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Hi there! Hope you are having a great weekend. We were at my sons game and got back late last night…..believe it or not, it snowed yesterday, yes a spring lacrosse game in the snow in late March! I cannot even make that up. Crazy crazy, the winter that will simply not stop. I ended up having to wear my heavy jacket, gloves, hat, the whole nine yards.

Today is going to be a “chill out” day and speaking of chili,? I am going to make a pot of chili because my oldest son is coming home and that’s one of his faves:) Hope its the last day I have to think about comfort foods as we are more than ready for spring to come once and for all! Let’s get started with my Seven on Sunday as I have so many pretty things to share……



1. A FUN NEW PROJECT. I have been asked to do the outdoor sun room in a local designers showcase coming up in May. So excited, just at the beginning? of figuring out what I am going to do but I have to do a blue and white theme. Between it being spring and that being my signature color scheme…it’s a no brainier. Plus I have plenty of blue and white to use right down to my beautiful pagoda dinnerware.

Will be sure to share with you as things progress. I see a large round table covered in gorgeous blue and white tablecloth with a topper and a huge jar with a massive spray of blossoms as the center piece of the space. Some possible fabric options below….



Then I played around with possibly doing a green/blue theme which is also very pretty, so torn! Set up a poll, would love your take

OB-project grblue



2. MONOGRAMMED LOVE!. Love my napkins, have to say it! Every week when I get new orders in, I ooh and ahh over every single one and then I quickly remind myself to get back to the work at hand and that I have plenty of monogrammed napkins:)

I am sucker for monograms and then add linens to the equation and its a no brainer:) A look at some recent orders, pretty pretty! Click here to find out more about my monogrammed napkins.


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3. FABULOUS NEW ARTIST. I was bowled over when I saw the work of Kelly Higgs,? who specializes in these magnificent botanicals, how many ways can I LOVE them and want them hanging on my walls!! She does not have a website but click here to follow and see her work on Pinterest. Amazing! You can Click here to visit Kelly and contact her via Facebook.

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4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. One of my favorite parts about these posts is getting to share my favorites from Instagram this week. There is never a shortage of fabulosity! Here is what is on my radar this week….

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5. JEWELS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND. Where have I been? Gale Grant’s collection is amazing! Such fun pieces, especially for spring/summer dressing. I had such fun going through her site and am narrowing down my choices, not easy as I love it all.

A fabulously curated collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more….really fun! Click here to visit Gale Grant.


stack_large brace_large ddddd_large pearlj_large coral_large Mosaic_Earring_Labradorite_Julie_Vos_grande_fab48214-d810-4be9-90d7-70d7e837ef74_large skyeb_large

6. THE CUTEST DOG BOWLS EVER. PERIOD. Can you believe how pretty these blue and white dog bowls are! Amazingly gorgeous from my buddy, Dana. She just introduced these (which she handpaints) and they are already the talk of the town. They are available in different sizes.

If you are interested in letting your own pet in on some blue and white love, click here to see her online shop and/or contact her.


u3433nnamed unname4343d

Dana also paints the prettiest keepsake Easter eggs!

il_570xN.741075312_q6cl il_570xN.739085005_l3sd il_570xN.746679543_eaxw

7. THREE REALLY DELICIOUS RECIPES. I spoke the other day of my little lunch and how I made two things that are sooooo good. Every time I make them for anyone, they get rave reviews. Fish tacos and chopped brussel sprouts salad. Both quite easy. Then I posted a pasta dish (very simple but sooo good) on Instagram and got requests for the recipe so am including that too. Here are the recipes as many of you asked-



I use about 1.5-2 lbs of fish (I get dover sole)

1 bottle of McCormicks lemon dill sauce


About 2 cups of shredded cabbage (can add about 1/4 cup of corn to thatk if you want)

Lots of fresh lime

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/4 cup mayo (calls for 1/2 cup but 1/4 cup works fine)

1 tsp finely chopped jalapeno pepper

1 tsp finely chopped onion

2-3 garlic cloves

Cumin and chili powder to taste

1 generous bunch of cilantro ( I use a lot)

For the fish, I wash the filets, salt and pepper them, pour the lemon dill sauce (about half the bottle)? generously over the fish and bake for about 25 minutes until done and flaky at around 350. Meanwhile in a food processor add the cilantro, garlic, onion, yogurt, mayo and spices and puree until smooth (will see green flecks). Add a generous squeeze of lime juice. Add this to the shredded cabbage in a big mixing bowl (you can refrigerate for an hour or so ahead of time)

In a sautee pan pour a light coating of olive oil and fry the tortillas until they start to bubble (less than a minute) on both sides. Take off, put in plate and add a generous portion of fish and top with a heap of the cabbage. Squeeze lime over entire taco and get ready to enjoy a little bit of heaven:)



I get the prechopped packages from Trader Joes or my local little fruit/vege shop. So I normally take 2 of those packages.

2 packages of prechopped Brussels sprouts

1/4 cup Lemon juice

1/4 cup chopped almonds, pecans or walnuts

2 tsp dijon mustard

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1/4 olive oil

1/4 Parmesan cheese

?3 finely minced garlic cloves

Extra shredded Parmesan for garnish

In a food processor, add lemon juice, nuts, dijon, vinegar, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and onions until smooth. This you can refrigerate ahead of time. Simply pour over sprouts and nuts and mix well.I add a generous helping of shredded Parmesan on top…..this is super tasty and always a hit! You can refrigerate for maybe an hour ahead of time but I would not do it more than that as it may get soggy.

PASTA CAPRESE (posted this on Instagram and some have asked for the recipe)

The key here is garlic, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil, so easy and delicious!


To serve as an appetizer 1 box of good pasta (I love De Cecco) For an entree, 2 boxes for 4-5 people

At least 2-3 pints of cherry tomatoes (as ripe as you can get them)

8 cloves garlic

3tbsp of finely minced onion

Good size bunch of fresh basil

olive oil

Sea salt and pepper

Generous amount of freshly grated or shredded Parmesan

Boil pasta until al dente (very important to be sure it’s al dente). In a sautee pan, sautee garlic and onion in olive oil until just golden. Add all the tomatoes (either whole or cut in half) Add all the fresh basil except a few full leaves (for garnish). Satuee on low for about 20 min, it will create a sauce of sorts with the tomatoes. Add a serving of pasta onto a plate and pour a generous amount over pasta, add a good helping of shredded or grated fresh Parmesan and a basil leaf or two. Enjoy!


So….that’s whats happening over on this end, anything here excite you? What’s new with you? Wishing everyone a fabulous and hopefully relaxing Sunday, until next time. Thank you for stopping in and wanting to see what’s happening in my little corner of the world.

PS Totally unrelated to anything but how absolutely adorable is this picture…dying from the cuteness!



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Thank you Tina, for the lovely post on this gorgeous Palm Sunday…

I can’t wait to try the fish tacos, the pasta and salad.

Have a wonderful day, and week.

I leave for NYC Wednesday to visit our daughter and cannot wait to get back to the”big city.”

Hi Tina
Thank you for the lovely mention of my pet bowls! So thrilled to have your impeccable endorsement sweet friend.
Have a beautiful Sunday

I have a Cavalier King Charles with the same coloring as the picture you posted, all I need now are those cute slippers!
Thanks for sharing.

That last pic just made my day Tina!! Too cute! So much inspiration and I love the botanicals!!

The Arts by Karena

Just wondering? mention onions in the Brussel Sprouts salad, but don’t list them in the ingredients. The salad sounds wonderful!!

Okay, I need to try the brussel sprout salad…..even though not my favorite you have said this is yummy πŸ˜‰ and I believe you so I will try it because it’s one of those super foods!! As for those tacos, I mine are similar and you just can’t go wrong with tortillas, seasoned fish, and lots of cilantro. I will try the lemony marinade you use.

It’s in the high 40’s today and cloudy here in Seattle (typical for this time of year). We have a getaway coming and I am looking forward to warmer weather. You have paid your dues this winter and I know mother nature has a beautiful spring and summer in store Tina so hang in there! Happy Sunday;)

Such great things! I love the dog bowls; they are wonderful! And I can’t wait to try the fish tacos and brussels sprouts salad. (I’m so glad to know you can purchase the sprouts already chopped at Trader Joe’s! Thanks for that little tip!) Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!

I have a question…do not want to sound so stupid with this question but …….
When we choose our letters for the napkins what do you recommend..
Do you use your name (initals) only or you and your Husband’s initials?
So last name for the large letter in the middle and yours and Husbands Letters(initial) for first names
??? thx so much for your answer!

Hi its me Karen, I will try to find your email address but in the meantime to answer your question-

Yes, typically for a couple you put your initial first, last name initial center (largest) and husbands/spouse’s initial last. There are other variations but this is the traditional way of doing it. Hope this helps!

This has got to be one of my favorite posts! I voted for blue and white with a touch of green since it’s spring. So fresh! And I adore your Instagram highlights – especially the shots with the pups. Too cute. Happy Sunday. xoxo

I always say this and I ALWAYS mean it?how the heck do you get so much accomplished? Amazing woman that you are. I love your Instagram feeds and pinned your recipes?I sound so internet savvy πŸ™‚
Thank you, Tina,
Mary Ann

Made me laugh about lacrosse in the snow. In the UK lax is a winter sport ( often played on cricket pitches so have to fit with their season) my boys have often played in the snow! White balls are hardly used!

Good morning, Tina!

It’s so nice to take a little break and come to visit you here! You know how much I love you and your blog, right? πŸ™‚

I am very excited for you and your project. I am sure it will look beautiful! By the way, I am a blue and white purist kind of girl, but a touch of green feels fresh!

Wishing you a very Blessed week!


Luciane from

Hi Tina,

It was flurrying here this morning!! Enough!! LOL I love Kelly’s artwork – beautiful. I think Cooper might need one of those dog bowls!!

Happy Monday!
Deb xo

Tina, so many great picks for Sunday! I love all of the new instagram sites. I knew a few but thanks to you have discovered a few new ones.

Love the monogram napkins, they are a wonderful addition to any table.

Pasta is my weakness! I make a sauce similar to yours but now I will try yours as well.

Have a great week~

This is one of those posts that really puts a smile on my face! Looking out my window the past 2 days and seeing snow has just about done me in! I have learned that I really need a warm weather get away to make it through these NE winters.

I voted blue/white/green?.looks like a bunch of us did. Whatever you decide it will be stunning. Hope to see it in person!

We love fish tacos and I love the sound of your recipe. Going to try this weekend!

And, that last photo?..reminds me of my Molly when she was little. I “heart” Cavaliers!
Happy Monday, Tina!
xoxo Elizabeth

Hi! I am making your BRUSSEL SPROUTS SALAD but wasn’t sure how much onion to use.. Also, I didn’t see but assume it is 1/4 CUP of olive oil and 1/4 CUP of parm cheese?

Thanks and can’t wait to try it~

Enjoy reading your blog. Would like to make the Brussels Sprouts salad for Easter but how much onion? Red onion?? And do you grind the nuts in the food processor w/the lemon juice, Dijon, vinegar etc. Thanks for letting me know.

Mary Twogood

Hi Tina I have a Caliver King Charles the same color as in the picture. I would love to get a pair of those slippers. Please let me know where I can get them. It would mean the world to me. He is our baby! And his name is Charlie. Thank you.

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