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Good morning! Still can’t believe Christmas “14 is over. I got some wonderful gifts including a great new Canon camera from my parents, cannot wait to start using it. The iPad is an amazing and handy device but still cannot replace the quality of the pictures from a good camera.

Well as things slowly get back to normal, here I am with my Seven on Sunday. Time to share seven things that have caught my eye this week. Always random and never a shortage of fun things to talk about…..would love to hear from you about anything interesting that has crossed your path! Meanwhile here is what is on my radar……




1. A NEW PERFUME. Got a sample in the? mail of Aerin’s new fragrance, Waterlily? Sun (even love the name)? and I have to say I absolutely love it. So much so that I have ordered myself a bottle. I haven’t found a fragrance in a long time that I like quite as much so thought I would share just in case you too are in the market for a new fragrance. New year, time to try new things right?

1400540128020_1400540128020_1_482x482I am now enticed (and was surprised to learn there are 4 other fragrances) to try the rest,? as a few of these sound really good!


2. TILEBAR I am so impressed with the vast selection of Tilebar. I got in one of their goody boxes filled with all kinds of marble samples and they even threw in unexpected things like candy and mini vodka bottles…how fun is that!

Their prices are super competitive and their website is extremely user friendly. We are doing two bathrooms right now and Tile Bar is where I will be getting the materials, great new resource! Just a few that I am considering are below, truly not a bad one in the bunch! Free shipping, free returns and price matching…..who can ask for more! Click here to visit Tilebar.


single full_1 adagi_lady_gray_with_crystal_white_line img_2888---path imperial_textured_white_carrera_2


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Every week I enjoy sharing what has caught my eye on Instagram and this past week there was no? shortage of beautiful inspiration! Here are some of my favorites……

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4. COOKING CLASSES AT BLACKBERRY FARM….SIGN ME UP! I have wanted to visit this luxurious award winning getaway in Tennessee for quite some time now. I was excited to learn that they have a very expansive calendar of cooking classes from some of the culinary stars in today’s immense cooking universe. A friend and I are now trying to figure out when we could swing a visit to partake in one of their fabulous sounding cooking classes.

I wish I could attend the “Taste of the south” on Jan. 8th but there are others that sound equally enticing. Irregardless, this is now shooting straight up to the top of my list of my “to do”s for 2015! Sounds like such fun, and what a dreamy place….have you been? Click here for the full calendar of events for 2015 and to learn more about this iconic establishment.

blackberry-farm-barn-640 Blackberry4 blackberry-farm-2 IMG_0755 DSC00280-1024x679 propertyimage_blackberryfarm_restaurant_food_thebaratblackberryfarmsplatepresentation_credit_blackberryfarm1


5. AN INCREDIBLY GOOD NEW RECIPE! ! I thought I had conquered the title of making the best stuffed mushrooms. Well……I was intrigued while prowling Pinterest some time ago when a picture? motivated me to try a new recipe and am I glad I did! These are perhaps the best stuffed mushrooms I have ever eaten, soooooo good! I made them over Christmas and it is an understatement to say they were well received and went in no time flat.

We are very lucky to have an old school Italian specialty shop nearby that has incredible meats so I get my sausage there and good tasty sausage is key, but I am sure at any upscale market/Whole Foods you can get a great sausage that will do the trick. This is an excellent appetizer and one that will be a permanent fixture in my own repertoire that is sure to please…..visit Sweet Sugar Bean for the recipe.



6. THE MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFTS FROM? DEAR READERS. I received between my birthday and Christmas two wonderful? and unexpected presents, one from a reader/customer here in the U.S. and another arrived in the mail all the way from the UK, from a? very dear and most thoughtful reader.? First I received the most beautiful antique blue and white plate with an English mark. Kathy knows of my incessant love for all things blue and white and gifted this beautiful treasure to me for the holidays! I enjoyed displaying cookies on it over the holidays.

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Then….imagine my delight when I opened this incredible “almost too pretty to open” blue and white box of beauty. Inside were individually wrapped (beautifully) different flower bulbs, she had read of my love for flowers and my hopes to own a greenhouse soon. A beautiful card and letter accompanied this incredible gift.

There are not words to express my gratitude or how I touched I was to receive both of these extraordinary gifts. When I say I have the best readers, I truly mean it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kathy and Sally….these will be treasures I will look at as a testament to the wonderful friendships I have made through my blog.

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7. GORGEOUS CHINA!? God knows I do not need another plate for the rest of my living years but these sure do tempt me! Have you seen Toile Tale by Scalamandre? They are so so pretty and come in 4 scrumptious shades, yes I am very tempted. VERY. Plus they are really affordable which might make them too good to pass up:) Sold in most dept stores and many places online. A sure way to add beauty to any table……




Loved seeing it for a charity event by Victoria Drest Designs…

IMG_1958 IMG_1824 IMG_1947


So friends thats what’s on my radar….anything new on yours? I still cannot believe we are about to usher in a new year, 2015 here we come. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, last Sunday of the year:)


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Tina, thank you so much for including my IG in your Seven on Sunday! Have a lovely Sunday! Dana

Dearest Tina,

Your gifts are so lovely. Blue is the color for you! (and me too, only aqua!)

You have been a delight to follow for the last several years, and I look forward to more enchantment. We are enjoying those chargers, and they add just the right touch of elegance to my home. I too am overwhelmed by the grace of so many readers and friends whose cards or small gifts have reached me in an unexpected way this year, and I am delighted to have entered into this blogging world.

Wishing you an easy Sunday and much rest! Anita

Dear Tina, as I have said this is my favorite day of the week at your site! I am more and more into Instagram thanks to you and have started following so many wonderful people, shops, and design firms!

I hope you will come visit and see my Holiday Message!

The Arts by Karena

Love your blog. Thought you would want to know that irregardless is not a word. Lots of people use that incorrectly. The proper term is regardless. I appreciated a supervisor pointing that out to me years ago

Irregardless or regardless, I thoroughly enjoy The Enchanted Home, the products, your extremely generous give aways and your endless energy and spirit. Thank you, Tina, for being an inspiration!! xo

i am feasting on your stuffed mushrooms with my eyes and dreaming of maybe acquiring toile tale in the blue–it’s gorgeous, and i want to bring blue into our home this year. i know your shop will be a source of help! thanks for all the lovely to consider here! can’t believe it’s time to ring in the new year. peace.

My dearest Tina

I was almost speechless when I read your post today!
I am blushing with smiles this happy Sunday…and I feel very touched indeed to read your lovely words.

Thank you from my heart, you are a truly wonderful, special person.
I was delighted you like the gift, I so enjoyed sending you a small token of my affection, and love for all that you give and the many tastes we share

Since I found you ,my life has been touched with a magical ‘enchantedness’

All love to you, and happy gardening!
Sally xxxx

Tina, thank you so much for including my stuffed mushrooms in your list! So very flattered. All happy things to you in 2015!

Dear Tina, I look forward to your posts and wasn’t disappointed one bit by today’s. So much gorgeousness. The blue and white gifts you received are so you! And I spied an Aerin fragrance called Lilac Path that has me yearning for spring. Might have to look into that for myself.
Well, i’m off to look at your store. You really have an Enchanted Hone and I love, love it!
Enjoy your week.
Oh?.do you keep your decorations up until New Year’s? Just wondering.
Happy Monday! And enjoy the day?.

Wow, this Seven on Sunday post really “knocked it out of the park”. A joy to read and dream about. Thanks.

Happy New Year, dear Tina! What beautiful gifts you got from your readers. They certainly know you well. I got a new camera too and I haven’t put it down. Love all your tile samples. It would be hard to choose. Hope 2015 is your best year!! xx

Unable to find your address on site ~ wanted to mail you something. Please advise. Thanks!

I am so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas, Tina! You did rack up!
Sandy Baby the the Goldens won my hear, and your gifts were amazing! I would love to take cooking class or two myself.
Have a Happy New Year, sweet lady.

So glad you got the camera Tina. I’m still trying to learn how to use mine however simply (point) shoot is really all I do. My husband is the photographer in the family.. πŸ˜‰

I started using the Aerin L. perfumes last spring and love them! They are flowery without being to strong.

Stuffed sausages are one of my favorites. I will check out the link!

..and thanks for mentioning the kitchen on IG:)

Your Instagram is stunning (That baby!!!) and i am so excited to know about tile works. And that bedroom with the navy blue geometric rug….SO much to love here today. And thank you for the giveaway – I really appreciate it.

Hello Tina!

I thought about you during Christmas and wanted to write to tell you we got a new puppy! I know how much you love dogs and I wanted to share it with you. πŸ™‚

Loved the post today and I am checking the “Tile Bar” website. I am designing a bathroom and a kitchen and need tiling ideas! This should be fun!

Lots of love and Blessing for you in 2015!


Luciane from

Hi Tina…those mushrooms look amazing and I would love to go to Blackberry Farm…I have a girlfriend that goes every year…all the way from California…she loves it! Have a wonderful New years!

Blackberry Farm is magical. You will absolutely love it. One of the most memorable places I’ve ever been. Hope you have a very happy new year!

What a wonderful idea this was, Tina. I’m sorry I forgot to send you photos to go with the message, but you even supplied those for me. Thank you !! I so enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts, and it seems losing weight is on everyone list to “to do’s.” I hope you are having a splendid time on the island of your choice and know that your family are there with you, just chilling. My life has been enriched know you and feeling your beautiful spirit shining through the pages of The Enchanted Home! Happy New Year to all of you guys!

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