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Hi everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful week, over here it’s been an insanely busy week. The arrival of my porcelain container and the incredible response to it has kept me beyond busy, had a cousin visiting from out of town, a few obligations this week, a sick relative in the hospital, a dough bowl arrival and trying to manage getting an enormous batch of porcelain orders out the door! Busy indeed.

If you are one who is waiting on a porcelain order, we are getting things out as fast as humanly possible…we are sending out in the order that they were received, expect all orders to be out by mid week next week- big accomplishment! I must say I am so in love with my new pieces, I want one of everything! Plus you know how one likes to change things up with a new season, a little “summer spruce up”.

Speaking of new seasons, when I think of white I think of summer. It is no secret that I love white. White interiors, white clothing, white accessories, white flowers and of course white teeth:) There is nothing prettier than walking into a white on white interior, may not be the most practical for some households but beautiful…yes indeed!

So today a look at? what is not a new color crush but one that is so perfect for the warmer months ahead. White on white……



My husbands bathroom has a white theme going with brown and white waterjet floors from New Ravenna


Love this all white kitchen from Leo Design


And this scrumptious bedroom, Luxe Magazine


I like the idea of an all white interior paired with exposed woods, beautiful! Pinterest


An all white bathroom is so elegant and timeless


Love this dining space, simple, clean and crisp Indulgy


This is as pretty as it is cozy, Atlanta Home Magazine


Even simple spaces like this stair hall in a beach house painted all white is just beautiful! Home Bunch


I love all white with natural colored woods, fabulous! HomeBunch


If this isn’t white living at its very best…don’t know what is! Stefano Dorata Architecture


And there is something quite ethereal about an all white bedroom, do you agree? Popsugar


I love this space and everything about it, Restyle Source


Something so incredibly inviting and charming about this beach house “mud room” Jenny Wolf Interiors


Great beach house dining room….can almost feel that ocean air! Kate Jackson


Isn’t this dining room a vision in white/cream? South Shore Decorating


And of course the all white bathroom is a classic like no other….gorgeous! Veranda


Another favorite space, this fabulous beach house in the pale woods and white with just small bits of color is just incredible! Better Homes and Gardens


Something about an all white bed that makes you just want to jump in! Lucinda Loya Interiors


There are variations with white, it can be a creamy white like this beautiful space by Lisa Luby Ryan


And who says white interiors are limited to the indoors….bring it outside too! Chic Coastal Living


No matter the style, an all white interior always seems to work. Case in point this fabulous French-y feeling living room, Romantic Homes


More beautiful outside white living



So if all this white has you dreaming of sprucing things up a bit in your own home, this giveaway is just for you! The newest book by Hoffman Publications, Cottage Style- A Palette of White is just fabulous.

From front cover to back, it is filled with so many wonderful images of white interiors… about a great way to be inspired and walk away with so many ideas. I have the book and love it, highly recommend it for anyone who collects design books like myself. If you would like to purchase it, click here.

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Phyllis Hoffman has generously offered one as a giveaway. Simple comment here what you? love about white spaces and if you want a second chance, leave them a comment on Phyllis’s Facebook page (click here). While you are at it, check out her wonderful blog, A Ribbon in my Journal.? Be sure to mention you are from The Enchanted Home. I will announce a winner next Wednesday.

If you want to see even more white interiors, then click here to see my board “White living” which is constantly being added to. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…..

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway as well for the beautiful blue and white jar (just announced). Click here to be in the running.


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What I love about white is that it makes a room seem larger. I also think it can make a room seem friendly and inviting to sit for awhile. Maybe read a book, or just look at the window. I’ve always liked using white in our cottage. FB

White rooms are so clean and refreshing. No matter what the season, white interiors are always inspiring!

Just lovely, every one! Love white because it becomes the canvas for every other color and element in a room allowing it to be what it is so we can appreciate it individually or in context with everything else in the space

Tina, would you share the source/ manufacturer of the scones in your husband bathroom? Just perfect! Have been looking a long time for something like these!

Tina, I too love the white on white interiors, however with a little dog that likes to jump on the furniture it’s hard for me to use it in my own home. My favorite is white subway tile in bathrooms. Love your gallery of photos. It starts my day off with inspiration.

White just makes everything fresh and bright. Especially all white bedding. Love the crisp look. And white bathrooms to go with it.

The rooms above are beautiful. I have to have color in my spaces however. But I do love the finishes and warm wood tones against the white background.

Good morning tina!! I am on my way to school for the last day. I love all white and your photos today are marvelous!!! Have a great weekend anita

I love white, especially linen fabrics. I love white interiors with blue and white porcelain! Unfortunately, it can’t have as much white as I would like, because I have 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who think they must be wherever we are. But, they make our lives so complete! I really enjoyed this post.

Each picture is more lovely than the last – it is such a beautiful and timeless look. It sounds like things are beyond hectic dealing with the porcelain container – don’t work TOO hard! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

PS…We missed you yesterday!!

An all white room is crisp, clean and like a breath of fresh air. I am dreaming of having the windows open and the fresh air coming through the windows now. So calming and peaceful. Have a great weekend, Tina. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas each and every week.

Love white, especially white Cararra Marble kitchen countertops! Peter Sinnott’s white/grey marble floor in Kips Bay this year was inspired!!!

Gorgeous examples! I like a white room because it allows the eye to rest and casts a feeling of calm.

Enjoy your weekend!

I love white when mixed with very textural wood, stone, and metal. The dining rooms from Restyle Source and Indulgy are wonderful! It’s already getting hot and sticky here in Southeast Texas (92 yesterday after weeks of rain), so a little off-white linen looks so refreshing.

Thanks, Tina!

Tina while I love color these white rooms really thrill me especially the bedrooms and the dining rooms with the stunning chandeliers! Would love this book!!

The Arts by Karena

I think all white is such a wonderful blank slate which suggests that the possibilities are infinite. It would be an honor to win the book.

Nothing speaks of June and July more than white. I collect old linens and as I use them so profusely in the spring and summer I fall in love again with white. And everything that comes from Hoffman media is fabulous. So I would feel very lucky to be chosen as a winner for the new book. Thank you for the opportunity. Nancy Potter

A white palette lends itself to any decor because it’s subtle, yet sophisticated; it also compliments the beauty of the exterior without interference.

White and sand are such a lovely and classic combination. Our covered porch is a mixture of many whites and old porcelains, so this palette brings soft summer mornings to mind for me!

I’m at the beach. The white sand (along with blue water) make for complete relaxation. As I was thumbing through the pictures, I wonder if a WHITE ROOM would do the same at home. Think I’ll try it.

I love white on white as well…..I find it so calming….and just the way textures play against one another that makes it so interesting to me. I’d love to win this lovely Cottage book.

Ah…white. So peaceful and calming.
Have a blue floor in my white bathroom and now I want to replace it!
Love all the photos.

Ah, an all-white room is something I aspire to. I adore layers and shades of white and natural textures, a la Peri Wolfman and Trish Foley. While I can’t imagine living with absolutely no color, I am in the process of editing editing editing to get closer to the aesthetic. I also love The Ribbon in My Journal blog!
Many thanks good luck

my love affair with white on white on white is longstanding and fierce so i am gladly devouring the tone on tone today here! there are those who can’t imagine living with so much white, a la an art gallery or museum-like space. then there are those of us who do so happily, welcoming pops of color from nature and art. peace to you, tina.

I love how white can be crisp and starched, or soft and schmooshy. White just evokes a certain feel that I love.

The white rooms are so clean and relaxing and are so cool. I love the breeze coming in the window and the billowing white curtains. Just seems so perfect.

Planning a white kitchen right now, trying to decide which white quartz to use, so exciting!

I’ve always loved white?.so fresh and pure! Thanks for this opportunity. I always smile when I see your blog in my mailbox!

Beautiful. Exactly what I had in mind for our new room. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

White is so refreshing and calming to me. I love white so much that I plant only white flowers in my garden. I also drive only white cars. Call me crazy but I have to say it soothes my soul!!

I was just telling my husband the other day, how much I liked white but that it takes guts to decorate in all white. I love the look so much?.clean, fresh, peaceful, but I don’t have the courage to go for it. I admire the ones who do! Because the look is classic and timeless.
I just pinned one of your pictures. Goodness, they are lovely.
Wishing you a good weekend. I’m in London and it was 48 degrees and pouring, so I think they want summer here and soon! Hope it’s sunny and warm for you, Tina.
Take care?..

Such beautiful pictures. I love white, especially when it is teamed with natural touches, like wood floors. I love the freshness paired with texture. I also have been crushing on white with touches of gold. So elegant. I am doing my home in a cottage style, mostly French, but kind of mixed up! It will be in white, gold, camel and grays. Oh, and a little black thrown in for good measure! Thanks for the post and also for the giveaway!

I am a white lover too…for 1 thing, it looks great with blue and white! And it lends a fresh modern vibe to classic luxe. Fresh and light. Best, Dotti

Tina……this is as pure as it gets. You know I’m a fan and I am in WHITE heaven today! There are bits and pieces here that I am trying to incorporate into my own home .. or already have going:) The white bathroom is a must for me and all but one of mine are pure white. That kitchen table with white linens from Home Bunch is beautiful. This book sounds like a winner it!

Enjoy your weekend~

Hi Tina, I really, really love the white on white. However it has never seemed practical for me with 3 children and now 6 grandchildren. I am also an over the top Christmas decoration gal with over 50 trees and oodles of animation and stuff. I always imagine how gorgeous it would be in a white background. If I am ever alone I will have a white home with blue and white accents and red and white at Christmas. And no one to share it with. Never going to happen. But my bet friend has a white home and I love visiting and drinking wine in her white elegance.

It’s so funny because I have been dreaming all day of a white on white cottage. I need to get that book! I hope your relative is better soon. Love, Deb xo

Funny I read the intro to this newsletter & thought love white because it’s crisp, clean, pure, serene… As I read on I see you any many readers feel the same about it being clean & crisp. It definitely makes me want to relax, something I desperately need.

Thanks for the post Tina. White can be the “boss” in any scheme, and can be dressed up with any color for any season. Just all white reminds me of the summer, and the beach , cool and calming in any home, castle or cottage. I am in love with decorating books , and thanks for the chance to win this one.

Cool, crisp, clean, comforting, casual, and calming!! All these thing wrapped up into one beautiful book to be treasured!

Hi Tina, this post takes my breath away! I love white rooms, with just a hint of rustic, aged wood accents. Been a lover of white for ever, no matter how impractical others thought. I dressed my twin sons in white rompers while I wore a white linen skirt & white woven leather flats, for me the epitome of chic. After all those years, I still love le blanc!

While I do love an all-white palette, I do have to add some color – blue & white of course! This lovely book looks to be filled with inspiration. Thank you for the giveaway!

If I had a warm weather cottage or island vacation home, I’d cover everything in white cotton duck fabric, for that relaxed, casual chic look. Nice giveaway Tina!

I love how white allows everything to shine. From the architecture, to the craftmanship, materials, textures, and down to the simplest detail. Soothing and exciting all at the same time.

My absolute favorite! My dream home would be a white on white cottage look. Beach house, bedroom, bath–I’d love to use it anywhere. This has me thinking about redoing our master bath in white on white. I would treasure the book!

We had an all white bathroom and I absolutely loved it. Adding celery green monograms to the towels was the only color and I never tired of it.

Hi Tina,
I’m practically hyperventilating over the white rooms!!!! These pictures in the book are so lovely.I think I would need about 5 homes to satisfy all my decorating ideas.

I love white spaces because they evoke such a strong sense of calm and order… I recently painted my bedroom white (with a light blue ceiling) and purchased RH white bedding. When I enter the room I feel like I can just close the door and leave the outside world behind!

There is something so serene about a white room. I also like white gardens ( calming), white dishes (better to create different settings) and white shirts ( crisp). I would love to peek into this book.

Ahh white so crisp and clean. I can feel so relaxed already just looking at all the beautiful pictures. I have an all white bath and you can add any color to dress it up. Just perfect!

What a lovely book! Who needs a vacation? Just flip through the pages and you are there!

Love the fresh and crisp look of white. I have had a white sofa for a couple of years and love the way I can change out the pillows and other accessories and have a new room for each season.

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