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Hi friends….it’s no secret that this winter, the very one that came in like a lamb is leaving (hopefully) like a lion. It has been some winter. It took awhile to kick in and by Christmas we were all bragging about how mild it had been.UNTIL. January…..then it was downhill all the way from there. It has been three looooong months of frigid cold, ice galore and more snow than I ever care to see again.

I want to thank everyone (nearly 1500 of you)! for your wonderful input regarding my showhouse ideas. I just had to share this with you! Funny how things works, I stumbled across a Tilton Fenwick fabric yesterday in my travels, which was an “aha” moment! I knew I wanted to go the blue and green route, so that was it. I knew it the minute I saw it? and the rest was so effortless….so ordered it right away and got busy working on a newly updated mood board and I am so happy with how it came out. So here it is, next time you see it will be the room in progress…



Lately it’s been two steps forward, one step backward with the weather. Every time I think spring has arrived, sure enough winter reminds me it’s still lurking. Like last night I went to sleep with it flurrying like mad! Go figure….I thought the more I continue to channel my inner spring vibe, maybe with luck it will happen a bit sooner. We are more than ready. So today an ode to beautiful spring, and admittedly it is never been as anticipated as it is this year!



It? has me naturally longing for spring like never before. I am counting down the hours until we get that first 60 degree day and the snow finally once and for all melts away to reveal newly budding grass and blooms. So this post is a tribute to spring, a season I have been dreaming of for months now……

I just cannot wait..anyone with me?


This is one spectacular Easter table, Romancing the Home


Well if this doesn’t convey how incredibly beautiful spring can be, don’t know what does! Floret Flower Farm


In case you are feeling a little creative, these are so beautiful!


Daffodils are like spring’s poster child


These are so beautiful…almost too pretty to eat. I said almost.


Is this the cutest idea? Uncommon Deisgn


Tulips, to me are the other poster child of spring…love them in every single color!


What a beautiful appetizer to serve for a spring fete (and I bet delicious) Domesblissity


Few things say spring like a huge spray of forsythia does, love the dash of bright happy color!


In love with everything about this spring table setting, Ceremony Magazine


When I think of spring, this is the picture in? my head…….incredible!


Leave it up to Carolyne to create the most perfect blue and white spring table

faf640fc281e3329d4b603a0780144b8Love this elegant spring-t table…fabulous!


The decoupage Easter eggs never cease to amaze and wow me, Vkusnos Bety


This is so pretty and clever, The Everyday Home


Love everything about this…like a breath of fresh spring air, Emily Baker Creative


Isn’t this so elegant? Exquisite Weddings


Oh my word…if I were hosting a spring luncheon, this would be my inspiration!


Have always loved this spring arrangement from Martha Stewart


How incredible is this spring table? Wow!


It’s when we get to see our sweet friends, the darling birds come out and sing springs praises


There are not words to describe how utterly beautiful this is, The Hungry Australian



So, anyone with me? More than ready for spring to arrive? Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones and it has already, if so send some spring magic over this way !! It’s bound to come and I am counting down the minutes:) Thank you for stopping by, until next time…..

Introduced such a great promo yesterday…you must see this fabulous collection of wicker/leather bags, so perfect and chic for spring/summer and the?prices are amazing! Click here for the details….



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Your posts always inspire me! So creative, thought provoking, beautifully meditative! This post made my day!!!! Thank you. You never know how much sunshine you bring no matter what the season or the weather. I wish you spring!

This post was one of your most breathtaking ,just beautiful. Love the Easter Eggs!!!! Yes we are some of the lucky ones here in the South. We have been in the high 70’s the last couple of days everything is blooming now . Hope you see some signs of Spring soon.

I know spring is heading your way. The grass here is all green and the daffodils are blooming, which tells me that you have to be mere days away from seeing green yourself! And won’t it be so wonderful? I was hoping you would have daffodils by Easter but maybe by next week! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and thank you for all the beautiful pictures. They are beyond lovely.

This makes me excited for spring too. The board for the showhouse is simply divine! You completely nailed it Tina. I wish Iived closer to visit it when it is done.

As usual your pics are fabulous…and of course Carolyne Roehm stold the show. Thanks for reminding us what spring looks like.

Love, love, love your board with the perfect spring fabrics! I hope your Easter is wonderful AND warmer.

Tina, I think that most would agree with your assessment that Winer has be TOO LONG! I am so tired of the cold, I feel like I have a chill in my bones and it won’t go away.

I love all of these gorgeous photos! Especially the flowers, they just scream Spring!

Have a fabulous night and hopefully Spring will come to you soon.

Yay, it finally IS Spring here…for a day… I’m going to do the wee bird nests with moss inside (from the garden) and put them in aqua goblets with speckled candy eggs. Still need a centerpiece…thanks for the inspiration!! franki

Very pleased with your final Showhouse selection. Traditional…with a splash of freshness…a perfect combo…go you!

So many beautiful and Easter -scapes. I think everyone is ready for the real Spring. We in Southern Virginia are getting nicer weather . Flowers are blooming , birds nesting and soon pool opening. One day it is 70 and the next day 50 . Thanks for sharing all the beautiful ideas .

This was such a beautiful posting! One cannot help but smile at seeing such a gorgeous post!

Hi Tina, Long winter on the east coast BUT here in PA we were not buried like my friends in Boston with relentless snow. My little tete a tete daffs are struggling to break ground and elate me with the joy of spring. You make me laugh with your tales of spring lacrosse games. I, too, have three sons and the soccer,crew(especially) and lacrosse were brutal to watch on the sidelines in the nasty weather. Ode to spring ! Bring it on. We are all waiting and with a lot of patience this year. xxoo

Hi Tina, I just wanted to say…your blog absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing beauty. Have a Beautiful Easter. Regards Esther from Sydney.

I love the new mood board, the fabrics are beautiful and will definitely offer a very calming and relaxed atmosphere for the outdoor sunroom. I’m so glad you went with the pretty spring green in the fabric and accessories, and the beautiful pops of yellow! I can’t wait to see the finished room, you have exquisite taste! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics of Spring/Easter, I hope and pray you will get warmer weather soon.

Here in Arizona it is spring almost all winter! We enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful wild flowers year round. Even in the hot summer, we have cool retreats, like the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Sedona. At this time we have many major league baseball teams doing their spring training here. We would love to have you visit.

Tina, this is such a lovely post and has me looking forward to my day off tomorrow so I can get organized for the weekend. We had floors finished in the den area and had to leave the house until the fumes waned. I’ve come back to dust and everything is in a disarray. I so wish I could decorate my Easter eggs and cookies like these pretty photos! Enjoy your day ~

No doubt about it, the most beautiful season to decorate for, thank goodness spring always comes. Your images are exquisite. It’s so strange for me to not decorate this year, but the fam has already left the nest and I fly to meet them in France on Easter Sunday, shouldn’t complain, but I will miss all of the bunnies, nests and my favorite colors.

Good morning Tina! I am on spring break all week and this is the first time in 18 years since I’ve been in Minneapolis, on my spring break, that the weather has actually been like spring. My breaks have always been at least in the high 30s and yesterday? IT WAS 82!!!!!! This is creepy weather….I am taking advantage however of the warm weather but our gardens are no where near being spring-like. It will be an interesting summer here.

Your spring photos are what I’m dreaming of; that table with the moss is a feast for a fairy party and the birds on the basket are my favorite. I am longing for grape hyacinth to poke up from the ground and for the magnolias to open up their pink blooms. Soon.

Soon for you too dear Tina. You all have endured too much winter! Hugs to you! Anita

Hi Tina… It’s suppose to be in the 60’s tomorrow in Beantown. But it’s also going to raining. Sat. we are planning on going to Nantucket but those plans may change due to rain. The photos were so pretty I went through them a couple of times! Cannot wait to see creation for the Show House! Have a wonderful Easter!!

Thank you for so much Springtime beauty Tina!! Love these glorious images!!

The Arts by Karena
Ellipsis: Dual Vision

Thank you for your kind words on my blog today, you made my day! 🙂 I am absolutely in LOVE with this mood board, and I cannot wait to watch it come together!

Your mood board reminds me of la dolce vita April blog featuring Carolyn Roehm Easter table

Your mood board is simply beautiful. It is exactly what I have in mind for my master bedroom. How can one go wrong with blue and green? I have been searching for a blue/white garden stool for months. Would you please share where I can purchase one? I love the one you show in your mood board. North central NC is on the spring roller coaster. Today will be 80 but there might be a freeze warning for Easter Sunday morning. It will be another few weeks before the temps level out. Happy Easter and Spring!

Your idea board is gorgeous!! I am loving the forsythia in the blue and white porcelain too, gorgeous!! Happy Easter, my friend! xo

Just in time for Easter, this inspiration couldn’t be more helpful! Thank you for such great ideas. Spring has arrived here in Los Angeles and it looks like we will have a beautiful Easter weekend.

Tina, I love your show house idea board. Would you consider sharing the name of the blue/green stripe? Thanks. Happy Easter.

Just home from sunny California which felt more like a taste of summer than spring! Must admit we all felt sad returning to fog and blah and no real season now. Hello Spring, where are you? Come out and show us your true colors!

Terrific work on the show house mood board! Your blue and green selections are beautiful. Magnificent really. Looking so fwd to seeing it all come together. I have been subconsciously putting those two together for years and finally realized it after going through a bunch of old items that were blue and green…lol Always look forward to your posts. Your zeal for life always brightens my day. All the very best!!

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