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Good evening from frozen New York and I do not say it lightly…it is freeeeezing. Poor little Teddy is even getting used to it, had to share this picture. Looks like he is sunbathing in Antarctica! No, this is not our local? ice skating ring. It is our front driveway aka “our own personal ice skating rink”.



Moving along…..this post feels overdue. If there is one style maker/designer/entertainer that I feel an uncanny connection to, it is most certainly Carolyne. Yes we are on a first name basis, she just doesn’t know it yet! Plus we are both HUGE fans of blue and white, and that is a big one:)

I have long admired her work, talent, inspiration, drive and unrelenting pursuit of all things beautiful. I love that she stays true to what she loves and is passionate about.? Very rarely do you see any current trendy looks in her decor unless it just? so happens to coincide with what she likes.

Don’t even get me started on her ridiculous giftwrapping skills, her flower arranging abilities, her gift for setting the most scrumptious? tables, I could go. She is a master and certainly? in a league all her own.

I realized the other day,? how often I go to her books for inspiration and because of that I feel this post is overdue. I am a true and devoted admirer of her classic style and unwavering sensibilities when it goes to beautiful timeless design. Her books are like a gift that keeps on giving and seriously if you don’t own them, you are really missing out in a big big way.

Her books are amongst my favorites, and trust me I have a lot of decor/entertaining books. Best part is if you order the books from her site directly,? you can specify who you want the book made out to and she will personally sign it,? how amazing is that (an especially nice touch for a gift)! Click here to see and order any/all of her wonderful books.

So without further ado, take it away Carolyne at what you do best…making things beautiful!



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carolyne roehm tablescape


Pretty spectacular wouldn’t you say? I? so enjoy seeing what she comes up with and have such an appreciation for her attention to detail and love of beautiful things, whether it is flowers, food, decorating or her beloved garden.

If you want to order any of her books and trust me there is not a bad one in? this bunch, click here.? Below? are all of her books in one place!


Thank you Carolyne for continuing to inspire and delight me! Thank you everyone for stopping by and really hope you enjoyed this post half as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully warmer evening than it is here…brrrrrrr!


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I’m also a huge fan of Ms. Roehm’s designs. Classic, elegant and timeless. Thanks for sharing these lovely images with your readers.

I have several of her books too! I hope she will publish a book about her Charleston home soon. The few pictures I have seen it looks spectacular….

She is soooooo talented! I own four of her books and agree with you, they are a treasure for any person passionate about their home. Her collection of blue and white is fabulous. So hoping she writes a book about her current renovations on her home in Charleston. Thanks for the great post!

Wow Tina this was sight for sore eyes. What beauty. I only own one of her books but need to get more, i love that she signs the books you buy on her site what a nice touch.

Speaking of books, whens your coming out? Your elegant style reminds me a lot of hers. No wonder you love her style. Maybe a collaboration? Thank for sharing this lovely post. And how cute does Mr. Teddy look? I can’t believe thats your driveway, makes things look no so bad around here.

I think I have every book she has ever done?adore her style. The house she is redoing in Charleston is phenomenal!! Hope you’ll be thawing out soon, Tina!!

Wow, I needed that post. Thank youTina. We’re expecting more snow here on Cape Cod & I am so sick of being house bound because of bad roads and poor snow clearing practices. I know your pain about sheer ice everywhere – it does effect our pets.

You are so right! There is not a bad picture in the bunch. Everything is done so, so beautifully. Thanks for all your inspiration. 67 in my neck of the woods, came home at 3:30 and my daughter was reading a book in the warmth of the sun. Sorry it’s so chilly in New York. Keep warm.

Oh, what a lovely feast for the eyes after a long day! Thank you for sharing such warmth and beauty, especially on a cold and miserable day here in the south.

I do realize our cold is peanuts compared to yours, but that can’t be helped. It’s cold, gray and rainy here and these lovely photographs have brightened my day immensely. Thank you again.

Teddy is so cute, I can’t believe that is your driveway, he is a good sport, the winter is tough on our fur buddies. I love her beautiful work, she is one talented lady, as are you!

Love Carolyne Roehm and have followed her for years…maybe the first real blogger?
Come on guys…enjoy the beauty of nature and stop complaining about the weather! It is what it is and we need to enjoy each season in its time!

I also have all her books and read or look at them often. Once got to see her at a charity event where she did Spring flower arrangements with style. Love your posts and look forward to them. Thank you for sharing.

Positively inspiring tablescapes. Thanks for brightening my otherwise cold and dreary day.

Love, love, love Carolyne Roehm’s style, fashion, cooking, flowers and home and garden design. She is so amazing. I have all of her books and would not trade them. They are all wonderful. Thank you so much Tina. You also are so talented and creative. Thank you so much for your blog. I truly look forward to it for inspiration.

Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pictures. I too feel a true affinity to all things Caroline Roehm. Midwest girl and baby boomer of the same era. I have all of her books and pour over them, always finding something new and inspirational. Her flowers, her tables, her gardens and her homes…where does she get all that gorgous glassware and serving pieces?
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your tribute to Carolyne. What an inspiration! She has always been a favorite of mine. Glorious photos. I have many of her books and you made me pull the Spring Notebook out for close look. It can’t get here quick enough. Loved this post!

One time I did something totally crazy. I read on her blog that she was going to have a tag sale. I had missed her other one. So I booked a flight from Indiana to Connecticut, rented a car, got a hotel and went to her tag sale! It was so fun! There were so many people there and lots of the things you see in her older books were for sale. i only spent about $100.00, even thought it probably cost me about a thousand to go there after it was all said and done. But did I ever have a blast! i chatted with her, her mother, her boyfriend, Simon, and saw a few heavy hitters. Everyone was really down to earth and just looked like regular people have a super -duper garage sale in the most gorgeous surroundings ever! πŸ™‚

Hello from the other side of Antarctica?.I mean, Long Island Sound. Can you believe this winter? I want it to GO AWAY!

Moving onto pretty things?I’m right there with you. Wow. Carolyne seems to have a golden touch. She is also pretty funny. She came and spoke to our garden club a year ago and we were mesmerized.

And, did you notice how many times she worked tulips into her arrangements and gardens? πŸ™‚
Stay warm and toasty!
xoxo Elizabeth

Just amazing tribute from you, but would love to have a copy of your book! So, if you haven’t authored one, please, please do so.

And we are experiencing much rain, and would like to swap some rain for a little snow!
Truly enjoying your blogs.

Love CR and all she inspires along with you and all you share.
You need to publish a book too…..because each and every one of your blog fans would buy it.

The pink flowers on the table and the beautiful pink tulips in the back just takes my breath away. Thank you so much for such a beautiful post. I look forward to each and every one

I plan to check out some of these books. It would certainly lift my spirits since we are having yet another snow storm today! Your puppy looks like he’s accepting what is….mine is as well!

So sweet to see cute little Teddy relaxing in the snow. Tina, these pictures are a sight for sore eyes like so much of the country we are having non stop bad and freezing weather. I feel like spring will never come (we live in Newton, Mass which has gotten hit REALLY hard).

Your style reminds me a lot of hers so I can see why you love it so much, it is just beautiful and so uplifting. You can see she loves flowers with a real passion. I wish I had a green thumb!

What a feast for the winter weary eyes. I feel like you and she share a common vision. You stay true to your esthetic and it shows! Your home is beyond gorgeous, Tina; you could write a book; it is classic and timeless.
I just bought a few of Carolyne’s books and they are lovely to look at.
Well, here’s hoping spring is soon upon us. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay warm!!

I hope sweet Teddy keeps his paws warm! Crossing my fingers that winter sulks out of town pretty soon , Tina. Spring is so early here, but it’s gorgeous. I’ll mention to her that you guys could use a little in your part of the world.

Carolyne Roehm is such an inspiration – the first person I look to when I need a little inspiration for a party and setting an elegant table. You, though, do a pretty darn amazing job yourself – I’m thinking of that gorgeous party you threw on your back terrace last summer. That was Roehm worthy for sure!

Thoughts of spring for you! XOXO

I have followed the work of Carolyne for many years, but you are her equal. She should meet you. You have managed to amass a huge following due to your taste, your home, and your “let’s talk like intimate girlfriends” personality……….

Thank you for this fantastic selection of pictures, Tina, some of them I had already seen, but many were new to me. What talent! Her flower arrangements are simply breathtaking. I think I need to buy one of her books straight away


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I would love to see the interior of her Charleston home. I’ve ridden by and it is absolutely fabulous.

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