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Hello…how is your weekend going? We have had such a relaxing time being at the beach off and on these last few weeks, though this weekend we were home for a very important reason:) Heading back today. Gorgeous weather this weekend, wish it could stay like this forever. Hard to believe summer is going by as fast as it is, we are in mid July already! I am enjoying and savoring the downtime I do get.

By far the most exciting thing going on in my life is coming back a few days ago to oversee the chinoiserie panels in my dining room…..all I can say is it was soooo worth the wait! Absolutely spectacular, just love it.? I cannot to share it with you and promise to do so as soon as the dining is “put back together”. As I do every Sunday, I share with you seven things that have gotten my attention this week, and here we go…….



1. ORCHID LOVE. One of my favorite flowers which I have come to conclude? are not expensive but in fact economical:) Mostly because of how long they last with proper care and when you divide their costs into how long they last…we are talking mere cents per day. I have both the faux from my online shop in my house as well as many real (some given when my mother in law passed away) and what can I say….they just make me happy:)

Yep this is the first snippet of my beautiful chinoiserie paper you are getting to see:)


2. SNAPSHOTS FROM THE HAMPTONS. A few pictures taken with my trusty little iPhone from being out and about in the Hamptons. There is never a lack of beauty and inspiration to be inspired by out there……its a “feel good” kind of a place πŸ™‚

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I must say the instagrams I am sharing this week are truly exceptional…so much to love!!! I think you might agree, it was hard to reign in? my favorites but I did and here they are…..


4. A FABULOUS NEW LINE. Discovered this line, Self Portrait? while looking for a dress to wear to a party, and think it is FABULOUS. I was also really surprised at the prices, as these pretty frocks look so much more expensive than they are…..really gorgeous and very special pieces! You can view the entire line over at Netaporter by clicking here.

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5. THE CUTEST SUMMER TOTES. When I first laid eyes on these bags, it was love at first sight. Spotted it on someone in a restaurant and had to stop to ask her where she got it. They are from Rae Feather bags (UK based) and soooo chic, love the extra little touch of the monogram. What do you think? Click here to check them out….

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6. COOKIES THAT MAKE ME SMILE. Another find from good ol Instagram, how adorable are these cookies are by Color Me Cookie!! Makes me want to plan a party just so I can order some as favors:) They ship so if you have an occasion coming up that warrants an amazing custom affordable cookie order, I highly suggest you contact Color me cookie by clicking here!

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7. OUR YARD AND POOL. I must say about this time of year,? our yard really comes into bloom and looks its very best. One area of our home that we did not do any improvements on when we moved here almost four years ago (has it really been that long) was the pool area.

But recently we redid the masonry/coping, tiling in the pool and changed over to salt water. It looks so pretty. So now we are thinking of giving the old pool house a facelift…doubt it will happen this year or not but the wheels are turning. Frankly I am “projected out”. We also are going to redo the bluestone around the pool, one thing at a time:)

Here are some pictures from the yard and newly revamped pool along with a photo session with our beloved bathing beauty-

And the now salt water pool complete with our resident bathing beauty who decided to christen it….



So there my friends is what’s gotten my attention this past week. Lots to love and be inspired by. How about you? Anything new on your end you want to share? Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Hope the sun is shining where you are, here it promises to be a spectacular day so happy I am headed back to the beach. Until next time……

PS A very short promo on a large batch of exquisite sample porcelain/ormolu pieces began yesterday and ends tonight. Availability has been updated, click here to view.


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Teddy is one water-lovin boy!!!!!! How freshing it must be to jump knto your own private ocean… salt water? I never heard of it in a pool! Your area looks great, tina! Welcome home. Anita

Love your yard, everything is beautiful and waiting for your return !!! Mine would take a bushhog to clear if I took a vacation .lol, I planted what I thought was a Moonflower and returned from vacation and had a huge Watermelon vine growing in the front of the house with two small watermelons that will teach me not to mix my seedlings!

Beautiful post as always. Love Teddy in the pool!!!
Those lace dresses are to die for!!!

Hi Tina,

Gorgeous images. Just wanted to give you an update. A few months ago I had shared with you that it looked like my husband’s cancer returned. Well, yes and…..on July 1st I found my youngest son (32) passed away. He was disabled and the doctors did not think he would make it to 28 so we were gifted 4 additional years. Horrific time.
He would have loved your pool area. breathtaking.


Loved seeing Teddy cooling off in the pool! Lots of beauty and cheer today Tina, thank you for brightening my morning!!

The Arts by Karena
Stems Soiree

I love your yard! Beautiful and peaceful. And the hydrangeas under the tree are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks as always for the moments of beauty and inspiration.

Teddy is such a cutie:) The salt water is the way to go for the pool! The traditional chemicals used for keeping a pool clean are so harsh and really dry the skin and hair.. ;\ Sounds like you’ve had some nice down time at the beach. Great photos of the house Tina ~ love those top pics! Enjoy your Sunday.

Those cookies would be perfect for a bridal shower I’m hosting next month. They look so beautiful, I don’t know if I could eat one. (Well, I would, of course!) I love how Teddy is enjoying the pool?he’s so sweet! And I had to marvel at your hydrangeas. I could look at them all day. You have a beautiful eye, love seeing the world through you?.
I’m waiting for the unveiling of your lower level. I can’t wait to see it all done! Happy Sunday!!

I also had to add that the dresses you picked are amazing?.. Wishing I could go shopping right now. Have a lovely Sunday!!!

I always look forward to your Seven on Sunday. But I swear it always costs me money! I love so many of the same things you do. Self Portrait is amazing and I had never heard of it. Of course I had to buy the long gray skirt…simply gorgeous. So thank you for all of your great posts.

Love that Teddy! I watched a little of Gotham Friday night and thought I saw snippets of your home! We are having a horror movie filmed in our home next summer. YIKES!

Aah.. your hydrangeas.. gosh I had to pin it to ‘My garden Pins’.. in my I love this feature and then i loved your selection of Instagramers this week as well.. in particular the very talented artist. Thanks for heads up about them.. Happy designing your pool room, your garden is stunning! – regards Jean.

Hi TIna! Happy Summer! Glad you got some time in the Hamptons. I’ve still never been, but hope to change that one of these days. Your garden looks just gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more photos of the new Chinoiserie paper. How exciting. A huge thank you for giving us the lowdown on those bags – I saw one on Instagram the other day but there were no details about where it came from. Need to track one of those down for myself – all the better to carry things to the beach with!

Have a wonderful week! XOXO

Hi Tina!New follower here! I saw your website before but wasn’t sure you had a blog, just stupid me I guess for not guessing you did have one!Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I posted about the fabulous lamp I won from THE ARTS BY KARENA on the blog today. Thank you so very much and it will be a treasured piece in my home for sure!

Love orchids too, their everywhere in my home (mine are not in bloom currently though) and I will check out those IG people you’ve been following! Your home is absolutely magnificent! What can I say, just perfect!

I’m sure you know this, but just in case others don’t — if you have a salt water pool, you have to be careful that that material used for the decking (natural stone) doesn’t contain any iron or it will rust in short order!

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