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Well friends, the very long awaited container of some of the most beautiful? porcelains I have ever seen have arrived and let me just say….it was so worth the wait. Even more beautiful in person (if that is even possible).

You know the feeling when you eagerly await something hoping it will be as pretty as you hoped, and then it arrives, and… is even more incredible looking in person. Every single piece fits this description. It is no easy task unloading a container of 560 pieces:) We are just finishing the unloading/sorting process and orders for the presale start getting shipped tomorrow.

After being at the dusty warehouse in a serious blue and white state of mind, I had my car loaded up with some of new favorites and cannot wait to display them around my own home, so exciting:)



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As a celebration of the arrival and this is indeed big news I am extending the presale for ONE DAY ONLY? STARTING THIS AFTERNOON (this will end tomorrow, Thurs. at 5pm) and I am offering an amazing blue and white giveaway (details below). If you know prices of fine blue and white porcelain you will instantly recognize the incredibly low prices that you will never see again here today. So take advantage! Just a few “guidelines”

  • Please refer to item number when submitting your order (no item description just item number)
  • Email all orders to [email protected]
  • Subject to availability (only a certain number of items per style are being sold at this presale price) Some styles there are only a few left
  • Shipping is extra
  • Presale only for the U.S.
  • Invoices will be submitted promptly and payment within 12 hours is expected, otherwise do not submit an order
  • Everything in stock and ready to ship



So here again is the presale-



ITEM 1. This planter is one of my current best selling, at $75.00. Measures 9″ x 14″ x 9″, this is a deal and as low as it will go:)



ITEM 2. The perfect classic ginger jar, beautifully antiqued. Screaming for a spray of tall blossoms or curly willow. 24″ x 10″Today it is $160.00

Dramatic Tall Flower Vase
Dramatic Tall Flower Vase


ITEM 3. The perfect mid sized planter, how perfect is this for topiaries or a beautiful boxwood! Measures 15.5″ x 16”Today it is $140.00

Stunning Fishbowl
Stunning Fishbowl


ITEM 4. A classic pair of antiqued white foo dogs, impressive size, a beautiful addition to any vignette. 11.5″ x 8″ Pair today is $85.00

Gorgeous Pair of Antiqued White Foo Dogs
Gorgeous Pair of Antiqued White Foo Dogs


ITEM 5. The most beautiful oval planter. Period. This classic beauty normally retails for around 10.5″ x 15.5″ $285-350 today it is $218.00

Fabulous Oval Planter
Fabulous Oval Planter


ITEM 6. Gorgeous and grand antiqued chunky ginger jar….love this beautiful jar alone or as a pair. VERY large and VERY impressive at 26″ x 14″. $220 (retails for $750)

Incredible antiqued massive ginger jar, 26″ x 14″ $220.00


ITEM 7. Another variation of the perfect planter, this one is round.10.5′ x 15″? $210.00

Beautiful Round Planter
Beautiful Round Planter

ITEM 8.? This showstopper of a jar is sold in some very fine stores for over $1000.00.? Measures 21″ x 10″. Today it is $370!

Heirloom Jar
Heirloom Jar



ITEM 9. Gorgeous octagonal planter with bottom saucer, such an elegant style hand painted on all sides? 9.5′ x 14.5″ $218.00

Magnificent Octagonal Planter with Plate
Magnificent Octagonal Planter with Plate


ITEM 10. A beautiful mid sized planter scalloped on top with beautiful figurines. 9.5″ x 15″ $185.00

Figurine Planter
Figurine Planter


ITEM 11. Classic dragons ginger jar, a piece I currently sell that is a top seller. Stands 18.5″ tall? Today it is? $125!

Gorgeous Chunky Ginger Jar
Gorgeous Chunky Ginger Jar


ITEM 12. Great shape to add to an existing vignette or to create a new one, 11.5″ x 9″ …$85.00

Beautiful Hexagon Lidded Jar
Beautiful Hexagon Lidded Jar


ITEM 13. The Chinese character ginger jar is a classic in blue and white porcelain, this beauty is $115.00, thats’s a lot of ginger jar! 14″ x 9″

Wonderful Chinese Character Lidded Ginger Jar
Wonderful Chinese Character Lidded Ginger Jar

ITEM 14. Isn’t this a beauty? I own this and have big sprays of cherry blossoms in them, $120.00! 17″ x 9″

Tall Impressive Chinese Character Flower Vase
Tall Impressive Chinese Character Flower Vase


ITEM 15. Love this square shape, makes for an interesting addition to any vignette. $95.00 12″ x 7.5″

Great More Modern Take on a Ginger Jar
Great More Modern Take on a Ginger Jar

ITEM 16. This beautiful cherry blossoms jar is super decorative and with the predominantly white background a real standout! $85.00? 11.5″ x 9″

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Hexagon Covered Jar
Beautiful Cherry Blossom Hexagon Covered Jar


ITEM 17. The perfect jar for your weekly fresh flowers, and at this price you can get an extra one for a gift!$75.00 15″ x 8″

Wonderful Open Flower Vase
Wonderful Open Flower Vase


ITEM 18. Another beautiful shape $85.00 16″ x 8″

Another Great Flower Vase
Another Great Flower Vase


ITEM 19. Adore these figurines that are nearly half today of what they retail for $88.00 for set of 3 14″ x 4″

Stately Set of 3 Emperors Beautifully Antiqued
Stately Set of 3 Emperors Beautifully Antiqued

ITEM 20. And the smiling Chinese men, set of 3 $92.00 17″ x 4″

Beautiful Set of 3 Smiling Men
Beautiful Set of 3 Smiling Men

ITEM 21. A smaller planter, so perfect for a topiary, boxwood or flowering plant $65.00 7″ x 10″

Small delicate flower container/planter, measures 7″ x 10″ $65.00


ITEM 22.Isn’t this warrior jar pretty? Great round caddy shape $75.00 10.5″ x 8″

Pretty round warrior jar, 10.5″ x 8″ $75.00


ITEM 23. I like the transitional feeling of this jar and the fact that it has a lot of white, very striking! $85.00 12″ x 7″

Stunning cherry blossom jar, 12″ x 7″ $85.00


ITEM 24. I love this for tall flowers/blossoms/curly willow. $130.00 20″ x 5.5″

Fabulous tall flower vase, 20″ x 5.5″ $130.00


ITEM 25. Every vignette needs a small dramatic jar and this beauty does just the trick! $70.00 13.5″


Pretty navy blossom flat top jar, 13.5″ round $70.00

ITEM 26. I have this jar and love the shape and traditional Chinese scene $85.00 12.5″ x 11″

Gorgeous scenic diamond shaped jar, 12.5″ x 11″ $85.00


ITEM 27. Flat top jars are amongst one of my best sellers, at $75.00 this is as low as they go! 12.5″ x 9″

Pretty flat top with emperors 12.5″ x 9″ $65.00


ITEM 28. This is a wonderful mid sized ginger jar, great size for just about anywhere.? 14″ x 9.5″? $75.00





Now for the giveaway, to win this gorgeous blue and white flower vase all you need to do is to take a look around at my blue and whites on my online shop by clicking here, come back and tell me a favorite item (or two).

If you want a second chance, leave me a comment on The Enchanted Home’s Facebook page, click here. I will announce a winner on Sunday! Be sure to check back here to see if you won.

Another Great Flower Vase
Another Great Flower Vase




Again email all orders to [email protected]. Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my little blue and white celebration:) Until next time…..


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Love all the blue and white porcelain pieces are beautiful but, if I had to choose one piece, it would be the gorgeous open flower jar….floral and pheasant design.

I love #6, the chunky ginger jar. The raised “dots” add a wonderful texture and points of interest!

Oh Tina…such porcelain beauties! I’m in such a small condo I don’t have room for much but I do Adore the blue and white porcelain footbath with the ormulu handles! I could use this to keep lots of small items stored or for that one huge bouquet of lilacs!! Love your site!

The smiling emperors are just charming. I love all the vases and jars but think these figurines add a fun touch to a vignette!

The white foo dogs go beautifully with all the blue and white pieces. Also love the stunning blue and white porcelain tall pagodas. All your offerings are classic – that’s why you have such a following!

All your blue and white porcelain is lovely, Tina, but two of my favorites are the ‘Magnificent Ginger Jar with Intricate Ormoli Work’ and the ‘Incredible Very Large Chunky Ginger Jar.’


You are the true Empress of blue and white porcelain! Of course, I love all of them. I would have to say, if forced to pick, that the “Emperors Extra Large Chunky Ginger Jar” is my favorite. Two of them is even better!

We’re spoiled for choice!! But since my fall bulb catalogue arrived today and I am about to order a mountain of Amaryllis bulbs, I must admit that another planter would be most welcome. Which one? oh must I choose?

I love the gorgeous chunky ginger jar and the incredible large one as well. So pretty!!

It is almost impossible to choose one of my favorites–I do love the Foo Dog Ginger Jar–it is such a unique, lovely and striking piece–definitely draws your eye to examine the beauty and details. Wherever those pieces are place in a room, it seems ones eyes are drawn to the beauty.

I really love all the new pieces but especially the octagonal planter! You outdid yourself on this offer!! Julie

The beautiful blue and white porcelains are incredible!!!!.. Since they add interest and beauty, I I look forward to finding out how lovely the space, I am decorating, will be with them… I am drawn to items 13 the Chinese Character Ginger Jar, item 11, the Dragon Jar, and the item 7, the perfect planter. They would perk up my home.

Thanks for you and your great store!


I would love to have the antique reproduction tureen as I have just the place to put it. All the pieces are lovely so it’s hard to choose.

i love the foot bowl and the dragon bowl. I’m partial to the bowls though I love them all.

I love the Blue and White bowl that holds your white orchids
I would love to do a silk orchids in one thx for the Blue and White ideas I have fallen in love with Blue and White do to your pictures
Thx again I love your home and
Thx for sharing your pictures

Wow—-I feel like a kid in a candy store! But if I have to choose, I would love a footbath, or the 3 Chinese men statues. Thanks!

All of the pieces are just beautiful, but my favorite piece is the blue & white pagoda.


As a true collector of blue and white, I’m amazed and impressed with all of your pieces. I’m most pleased with AP96, the blue and white antiqued bowl. I’ve been admiring one similar to it in a nearby antique shop. I love the medium blue and white coloring and design of this piece. I have a walnut sideboard in my entry that I would love to place this bowl on with matching lamps. It needs to be a statement piece and feel that this bowl truly is. I love how you use all these pieces instead of solely for decorating. I love your site and have my daughter following you now as well. Thank you for opening my eyes to using blue and white in my everyday life!!

I love the navy blossom flat top jar. I would love to have this vase. Thanks for the wonderful chance to win this lovely vase.

I love so many of the blue and white pieces. Wish I could find spots for more. I have been eying the cut out centerpiece bowl for awhile and think it would look lovely on my dining room table. Congrats on your new shipment. So many beautiful jars, planters and bowls!

How does one choose a piece or two? Yikers. The jars, the figurines, the vases …. ugh. The “RICH ORANGE AND WHITE CENTERPIECE BOWL” has a hue that matches the oriental colored cabinet in our living area or the “Magnificent Bowl” and any of the blue and white artwork. Thank you for the opportunity.

So hard to decide…. Love the planters and vases, but today, I really loved the blue and white ormolu dish. I can see it in a vignette on the coffee table or as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

As one of the many fanatic blue and white followers, ALL of the offered porcelain pieces are gorgeous. They make one’s heart truly skip a beat! I love your extensive array of ginger jars (the Blue Painted Bird and the New White with Blue jar which is a new twist in your shop (Cherry Blossom or the Octagon jar) and the Planters are gorgeous and elegant! It’s insane to make only a couple of choices. ANY piece would change up a bookshelf, foyer table, floor piece or orchid planter… All demanding and deserving as a focal point! Oh Tina…..

I am over the moon about item 11 and 25 my d?cor in my home is Oriental English. A perfect backdrop for these beauties.

I’m making a list and my number one top choice keeps changing. I think the heirloom jar is the number one for now, but who know what it will be tomorrow. Love them all! Thanks

The Phoenix extra large chunky ginger jar is so beautiful. I hope to start a collection of blue and white porcelains and just bought my first item from you?.cannot wait to see it and place it in my foyer. All your blue and whites are gorgeous and it would be wonderful to have ANY item from your store.. I just love how your house looks with the blue and white porcelains?especially when you add your flowers to them. Wow! Simply stunning. It would be an honor to have any piece from you.

I’m like a kid in a candy store. Which one (or two) to choose….. The Chunky Foo Dog Antique Jar or the Figurine Hand Painted Antiqued Ginger Jar. Either would make me a deliriously happy person. If only I could have one (or two) of each! This website is so wonderful and fun!

Gosh, so hard to choose! I love it all! I do especial love #’s 23 and 15. The Cherry Blossom Jar is very unique and I would love to group it with all the blue and white!

I think you have the best selection of blue and white porcelain ginger jars anywhere in the U.S. My favorites are the magnificent ginger jar with intricate ormolu work and the phoenix handpainted antiqued ginger jar – totally exquisite.

Tina! I get an adrenaline rush every time I see one of your blue and white posts….! Right now I have bowls on the brain, so my current crushes are the fabulous oversized large bowls in your porcelain bowl section. Hard to choose an absolute favorite, but today I am am partial to the Antiqued Oversize Bowl……I can envision orchids, large overflowing floral arrangements, ice and chilled wine….so many versatile uses!
Thanks for the blue and white ‘fix’ today!

There are so many I love it is hard to choose one! The Heirloom Jar is gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win!

Hi Tina!
I want you to know that it is all your doing that I am now MAD for blue and white!! I used to like it, but ever since I have been following your GORGEOUS blog, I am just crazy in LOVE for all things Chinoiserie AND Blue and White ANYTHING!! I think you may have some kind of subliminal cues or something imbedded in your blogs, because I am now a fellow devotee!! What have you done to me??–Anyway, I guess I don’t have to mention that I love every one of the blue and white porcelain planters and jars, but I especially crave the 2 sets of Chinese men! I just love those! Thank you for the contest opportunity to win something gorgeously blue and white!
Laura Marec

Tina-I have a new mission to fill my home with blue and white porcelain. Since beginning this mission I have found 2 pieces and some every day china. I would love to add:
LARGE SCENIC BLUE AND WHITE PLANTER FOOT BATH to hold my orchids (another obsession)
This would be so pretty on a bathroom counter…FABULOUS PLANTER WITH ELEGANT ORMOLU DETAILING
Thank you for sharing your new fabulous items!

They are all fabulous. Would that I had deep enough pockets for one of each!!!
Since that is not possible I really love several of the ones you posted pictures of today…
numbers 6, 11, 12, 15 and 16 are all wonderful. All of them are wonderful those just happen
to be my favorites.
Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful vase.
Always enjoy reading here.

Tina, it is hard to choose just one, but I love the planter with the ormolu detailing. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely giveaway.

Thanks for the promotion. I always enjoy viewing your blue and white porcelains. If I had to choose another porcelain I would choose the blue and white umbrella stand. Thanks for the great blog!

Tina, your new as well as your current collection of blue porcelains are so terrific. Still have a difficult time finding good pieces in my area. I am especially fond of the cherry blossom jars and the smaller planters. Thank you for providing a place of inspiration and a place to buy truly beautiful porcelains.

Hi Tina, Congratulations on the beautiful new porcelains….every one is more beautiful than the next. If I had to pick just one, I think it would be number 6 Ginger Jar. Gorgeous! And I am always charmed by any foo dogs….

Tina-I feel like we would be best friends since we both adore blue & white porcelains, monograms and orchids! I live enviously through your blog and have my fingers crossed tightly to have a house like yours one day ?? As for choosing favorite peices from your shop, that’s a tough task but if I had to choose 2 items I would have to go with the ‘Elegant Fluted Planter’ (so I could place my white orchids in) and the ‘AP94 Gorgeous Ralph Blue and White Vase’. All of your items are georgeous. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

Every piece is beautiful, so hard to choose! The fabulous oval planter would have to get the nod. It is simply exquisite!

It is always so hard to choose but I really love the planters especially the beautiful oval planter.

Tina, you have knocked it out the park with these beautiful blue and white porcelain pieces. If I could I would choose them all, but item #8 is calling my name. Thank you so much for sharing your finds with us all.


I love them all. I would just have to close my eyes and pick one. My dream would be to own each one. The open flower vase would be the most desirable first piece.

They are all just gorgeous!!!!! So many favorites. Love the blue and white celebration!!!

Hope your day goes well tomorrow and hope to see you soon!
xoxo Elizabeth

The Incredible Chunky Ginger Jar is so different and just beautiful!!
Just started my collection of blue and white and just can’t stop browsing through your beautiful pieces!!!! Love them all

Your latest blue and white porcelain additions to your shop are magnificent! Two of my favorite items in your store, which I purchased and enjoy every day, are the Bird Hand Painted Antiqued Ginger Jar and the AP 35 ginger jar.

Thank you for the chance to win the lovely vase.


Yes, everything is so very beautiful … pick … a pair of 16″ foot baths …. versatile and lovely!

You can never get enough Blue and White! I’ve been collecting for over 50 years, and love it more and more each day. Choosing a favorite is a tough one, they are all really Wow pieces! I adore the Octagon planter as well as several other planters,the oval planter and the 9×14 planter are all fabulous! So enjoy your wonderful blog and you Blue and white boutique!

Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE item 8, 16, 23, & 25. Simply gorgeous!!

As always really like your blog. Great job!

I just had the most wonderful time looking at all the blue and white beauties yet again. My particular favorites are the pieces that are so nicely antiqued. Love the planters with the pierced bottom edge and the tall vases that are so perfect for some of your big cherry blossom branches.
So fun to look at them over and over.

If I had to choose a favorite it would be the chunky ginger jar. Would love to have it.

Everything is absolutely gorgeous…..but my choice, hands down, would be the flat top jars (AP 39 and AP 40)! Oh I love them!

I love it all but if I had to pick one it would be one of the planters.

It would be helpful to see how these wonderful specimens are used in vignettes and groupings throughout a home. Have you dedicated a post to that?

Thank you for the chance to win that lovely vase!

I love them all. I’m always finding a new place for a new collection. I think the heirloom jar would be my next focus.

I adore the engrave small bud vase and the cow pillow. Your store has so many unique finds. Glad I stopped over and took a look. Will be purchasing some of these great items soon.

I adore the new flower vases and my second favorite items in your shop are the monogrammed items! I already like you on FB!! These porcelains are going to sell like hot cakes!!
Deb xo

What a beautiful collection! I have my eye on item #1 or #5. Either of these planters would be a great addition to my foyer! Thank you for this fabulous blog. I look forward to each post you make. It’s like a visit from a good friend with great taste!

Good Morning Tina, love, love all the beautiful porcelains you have chosen for your shop. If I had to pick two, I would choose #16, Cherry Blossom Jar and #24 Tall Flower Vase. Flowers of any color would look beautiful in both of those choices. I am dreaming of tall stems of flowers in #24 on my piano in my living room. Thank you for making my blue and white Thursday morning all the better! Mary

Hi – there is sooo much to love, especially since I have numerous places I can dream of putting all of these treasures in my empty house! But – if I had to pick a few – right now I’m loving the simple beautiful medium bowl planter – this would look great on the console behind my sofa. Also I would love the BW Porcelain Table lamp – it’s height is perfect for my entry way…One day I hope to indulge in a few items from your store, sadly my budget is not there yet…

There are so many gorgeous pieces, but if I have to pick a favorite, I keep going back to “Beautiful All Over Design Hexagon Flower Jar.” Great look, great size, great price.

Tina, thank you for all the fun you provide for your audience. I have 2 jars similar to #15 and mix them with many Mottahedeh
pieces, Delft, etc. I like 1,2,6,9, 17, 18, and 21. But, #25×2 and
#28 would work well in my home. It’s so enchanting to dream.
I really like the pieces with the bird figures. You offer several
In your shop. I have my eye on the tall umbrella container too.
Have a perfect week.

I love #25 because it’s different. It would add a new look to my blue and white collection! Thanks for the giveaway offer.

I could look at your blue and white offerings for hours, just dreaming up places to tuck them around my house. Love, love the octagonal planter! It would look fabulous on my entry hall chest.

I an just beginning to collect blue and white. I love the centerpiece bowls as well as the large ginger jars.

I didn’t realize how beautiful blue-and-white pieces are until I inherited two lamps and a Chinese pagoda candle house from my sister-in-law. I love the mini jar porcelain lamp and the blue-and-white with brown trim lamp in your shop for they have beautiful shapes and patterns.

We just bought a new home, and I would like to decorate with just white and blue pieces! I love porcelain vases.

So many beautiful pieces — impossible to chose just a few favorites! The classic Chinese scenic jar is gorgeous.

My entire kitchen has been filled with a long time blue and white addiction. When I saw the Showstopping Ormolu and Porcelain Urn, my jaw dropped! WOW-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I have never seen any blue and white piece like this before. A pair would be stunning anywhere! I love the classic urn shape and classic blue and white. These two aspects together truly are a SHOWSTOPPER! Your home and style are a great inspiration!

I love the foo-dogs! They are what I have my eye on next…on and the giant planter. Thanks for the chance to play!

Oh my goodness! How could anyone choose just one, or even two for that matter? But if I HAVE to, I love the foot bath with the intricate handles and all of the porcelain men. The men’s faces just captivate me, and the foot bath filled with orchids would be scrumptious…

Thanks for another great giveaway….. I love your fabulous oval planter.
Can’t wait to receive my order from your recent delivery!

Love all the blue and white, Tina, especially the oval planter! You have such an eye for beauty πŸ™‚

LOVE IT ALL! Blue and white heaven. You need to stop tempting me. My cc is reading the Enchanted Home line by line. Lol. So many special pieces. The planters and emperors are at the top of my list.

Everyone of these items is just beautiful! I have to go back and really decide which one I want to get! You have gathered an exquisite collection!

I can see a pair of #5 oval planters flanking stand next to an armoir in our beach house living rooms. They would be so gorgeous with summer flowers, trailing ivy, and maybe curly willow to add height. Really lovely!

Oh Tina,
Queen of the blue and white world,
I have wished and wished with all my might,
That maybe just maybe, this would be my night!
I never miss a post, it would cause such fright,
That I might loose out on something so right!
I love those odd numbers one thru nine,
Those blue and white planters are simply divine,
But truly you know, anything would be just fine!

I especially like the figurines and the foo dogs they add a whole other demention while decorating. The blue and whites are amazing and I would never tire of looking at them. My favorite are the octagon shaped planters.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful treasures.

The blue and white collection is so gorgeous, I could use a ginger jar or a tall vase in my bedroom which is navy and white Ralph Lauren-thank you!

White on white is like a blank slate…you can change the accessories to match your mood or the season. It is an every changing room! Love it and it always looks good in a blue and white palette. Love it all!

The Blue and White Basin Footbath with that Fabulous Open Field Flower Jar would look stunning with my “Magnificent Ginger Jar”. Mmmmmm yummy! Thanks Tina, this has now become an obsession.

Tina, you have inspired me to train small boxwoods into topiaries! I would love to see them in any of your new blue and white planters. The larger 11 1/2″ pot is so elegant .and would be outstanding under a hallway table with hydrangeas in them.
Your give-aways are really exciting and the inspiration on a daily basis fills my head. Thank you!

So many beautiful pieces from which to choose; have to say that item #25, the navy blossom jar is one of my favorites. Thank you for this opportunity!

I have a small collection already of blue and whites as well as a few blue, white, and sunshine yellow. I was particularly loving some of the planters, particularly the large scenic, magnificent octagonal with plate, octagonal porcelain planter, and the gorgeous hexagon. All are blue and white and I didn’t notice any dragons on them. Call me crazy but I dislike dragons in or around our home. I don’t mind them at the east Asian restaurants. I have the blue and whites put up in storage waiting the completion of our kitchen update. At that point I want my beauties out for my visual enjoyment! Have a blessed day y’all!

I simply love all your blue and white porcelain in your shop but I’m so In love with your scalloped planter…what a beauty she is!


I ordered item 1, beautiful blue and white planter which should arrive at the same time my peonies are in bloom! Can’t wait to see them together! Dreaming of many soul nourishing flower arrangements in this planter in the future!


Any of the porcelains with birds displayed are my favorite. What a beautiful shop, and a another great give away.

I have admired and drooled over your blue and white porcelain for so long…..And finally had my daughter order the Dragon urn for me while I am out of town…..actually visiting her in Atlanta. And a giveaway….too much! Best, Dotti

I love, love, love, no.28. I can already see three of them marching down the center of my large,new center island!

I love them all, I have a lot, but today I must have the chucky ginger jar Item #6. I go crazy with your website. I just received 2 European kitchen trivets that 2 of my very large proud Roosters are parading across my huge kitchen island. I am anxiously awaiting delivery on#19 the 3 Emperors and A37 a very large slim ginger jar and I must purchase the chunky ginger jar along with a bigger home. Everything you do is amazing. I show all my friends the enchanted home and they fall in love. Hubby is adjusting. The rain here in Texas is never ending but I do have my priorities.

I LOVE your blue and white! I ordered two planters and can’t wait until they arrive. I just love this site!!

Tina, you have some incredible pieces! The Foo Dogs simply make me drool. I may have to put something away and use those instead!

Love anything blue and white, especially adore #5. I’ve become addicted to The Enchanted Home and a forever fan of Hoffman Media and all of their publications. Would be so proud to own anyone of your treasures and Phyllis Hoffman’s new book! Thank you for the opportunity!

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