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Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend. Well did you watch it……. The Golden Globes! I did from preshow (around 5pm all the way to the aftershows) almost midnight, call me a diehard or an insomniac. Or a bit of both. I do love all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds award season, it is so much fun and a kind of escape from reality.

If you did watch it, would love to hear your thoughts and if you didn’t this is like a mini fashion recap. I always like to preface these posts by saying this is my opinion, I am not saying I am right or wrong:) And really it’s all in the name of fun and entertainment. This was an impromptu post, wasn’t sure if I would have the time the cover it but glad I did……




I love to do my own little “coverage” ala Joan Rivers so here are my hits and misses in no particular order, would love to know what yours were too……





GG-Emily-Blunt-600x900 slide_395050_4840574_free

slide_395072_4841506_free slide_395050_4840570_free slide_395050_4840556_free

slide_395072_4841514_free slide_395072_4841512_free slide_395072_4841648_free slide_395072_4841644_free

slide_395050_4840576_free She got a lot of flack for the gloves and for her “lack of personality” but I think she is super elegant and this screams “old hollywood” .? I think her aloofness is really just a shyness which I find endearing personally, you could see this as George was singing her praises during his speech which was such a sweet moment:)

Notice? a theme here? Yep, most were sparkly silvery and fabulous!



Now I am not going to say these are the worst dressed but they were big disappointments to me, I have for fun included what I would have put them in if I were their stylist (if any of you are reading this call me)!


Love J Lo for her energetic personality and she is the quintessential entertainer! She undoubtedly,? has a fabulous shape but this look is getting old, its always plunging and sparkly! Jen (yes we are on that kind of basis) please change it up and do something different and unexpected like these more conservative but incredibly elegant and dazzling numbers? (and maybe avoid the plunge to the navel just once even though you sure do pull it off:)


506021_ou_xl 505449_ou_xl


Oh dear Kiera, you are one of my faves and you are a classic beauty but really? This? Oh no, a colossal no. I would have loved seeing you in one of these dreamy and ethereal numbers that do you justice…..


438942_fr_xl 505448_ou_xl


OK first off this is an improvement over the mullet and gray jersey debacle a few years ago and you are looking quite svelte (huge kudos to you) but this menswear meets? blingy babe just isn’t doing it for me. How about one of these black slimming numbers, slenderizing but with a nice amount of sparkle…..



Kerry you are always one I watch because you have beautiful style however this was just wrong in my humble opinion. The length, the color combinations, the red shoes with the pink/blue gown……wrong. I can see both of the suggested dresses very much being your style….






Pretty girl, great hair but this dress failed miserably. It fit wrong, looked saggy, the color did nothing for her and she could do SO? much better! She needed color and something more form fitting!

1421018815_rosamund-pike-lg505448_ou_xl 503030_ou_xl



Overall it was a fun and entertaining show, absolutely love Tina and Amy.?? They are practically irreplaceable! The best speeches of the night for me went to Michael Keaton and Julianne Moore, heartfelt and real……I was so happy for both. I also love Eddie Redmayne? from The Theory of Everything. A movie I am seeing this week, cannot wait.

And was equally thrilled to see Boyhood take the top prize though they were all such great contenders.? I am so out of the movie loop it is ridiculous….will be making up for my absence in theaters by the weekend:)

This is going into an area I do not normally venture into however I was completely alarmed and deeply troubled as were millions of others at E Online’s Giuliana Rancic’s weight, she looked frightening. This is simply not OK and it is unconscionable and irresponsible to me for a network to allow a spokesperson who clearly has an eating disorder to go on and glamorize what is obviously an epidemic in this country.

I have a good friend who treats those with eating disorders for a living and she was so rattled over this too.

You don’t have to agree but think these pictures speak volumes……

video-undefined-24A1BB8100000578-197_637x367 249BF82700000578-2905942-image-a-186_1421028276871


So how about you, did you watch and if so what were your high and low points? Love to know! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great start to your week. Until tomorrow……

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here.


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amy on

Tina you could easily be a stylist, love your picks. I loved all your “winners” but would also add Amy Adams who I thought looked so good, plus I love her as an actress. I didn’t like Amal’s gloves but agree she is very elegant and possibly misunderstood.

Thank you for speaking up about eating disorders, it is disgusting to see Guilianas bones. Shame on the E network! My niece suffered for almost 2 years with a life threatening bout of anorexia, having gone through that with her family I can only say it devastates everyone who loves that person. There is nothing glamorous about being overly skinny.

This one of the many reasons I love your blog. You keep it real and speak the truth. Fun post!

anonymous on

you could teach a hollywood stylist a thing or two. so agree with all your hits and misses.

Mary Jane Nash on

Oh my goodness….what is going on with Guiliana? I always thought she was too thin but I’ve never seen her look like this. I hope her cancer has not come back.

Priscilla Mills on

Dear Tina
I completely agree with you in regards to Ms. Rancic’s appearance. Thank you for bringing this to the surface. It was shocking and very, very disturbing. As was her doing a shot of Tequila on the air. The producers need to be held responsible for this show. It was a mess and also I feel, Ms. Rancic was exploited.
But oh, didn’t Mrs. Clooney bring back memories of Grace and Audrey. The internet is screaming “gloves are out of style”. And I say, they never were out of style! Never!!

Melissa on

I wholeheartedly agree with your assessments … I, too, watch from pre-show to the last closing moments. Thank you for bringing attention to Guiliana being severely thin …. the men in the room with me ( not the whole time) even commented on it. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute — I love how the GG just gets right to it — from the first award all the way through to the last. And, ” The Theory of Everything” is one of the best movies I have ever seen — enjoy!

Faith on

Tina, I think you are spot on, on who met the mark. I had Kate Hudson on my list of favorites. Speaking of who missed the mark, oh my, Kerry was SUCH a let down. I do love your, try this instead of that. Might we add fashion stylist to your list of many talents?

LC on

Gloves are only out of style for those who have no class! I don’t care for Clooney, but LOOOVE his wife’s sense of style.

As for your misses, I sometimes think these ladies just need a good girlfriend with whom to shop. Fame does not automatically bequeath one with true friends, or even friends with style.

Diane on

Agree with most of your hits and the misses- where were their stylists! What continues to be bothersome and looks like it’s getting worse is Guillian Rancid-
Give that girl a few meals, looking really bad.

Barbara Fox on

I agree with all of your selections, and would add Camila Alves in her structured pink gown?I loved the gloves

I also did not care for Claire Danes or Kate Hudson?.

Ms Guiliana is a nice person and if she is suffering with an eating disorder, I have enormous sympathy..I think she is better in a round table discussion, rather than one on one at a Red Carpet Event?.I miss Joan Rivers!

bonnie on


Katherine on

Keira Knightley’s little Bo Peep ensemble was terrible. There are so many beautiful gowns for pregnant women and especially at a time like this they need to feel glowing.

Guiliana – I didn’t watch red carpet so missed this. It’s interesting that she did a tequila shot on the red carpet for her interview with George and Amal. Odd behaviour.
People with eating disorders are at risk of many ailments and for someone in her area of work it would be devastating for her to loose teeth and hair (a real possibility).

Loved Amy Adams, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Kate Beckinsale.

Sandy on

Tina, I completely agree with your assessments. What was Kerry Washington thinking? Of course, all so theses women were thinking they looked great. Which makes me wonder about their “trusted” friends, advisers and stylists. And G. Rancic, oh my, she has been way too thin for a very long, long time. I have read that she is naturally thin, but this is beyond natural! She needs help!

margaret on

Lupita Nyong’o in lilac and Amy Adams in steely blue.

Both very feminine.

franki on

Loved the “jumpsuit!” and that ombre’ grey was outstanding as well as your #1 choice “dripping in diamonds!!” franki

Lory at Designthusiasm on

Nice recap. I agree with all except I think no one looks good in yellow and I didn’t mind J-Lo’s look, as she can pull it off. I actually thought, in general, the plunging neckline was almost as much of a statement globe-wide as the silvery shimmers. And, yes, oh dear Keira. She is so utterly gorgeous, but last night was a clear miss. Agree about the eating disorder thing, as well. Downright scary.

Sherry on

Love Amal she looked simply beautiful, class and elegance in one package. I also think it was shyness on her part. I think Chrisy Tigen (not sure about the spelling) looked beautiful as well . Her hair and dress was perfect . Camilla Alves dress was to die for . Some beautiful women and dresses tonight!

Elizabeth on


You were definitely spot on regarding the hits and misses. Keira Knightly? Oh my gosh, what in the world got in to her? That had to be one of the dowdiest dresses I have ever seen on the red carpet.
I also think you are probably right about Amal being shy versus aloof. Everyone has to remember, that by virtue of marrying George Clooney, she is now front and center in the entertainment arena. She is probably not used to the attention but is trying to learn how to handle it as she goes along. I also thought she looked gorgeous, very “old Hollywood”. It is absolutely reminiscent of something Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly would have worn. Timeless and elegant. Jennifer Lopez could learn a thing or two from Amal. Like how to dress elegantly and appropriately.

Jean on

Great post! Love your ideas and insights! Poor Mrs. Rancic she looked like a skeleton! Her giggly unprofessional manner isnt appealing either! I miss Joan! She had humor yet wisdom and maturity! Giulliana acts like she’s never seen celebrities and is star struck (and not in a good way)!

Marianna on

Spot on Tina!
You need to be a stylist to the stars.
I thought Amal was the most beautiful woman at the Globes.
She definitely has a style all her own and I admire it.
My most favourite dress of the night was the one worn by the young lady who was escorting the stars on stage. I forget who’s daughter she is, but it was just beautiful.


YOU get a golden globe for your spot on “reporting”. Agree with every one of your hits/misses. Kate B. was my clear cut favorite and Jennifer Lopez or Kiera won for worst dressed. Both need to fire their stylists!

Tina, I watched with my daughter and her friend at the horror of seeing Giuliana’s bone front and center. According to my daughter, Twitter was abuzz about her anorexia and it did not go unnoticed. It is actually hard to look at. Thank you for addressing it. This is never OK, even the stars look healthy next to her. And like many have noted her behavior with George and his wife was despicable. She is no Joan!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Oh my goodness, Tina, I didn’t watch the E coverage (just watched the Today Show crew’s red carpet) and am shocked and horrified by these photos. I do hope that she gets some help. I know what some people are natural thin and have a hard time gaining weight, but this appears to be something else entirely.

Anyway, on to more fun and frivolous things! You are are were mostly on the the same page (the only exception was that I think Sienna Miller could have done better – it wasn’t horrible, I just think there must have been a more spectacular dress out there for her). Agree 100% on Amal Clooney – did George’s speech make you tear up or what? Love all your suggestions for the “misses” – you should be a stylist.

Happy Monday, Tina! XOXO

Gwen on

WHAT was up with Kate Hudson’s make-up/eyebrows? Normally gorgeous, she looked garish.

And some women should NOT wear bright red lipstick.

I think Kate Beckinsale and Emily Blunt are the two prettiest women in Hollywood. Year after year.

Kerry Washington’s dress; loved the length, style, color. HATED the material.

I don’t like George’s wife. But there was a LOT of talk in the days prior to the event about an imminent divorce. Time will tell. She looked bored to tears being there.

thanks for this. I normally do this too, but I’m on a series right now on my blog, so thanks for doing this for me. 🙂

katerina stepovikov on

imho….that amal needs to see your dr. friend as well.

carolyn on

I get together with four friends every awards season for the GG and Oscars. Two of them are in the fashion business so I love to hear their take. Their favorites were Kate Beckingsale and Sienna Miller, wasn’t sure about Siennas look but sure loved Kate, who was the picture of Hollywood princess.

Guiliana needs professional help and I agree it is wrong for that channel to allow her to send the message that her weight is acceptable since she is allowed to continue on her show. I also felt her behavior with the Clooneys was incredibly awkward and unprofessional. I did not care for Amal’s look but i do feel like she deserved more respect than she got.

Great recap Tina.

Candace Turner on


As always your observations are spot on!!! You have impeccable style!
I believe I wore something similar to Kiera’s gown to a dance when I was in high school in the 1970’s……..

Karena on

Great picks Tina and I thought Amal looked gorgeous. On the misses, Most of these women have stylists and are being steered in the wrong direction for sure .

Featuring “Inner Spaces”

Gayle on

It amazes me and captures me with your astutness on life….love your blog this morning…fun to see your picks and would like to know where you find such elegant gowns…would love the sources, agree with everything you wrote…
Tonight we get to watch the mighty ducks play!!!

Diane on

Agreed with most of you hits. Kiera was definetly a huge miss.
Also Claire Danes and Kate Hudson. Jennifer Lopez goes without saying a miss…once a novelty,now a tiresome bore!!!
Amal very classy looking, except I hated the gloves.

Deanna on

I missed the pre show coverage, which is usually the best part of the evening, but I adore the Golden Globes. The stars are drinking at the tables and hobnobbing and it all feels more intimate.
I loved Amal’s gloves. She looked fantastic. I’m so tired of seeing celebrities breasts hanging out. Could we please have a bit more modesty? Amal exudes class. You are so right on J. Lo. If she wore something that covered her up, she would be the talk of the town.
Thanks for the recap, Tina. I missed the beginning, and I think you were spot on. There’s nothing as dreamy as well dressed celebrity walking the red carpet. Can’t wait for the Academy Awards. Now that’s a night where I make sure I’m home.
Happy Monday! Hope you have a great week…

Peggy Braswell on

tina love your hits + misses + GR should not be on TV with her bones sticking out.

Katie Clooney on

Working on my post now. Totally agree about the hits and misses! I think you should be a stylist. I loved all your choices! Have a wonderful week!

sharon on

Boy you were right on the mark on EVERY single look. I would only add Amy Adams as she is such an elegant class act.

Jennifer needs to stop looking like a cross between a Vegas show girl and a Dolly has been. Enough of the same old predictable belly button revealing gowns, she is to me a has been and as a forty something year old mother needs to show some modesty.

Sad for Guiliana, seems like a nice person but is obviously in big trouble with her weight. That is scary looking, i don’t understand how her husband is not intervening. Sends a really bad message.

Great recap Tina, now onto the Oscars!

Jean on

I usually don’t comment although I don’t dare miss a single post. I agree with you 100 percent on your choices and comments. The clothes that you have chosen are so much better than anything I’ve seen. They need to hire you as a stylist!

Ariana on

Guiliana Rancic may not have an eating disorder. As you may remember, she was being treated for cancer. It could be that she is ill but still wants to work.

Teresa @ Splendid sass on

You and I completely AGREE! SO chic and Old Hollywood! And the tacky was tacky! That is the most clothes we will be seeing on the first one!lol.
Happy Monday.

Peggy Thal on

Like your comments and style. I tried to watch Golden Globes but it got very boring. Many dresses were beautiful and classic. Hated the ones with excess boob showing. Looks so trashy. Amal looked OK – kind of boring. The whole show was just Ok. Loved the hosts just not enough of them and no dress changes. The show needs more entertainment.

Linda Ewald on

Hi Tina, could you tell me the site that you found these dresses on, especially one of the black gowns??? Thanks you

Denise on

Agree totally with all your hits/misses. A huge thank you with JLo. I’m tired of seeing her ‘attributes’ – both real and enhanced. Actually I think her entire dress overwhelmed her body.

Susan from seattle on

Love your hits and misses! I’d add Ruth Wilson to the miss list. The frayed look just didn’t stand up to the occasion. Melissa McCarthy wore a tuxedo-like tunic and pant suit for the People’s Choice only the week before. It suited her nicely. She would also look much better in a mermaid-style corset-backed dress. The corset will move the curves to wear you want them! Discovered this in looking for wedding dresses for my daughter who added 50 pounds over the last 6 years. (She’s working with a trainer to get most of it off by the wedding.) Liked Selma Hayak’s dress but she ruined it by finger combing her hair for several minutes through Keaton’s emotional speech.

I normally don’t watch these award shows, but because I’m protesting Comcast, I’m getting used to local programming. (I wanted to drop Triple Play- to lose the phone and all its annoying interruptions- to drop HBO ’cause I have over 300 dvd/blurays; but to do so I’d be ineligible for high speed internet. So I dropped all but the internet and am having fun finding alternatives. Did you know that your local broadcast stations transmit free uncompressed digital (HD) airwaves? The picture is much better than cable!) I’m not missing cable!

Amal’s gloves remind me of a visit with my aunt from Chicago decades ago. We were buying tickets to go on the Underground Seattle tour in a very old building at Pioneer Square. As we started down the dilapidated stairs there was a line and we heard a snicker and a comment about the gloves. She turned to them, brushed her hands together as if there was dirt on them and said, “Just slumming!” Loved it! I love Amal’s innocence to the Hollywood style, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someday soon she becomes a trend setter. A Hollywood princess.

Jill Karr on

Thank you dear Tina for the recap. I totally missed the show and am sick about it. Will I have to resort to People magazine to,see all the best and worst?
Your sense of class and style is impeccable.
Hugs and, again, thank you for making my paintings one of your Seven on Sunday!

Elizabeth on

Tina this is spot on. I could not agree more about JLo, same old same old, look. She has a fabulous shape and personality and something new would be a change.

Kiera Knightly, that dress was horrid. And the butterfly bracelet? Seriously, looking at some of these women I cannot believe that they had a stylist.

As for Amal, I am not a Clooney fan but his wife is beautiful and classic. And you can clearly see this this former bachelor is head over heals in love and it looks great on both of them!

Have a great week!

Marsha @ Splenderosa on

I agree with you about Amal Clooney; this is so new to her, and it was George’s night and I think she was perfection. Also loved Jane Fonda’s glamour so much, and imagine having this figure at 76 or whatever she is. Julienne Moore was perfect too. There were so many misses it’s shocking, and for the 1st time I’m including Kerry Washington in this group. Meryl looked exactly like she should have looked, I even loved her gown and her hair. As for the hostesses, I am SO happy they’re retiring from this event, I really do not like their rude jokes, but maybe I’m the only one? And JLo? You nailed it on her. She NEEDS A REAL STYLIST…hello, Rachel Zoe? I thought the bit about George Clooney’s career was very well done, encompassing all aspects of his life. I’m sure it was well curated by “his people.”

sherri on

Loved your assessment and agree with you on everything! Especially Guilana. If she indeed has an eating disorder, she needs help badly. This is just horrible.

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