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Hello everyone. Hope your week is going well. Mine is busy with a good amount of work on my e design projects, my online “shopkeeping” and trying to balance it all with real life. Seriously this ridiculously cold weather has put me in total hibernation mode I think I could stay inside every day and never leave if I had a choice. Spring is going to be so liberating in more ways than one. I do not ever remember anticipating spring as much as I am this year, are you with me?

One of my great pleasures as I talk about often are the connections I make with my customers. I love when I get emails from my excited customers who are thrilled with something they have purchased from me, for their home.

That is really the best validation for what I do and why I love doing it so much. Thought it’s time for an Enchanted home Love contest…..where you can submit pictures of your beautiful homes featuring an item or item(s) that you have bought from me. A perfect time to show you how you? have showcased your new tole item, monogrammed napkins, belljars, silver or blue and whites, I could go on and on!? Just a few rules-

  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to [email protected] and on subject line put “contest”
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • This contest starts today and I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon!
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop



OK so there you go. I do hope you will participate and? send in your pictures… the meantime here is a batch of newly sent in pictures.? Your talent and good taste never ceases to amaze and inspire me! Take a look…….

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See..told you they are amazingly talented and have superb taste:) So now it’s your turn to send in your pictures. Grab your camera or phone and snap away…can’t wait to start getting them! Send to [email protected].

I also mentioned a giveaway…….I am giving away this wonderful and highly decorative blue and white flat top ginger jar.? One of my best selling items in fact.


All you need to do to be eligible is visit my online ship by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell me an item or two that is calling your name. Easy peasy, you are in the running!

I will announce a winner next Wednesday. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day!


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Tina, I love everything in your shop, but the bird planter is an eyecatcher for me. Love the monogrammed trays! Enjoy your post each day.

Difficult to choose which items are calling me because they all call me! I love the crystal cake stands, Imari lamps, and the large Ralph Lauren blue and white ginger jars! Love looking everyday and learning.
Thank you for this chance to win something beautiful!

What don’t I love in your shop!!! I love all your blue and white, in particular the fabulous tea caddies, among a bazillion other things! Thank you for this giveaway!

Love “New Pillow Three”! I have gone to neutrals in my living room, but have colorful paintings, with blues, greens, pinks, oranges, yellows…..this pillow would be wonderful! Oh…I do have a collection of “blue and white” as well!

Good evening, Tina~

Your life-like flowers displayed in your blue and white ceramic pieces show so stunningly in your home. The combinations are so fun to create, I’m certain!

Thanks for continuing to inspire us!


I just ordered your beautiful blue and white centerpiece bowl. It was hard to pick just one piece from the collection. The ginger jar would be a lovely addition to my growing collection. Then I’d have to buy a matching piece! I’m hooked!

It is so hard to choose but the large quarterfoil planter in black and gold is calling my name. I have some black accents In the living room and this would be a lovely addition.

The ormolu dish and umbrella stand 1 are calling my name! Hope the weather starts warming up soon!

I love all the blue and white treasures,in fact just received the three Chinese statues. I told my husband I have 3 new men in my life.


I am so thankful for finding your blog. It is always so full of inspiring images and I love looking at all the beautiful pictures you post. I am in love with the 19″ Ralph Blue and White vase, and would love to own the BW porcelain table lamp and the BW temple jar lamp!
Thanks for sharing all that you do with us.
Perry –

I love the monograms trays and your beautiful florals. These are two of my favorite things!!
Hope you get some warmer weather. I’m ready for spring, too!

Hi Tina,

I drool over everything in your shop (thank you) but the Dragon Extra Large Chunky Ginger Jar really calls….

I love your site!

Would love to have the matching ginger jar to the one I previously purchased! It is simply beautiful and having two would be fabulous!

I love your blue and white ginger jars and reproduction tureen. Can’t get enough of Blue and White porcelain with anything!

Everything is a favorite! Our styles are so similar. I adore the pink flowers pillow ( my two favorite colors) and the gorgeous star and feather bell jar lantern. I could easily find the perfect spot for this in my home! I look forward to your post every day!

I love everything in your shop! I especially love the tall ginger jars. I am considering a pair to go on top of an antique secretary. I need some height! I also love the silk orchids. Mine are blooming right now so am especially loving orchids at this moment. They bring a little spring into my home! I live in NC and we are expecting 10″ of snow tonight. It is very unusual for us. Spring cannot come soon enough! Stay warm!

Hey Tina!
I think the Moss Green Chinoiserie Scenery Lamp is just perfect! I just discovered the dog pillows and I know we need a Golden Retriever pillow! All of the breeds are just adorable! Going to send in a few pictures of our dining room table with the beautiful silver centerpiece and fabulous Greek Key Hurricanes…all courtesy of The Enchanted Home!

I have admired flat top ginger jars since seeing them on your website and blog. You have introduced me to the the use of blue and white porcelain as classic design assesories. The hardest decision for me is selecting / choosing the pattern. If I won this contest it would be a double reward because I would not have to decide on a pattern.

It cracks me up when you say you are in hibernation mode and could stay in your house. You have one of the most beautiful houses on this earth. I could hibernate in it forever! Isn’t that the point of extending all your creative energy, not to mention expense, curating all the beautiful pieces you have. Your home is elegant, homey, cozy. It meets any need anyone could imagine, for any purpose in the human experience. God has blessed you abundantly. You actually live in the Garden of Eden. So shoot me. Were I you, I should have such problems. I could wander around in my “little” piece of heaven on earth and feel like I’m afflicted with a “condition” of wanting to stay home, in the full sense of the word. It is a “Good Thing” to stay home….while I get what you mean by the coldness, you are nevertheless a goofy girl. (When you read this don’t read, meanness, I’m being silly to make a point…I harbor no ill will to you. I soooo appreciate what you have worked so very hard to achieve. In my view, you are a most lovely dynamo.) BTW, does this comment disqualify me from the contest? Just kidding….lol.

Tina, I have always loved your silver containers..actually ordered one, and I guess it was either taken from my porch after delivery or delivered to the wrong house..the silver and anything blue and white are my choices!!

EVERYTHING CALLS TO ME! EVERYTHING! If I had to choose, however, any of the blue and white porcelains, the florals, and any and everything in the silver collection. I have several of the gorgeous chargers and can’t wait to add more to my collection.

There is not one thing in your shop that I don’t drool over! I love EVERYTHING!!!

Love your needlepoint pillows, especially “new no. 27” with the three dogs. You might want to check your website as when I clicked on that pillow, an entirely different design came up. But, hey, I loved that one, too! All of your items look scrumptious.

The porcelain ginger jars are definitely calling out to me, love them. I have a perfect black console to display them!!! Love your taste!!

Hi Tina,
Some time in the not too distant past you gave a recipe for Fish Tocos. They were delicious. I looked thru you archives and can not find it.
Please send me the recipe or a link.
Thanks so much and stay warm.

Annabel Ingall totes… simply beautiful, along with everything in your shop. It’s always so inspiring to visit!

Tina,I love so so many things in your shop. Your taste is my inspiration. I choose the AP 54 ginger jar and the AP 55 ginger jar. Lovelovelove these

Hey Tina, I just posted this maybe incorrectly. Hope this is right. I love your exquisite taste! It is my inspiration. I Lovelovelove so many beautiful items in your shop. My 2 favorites are the AP 54 ginger jar and the AP 55 ginger jar. Hoping this is my lucky day.

Your silver items and blue and white porcelains are gorgeous. I am enjoying several of the silver pieces. A favorite item would be the blue and white hexagonal planter, tall square ginger jar, and the hexagonal ginger jar. All lovely. And I could. Purchase many of your new monogram napkins….such a favorite!!


Marvelous inspiration. It’s fun to see how others interpret the same items.

One of my favorite things to do is share your blog with my friends. They’ve all loved it as much as I do.

Stay warm!

I love everything in your shop and it’s hard to choose just one thing. I love your beautiful flowers and all of the porcelain and the napkin rings and the silver. I would love to win your very generous giveaway.

Tina, I have always loved the French script tray SW18. I can think of so many places to use the silver trophy SW28. Also, I just bought my first blue and whites, which I have grouped with mercury glass. The Elegant Chinese Character Jar appeals to me because of its antique-y white.

First of all, I could purchase everything in your shop!!! I adore the pillows with the blue and white vases, the blue chinoiserie pillows, the spaniel pillows; the lifelike orchids and peonies, the brass rectangular and gallery trays, any and all of the silver footed trays; Blue and white foot basin, blue willow vase w/stand, the antiqued foo dogs, the extra large chunky ginger jars; and last but not least any of the monogrammed napkins! I should definitely stop here! Or SHOP here!! Thanks for the giveaway. I love the flat top ginger jar and it will look great on my marble countertops!!!

I think I used that exact ginger jar that I bought from you for the Style my coffee table project!It is my favorite. What a great giveaway Tina! xo K

Just love the monogrammed trays!!! Also I am a big fan of your silver planters!!! Beautiful shop!

You are one talented designer. You would think at my age I would be eliminating instead of adding. I look forward to your communication every day. So inspiring. Your shop offerings are so tempting. For me the silver, linen monogram napkins, the blue and white umbrella stand, and flowers are just a few of the things I would like to add to my home. The squirrel bowls are on my list for a dear friend, as a gift. Thank you for all of your creations. I know how much time this must take. You are amazing.

Such beautiful things in your shop! I really love the etched glass cake stand and the wooden grain measure πŸ™‚ Thanks for such a great giveaway!

I love everything in your shop, but the blue and white centerpiece bowl is calling my name. My dinning room really needs this piece, along with monogrammed napkins of course!

First off, I love everything in your shop and in your house?.and would just be thrilled to “hibernate” there for awhile! It seems to be a slice of heaven?.I am enamored with anything blue and white?I do love your lamps?the BW Tea Jar lamp and the BW Porcelain Table Lamp are real beauties to me, and your lifelike flowers are wonderful! The Peony Cluster looks so gorgeous, and makes me feel that Spring is really on its way soon. Your blog continues to be such an inspiration to me and to many others I know. I am in love with your kitchen and appreciated your quick response to my email with questions that I had. Your blog is just the best, your taste exquisite, and I look forward to reading your blog whenever it appears in my mailbox?..a real treat! Thanks so much for sharing your unique talent, creativity, and decorative flair with all with us!

Hi Tina,

Just choosing one or two items is the most difficult task! Everything is so beautiful but have been loving all your life like plants and the Isabella tote is just perfect! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway…fingers and toes crossed!

Love your online shop! So many lovely pieces! The antique oversized display bowl is a much longed-for piece. Also adore the greek key hurricane (a pair would be perfect!) and the etched dome cake plate. I could go on and on! Thank you for hosting!

Every thing is so beautiful, but I love the extra large Foo Dog ginger jar. It’s always fun to look at your shop.

Your blog is such a joy to read and always uplifting, thank you. Some of my favorite items in your shop are the lifelike orchids, the elegant fluted planter, flat top ginger jar, the multi colored porcelain tall ginger jar with gold, the custom monogrammed tole trays, and the greek key and tiffany hurricanes. Really, that is just a small sampling of the many things I love.

Hi…. Y’all have snow and here in Charleston we have had plenty of rain. Thought I would put the beautiful bamboo umbrella holder to very good use. It would also look great with my Asian inspired entry.


I have to say that I love everything in your shop, particularly all the blue and white porcelain! If I had to choose a favorite
right now, I think the beautiful fluted planter would get the nod.

The blue and white ginger jars are scrumptious– actually all the blue and white porcelain is! So impressed with your online shop. I hope to have one too some day soon! Thanks for the inspiration.

Tina, absolutely love the blue and white tureen. I have a weakness for lamps and love every single one! Really so many gorgeous items it is hard to narrow it down to just a couple. Thanks.

How gratifying it must be to see all of your great merchandise in all of these great settings, I’ll be it is really inspiring. My favorite item, hands down is the gray blue monogramed tole tray. What a great gift item.

Looking forward to seeing all of the shots!

Just one or two things?! Are you kidding me?! What don’t I like in your shop? While I could literally go on and on about what I love in your shop, today I choose the Temple Jar Lamp and the Extra Large Wine Tub. Absolutely beautiful!

After viewing your home with the blue and whites, I would love any one of them. The Foo Dog Ginger Jar, the planters and the plates would add such elegance! I feel calm in blue and white surroundings. When I found your site, I just said “oohhh”! To view is a relaxing treat and an inspiration for my home. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful items.

So many lovely things, but my mother’s favorite is the Oversized Bowl, so I would pick that for her.

hi Tina! My current love and possible next purchase from you just may be the fabulous oval Tole monogrammed trays…..! can’t wait to see my monogrammed napkins arrive, and I’ve loved my new blue and white pieces. I’ll send pics!
thanks and excited for your current blue and white giveaway….

Hi Tina, thank you for offering your contest; the items in your shop are exquisite, but the bird planter is my first choice because it would offer additional happiness in any room in my home. Stay warm, Dee

I am completely enamored with the turquoise foo dogs. Thanks for the opportunity to win the lovely blue & white ginger jar.
Mary Jo

So many beautiful items, but I especially love the new bamboo umbrella stand and the gorgeous ‘P24’ needlepoint pillow!

Like everyone else, I love it all! But the tole is my current favorite, so beautiful. I love the beige scalloped tray and matching planter, the tell black planter and the beautiful quaretrefoil planters. So many beautiful pieces.
I got my jars and monogrammed napkins yesterday and am overjoyed, so much prettier in person. I love your items and the prices, every item I have received I have been so happy with. Thank you and your readers homes are just beautiful.I will have to send in a picture or two.

As a designer and retailer I have only the best to say about your blog and shop. You do a lovely job and, in my opinion, are a talented lady who brings joy a fun through your posts.

I love everything blue and white, the silver, the monograms…love them all! However, I think one of the most fun things in your shoppe right now is the Famille Rose Garden Stool. I think you have it listed as multi-color. This would just make a beautiful neutral space which you and I both love. And, how pretty as a bath side table in a bath like hours.

Thanks and stay warm,


I love your home and all the items in your shop! However, my favorites are the blue and white porcelains, hands down. And of those, the absolute tops for me would be the flat top jars. I haven’t seen them any other place and they are my top picks.

Thanks for a delightful blog. I adore your Seven on Sunday series.


We seem to like the same things. Blue and White, monogrammed napkins and trays ( You had one tray I really loved. It had SMcG, which is my monogram). Also loved the Victorian napkin rings. If you were in my town, I would be there every week

What a lovely giveaway! My favorite item would have to be the blue and white scalloped planter. Or maybe the footbath. Or maybe the etched cake dome. Or…..who am I kidding? It’s all beautiful!!!!

Tina, your site is so fun! That extra large gallery tray is calling my name! I have a fab bar area in my dining room and that tray would make the look!

Also I just received my first blue and white large rectangular porcelain jars. I have them on my dining room sideboard but I may move them around. I think I am becoming obsessed. I plan to get more! I can relate on this snow. It’s snowing now and I am not exactly elated. Maybe a sign to hit the slopes. I will send you a pic of my jars . Cheers. Frannie

I just love all your blue and white porcelains, and have started a bit of a collection thanks to your shop! But of course there is always room for more?.
As I go about my home, I would love to add one of your beautiful bell jars too, the large scented candle you feature, some topiaries, etc?Just love all that you offer, hard to choose. Thank you for giving your followers quality merchandise at good prices!
Have a nice day.

I love all of the blue and white, but am still holding out for those very large ginger jars!

How amazing are you! Love all that you share. My favorite item now is that stunning vertical leaf or greek key hurricanes and how pretty would they be on my table for Easter!
Love everything in your shop!

Love the Extra large Chunky Dragon Ginger Jar……………..and all the blue and white. I enjoy your blog and seeing your design aesthetic. Best, Dotti

Tina …
I love your website ! You have the most fabulous things!
I have my eye on the 30″ classic ball boxwood topiary . Boxwoods look great
with everything .

How could I have missed the fabulous breadboards in the European Kitchen section of the store? They are to die for! Ii see at least two that I need to have. Perhaps I was still swooning from the beautiful collection of blue and white porcelains or the incredible boxwood collections. I need to check back frequently to see everything. Hugs to Tina!

I love everything in your shop. I’ve order your monogrammed hand towels. Love them. I too am obsessed with blue and white. My favs in your shop at the moment are the footbath and silver chargers. So mad at my self that I didnt take advantage of your new monogram napkin line entry offer.

So many things I love. Any one of the blue and white lamps, bell jar light fixtures are some of my favorites.

Hi Tina! I am commenting from 30,000 feet on the plane headed for California. I love your contests and may have to enter with photos of some of my Enchanted Home goodies! I would love to win the ginger jar…it would go great with my emperors. These days, your cherry blossoms are definitely calling my name. Have a great weekend! xoxo

I love all of your blue and white porcelains, but the pagodas are quite unique, and my favorite.

Basically, I love everything in your online shop, but the Extra Large Cast Wine Tub and all of the needlepoint pillows make me especially happy πŸ™‚

I love everything! But my favorites would be your chinoiserie tole collection – particularly the blue and white lamps.

I love the 16 inch blue and white foot bath! Blue and white anything is definately my weakness, hence me discovering your wonderful blog!!

Hi Tina! there are so many beautiful items. I’ve been coveting AP54 and AP55 Ginger jars for some time now. those pieces would be a wonderful edition to my small collection of blue and whites. Thank you.

It is so amazing how much you and your store clients share your design aesthetic! They are clearly taking their cue from you and making their homes totally fab too! Thank you (again) for being so sweet with your comments even when I do’t have time to visit blogs. I don’t know how you manage it all, truly

Love all of your blue & white porcelain, especially the “chunky” ginger jars & “elegant” planter. All are stunning! Always enjoys your posts!

Tina, I love all your items but especially the blue and white tureen. I also love any of the lamps- I may have an addiction πŸ™‚
Thanks much for your fabulous posts!

I love the needlepoint sheep and cow pillows! They are stunning and this schoolteacher is dreaming of them!

Tina, I love all the blue and white porcelain, especially the ginger jars and tea caddys. I also am drooling over the crystal cake domes, beautiful!

I am not a nurse, a firefighter or a school teacher, I am just an everyday homemaker who has a real passion for decorating. I look at all of the porcelain ALL the time and still my favorite is the beautiful Dragon Jar.

As always, I visit your gorgeous bell jar lights. They are just what my old house needs…I can’t wait to order 5 of them!

Love. Love, the extra large orchid! It is impossible for me to keep a real plant alive. This is the perfect solution!

Love so many your classic pieces. I am drawn to the Blue & White Basin Footbath, Oval Basin of Porcelain Ormolu, and the Silver Nickel Birds.

I love the peonies or the orchids! Everything is so pretty it’s hard to choose.

I love the large blue and white jars. Have recently started collecting blue and white and need to get more. Also, I love the large wood trays and the preserved boxwoods. There are many things in the shop that I would be very happy with.

Dear Tina,

I really want two of your bell jars to put in my new kitchen over my island. Love your blog!

I love all the adorable napkin rings because entertaining is all about the special details!

Oooohhhh… Where does one begin?? A gorgeous blue and white lamp… and you always have the best monogrammed goodies. The trays and the new monogrammed napkins are to die for! Thanks, Marty

There are just way too many gorgeous items to single out two, but I tried. I love your monogrammed dinner napkins and the various topiaries. I am trying to decide which items to order first. I wished I could win the lottery and order them all.

I Love so many pieces but the blue and white lamp is beautiful and the Umbrella stand is amazing also.

I have a running list of things I want to buy from you store starting with blue and white porcelain jars and silver planters!


So I was browsing your shop and you have sooo much that I love. The silver is gorgeous. I think I’m going to buy myself some mint julep cups. Derby day is approaching and these would be great! And I love the very large silver serving tray you have. Swoon. And then I was looking at the flower and bees cheese tray. That is so beautiful and rustic and perfect.
I could shop in your shop all day. You have so many beautiful items for sale, Tina. Wow.
I’m going to have another long look right now.. Should go to sleep but no?.

The flat top ginger jars APT40 are just so stunning! Would love to have a pair for bookcases, but starting with one would be fabulous! But while I am restricted to bed I will keep it in my bedroom to enjoy!


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