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Hi and happy July 4th weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week, it is hard to believe we are on the heels of July 4th, boy summer suddenly feels like its taking the fast lane:( By the time you are reading this I will be happily settling in at the beach, long long awaited I can assure you. I will be working/blogging from there and find I often do my “best work” when in a relaxed state of mind…..and for me personally, I am never more relaxed than I am at the beach.

I periodically like to show you a little slice of my life as seen through my iphone.I am always amazed at how you can tell a story simply through pictures and in my case they are all taken on my trusty little iphone. As life returns to normal, I am enjoying getting back to work, and immersing myself around lots of beauty and inspiration and of course a healthy dose of “every day life”.

So here is a recap of some of what has happened in my little corner of the world these last few weeks……


Some of the beautiful orchids still going strong…


Love my tall Eugenia plant that stands a regal 6 ft tall in the pretty French Provence planter….


This pasta is very good. Proof that not all dried pastas are the same:)


I just love this picture, wine and barn all together….heaven!


A friend gave me this wonderful yummy sparkling Rose which came at a good time:) Is there ever a bad time?


These were so good! Highly recommend:)


My mother in law’s burial site where the flowers have lasted an amazingly long time…


Went to my mother in law’s house to reflect on wonderful times together…


It’s always a great idea to have cheese, crackers,humus and artichoke dip…yum yum!


My sister in law hosted a beautiful dinner party for the family in honor of my mother in law…


Went to a favorite local Mexican restaurant and enjoyed!

IMG_8401 IMG_8403

Added a big cluster of white peonies to my newest planter


We are putting in a gate, and take a look at how lucky we were when this large tree fell (last storm) just two feet away from the gate…phew

IMG_8438 IMG_8439 IMG_8440

We are loving the beautiful custom chinoiserie bowl from Indigo Home..thanks Dana!


Celebrated a friends belated birthday and wrapped it with a summertime vibe

IMG_8453 IMG_8454

Had my first fish tacos of the seasons at Bostwicks in Amagansett…so good!


The charming bed and breakfasts that dot Main St. in East Hampton always make great pictures…

TIMG_8460 IMG_8463 IMG_8464 IMG_8466 IMG_8467 IMG_8470

Dreamt about sitting on the beach doing nothing for a long long time……


Paid a visit to a favorite local nursery…..

IMG_8490 IMG_8495

Mr. Teddy showing off his own little stash of blue and white

IMG_8544 IMG_8547

Added large boxwood balls to my front planters


I still am in love with this statuary line I carry and to this day cannot believe these are fiberglass!

IMG_8550 IMG_8551

Cut hydrangeas from my yard for the first time this season…it really is all about the simple pleasures:)


Teddy having a total splendor in the grass moment….

unna1wwmed unname654sd

Arriving the cozy beach house was so wonderful….I felt the stress lift away



And me getting in the mood for some red, white and blue just a few days early:) Also the rose, Aix is really good:)



So there you have it……a bit of what has been happening in my life. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week. If you are headed out of town, safe travels! I will be back on Sunday so wishing everyone a safe and wonderful July 4th weekend.

PS Hard to believe but I am at near capacity for the Blue and White Love 2 contest! I have room for about another 10 pictures (at this point only taking 1 per person)? so don’t delay send me your best shot of blue and white love in your home. Click here for details.

Until next time…..


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Kathy pelletier on

Beautiful and inspiring post. Your home, as always so beautiful. I love the boxwoods in “your” planters. But my favorite pictures are of Teddy-What a beautiful dog he is . Thanks so much for this uplifting 4th blog.

marsha Harris Scott on


Janet Allison on

You have inspired me to feed my huge pink hydrangea shrubs to blue ones!

Love your iphone musings

Kathleen ramberg on

I hope u and your family have a relaxing, peaceful and fun time at the beach. Taking time to reflect on your loss and loving memories is a very important healing piece of bereavement. As full as your life is, you are giving yourself space and time to work through your emotions.
Take care

Janet Allison on

change, not feed

Valerie Kokenes on

What a beautiful, calming post. I always love seeing sweet Teddy. Have a blissful beach retreat!

Marianna on

How so very blessed you are!!!

DDem on

Always love seeing pictures of Teddy. He looks just like our Abby. They must be about the same age. The beach looks beautiful and so do the B&B’s. Lovely tribute to your mother-in-law, she must have been a truly wonderful person and a great lady. Shalom.

franki on

Lovely in every frame!! franki

classic ? casual ? home on

Your front door and planters are gorgeous. And I always love seeing Teddy! Happy Fourth, Tina.

Katherine on

You and hubby need this time away to breath deep and reflect. Enjoy the holiday celebrations and raise a glass of wine to celebrate your Mother-in-law.

I love how you mingle images of comfort food in with the ‘things’ that bring you comfort in other ways. Blue and White love, Teddy, gatherings of people around you, all showcased with yummy things that make it a celebration every day.

Enjoy the tranquility.

Paula Lewis on

Thank you for sharing some of your home?it’s beautiful.

Carol on

Thank you Tina for sharing a piece of your life with all of us. I loved the pictures. I wish your family peace during this time of grief and I hope that your son is healing quickly. Enjoy your lovely vacation – wish I was at the beach too…

LC on

Such a beautiful and relaxing post to kick off the 4th of July weekend. I sometimes get so caught up in the “doing” that I fail to take time for the “being”! This post really helped me step back for a few moments and re-focus. Thank you!
I hope you have a terrific beach-week. (I’m at my best there as well!)

Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! HOW GREAT that you are by the beach! That is the place for us to find the inspiration and calm to do our work (writing and reading) and just dreaming. The Hamptons……I must go there one day for it’s a place that I’m sure I would LOVE! Teddy looks very content with his pretty blue and white bowl, your hydrangeas are elegant and I want to wish you a relaxing time away. Anita

Sandy @ You may be wandering on

Ahhhh….every photo is stunning! And, sweet Teddy is such a doll! The tributes to your mother-in-law are truly special. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, Tina! xoxo

Karena on

Dear Tina, it is so good to see you relaxing and enjoying life. Your family has honored your Mother -in-law so beautifully!
Stay at the beach as long as possible!!

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Melissa on

these are my favorite posts! Happy 4th to you … and your beach house looks like nothing short of heaven!

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

I’m sure that was a lovely dinner in honor of your mother in law. God bless your family. Love all the pics from your iPhone. Looks like you’ve been blessed with special happenings. XO

michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh tina, this post is proof positive life is BEAUTIFUL. and isn’t it funny that my week spent fixing up the love shack looked EXACTLY like your iphone pics? well, except for that gorgeous garganelli (or whatever) pasta which i simply MUST have in my life. soon. thank you for sharing the gorgeous peeks and your energy and so much blue and white that i crave in these sunny days. peace to you and may it be a holiday weekend full of laughter and lovely.

Sherry Saladrigas on

Your pictures could not be more beautiful if they were taken by a pro! Just lovely.

Design Chic on

So hope your beach vacation is relaxing. We just returned from a week with our family and it was wonderful to get away from it all for a short time. Love seeing the images of your gorgeous home and Teddy is the perfect accessory! Happy 4th!!

Karolyn on

I bought my sister that same wonderful Lab with basket statue planter as a house warming gift after their dog passed! I want one now! I hope you are feeling better and decompressing after a tough start to the Summer. Let me know if you are heading to NYC we can get lunch! xo Karolyn

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