beautiful holiday basket brimming with all kinds of fabulous holiday goodies! If I were to waltz into a local shop that carries baskets, this would easily set me back $250 + but I was able to put this entire basket together for a whopping total of $98.15! And when I say it is full….I mean FULL!


It all started with this wonderful multi functional basket, about 16″ x 15″, generously sized and at only $14.00 it was a bargain!

un333namedun33namedunnafasdmedunnafasdmed un3c2named unnaad33amed unnavvc33med unnamevc33d uadf33nnamedunnamfa3ed

And after playing around with just how it would all fit, here is what I came up with…..a really gorgeous basket filled with holiday goodness sure to brighten someones day!


This has a little bit of everything, mugs and plates, teas, coffees , chocolates and cookies, dish towels, potpourri, napkins and guest towels, gift wrap and candles!? Covered just about all of it!

unnabvc3med unnamnb3ed uadfannamed

I added small sprigs of evergreen and pinecones to help give it that final festive touch!


I had to go buy more cellophane but will wrap this baby up and stick that big tartan bow around it and go and make someones holiday just a little merrier.




So there you have it…my shopping excursion to HomeGoods which did not at all disappoint and my basket that I made up which I recently delivered to an overjoyed recipient could not have been a bigger hit!

Who wouldn’t love to receive a huge basket brimming with all kinds of holiday goodies! If you are needing a gift, holiday decor or a little something for yourself…HomeGoods is a wonderful resource for everything from gift wrap to beautiful ornaments, to virtually all holiday decor you can possibly imagine!

Thank you HomeGoods for partnering with me for this wonderful basket project that got my creative juices flowing and filled me with the holdiay spirit. Click here to learn more about HomeGoods or to find the a Homegoods near you.


If you would like to be in the running to win a $100 giftcard to HomeGoods, just leave me a comment here telling me what you love about HomeGoods (open to those in the U.S. only).

If you want a second chance leave a comment on HomeGoods Facebook page by clicking here (tell them you are from The Enchanted Home).

I will select one lucky winner on Sunday, just in to go on a little Christmas shopping spree:)

Thank you for stopping in….wishing you a wonderful day, ho ho ho!

PS My FINAL PROMOTION (perhaps my best yet) was just put up this morning and is on for two days, everything is ready to go and you will get it in time for Christmas! Click here for the details!

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PPS Just about full for my HOLIDAY LOVE photo contest but have room for a few more pictures, if you think you have a winning picture that expresses HOLIDAY LOVE then by all means send it in! Email me your picture to (as of today only taking one picture per person since there are only a few spots left)? Click here for more details.



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Patti vassy on

I enjoy going to Home Goods because I never know what I’ll find there!

Design Chic on

Wow, Tina, what a tour through Home Goods and all of their amazing things. I love the gold trees that are already wrapped and your basket is unbelievable?pretty and chock full of goodies!! Happy Tuesday, Tina.

Cheryl on

Good morning Tina, and happy holidays! I love everything about home goods! I did a lot of my Christmas shopping at home goods this year, and got my wrapping paper at Marshall’s their sister store. And, I take my 91 year old mother to home goods every chance we get! She too is one of their best customers. Have a nice day.

Lin on

Home Goods is my favorite store! I love it because they have something for every room in my house and everyone in my family (ages 1 to 89!).

Peggy Thal on

Home Goods is my favorite store. I used to live by the huge one in Potomac Mills and went there almost once or twice a week. Now I go to Williamsburg which is across the river by Ferry. It is a must visit a few times a month. Homes Goods always has so many exciting and beautiful items. I seem to find something every time I shop. Plus I really do not -Need- anything but who can resist. In fact I just told my husband that I have to stop there before going to the. Richmond Airport to pick up our daughter and family. Now I have to make sure and save room for their luggage. Home Goods is true excitement for the home decorator.

deri on

You did a great job with the basket! I am sure it will bring a lot of cheer to a very special person. T.J. Maxx/ Home Goods is my favorite store! I recently found a candlestick that looked like an antique, Italian alter candlestick for only 12.99!
Thank you for the opportunity to win the gift card.
I am so glad you had such a special 50th birthday! Mine is just around the corner. But, I am slowing down and enjoying being an empty-nester.
Merry Christmas!

Carol S. on

Love fresh, affordable decor at Home Goods, always the best quality.

franki on

“HOME GOODS”..oh, how I luv thee….let me count the ways…lots it seems by the amount in my cart!! Honestly, it is my ADULT DISNEYLAND!! Your basket is a treat!! franki

Patty on

i check out Homegoods weekly for new things and always have a cart full.

Cheri on

I love Home Goods – always an adventure. Your basket is beautiful I am sure you brightened your friends day.

Rose on

Going to Home Goods is like going on a treasure hunt. I love seeing what’s new and can ALWAYS find something I love for a price that’s affordable!

Tess Moran on

Love Home Goods! Always a delight to shop there because you never know what you might be bringing home.

Mary j on

I love HomeGoods, I go there every other week. You never know what gem you may find.

Leona on

What do I love about HomeGoods?
EVERYTHING, My husband says I should have a bumper sticker that states:

Mary Anne on

I visit Home Goods at least once a week. They constantly change up their goodies…and you can’t beat their prices. I am an admitted “Home Goods Happy” customer!

Karen Leverette on

Whenever I visit a city close to home (Birmingham, AL) I visit Homegoods! I wish there was one in the Montgomery, AL area! I love the variety and generally fill up the back cargo area of my SUV!

Valerie Kokenes on

We have a HomeGoods in our town and it is WONDERFUL!!! They have everything from napkins to furniture. It is so difficult to decide what NOT to purchase.

Miss Gracie on

I LOVE a bargain and Home Goods always has bargains galore!! I especially love it when I find blue and white porcelain there! They don’t have it very often, but it is the first section I go to. They also have great throw pillows.

Susie on

Home Goods is always my first stop when I am on the hunt for something. Sometimes, I just stop by to “browse” if I have a bit of extra time. I don’t think that I’ve ever left the store empty handed!

Elaine on

I love, love Home Goods! Your baskets looks fantastic! I have found the best gifts from Home Goods for myself and others. Thanks for the treat. Merry Christmas!

Candace on

Home Goods is the best treasure hunt of all ~
I’m dreaming of a HOME GOODS Christmas !

Eileen on

Home Goods is a wonderful place to shop! It’s easy to fill the cart and have such fun doing it!!

Patty B on

I LOVE, LOVE, Homegoods because their clerks are so helpful. I was on vacation in SC and saw a large painting in Homegoods that I knew immediately it should go back home with me but my husband said it would not fit in the car. Two clerks help me push it in the back seat. We hugged each other and jumped up and down with joy.

JoaNne on

Home goods is my go to choice. I always know I will find something there!

Merry Christmas!

Kelley Taylor on

Wow, Tina. I usually love your posts, even the ones you do talking up your sponsors, as you always have a very exclusive and interesting list of sponsors, so I hope you’ll take this as constructive criticism. But this post really comes off as a paid advertisement, I have to tell you. I don’t mean to be critical, but there is already so much of this on other blogs today. I hope this is a one time thing, as similar posts would really detract from my enjoyment of your blog. Happy holidays!


What’s not to love about Home Goods!?! With a vast array of tempting decor, treats and more for my home, I never walk out empty handed. You cannot go in for a project in mind without being drawn like a magnet into additional items for the ideas that you have carried in your mind. Get it when you see it! Prices are convincing!

GrC Ltd on

Love the unique items and GREAT price point!
Thanks, Tina!

Beth on

I love home goods. Great place for picture frames, fun napkins, and other accessories for easy entertaining or gifts. Thank you and merry Christmas!!

LC on

What a fun post! I feel like I’ve been out and about shopping with girl friends, seeing so many beautiful goodies, (but I haven’t even finished my coffee!)
Your blog is so very uplifting and fun and truly inspires me!

I love visiting Home Goods when we vacation in Hilton Head, SC, but sadly there is not one near me. πŸ™

Have a fantastic day, and thank you for taking me along.

Michelle on

HomeGoods is my favorite store ever! Inspiration around every corner and prices to make it happen! Love it!
Christmas blessings! Michelle

dana feiock on

I love the basket! I love Home Goods, I have even taken my husband there and he was impressed with it. What impressed me most was your coordination of the items. It was so beautiful and I can’t imagine anyone not loving it, your taste is simply magic. I think of Home Goods as my happy place store. I find the most wonderful things there. Two weeks ago I found a pair of Waterford candle sticks I had be coveting but couldn’t really talk myself into because I have so many. Needless to say they found their way into my basket. At 79 dollars instead of 180, I couldn’t resist. I buy everything from vanilla to sofas for my tv room. I am so glad you are a fan of Home Goods as well.


Good morning Tina, what fun it was to stroll the aisles with you at Homegoods, I see you honed right in on all of the good things! I LOVE the basket you made and seeing this post gave me such a great idea for a friend who I couldn’t decide what to give for. A basket is the perfect choice!

I will be heading there today, we have an amazing HomeGoods in Framingham, MA I am told one of the busiest locations in the country, I always find fun things to pick up, I like HomeGoods for small things I find things like furniture and lamps to not be high quality for the most part but its the best place to pick up things like towels, socks, gift wrapping paper, etc…..its a fun place to visit.

Jacki Salinas on

I just live finding decorative items at Homegoods!

Laurie Cordeniz on

Hi Tina! I always find items I need and don’t need but just have to have at Home Goods! Only problem is that Home Goods is located either 1 hour north or south of where I live but always worth the journey! Great shopping anytime of year! Thanks for the chance.

Suzanne Sloan on

Home Goods has a great supply of scented candles.

Bonnie Bee on

HomeGoods is ALWAYS a treasure hunt and never disappoints.., :-}

Vivian on

I love shopping at Home Goods because I get good quality merchandise for less money! I also love their holiday items.

Jacki Salinas on

I posted on Homegoods fb page!

Mag on

I go to home goods for a inspiration fix. I always find something interesting that I didn’t know I needed. Xo

shellys on

I love Homegoods! My absolute favorite place to shop!

Susan on

I love Homegoods. We purchased a new home this year and it’s been my go-to for all the little decorative touches I’ve needed. Pillows in particular are one of the items I always find there.

Sandy on

Hi Tina! I have a Home Goods close to my home too! I love it! It always has everything that I’m looking for! There’s no reason to shop anywhere else!
Thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us!

Aimee on

Love your basket brimming with holiday goodies! The recipient must have been delighted with such a thoughtful gift. Love to stop by Home Goods. I always find something when I least expect it! Thanks for your post!

Connie Turnbull on

Tina, thank you so much for the “shopping spree” with you at HomeGoods! I LOVE HomeGoods and would be so happy to win a gift card for the store. We are downsizing and moving back to Minnesota next Spring to be back by all our family. What fun it would be to decorate our new place with new HomeGoods goodies! Glad to see you have that store in the East! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Cindy White on

HomeGoods is the perfect place to find a great last minute gift. The only problem is- I spend hours in there looking!

Melissa Marsden on

What I love best about HomeGoods is that they are opening a store in our city and I don’t have to drive to the Chicago ‘burbs to shop! Can’t wait!

Beverly zimmerman on

Hi Tina,
Happy Birthday! Your home is beyond gorgeous!!! You have inspired me to keep adding to my blue and white collection. I love going to the Home Goods by Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. So many amazing things and no tax!

Ann on

What I love?! I can find everything on my list….and items I never dreamed I forgot to add to the preverbal list!! The question isn’t ‘how much did u spend?’ Its ‘how much did u save?!’

maureen on

I have gone into Home Goods looking for one thing and found it and then found other items too that were not high priority and as well. I have not been disappointed in the merch that I have bought from them. They have the best prices on one of the items that my family really loves.

Kelly D on

I love the good prices and decorative items at HomeGoods.

Helen Blount on

I love to shop at Homegoods because of the unique items they have at such unbelievable prices….I love to just go in and browse the isles….Love you basket Tina and hope I win the $100 from Homegoods…MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

jeanne on

I love your basket, who knew you could pack so much in a cute basket for under $100. I am inspired to do the same for my niece who is expecting twins girls.

I love HomeGoods, but not as much as my 93 year old mother. She loves to make a weekly visit to HomeGoods after her “beauty shop” appointment. With 5 daughters and 13 grand children, she has found many treasures over the years.

If i won the certificate, I would give it to her and see what fun she would have cruising the aisles with her walker – decorated with seasonal floral garland. “If I have to walk with this thingv( the walker), I may as well make it cute!”

Kim Nielsen on

Homegoods is my favorite store. When I had a home of my own I furnished almost the entire house through Homegoods. My favorite find there was the $1000 Kitchenaid proline espresso machine I got for $350. I also love looking for luxury candles and have gotten many expensive brands there very cheap. Now, I don’t have a home anymore and live in a small room, but I still shop at Homegoods to buy candles, and things to decorate my office/bedroom.

Pam on

Home Goods is the place to be!

marlis on

We are just now getting a Home Goods store here. And I. Am, So. Excited!!!! When our child lived in the Dallas area, I would drive 45 minutes to get to the store. We entertain a bit and I loved finding new things for both our home and our table!! Now that he’s back in town, I don’t have a reason for the 315 mile trek. I would be delighted to win this and then I would share it with a friend in need. It would certainly make her Christmas. Thanks so much for the chance.

Angela Culbertson on

Hi Tina,

I am truly Home Goods blessed as I have access to three different Home Goods. On a Saturday it is very common for me to start at one and make the circuit in search of a complete set of dishes, decorative pillows and once in a while, some blue and white pieces. At this time of year, I am on autopilot. I go at lunch time since I work close to one of the Home Goods and I can also stop on the way home from work. You are absolutely right, gift baskets are as fun to create and give as they are to receive!

Happy Belated Birthday wishes for a fabulous year. All the Best for the holidays!

Jenell on

I LOVE Homegoods! A friend and I were decorating her house for a Christmas party a few weeks ago and we hit FIVE Homegoods in 24 hours getting the most amazing decorations to make her house look stunning! Trees, pillows, throws, candles, deer, wreaths, baskets, ornaments, napkins, tablecloths, etc! We looked like hoarders with three baskets full at one store!

Karena on

Home Good is always the go to place for everything from linens to kitchenware, rugs to holiday items. I love the Spode Christmas pieces you found…you never know what you will come across!

The Arts by Karena

Linda Seibert on

I can always find just the right thing at Homegoods. Definitely one of my favorite stores to shop!

Sandy w on

Home goods is a wonderful place to shop for dishes and serving pieces. The other thing I go there to look for are food items. Just made a trip there yesterday for some of those to fill stockings for my mom and dad when they are here at Christmas. It is a great place to find treasures!

Renee hoffman on

I LOVE shopping at Homegoods! My three grown daughters and I spend many Saturday’s shopping at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Homegoods. Now with the Holidays coming up, we are there a lot! In fact, why shop anywhere else? Our motto is, “If TJMAXX, Marsalls or Homegoods doesn’t have it, you don’t need it!”. LOL!

Taylor on

I love the entire TJX family of companies- Homegoods- included because they give me style at the best prices!

Diane on

Hi Tina,
After working retail for 30 years I do not like to pay full price for anything, that is why I love Home Goods. You can always find something of quality and not have to pay top dollar. $100 will go a long way at Home Goods. Thanks for this giveaway.

Kim on

Diana Vreeland once said, “There is no remedy for luxury”. HomeGoods makes luxury accessible and affordable.


I love going to Home Goods, it never fails I leave with a treasure every shopping trip πŸ™‚

Lynn on

I love homegoods. It is especially great for helping kids who are moving out on their own furnish their new places!

Melinda Freeman on

I used to think Home Goods was my own little secret. It was my favorite excursion with my daughter in Ohio, and then last year we got our own here in Austin. We recently sold our “big house” here and I did all the last minute staging from Home Goods. The Realtor took one look and said, I won’t be sending over our stager! Now I’m furnishing our new home because you gotta have new stuff, right? One tip: never walk in Home Goods and grab the small basket. You’ll have to go back for the big one!

Linda on

I love Homegoods. Every time I go it’s like going on a treasure hunt.

Katherine on

In Canada we have the sister store to Home Goods called – Home Sense. It is a dangerous place to shop. But I am brave and visit often {just doing my bit for the retail sector}.

Cindy on

Great job Tina! What could be better than a collaboration between Home Goods and The Enchanted Home. There are so many wonderful goodies to feather ones nest.

Lisa on

I’ve never been in a HomeGoods store, I only know it because it seems so many bloggers that I follow shop there and always seem to find awesome bargains. I just looked to find the closest store to me and found one in Kansas City. i would love to take a road trip and find some bargains for myself in a Homegoods store! Thanks for the give-away.

Karen on

Hi Tina! I love everthing about Home Goods. It’s my go-to store for gifts, myself, pets… I love dishes and they are always my first stop. I put together sets of appetizer items for my daughters this Christmas. Cheese boards, cheese knives, festive napkins, and cheese/mustards sets. Thanks for offering this give-away!

Alana on

Thanks for the beautiful photos. Home Goods is a favorite place, I wish there were more of them around.
Merry Christmas!

Carol stanLey on

I love all the uniquely elegant finds at bargain prices at Home Goods! I never leave the store without gathering something for my home or a special occasion. Who can resist?

Linda Rubin on

I just love Home Goods. The nearest one for me is 120 miles away so don’t get to shop there too much but oh how I love me a Home Goods store.

Judy yarrusso on

Love love homegoods! I have two stores fairly close to me. I always
Find great stuff at phenomenal prices.!

Susan on

ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HOMEGOODS!!! I’m in this store 3 times a week to see their latest inventory! Their inventory of delightful finds make me so giddy during each season! They have definitely picked a wonderful person to demonstrate their fabulous deals! There’s no denying that Home Goods is a designer’s “secret dream shop”!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Kimberly Evans on

Hi Tina, when visiting my local Home Goods here is GORGEOUS San Diego, you never know what you’ll find, there’s something new every day!! It’s my first stop for gift purchases for myself or friends.

Lory at Designthusiasm on

I just discovered Home Goods this year, after hearing about it for a while. Was shocked to find how far your dollar goes there and how tasteful the products are. Now it’s one of my first go to stops, especially for my table settings. Once realized they are part of Marmaxx it all made sense. Great basket! You gave me several ideas for last minute gifts… πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful holiday!!


Donna A. on

I’ve bought some pretty cool things at HomeGoods. They have top quality, continually rotating items for the hunter-gatherer in all of us. It was prescient of you, dispersing quotes of inspiration to keep us all on track. Keep Calm and Merry on everyone!

Debra C on

I love that they always have something I want and have GREAT prices.

Michelle B on

Home Goods is THE most addicting store! Even if you don’t need anything, you will always come out of there with a treasure!

Robbin on

I simply LOVE Homegoods!! They have EVERYTHING at much lower prices than regular retail shops. I’ve bought shoes there, sheets and towels, pajamas, candles and haircare products. I’ve bought home decor items, glassware and sweet little foodie treats. You seriously can’t beat Homegoods!!!! I love shopping there, and honestly I am NOT a shopper. There is so much to look at and you never see the same thing twice. So if you see something you like, you should GRAB IT before its gone!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Anonymous on

I love going to Home Goods and finding things I need and those I just found out I need. One of my favorite stores.

Karol Iberg on

Forgot my name.

Judi on

I never come away empty-handed when I go to Home Goods! There is something for everyone on my list (and, a few things for myself), on every shelf – and the prices are fantastic! Love the basket you made, Tina!

Anonymous on

Love HomeGoods!! I shop there frequently these days to help furnish my new home with their home decor and bedding.

splendid market on

A Home Goods store has opened in our area and I have been dying to get out there to shop, my friends have found so many wonderful things, maybe this gift certificate will be the impetus I need!

You found great things, I especially love that reindeer bowl in your cart.

Fun post Tina!!

Corina Shipe on

I love Homegoods because it’s full of unique treasures!

Faith Boggio on

What I like about Home Goods is that there is always wonderful new things daily. They cover every one’s decorating style. I’ve purchased so many things that I have to buy another house to fit them all, and I did! Happy belated Birthday Tina!! I love your blog!!

Lynda Del on

I posted a comment on Homegoods fb page as Lynda Castillo!

Teresa Holder on

Love, love, love Homegoods! They always have everything I need for my home. My cart always looks like yours when shopping there! Merry Christmas Tina!

Madeleine on

I loved photos of your shopping trip at Home Goods. They show your wonderful creativity and good taste. Shopping at Home Goods is such fun because it is always an adventure. I never know what treasure I will find.

Peggy Braswell on

Homes Goods always has amazing things + their prices are good also.

Lynda Del on

Love Homegoods! I shop there frequently for home decor and bed linens.

May on

Tina, it was actually through HomeGoods’ decorating style quiz that I found The Enchanted Home, so of course I have to enter this giveaway. πŸ™‚ I absolutely agree with you that what I love about HomeGoods is the value you get for your money.

Peggy A. on

Home Goods is one of my favorite stores as you can find anything you want to make a house your home and they get new merchandise in the store all of the time. Merry Christmas!!!

Linda panasci on

Just love your blog. I look forward to every one.
What don’t I love about HomeGoods!!! I have found everything from Ralph Lauren lamps to 600 count bed linens and everything in between. There are three stores in my area, and I try to stop by the stores once a week. It’s become part of my routine. The fun part is finding the unexpected treasure, that you didn’t know you needed. And, it’s important to purchase the treasures immediately, because if you go back, the items are usually gone.
Merry, merry holidays everyone!!

Jill Karr on

Dear Tina….first, a belated Happy Birthday

MJ Myers on

I love to go to HomeGoods even though I have to travel about 50 miles to get there. It is always worth it. I find the most fabulous array of things for my home or gifts. I love “the find” that looks just like that expensive item you drooled over in an magazine that you could never afford but you just found the same exact look. Talking about it makes me want to hop in the car for a shopping trip!!

Wendy on

I love HomeGoods because they have amazing little oddities that make my decorations, parties, and displays so interesting and unique! I Love Love Love the birds. They work great all year & I’m having Valentine visions with the ones shown above!!!!

Christine on

I spend many evenings in Homegoods passing the time during my daughter’s soccer practices as there is a store close to the fields! I always come out with something wonderful! The last purchase was a fabulous little blue and white Lauren lamp for our sunroom. With three kids and a crazy busy job-you can always find what you need at Homegoods to truly make a beautiful home. CGP

Vicki on

I have been shopping at TJMAXX/HOMEGOODS for over 25 years. My house is filled with beautiful things from HOMEGOODS that would have really cost me thousands more if I would have gone to another store. It was a great secret of mine for years. People started asking me where I had gotten such beautiful things. My sisters and I take girl trips every year and if we are traveling in a car we will stop at every HOMEGOODS on the way to our destination. We will even go out of our way sometimes. I have visited hundreds,and my husband has said, spent thousands of dollars . You just cannot pass one up. My husband even let me do this on our last trip to the Boston area during a fall trip to enjoy the leaves. I’m always frustrated when I don’t have enough room in my suitcase if Im flying. You are right when you say that you cannot find better deals and the merchandise is pure quality. It is happy shopping because you always know that you have gotten a bargain. I would love to receive any basket of goodies from HOMEGOODS! They are the BEST!

Lyn on

I love having a big selection of great items to choose and at a reasonable low price I can afford. It makes shopping more enjoyable.

Mika on

Good Morning and Merry Christmas Tina! Home Goods is a wonderful store as well as their sister stores. I love shopping them because their selection is always amazing and changes with each visit. So often I can find unique gifts which are so much more affordable than traditional dept stores and other local shops. Beautiful basket and you have a “gift” for putting this together.

Maria on

I love Homegoods all things wonderful to make a beautiful home.

Michelle Schroeder on

I love HomeGoods because I never leave empty-handed, usually with something I didn’t even know I needed! Thanks for the great giveaway, and Merry Christmas!

lin on

Forget spas, massages & therapy sessions! For me, the best way to relax & recharge when my world has a “too much” moment, is to spend a few luxurious hours wandering through HomeGoods! It never disappoints! I always find a bargain priced treat (or 2 or 3) to restore, recharge & inspire me. On one of my last visits I found a blue & white porcelain garden stool for $49!!! I was one happy shopper pushing that cart to my car.

Would be so much fun to visit HomeGoods with Tina & her great eye for design!

Susie H on

I love everything about HOMEGOODS!! And judging from the number of comments you have so far, so does everyone else! Tina, your gift basket is amazing. I’m currently loving the gift wrap which is quality wrap. I stock up on the year round designs (herringbone) which I pair with a beautiful satin ribbon. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

Rosanne Hodgens on

It was fun to see what all you purchased at Homegoods. I think you found the best of the best!! I love Homegoods for their high end vibe. Now we can all create beautiful homes for the holidays and beyond, without going over budget. I am fortunate to have a store just four blocks away. Thank you for this contest and Merry Christmas.

Jill Karr on

Hi again….it looks like my comment about HOMEGOODS didn’t post after my belated birthday wishes to you…….cyber spooks!!

So, now onto HOMEGOODS! It is magical….almost an Alice in Wonderland experience for me. I live on an island in the summer so when I get to a HOMEGOODS in the winter I go a little crazy….rooms are reaccessorized hostess gifts stocked, decorative pillows replaced, soaps and lotions, linens and lamps…and all the goodies I didn’t realize I couldn’t live without find their way into my cart! HOMEGOODS is a treasure trove for those of us that love making a home. Even my doggies love HOMEGOODS with their Beautyrest dog beds!
HOMEGOODS could not have chosen a better advocate to promote their brand.
A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you and your family.

Shery G. on

Merry Christmas Tina! I love that Homegoods has beautiful items at affordable prices. It is one of my favorite stores. A little of Homegoods is present in each room of my house. Thank you for sharing and giving us all this opportunity.

Edwina Anderson on

Home Goods is one of my all time favorite stores. I never walk out of there without something. On my last visit, I bought several Christmas gifts and a gift for myself which I saw you had in your basket also. The deer head and antler brushed pewter bowl is on my foyer chest and will be filled with beautiful Christmas greenery in a few days.

Sandy M. on

Love love Homegoods! You can always find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.
Merry Christmas to all!


Winning would be a personal Christmas wish come true! I visit our near-by store at least once a week! What a fun treat to visit every single time!

Corina on

Love HomeGoods! HomeGoods, Marshall’s or TJMaxx are my “go to” places for almost everything. I recently had to get everything for a new place of residence (part-time) and this is how I was able to do it!
Wonderful basket!

Susie H on

I just left a comment on the HomeGoods Facebook page.

joyce on

I love HomeGoods! I have always found great buys there throughout the years and you can always find something for everyone on your list. My biggest problem is wanting everything I see! Such a great store. Happy holidays to you and everyone here!!!

Elle on

I love HomeGoods because I always find some really unique, cool things there at great prices. It’s just an overall fantastic store!

Sandy on

HomeGoods is also known as “Grammy’s store” in my family! It’s my favorite!

Vickie @ Blanche & kate design on

Wow, what an amazing basket, definitely filled to the brim with wonderful finds….Home Goods really is a gem of a store, I love it too, never know what you will find.

ann on

I love Home Goods because it is a treasure trove for decorative items and the prices are fabulous. Recently we moved to a new (leased) home, and there is not a single full length mirror in the place. I didn’t want my closet to look like a dorm room with one of those over-door mirrors (not to mention, the closet door is a folding one, couldn’t put a mirror over it even if I wanted to!). At Home Goods I found THE perfect solution, a gorgeously framed 3′ x 5′ wall mirror that could be hung vertically on the back wall of the master closet. I could go on and on. Thank you for the opportunity to take a chance on the give-away, and thank you for your always-wonderful blog. Happy holidays to all.


What’s not to love about HomeGoods? Whether it’s gift items, things for your own home……or just because! HomeGoods is my go-to place when nothing but a little browsing and relaxing is the order of the day. I think of HomeGoods as the old TJMaxx days of yore on steroids. What a brilliant idea to capitalize on all the great things TJMaxx had for your home – and then dedicate an entire store to more of the same. Love, love, love HomeGoods!

Ashley on


What a giveaway!! I love Homegoods and certainly not just because there is a chance to win a giftcard to their store. Every time I have a party I am able to get all sorts of party hosting items and new decor just to add to what I already have. It’s always so much fun, my only wish is that I had one in my town! But that doesn’t stop me, I make the hour drive and I love every minute of it! Thank you for the opportunity!

Dolle k. on

Consistently one of my favorite stores for my home “needs” and very affordable. I regularly shop several locations including one nearly 65 miles away. Yes, the stores are that good!

Marnie stranz on

Simply put, Homegoodes brings me joy! It is a dream come true for this Texas gal with champagne taste and a coca cola budget. It allows me indulge my desire to have a well-appointed home while staying within my means.
Thanks to Homegoodes, my kitchen is filled with fine Italian pottery and copper cookware; my living room is a treasure trove of Euroean throws and Ralph Lauren pillows; my dining room is graced with equisite crystal and fine linens.
I know the location of every Homegoodes within a 30 mile radius of my home, and I make the circuit weekly as I go about life- a trip to the doctor means a trip to Homegoodes, a visit to my parents- another excuse to stop by Homegoodes!
My only dilemma is where to put the endless collection of goodies I find! But Tina as you have shown us with your beautiful basket, because a little investment goes such a long way, when we shop at Homegoodes we can afford to be generous not only during the holidays but also throughout the year.

tess on

the variety, wow

elizabeth on

Tina great giveaway and I am so impressed with your basket- beautiful! My sister used to own a popular basket/giftware shop and that basket would easily be $300. we have a HG 15 min away and I always run in when I drop my kids off for soccer practice.

It is a great place for a cheap thrill….I think its gone downhill in some ways, EVERYTHING is made in China but for every day little things here and there it cannot be beat. I go to HG for certain things and The Enchanted Home for my special pieces:-)
Do agree their prices cannot be beat and their holiday decor is the best!

Jessie C. on

I love everything about HomeGoods, great selections and price, lots of surprisingly great finds too.

Jessie C. on


sue on

Home Goods is the store for the person, who wants something that looks like a million bucks, but doesn’t want to spend a million bucks. Its the best, I love this store. Its a GOOD thing…..

Meg A on

Homegoods really does have wonderful, affordable things. I never know what I will find, but I always find something great! This year I found the perfect twig reindeers with gold burlap bows for the breakfast room sideboard. Love that place!!!

Jenny Martin on

Hi Tina!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! I love everything about Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx! They are all great stores to shop in for inexpensive home d?cor and holiday decorations!! Would love to win the $100 gift card to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping!! Merry Christmas and thank you for your beautiful posts!!
Jenny M

Joy Searles on

I adore HomeGoods and would have so much fun spending this $100 gift certificate. I have 5 grandchildren and love to buy things for them there. Also, their holiday items are the best. Thanks for offering this to your readers, Tina. And Merry Christmas!

Sandra Marshall on

I really do love shopping in Homegoods! They always seem to have so many wonderful things at a great price. This is my kind of store.

linda r (phila burbs) on

Love Home Goods! I have bought bedding there, lots of kitchen stuff, tablecloths, glass jars, bathroom stuff and a lamp among many other things. Your basket was beautiful!

Marybeth on

Homegoods is my favorite store…I once went to 3 different ones to collect a full set of my favorite beautiful white dishes! Whoever gets your gift basket is a lucky gal. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas!

Linda Beth on

I’m quickly becoming addicted to HomeGoods! Even though I have to drive a ways to our nearest store, it’s so worth it. I always know I’ll find some treasures to bring home, and at wonderful prices, too!

Marilyn the nurse on

I just love Home Goods. Have a store less than 3/4 of a mile from the house which is really almost too close at times. Love the store as it is always changing and I can never get out of the store without purchasing atleast 2 or 3 things. Great prices and really quality items.

Jackie Walls on

I love Home Goods! One of my favorite items are the scented soaps.

Diane s. on

Loved your basket!!! Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift full of all those goodies! We just had a Home Goods open less than 2 miles from my house, I must say, I stop in way to often. I love all the little fun things they have to offer. Winning a gift card there would be the best gift ever!

Merry Christmas Tina and have a blessed New Year.
Diane S.

Anne Nelson Morck on

I love my HomeGoods but yours surpasses anything I’ve ever seen. You should conduct HG tours! Your basket is beautiful

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Oh My Goodness Tina, I just LOVE the basket you designed, AMAZING. I love HomeGoods, as I love to pick up little hostess gifts year round and stock up…..

Nancy Kelley on

Home Goods is a treasure trove of fantastic bargains! I love to shop there and always find treats for my home, family or friends. It is a favorite destination and I only wish it was closer! Thank you for offering a chance to win the gift card! Merry Christmas!

Sandy jones on

Not only is Home Goods great for the home and fabulous gift giving, but I have a great mirrored enclosed shelf unit for my tiny workroom at my store to place things out of sight of my clients. Wonderful!!!

Debby Anderson on

I love that you have partnered with Homegoods, Tina. Your basket looks amazing! There is one near me, (actually 2), and I hit at least one of them once a week. You can’t beat the deals. I find that they have unique finds too and who doens’t want designer items at a deal? As usual I’m impressed by your basket making skills! xo

Felicia on

I can spend hours and hours on end at HomeGoods! There are just too many bargains and unexpected surprises!

Tracy on

I always find something I love, whether I am looking for something specific or just browsing, and I’m usually pleasantly surprised by the prices.

Lori on

What do I like about Homegoods?…..why just about everything!

Cher on

I had no idea that Home Goods was a national store. Your post certainly educated me on the the true facts. I have only been to Home Goods 2 times, as the closest store is an hour away. The last time I shopped there I easily spent $100 and more. Winning the gift card would certainly require a lucky return trip. Your holiday basket was a perfect use of the Home Goods sponsorship while spreading more holiday cheer.

molly on

I do a lot of floral design and I always find a treasure trove of vase and container options at HomeGoods. It is truly my favorite store. Their buyers must be geniuses!

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Tina, you are such a great choice to be one of their bloggers (I’m jealous πŸ˜‰ What an amazing basket you made. I especially loved the twine you showed – I haven’t seen it in my local stores yet, but that’s what makes it fun – it’s a different experience every time you visit. Happy holidays!!

Bobbie Hathaway on

I love HomeGoods! Everyone loves HomeGoods! Wow, this is beginning to sound like a jingle. This is a store that carries everything. I never leave this store empty handed. In fact, I purchased more Christmas decoration there this year even though I really did not need any. It is a feel good store and when very crowded I do not get irritated. Also, HomeGoods employs great personnel. They are alway pleasant even when you have purchased and exchanged several times. So, have a Great Christmas and visit HomeGoods.

Lisa on

Tina, thank you for your wonderful, inspiring posts! You are very talented in designing baskets – I started out in the catering business doing just that many years ago…
As a director of catering and events, every stop by Home Goods is creatively inspiring for me, gathering ideas for event decor for two to two thousand guests, in home or work entertaining: such fun! I never know what magic will be created next as I find inspiration from their diverse things,
Happiest of Holiday Wishes to you and your family!

maureen on

When I go into Home Goods I feel like a kid in a candy store! So much to choose from. Sometimes I just can’t make a decision and I buy it all! What can a girl can do!! Seriously, the inventory is vast and the quality is very good. Keep calm and shop Home Goods is my mantra.

Renee Richardson on

I love them because they have so many unique items and the prices are great. I am so excited because they just opened a location close to me so I don’t have to travel to shop there. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, inspiring posts and for sharing your life with us. Have an amazing holiday season πŸ™‚

fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

BRedd on

Love, love, love, Home Goods! Such fun, going on a search for an unusual accessory and then finding it at a reasonable price! Their Holiday items are always wonderful, but don’t plan to go back and get something, because it will be gone

Kim Jacks on

My friends and I LOVE Home Goods !!! The closest one in 1 1/2 hours away !!! It’s always such fun and an adventure we look forward to. Someone is always needing something to inspire them and we always find it at Home Goods !!!

Katie Clooney on

157 comments already??? I thought I told everybody to stay away and not enter the giveaway! My biggest fantasy is following you around Homegoods and buying everything that you do. It’s a new take on “I’ll have what she’s having.” Have a wonderful week, dear Tina.

Elaine lamson on

HomeGoods became a magical place to shop for me a few years back when my Mother and I discovered it on our weekly errands. It was our guilty pleasure, and as it became tougher for her to get around, it was the one store she would never pass up!
Some of my favorite late memories of time with her are from shopping there, and I still enjoy my trips in to HomeGoods every time.
Great store, great memories, great finds!

Judy on

Hi Tina, I too love Home Goods. Slowly but surely over the past few years I have replaced many items in my home with ones from them. I have styled my home with a European country look almost exclusively from Home Goods. By having their charge card the $10 bonus rewards are a welcome gift each month ( some months have been as high as $40 but we won’t tell the Mr. )I wish you were also giving away your basket as I have a close friend in need of such especially through the holidays. But your generous and talented spirit has inspired me to do the same and create one for her. She sure needs some TLC and love. May you and your family have a blessed and joyous Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year. Judy

Helen on

I LOVE HomeGoods! I love it when I stop by just to browse and finding so many special goodies that I just can’t live without!!

Cindy Wilson on

What a gorgeous basket! I love HomeGoods because of their unique merchandise. You just never know what you’ll find there. It’s like a treasure hunt!

Anita Rivera on

Good evening Tina! I am very late and what a queue here for this sensational giveaway! I will pass since I was just recently a winner on your blog of that fabulous Segretto Style book! I have been indulging in its pages!

GREAT GIVEAWAY and I can’t wait to see who wins. Your basket is fabulous and I love HomeGoods, but I’ve never seen one like this that carries craft items!

AND….my husband just went shopping for me in your SHOP TONIGHT! YAHOOOOOOO!



LinDa on

I love all the beautiful items you can find at Home Goods…..from Crystal lamps to linens and pillows all at wonderful prices!! Every aisle is an adventure with great buys!!

Rochelle Marsh on

Home Goods is the first place I would go if making a basket. They have it all!

Marilyn cole on

“We” love homegoods! My husband and I are addicted! Many Friday nights, which is our date night, have been spent looking at what is new on the shelves at our local store. We discover, dream and create together! How romantic is that!

Christina A on

Thanks for a chance to win, I love Home Goods! My fa outfits thing is whenever I go there I know I’ll find something great that I can afford.

Kim Skinner on

I love Home Goods, it is always an adventure to see what they have this week that I can’t live without.

Maggie R on

Hi Tina! I enjoyed your post on HomeGoods. I love that store- whether I am looking for the perfect little gift for someone, or a beautiful new ” touch” for my home, I know I can find it there. I call HomeGoods my adult Disneyland!

Donnamae on

That was a gorgeous gift basket you put together! Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a Home Goods! We have a new one in town, and I just haven’t made it over there yet …so I’m not sure what I’d look for! Thanks for the opportunity, and Happy Holidays Tina! πŸ˜‰

Tammy F. on

I shop Home Goods weekly. Always finding unique treasures.

Joan on

I love that when I enter HomeGoods, I know that I am going to find what I am looking for, and more! I love that when I leave HomeGoods, I feel that I have gotten a great price on a quality item. It’s the store that when I say to my husband that I am just going to run in for a quick peek, he knows that he’ll see me in a few hours. HomeGoods is a true treasure.

Connie Derbak on

Home Goods is my favorite store! I frequent it about once a week, if time goes past that I start having withdrawals! My mother and I use to spend our Saturday afternoons there and didn’t feel guilty if we bought anything because of their amazing prices! My mother passed away a few years ago on my 50th birthday. Going to Home Goods now without her isn’t the same, but I feel her there with me in spirit and know when I find that perfect piece I’ve been looking for at a bargain price, she is there cheering me on. Home Goods will always be a special place for me to shop!

Nancy Carr on

I have loved Home Goods for so many things. They have the best accessories at reasonable prices, the dishes and glassware are exceptional, too. I love the furniture, mirrors and lamps, napkins, and even the food products. Everything about Home Goods is exceptional and priced so I can afford the quality items. Blessings

nIKI on

HomeGoods is hands down my favorite store in the world. If someone wants to give me a Gift Card, let it be from HOMEGOODS! This store allows people like myself who are thrifty and price saavy and on a small budget afford to have access to beautiful items for the home. Does not matter the size or price of your home, whether you own or rent. Your home is your home and should feel good to live in always. Everybody deserves to live comfortably and beautifully and HomeGoods for sure gives me and so many in my position the opportunity without breaking the bank. I LOVE HomeGoods!

Amanda on

HomeGoods has a great selection and so much variety. can always leave the store feeling like you scored a bargain!

Anonymous on

I love the feeling when I walk between the aisles. It is like opening your gift on Xmas morning. You never know what you going to find but you know you will love it. It is also a good place to find inspiration for your new projects and you can afford to make a mistake because it won’t cost you much. Love that place!

Wanda Fielder on

I love HomeGoods because it has upscale items for great prices! I hope I win!

Angela Culbertson on


Have yourself a Merry little HomeGoods and a Happy HomeGoods Year!

Cindy Weis on

I have my eye on an area rug at Home Goods by my house in Suburban Chicago, that $100.0 sure would come in handy. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Lori on

I love HomeGoods! I bought wine glasses, white serving bowls and candle holders for my recent Thanksgiving feast.

Rachel on

Hi Tina! What I love MOST about HomeGoods is how inspired I get… I’m an architect, but the details – the BEST part – of interiors don’t seem to be my thing… however, I step foot into HomeGoods and instantly my imagination goes wild! I’ll never forget decorating an entire sunroom for a client as a big favor before a photoshoot – *everything* came from HomeGoods, and the day was totally saved! Now I go in when I’m searching for inspiration, and I leave looking like I know what I’m doing and have sourced from the chicest and most incredible places around the globe! Seriously, BIG love for HomeGoods!

Laura Marec on

Hi, Tina!
What a wonderful basket you put together! It will be greatly appreciated I’m sure.
What I love best about Home Goods is that I feel like I am on a treasure hunt when I go into my local store! I always find a treasure in the store to take home. It is a treasure to me because it is beautiful no matter what I find, and it is so reasonably priced. Also, I have found items there that I cannot find anywhere else. I love Home Goods, and I am so happy that they opened one close to my house!
Thanks, Tina!

Garna clark on

Whether I’m decorating for a special day or every day or for something to give away Home Goods has everything I need to create something fabulous!

Hannah on

Home Goods is the best! I manage to find great gifts and home decor with every visit. Your gift basket was just spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous on

Love, love, love Home Goods! Easy for me to have great decorator items at a price I can afford.

Judy on

Love, love, love HomeGoods. Easy to have great decorator items I can afford.

Ashleigh Hall on

I love Home Goods because I can shop for anything and everything I need for my home on a budget and feel like I am getting the best bargain for my budget!

Sandy spivey on

Tina: I love that HomeGoods recently opened a store here in Little Rock, Ar. I used to shop their Marietta, Ga. store, while visiting my dear daughter, then it opened in Conway, AR., 30 minutes away from me. I agree with you, Tina, they have something for everyone, and great prices, to boot.
Thank you!

MIchel cohagaNm on

What’s not to about Home Goods, everyte I go in to browse I come home with a couple of goodies always!! Happy Holidays Tina, always looking and enjoying your daily Blog, love Sunday , they are my favorite!!!

Liana on

Well I live in Canada and I don’t believe we have a HomeGoods here – would be nice to experience what they have. Merry Christmas!

Juls Peck Kraiger on

I love going to HomeGoods to add that special touch of perfection to my home or holiday decorating. I’ve even gotten my husband interested in going with me. He likes the foods & kitchen things & gadgets. This Homegoods pictured had the motherlode though! Wow I was impressed!

cynthia on

I have an addiction to all the Kitchen related and at Home Goods is my biggest enabler. Our home and RV is filled with their goodies

Stacey montero on

Home goods is like shopping at Macy’s Home store with a Target budget!

Cali L. on

I love going to HomeGoods, You can always find something new and exciting in the store. It’s nice because if I’m looking for something different, rather than the same old things, I can find it there. If I am picked to win a gift card I would be very happy because we are struggling this year. I would definitely like to give it as a gift to my mom .

Jayne on

I am impressed that you got out of Home Goods without a second cart just for you! There is always something there that you didn’t know you NEEDED! I like Home Goods for something pretty, something to update the decor and something fun. There is no such thing there as customer service, and if you find one and need 6, you’re out of luck, but the bargains make the trip to Home Goods definitely worth frequent stops!

Deanna on

Happy Wednesday Tina. You found some beautiful items and whoever receives that baskets is going to be cheered up by your gift! I love the little touches you add like the sugar cones.
I always find something in Home Goods here in Cincinnati, even if it’s something i wasn’t looking for. Items just seem to find their way into my cart and into my home. Or if I don’t have room for them at home, I give them as gifts. I have found some beautiful home decor accents at Home Goods and just this year (inspired by your elegant decorating approach) I changed up my front hallway and the table for Christmas. So fun!
Anyway, I love to read what you are up to. You had a fabulous post over at Phyllis Hoffman’s blog. I enjoyed that so much! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Arell on

Sadly, I have never been to a Homegoods! I did not know about them until this post! I have been inside a Marshalls. It looks sort of similar. I really enjoy one stop shopping and finding great deals. (Who doesn’t?) I just looked them up and there is a location here in Salt Lake City, so guess where I will be heading? As always, your posts are fun, informative and full of lovely things that spark my imaginations!

Kristy on

This basket is exquisite! I swear you have a hidden camera in my home because everything in that basket matches the colors/decor in my home! Great minds have great taste! πŸ˜‰ I adore Homegoods! I always find what I’m looking for, always find gifts for the easiest person to the hardest person to shop for – sometimes I just like to go in and window shop because it’s a nice atmosphere and staff is always friendly. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest and for your hard work buying and putting together this prize! Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season!

Shannon on

Homegoods is a treasure hunt! I always find something unexpected.

Sandy on

I love your basket your did for your friend who is down…She is a lucky girl!! Home Goods is always fun to browse for interesting finds! Enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

Coley on

I love the basket, what a great idea! Homegoods is always full of great gift ideas!

Chelsea W on

I love that they have a lot of nautical items.

Anonymous on

Love Home Goods!The last time I was there I got the CUTEST laundry baskets – 2 with “laundry” embroidered on the liner and one that had laundry in French on it for my laundry room. Super cute!

Now, I am nuts about nutcrackers?always wanting to add to our collection, but they are so expensive, so guess where I am heading tomorrow?!

As always?love your ideas! Keep Calm and Merry On!
xoxo Elizabeth

kathy bunge on

I love EVERYTHING about Home Goods! We have one very close to us so we go at least once a week. Our sweet Boston Terrier, Scarlett, loves shopping at Home Gds. too & the staff love seeing her. Scarlett loves their pet section most of all!

Karolyn on

Tina leave it to you to take 98.00 and make a basket that looks over 250.00 easily! Now its time to start working on a hostess book my dear!! It will be a hit I promise! xo Karolyn

Julie L. on

Home Goods is a one stop shop for home decorating. Always fun and a bargain too! Julie L. Atlanta, GA

Tanya Taylor on

I love HomeGoods store for all the reasons you listed and more! They have high quality items that transform your home into a place of beauty and rest. I appreciate the opportunity to win this prize because I am dreaming of a HomeGoods Christmas!

Patty on

Love, love, love everything about Homegoods. They have quality items for great prices and they are constantly putting new merchandise out. So, you never know what you are going to come across when shopping at Homegoods because it is always changing.

Patricia on

Home Goods is my FAVORITE place to shop. I especially love the glassware and dishes. And the frames, it goes on and on. Happy Holidays!


Love the variety at Homegoods, it is my go-to when looking for all white dishes or bedding. I go up and down all the aisles in hopes of finding a new treasure. Great variety in the candle dept. as well. I think the question is, What’s not to like at Homegoods. fun giveaway!

Tricia Kuester on

When I think of HomeGoods, I think of quality items at exceptional prices! It is part of my weekly routine to visit a HomeGoods store at least once a week. I think I have radar
regarding their locations!

jane on

Since there is not a Homegoods where I live, it is always my first stop whether I head north to MI or south to Indy. Whenever I am traveling, Homegoods is a “must” stop! One never knows what “treasures” they may find! It would be fun to shop with a gift card to my favorite store!!

Love seeing all your holiday d?cor!

Valerie on

Your basket looks awesome. Homegoods always has something for everyone. I can spend quite a bit of time looking at everything. They really bring in great things for the holidays, it is a pleasure to shop there. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you in the new year.

Carol sawyer on

Always spend a minimum of an hour there!

Olga on

Hi Tina, it’s always a pleasure to see what you’re up to as far as decorating!
Thanks for the opportunity to win the Home Goods gift card!
I could spend hours looking throughout the store and getting inspiration from the furniture and tabletop departments! Those are my favorites! And…of course you can’t beat the fabulous bargains!
Happy and healthy holidays!

Debbie on

I have to admit, I am am HG addict!! Glad to say almost every room in my house has an item purchased from Home Goods and decoratively displayed! My family knows not to go with me if I head down the road towards Home Goods — it simply is an experience you can’t come out from empty-handed. Loved your basket, Tina, and the hand towels with red added to the fun! The papers and napkins, etc. are such value and when gifts are wrapped, they will have flare!
I have plenty of decor tables and themes attributed to “finds” at Home Goods.
Thanks for adding your basket piece d’la resistance!

Fran on

Your basket is great. Love the Spode plates and mugs. I always enjoy browsing at HomeGoods. You never know what goodies you’ll find. I especially like their selection of cute kitchen items.

Judy Christenson on

Thanks Tina for the opportunity to win the Home Goods $100.00 gift card. I love the store for all the endless styles
of products. Something for everyone at any age and for
any room in the house. I always leave with more than I went
in for. Thay’re building a new one closer to me and I can’t
wait for it to open.
Love your site. Enjoy the holidays and coming new year.

Jennifer W on

Seasons Greetings Tina! I am addicted to going to HimeGoods at least once a week and wander the isles like a kid in a candy shop! My husband and I have bought so many wondeful items from them and continue our hunt there to finish furnishing our home! A gift certificate would donus wonders!!
All the best,

Nanci on

I love home goods, always find great stuff, napkins, food gifts basket is awesome

Judy on

My daughters and I are Homegoods addicts! I am so happy because I found one of my daughter’s a beautiful blue and white pitcher there for $29, which I saw at another store for $90! There is nothing like a great Homegoods find to make my day!

elaine birdsong on


I love Home Goods because you can find unusual items that are so pretty for half the cost. The products bought at Home Goods are of the best quality and for such a bargain.
We have two Home Good Stores in the Nashville area Brentwood and Hendersonville. Since I live about the same area from each and if I need something to match or make a set of something I am able to go to each.
Needless to say I love Home Goods.

Suzanne on

I love Homegoods! I think
next year it would be fun to
go to the largest one in town
and challenge myself to do
ALL my shopping and stocking
stuffers there. I’m certain it
could easily be done, since there
is something for everyone, at
every price point! Hostess gifts,
mailman gift, hair stylist gift, etc
etc as well. Wouldn’t that be
a wonderful gift to myself ~ have
it all finished in one fell swoop!
And, it wouldn’t be work, it would
be FUN, because Homegoods is
always a fantastic place to explore : )

Your home looks gorgeous all
bedecked for the holidays, Tina!
I couldn’t find a place on that post
to leave a comment, or I would have.
With a home your size, you have to
go BIG, or it all gets lost!

Wishing you much peace and love
this holiday season, sweet friend!

xo Suzanne

Mindy on

Home Goods is my absolute favorite home decor store!! I love their prices and quality and it never fails to give me decorating inspiration just walking through the store!!

Cecelia kelley on

Home Goods! In my opinion, the perfect store. I do not live close to a Home Goods store but if I get an opportunity to visit a HG store, I’m in heaven. You never know what you’ll find that inspires you! You can shop and feel good about your purchases. Prices are so affordable!

Marnie stranz on

Simply put, HomeGoods brings me joy! It is a dream come true for this Texas gal with champagne taste and a Coca Cola budget. It allows me to indulge my desire to have a well-appointed home while staying within my means.
Thanks to HomeGoods, my kitchen is filled with fine Italian pottery and copper cookware; my living room is a treasure trove of European throws and Ralph Lauren pillows; and my dining room is graced with exquisite crystal and fine linens.
I know the location of every HomeGoods store

nadya kotik on

i love unique items and new stuff each week!

Angelina on

I LOVE HomeGoods. They have a great selection of affordable yet chic decor for the house. I have found some great bargains there and hopefully that streak will continue!

Brenda Paul on

Tina this is my first to your site, found you through Pinterest. I think your house is beautiful and the Homegoods Basket was great! I shop at Homegoods/TJMaxx whenever I want to browse or am in need of something. I was recently Christmas shopping there and found a lazy Susan which I thought would be a perfect gift for someone in my family. It just wouldn’t turn well so I found a very nice gentleman employee who offered to take it in the back and try to see if he could fix it or get it turning. Sadly he told me to save my money it just wasn’t going to work. I valued his honesty and left feeling as if I would return soon to such a great business. There are honest people everywhere and thanks to Homegoods I know they have good honest employees. Some stores would not have even offered to help. Thank you for giving us a chance to win a gift card! Merry Christmas from Tennessee

B. Taylor on

Your home is beautiful and you have great taste! I love all the deals you get at HomeGoods – my daughter found an action camera for less than $40 and gifted it to me so that I can film my adventures when skiing. Thanks for the chance and I hope to be able to gift this to prize to my daughter!

Debby on

I love Homegoods!!!! Always a great selection,reasonable prices, and lots of inspiration. Tina, your home looks so pretty…I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Caroline Moore on

My girlfriends and I often have a “Home Goods Day.” We get the kids off to school, grab a coffee, and go to our nearest Home Goods where the stresses of “everyday life” melt away as we share in our treasure hunts together. I love Home Goods because to me it means friends, fun and fabulous finds!

Deirdre on

I love the gourmet food section at Home Goods, because I always find British treats that remind me of my time living near London during high school! Thank you!

Vunda V on

i love the blankets and dog beds that my homegoods always has in stock! great decor too

Elena on

I love the variety of unique, hard to find items at Home Goods

Vera K on

I love Home Goods because I can always find something fun there.


Life should look good, taste good, and feel good. HomeGoods helps make that all possible! I venture there every other week to see what treasures I can find.

Merry Christmas!

Carolyn o. on

Home Goods is my personal escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. I can lose myself in all of the beautiful things for my home, office, and even gifts. The quality keeps me going back and the great prices keep me buying more….

Amy Miles on

I love HomeGoods because well, what’s NOT to love?? I’ve gone there for years and have found statement pieces for my home, that special finishing touch to any room, holiday or event. Love, love, love it!!

Dawn Yager on

Who doesn’t love a good Homegood good!

alaine on

I love home goods because they have so many great home decor items at a great price!

Ashley C on

I love all the unique pieces at HomeGoods, I can find something for every room of my house there!


Christina Mainprize on

Love, Love Home Goods! As a future Interior Designer I never leave the store empty handed and will be a store I continue shop in for future clients. Awesome store with great prices!!

Barbara bachus on

I love Home Goods! When the store finally opened in Latham, New York I was one of those waiting in line for the doors to open. Always a great inventory and you can’t beat the prices!


You know I love HomeGoods, as well! It was so much fun to work with them in creating a beachy room!

Deb Jackson on

I love shopping there because I always find what I am looking for.

Jaclyn Reynolds on

I love finding unique pieces for every room of our home. Thank you for the giveaway!!

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