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Hi there,? I missed my Seven on Sunday last week (birthday celebrations) so here I am. Had a fabulous party last night but am exhausted and may just have to stay in my pjs all day doing a whole lot of nothing! Everything turned out so beautiful and delicious (so bummed that my iPad died early on) but did take some pics and will share soon.

Can you believe that we are just 4 days away from Christmas!! Holy smokes, how did that happen? I am about 90% done with my shopping, have one son who I am held up on but hope to accomplish his gifts later today or tomorrow. Before I begin, time to announce the very lucky winner of the HomeGoods $100 giveaway! Using the winner is…….

? Hi Tina, I too love Home Goods. Slowly but surely over the past few years I have replaced many items in my home with ones from them. I have styled my home with a European country look almost exclusively from Home Goods. By having their charge card the $10 bonus rewards are a welcome gift each month ( some months have been as high as $40 but we won?t tell the Mr. )I wish you were also giving away your basket as I have a close friend in need of such especially through the holidays. But your generous and talented spirit has inspired me to do the same and create one for her. She sure needs some TLC and love. May you and your family have a blessed and joyous Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year. Judy


Congratulations, please email me at [email protected] with your shipping details and have fun shopping!



1. RENNY AND REED. This NY based floral designing duo creates some of the most spectacular arrangements. I have been to parties/weddings that they have done, and to say their creations are works of art is simply not understatement! Here is an example of their incredible work. Click here to find out more about them.
This first picture inspired me to think about the wedding of whichever of my sons gets married first!


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2. INSPIRED BLOGGER. So this blogger/instagammer ( posted this absolutely gorgeous picture of her outdoor dining scene and told me that my tabletop posts had inspired her to create it. I was flattered and of course intrigued and needed to see more. I am glad I did, here are the pictures of that scene, just stunning and so fantasy like……I am floored! Click here to see more/read the post.


3. THE FABULOUS NEW TORY BURCH STORE IN SHANGHAI. How beautiful is this new store!! I adore this and while all of her stores are really fabulous, this one might just be my fave.

Tory-Burch-Georgetown-Rendering-thumb-620xauto-59381 tory1 tory1d tory1b

4. THE CUTEST CHRISTMAS GIFT TAGS. LB Originals has struck again…look at these most darling gift tags I had her make up! It’s a bit? late for Christmas tags but she makes all kinds of gifttags, they add such flair to any gift they are put on! Here is my very first wrapped gift… here to visit LB Originals.

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5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Every week I feature instagrams that have really caught my attention and this week there were some seriously amazing ones!? Heavy on the holiday theme, I was totally enchanted by so much this week on Instagram. Here are my favorites…..

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My absolute favorite this week is this one (the thighs just kill me)….


6. THE CUTEST CHRISTMAS CARDS. Unfortunately I found out about this line too late, plus the chances of my getting a picture of my three boys together would be like winning the lottery…fat chance! BUT next year I will be sure to snap a picture somehow, someway and order well ahead of time because I think these are some of the prettiest Christmas cards I have seen any where. She makes other cards too and she is very much worth the look…..gorgeous!! Click here to visit Nico and Lala

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Of course smiling, compliant children really help. REALLY! (take note my three sons:) Take this as a forewarning that next year we will be taking Christmas pictures!


And other beautiful cards Nico and Lala have created……

NicoLala_MQ2 NavarreGallery2 KosteGallery2 JordanGallery2 AkinsGallery2

7. A GORGEOUS NEW RESORT……..just looking at these pictures makes me want to click my heels and be transported to a tropical oasis with hopefully a wonderful exotic drink awaits me! If you are one who needs to know about the latest and greatest you need to know about the newly opened Gansevoort (opened this past week). Love the looks of this gorgeous just opened resort in Puerto Plarta Dominican Republic, The newest Gansevoort. Click here for more info.

DR-Pool-View-Room DR-Bedroom-with-posts Dr-Baia-More-Tables DR-Wine-Cellar2 DR-restarant-facing-pool4 DR-Cabana-with-grass1 DR-Front-Pool-Image2 DR-Three-Bedroom-Livingroom2 DR-Dining_Chaise-Living-room2 DR-Pool-Property-side-view-wide-angle2


So there you go,? 7 things that have been on my radar…anything here excite you? I know it’s crunch time and we are all so crazy busy, so many thanks for taking the time to stop in and see what I am up to. I missed being here the last four days and have an awesome giveaway coming up early this week! Hope you have a fabulous day and end to your weekend……..




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Dear Tina, Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner. I sent an email reply to you with my address. As I stated in my email I truly am blessed this Christmas. I was wonderfully treated this weekend by my daughter to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Providence and we did some serious shopping at the Home Goods in Narragansett. While there I purchased a lot of TLC items for my friend and of course treated myself and daughter. I bumped into someone from Shelton who has a home also in RI. while shopping there, so us Home Goods lovers will really find a store to shop even when away from home. Hope you, your family and all of the readers who follow this amazing lady will have a cherished holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Judy

Your LB Originals link is not working. Could you please provide a good link? The tags are gorgeous and I love how they work year round. I like buying one multipupose role of paper for the year, two ribbons and use creative tags. Your web site has been the source of so much creative inspiration. Thank you SO much!

OMG!!! Love your wrapping and gift cards! Tooo pretty to open. I will definitely check out the new blog that you mentioned. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Tina. You have been a bright light in 2014 for me. You’re simply the best….xxx

Happy Sunday, Tina!

That outdoor winter table scape inspired by you is awesome. What a grand idea! I wish I would have thought of that; we have plenty of snow for the backdrop!

That floral company in your first set of photos really knows how to bring on the beauty; I LOVE THAT MOSS HORSE! You seem to be doing good time on your holiday shopping. I know you’ll get it done today!

Wishing you a happy and relaxing day, Anita

The enjoyment that I get from looking at your home all
the beautiful blue and white porcelain as an older woman
makes my day everything you do is so classy and shows a
real talent.I have told my friends about The Enchanted
House and we all agree it is wonderful.
Merry Christmas,
Dottie Irrgang

Oh goodness! That TABLE at the top is just stunning and your wrapping .. very pretty and I LOVE those tags!

Sounds like you are organized and ready for Christmas Tina! I am about 80% done. I’ve got a party tonight (gingerbread houses and football game combo) I have to see patients tomorrow and then I’m off until after the New Year .. so looking forward to that time.

Have fun today!


Inspired by the cards, the blogs and the new Instagram finds. Even with a busy 50th (do tell what your husband gave you!) you find time to thrill us all!

Tis the Sunday before Christmas

Tina, I am so tickled that you featured my Wisconsin winter tablescape! You have always been a trailblazer in my book and I can’t tell you how much your blog has influenced mine! Hope you and your boys have a wonderful holiday. Thank you again!

The Bubble Joy is one of my favorites!!!! Mithra makes me laugh and cry at the same time and her photo essays are just so lovely to ponder..thanks for featuring her gorgeous winter tabletop. Inspiring!

Hi Tina, I hope by now you are having a Tinatini πŸ™‚

Oh the instagrams and your inspiration for the snowy table, just a delight to see what a joy…….Im so glad you had a fabulous party

This evening Im doing seven on Sunday too… seven things at once

Most enjoyable ( after reading you ) is tweaking the new wreath design I have done with whites and naturals, and watching ‘the Holiday’

Have a happy and relaxed day my dear xx

I just went on a shopping spree this evening for my boys! Almost done here too. I think I’m about 90% done, as I need to get a few more things for my little guy, who’s not so little, but he’ll always be my baby πŸ˜‰

Your gift tags are so lovely.. blue is my favorite colour and your gift packages are so thoughtfully wrapped as well as thoughtfully purchased for each of your friends and family. Your heart is a caring one.
I am not in the market for any of your lovely items but do remember me when the blue and white ones arrive from the manufacture. Your home is full of thoughtfulness as well and I was one of your dinner guests or especially one of your lady luncheons (love lady luncheons) it would be thrilling I am sure.
I’d be happy to just have one of your new gift tags.
May you and your family have a very Mary Christ Mass and a Holy New Year in the year of OUr Lord 2015.
We lost our youngest son this past Jan. 4th so in 2015 we will attend a mass we had Father pray for the repose of his soul. We have tried to have one prayed each month on the 4th or on his birthday.
With a grateful heart,
Sylvia Faye

I always look forward to this post! Thanks for sharing the highlights of the week! I already have a house full so my blogging time is limited, but I wanted to say hello. Enjoy the last few says before Christmas…it feels good to have things just about done with time to enjoy! xoxo

As always, love your Seven on Sundays posts. You never cease to amaze and inspire me. We are back from Monaco, albeit a sad time but still, gathering with family far and near to honor a life and a man loved by many will live on in my heart.
Looking forward to celebrations this week!

This is the first time visiting your blog and I’m glad I did. I love beautiful design – both commercial and home. I was particularly charmed by that Wisconsin tablescape. Just lovely! I will be back….

New fan of The Bubble Joy (Mithra Ballesteros) led me to you and am so pleased and delighted by you both. Your visuals and varied selections are wonderful. Haven’t had much time for visual essays/blogs but think I’ll be adding this to my New Year list as a way to please my senses.

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