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Hi there, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here things are nice and relaxed, just the way I like it! Had a great dinner with one of our best friends last night and might be heading into the city later today, to meet our sons for lunch, though it is awfully cold! And of course we have the Golden Globes pre show to contend with which I simply will not miss!

I FINALLY took down all of my Christmas decor and on one hand everything looks light and fresh but also a little bare, gotta say I do love that Christmas magic. Here I am with my Seven on Sunday.? Ready? Here we go…..



1. MY NEW CAMERA! I got a new camera for Christmas,? and lordy knows, I certainly needed one. After months of using my iPad and iPhone, trusty as they are….they simply do not offer quite the quality of a ‘real” camera. I got the Canon T5 Rebel and so far so good!

I have only taken a few pictures but I am really enjoying the beautiful crisp quality and gorgeous rich colors. Here is a sampling of my latest photo session. I couldn’t resist the beautiful snowfall we had a few days ago and my now Christmas decor free living room, still getting used to it……




IMG_0102 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0061


IMG_0066 IMG_0065

And my cutest subject of all……Mr. Teddy still sporting his Christmas bandana, some just can’t let go of the season:)


2.Instagrams of interest. Never disappoints, Instagram is like an online museum of endless inspiration. I had so many faves this week that I to show some restraint, lol. Here are some of my top picks……

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And my very? favorite because lets face, it after the holidays…I think most of us can relate to this:)


3. FISH TACOS. You? know I love to share great recipes when I discover them. Since binge eating fish tacos literally every single day without fail on vacation, I have become a bit obsessed. I think I started having FTW (fish taco withdrawals) three days into being home so quickly set out to finding the best sounding recipe I could find. And boy, did I find a winner over at Simply Gourmet, click here to see recipe. (two things I changed, I baked my fish and did not add batter and I only used 1 tbsp of mayo and the rest yogurt for sauce)

These were soooo good. Dare I say just about as good as though I had on my vacation. Good quality light flaky white fish is key and buying the freshest ingredients you can find will guarantee these are a hit. I made them on Thurs. and will no doubt be making them again sooner than? later. A new staple in our household and best of all, they are low in calories so I won’t have to look like the “enhanced” Barbie up there lol. These went so fast I only got on so so picture of them…….


Lots of lime squeezed over these is a must! Click here for the amazingly good recipe.


4. MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED READERS. I love when I get your pictures and so enjoy getting to continuously expand my wonderful customers gallery in my online “Your Enchanted Homes”.? Keep them coming, if you have purchased something from my online shop and would like to submit your picture(s) you can click here (scroll to bottom of page)? or email them to me at [email protected]. Just check out some of these recent additions……
unndsafatemed imaadge2

IMG_75leslie98-21 IMG_6927-2 imagde4 unnKATHYamed image6 unnamkarenned unnakarenemed


5. A WONDERFUL TRAVEL POST ALL ABOUT THE NEWEST HOTELS AROUND THE WORLD. My favorite travel agent, Sandy of You May Be Wandering really hit a home run with a recent post she did on all the newest hotel openings, both current and upcoming. It is quite a list and such a wealth of information, I had to share it with you in case you missed it or like to be up on the newest and greatest! Click here for the full post, well worth the read.

Baccarat hotel new york Gansevoort DR collage four seasons orlando collage


6. AN OFFICE MAKEOVER. My poor little home office is not much more than a room with four white walls, a big and very cluttered desk and a pretty rug. This poor room desperately needs to be made over. So this is but one of my home projects for 2015 and ideally sooner than later.

If I am going to keep the rug I will be working with pale greens/aquas and white which suites me fine, its crisp and clean. I am starting to look at fabrics and wallpaper just to get an idea of what direction I want to go in. Here is what I have come up with so far…..

5005153 5005202 5005312 5005352


7. LB ORIGINALS!? Got the cutest “thank you gift” from Laurie of LB Originals. I was so touched and wowed by this wonderful and totally unexpected thank you gift from super talented Laurie from LB Originals.

This darling blue and white porcelain card holder was filled with a big stack of the prettiest gift tags in three different colors, combining my two favorite things, chinoiserie and monograms! Plus how cute did she wrap it up? She is so talented and seriously just makes the prettiest things….had to share!! Click here to visit her lovely shop.

unnaf232amed d3 ue3nnamedunnam543ed



So that wraps it up for me…..anything here interest you? What’s new in your world? Anything catch your eye that you care to share? Tell me all about it! Wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend……


Also it’s the last few hours for the Annabel Ingall promo on their infamous totes! Click here for the details.

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Hello dear Tina…I have always been curious where you do your blogging. I picture you in a gorgeous room drenched in blues and whites. Can’t wait to see your office when it’s finished. Always love your instagram pics. Counting the minutes til the Globes. Have a great week!

Happy Sunday, Tina!! I hope you are staying warm! Thanks for the shout out…you and your IG pics of the Gansevoort were the inspiration for that post!
Can you give me a source on the wallpapers? I have been looking for a similar colourway for my powder room. Enjoy your lunch in the city with the boys…bundle up! xoxo

good morning tina, this was a great post. i love these sunday posts. your home is an incredible subject and your pictures look professional.

i must try the fish tacos, those are our favorite and as you said very healthy. your instagram picks are always so great too.

hope you have a great day, so cute to see teddy, he is so sweet.

I’ve watched your home for a while now, and your hard work has created a stunning abode! Thanks for all the info. on the camera that you’ve given as well. MC

the x-mas decorations were just beautiful, but either way your house is just amazing. Mr. Teddy looks very comfortable in his bed, hope he got lots of treats from Santa. I love the last 2 wall papers, I think they would be sunny and cheerful as well as very chic for your office. Wishing you a very happy new year.


What is the oriental pattern wallcovering in the pale aqua and cream you listed as a possible for your home office? Beautiful!

Thank you!

Happy Sunday, Tina. Always love seeing what’s on your radar screen. So excited about your camera – still waiting on the diagnosis on mine (may have to send it away for up to 8 weeks for repair!). I’m sure you’ll capture all kinds of gorgeousness with it.

Thanks for the fish taco recipe – I’m trying to return to healthy eating after months of overindulging. This looks like a delicious way to stay true to my goals.

Hope you make it into the city in spite of the cold and have a wonderful time! XOXO

I have the same camera?but I’m not very good with it. Your photos are so pretty. I love the direction for your office?and it’s a business expense, right?
Anyway you work so hard, you deserve a nice environment.

How nice that your boys are close enough to visit on the weekend. Enjoy!

Okay my dear do you ever sleep?? Wow, your home looks wonderful, love all your picks! I love the office choices… and fish tacos are a staple here at our home! xo Have a great week, K

Hi Tina,

Thanks for the fish taco recipe–I’m addicted to them, too! If they’re on the menu, I order them. Can’t wait to try making them. Happy New Year!

The first wallpaper gets my vote. It is different and I couldn’t imagine having paper like that in a room and not feeling happy.

Great pictures with the new camera, Tina and your house looks gorgeous as always. Your home office is going to be amazing – can’t wait to see it all come together!!

Seeing items from your shop in customers’ homes was good for me. It gave me ideas on how to use new colors (blue and white) in a new way with the colors I do have. I love that you shared this.
I actually used to hate blue and white (I know, so wrong!) but have seen the error of my ways. And then seeing how you use white in your home even though you have sons! and Mr. Teddy! helps so much. Which means I think I could pull this off and then add some touches of blue. Some darling ginger jars and sigh.
Thanks for the fun escape. Stay warm!

Good morning, Tina!!!! Did you just LOVE the Golden Globes last night? Can Mr. Clooney be any more romantic?

Back to your fab post…that camera just highlights the elegance and beauty that you are surrounded by every day. Amazing!!!!! Your office will be stunning. Wish I had a dedicated office…I’m set up wherever my laptop is or in my little corner off the kitchen.

Your readers are incredible. Such talent. Love seeing your wares in their homes. Soooo pretty!!!

Fish tacos? I say YES! Luckily my boys will eat these, so need to put these into rotation!

2 hour school delay today, which has made for a relaxing morning…..back to reality!

xoxo Elizabeth

Good Morning Tina! Loved your GG recap along with your suggestions for alternative clothing styles 😉

I will head straight over to your fish taco recipe! They look delicious and it’s only 7:30 a.m.

The photos of your home are wonderful and so glad you seeing the difference with the new camera.

Off to work soon ~ weekends go by too quickly.. Happy Monday!

I love your decor and your website and I am also in love with the blue and white dog bowls. Where did you find these??

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