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Hi really hope this posts today, Tuesday (as it was scheduled ahead of time) Feels like a long time since I have done a post on blue and white, and every time I do it feels like the first time….still love it as much as the first day I laid eyes on a blue and white ginger jar:)

So today, a bevy of blue and white beauty and how it can be used outdoors? for your viewing pleasure…..summer is the perfect season to show you just how fabulous blue and white is outside as much as it is in! What do you think? Allow me to demonstrate…..


213829f5b789f0f2e9060378169ee5da It certainly makes one beautiful table!




How great is the idea of adding blue and white lamps to the outdoors, a big fat yes!


Even a touch or two in an otherwise neutral/tonal room gives plenty of impact


Blue and white really pops against natural/light woods


Tory Burch’s sunroom with blue and white accessories is one beautiful room


Just yes!


Mark Sikes clearly is a fan


Leave it up to Ralph Lauren to create the coziest blue and white nook


Fabulous sunroom, Frontgate!


Proof of the power of even one single blue and white piece, Bright Bold and Beautiful


Aren’t these planters with the boxwood orbs just fabulous! Parker Kennedy


Breathtaking sunroom at this fabulous lake cottage, Style at Home


And of course Carolyne Roehm always hits it right out of the park with her spectacular blue and white settings!


So there you go, see anything that has inspired you?to perhaps add a little blue and white beauty to your outdoors???Or maybe like me, ?you already practice what I am preaching and? know full well the beauty of blue and white outdoors…I will say this, I have never seen it not look utterly fabulous!

Thanks for stoppnig by….hope all is well on your end. I will be back hopefully Thursday afternoon (and hoping to start the blue and white presale then). If you?must have a piece of blue and white be sure to stop over to my online ship by clicking here or visiting ?Have a fabulous day and be back eithe Thurs. or Friday!


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Ann on

THAT WAS THE BEST you have EVER posted!!! Thank You!

Karena on

What a cheerful way to start the day Tina. I hope you are having a fabulous time on your getaway!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Nicoletta Belletti

Karen on

Does anyone know of a bank that is easy to knock off and rob?! I need an extra bankroll to transform our back yard to a beautiful and relaxing oasis. Why is the final stage of a renovation project so difficult to finish? Oh well, these photos give all of us some excellent inspiration!

Design Chic on

Loving all of the blue and white – Aerin Lauder’s sunroom is an absolute favorite!! Hope you’re relaxing and having the best trip!

Taylor Greenwalt on

You know how I feel about blue and white…loved this post..have a great vacation!

Liz on


kim Peterson on

So much inspiration here for us blue and white lovers! Thank you!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh tina! i am confident you already know this about yourself, but i will tell you just in case there’s a teeny chance you need reminding: you have an incredible knack for ‘the breathtaking factor.’ yes, m’am. thanks for making me lose my breath a couple times here. peace.

Barbara Kelly on

Blue and white so refreshing………

Love this post!!!

classic?casual?home on

Great inspiration, Tina. We we are doing another blue and white bridal shower.

Karolyn on

Yes my friend my outside it blue and white with a touch of gray!! xoK

Joanna Baker on

I love blue and white too! I used to work at this little gift shop while in college and they had the most beautiful blue and white lamps that looked like ginger jars. I remember imagining that I would have a room someday in my house decorated in only blue and white =)

~Joanna <3

geo55 on

Love these fabulous outdoor spaces! I found a selection of pretty blue and white ceramic planters at
( of all places) the discount store, Ross for a song. They look great filled with flowering plants on my deck.

Marilyn Johnson on

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blue and white inspirations! Following you on Pinterest and your glorious website, has helped me immensely!! We have completed our dream, 9,000 sq.ft. home, and have moved to a state where I’m having difficulty finding the right interior decorator that has your style!! You have really helped me get a handle on what I want, and where to find it. Thanks again for all that you do!!! Marilyn

mo at Mocadeaux on

Blue and white always take me to my happy place – so serene and lovely.

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